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  1. The dragon had been lonely for a very long time, ever since he had lost his mate. But that was about half a century ago, he found that living alone wasnst right for him. So be began a search, a search for a campion that would make him very happy. He flew from village to village that surrounded his lair, but he couldn' find the right one, not to mention being chased away by the villagers as well. So he decided to make a long journey away from his lair to find who he thought would make the perfect companion for him. He didn't care how long that would take either, since dragons lived for a very long time. Weeks had passed and the dragon still didn't find his companion, all he kept finding was angry villagers. Dragons are very patient creatures, so with each passing week he didn't give up, he just kept his search up. As he was flying over a small valley, he spots a young woman in the middle of it, it looked like she was picking flowers. He hovered slightly in the air, watching her. He then heard her sing, she had such a beautiful voice. Then the dragon swooped down and gently picked her up in his front toe claws and flew away with her. Some of the people in the village next to the valley witnessed the dragon's actions. They ran to tell her only family, which just so happened to be the royal family that ruled over this village, and several others.

    Vayick lived in a gorge that was high up in the mountains, of course dragons made their homes there as well. He had lived among dragons since he was just a babe, adopted by two dragon parents who lost their brude to a dragon slayer. The reason he was able to live among dragons without getting killed was because of his curse, he was forever cursed to be dragon-like. That was because his father was a famous dragon slayer that had killed the mate of a very powerful dragon. The grieving dragon then put a curse on his unborn son. When Vayick was born, his father had died in a great battle. His mother was shocked at how he looked and didn't want him, and dropped him off in the forest near by, hoping that the child wouldn't survive, she soon died of a broken heart. He was then picked up by a mother dragon who had heard his cries and took off with him and raise him as her own. Now that he was older, he would take on jobs that had to deal with dragons. He usually could get the job done without harming the dragon. Everyone who had a dragon problem usually went in search of the gorge that he lived in. Of course he was always willing to help, just to make sure the dragon wasn't injured, killed or harmed in anyway. And usually no one ever saw what he really looked like, he used dragon magic to make himself a human form.

    He was sitting on a rock, letting the sun hit his dark reddish-brown scales, the sun felt good on him. A young dragon came up to him, she looked worried. "What is it sister?" he asks. "The elders say that a dragon had kidnapped a princess, but they are unsure of why." The dragon says. "I suppose I should go and see what country or kingdom this princess lived in, so I can go and talk to the king." He says to the dragon, who nods. He then unfolds his wings and flies off to find the elders to get more information.

    The Dragon-
    Vayick(human form) -
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  2. (before kidnapping)
    Elanora was brushing her hair in front of her mirror. However, she wasn't really paying attention. "Princess Elanora? I've brought you your clothes." Elanora rolled her eyes. "You can come in Matilda. But please call me Ela. Princess Ela if you must have titles." Matilda cautiously walked in carrying a brown travelers dress with green trimmings. Emeralds glittered around the the front of the dress. Princess, I could not call you by such a formal name. I'm just here to help you with your dress." Ela sighed and rolled her eyes. She put the brush down and got up. She wasn't really paying attention to the brush or hair anyway. Suddenly her door burst open to reveal a large woman with same uniform as Matilda. "Miss Ela, we must hurry! Your father is beside himself with worry that you will be late for your engagement party." Again Ela rolled her eyes. "Has he thought that maybe I'm not ready for marriage?" The woman laughed as she helped Matilda get the dress on Ela "You are 18, miss. Most women in your kingdom are married by 16 and every princess in the other kingdoms are engaged by the age of 12. You were a late bloomer, but this prince of yours is a good man. You know that your father would never have you marry a man of low repute." Ela leaned against the bed post as the woman began to tighten her corset. "Sarah, I don't love this man!" Matilda was obviously very uncomfortable at how Sarah was talking to Princess Elanora, but she kept silent about it. Sarah pulled on the strings and Ela gasped softly "Miss Ela, you know that someone of your rank doesn't get such luxuries as falling in love. Your parents had an arranged marriage and they fell in love with each other." Once Sarah tied up the corsage she tied up the back of the dress so Ela would be decent. "I guess you're right Sarah. But you will be with me right?" Sarah smiled softly at her young charge, "I'll always be with you as long as this old body of mine lets me." Ela smiled sadly as she put on her coat and walked down the steps to the carriage. Only an hour into the ride Ela demanded that the coach be stopped. She saw the field in which her mother used to always take her as a child and she wanted to walk through the field at least one more time before leaving her beloved home. It didn't take long for her to convince Sarah and the coach driver to allow her to pick a few flowers.

    There were so many flowers in the field. Ela didn't know all their names, but she loved the fresh scent and the beautiful colors. She knew she couldn't stay there long, but she didn't care about her engagement party. She even thought at one time to use this chance to run away, but she would have no where to run. Everyone in her kingdom knew who she was. So she sat down carefully and let the wind blow around her. She was so absorbed in her memories of her mother and singing the lullabies that her mother sang to her that she didn't feel the wind get rougher or the beating sound of wings. But it didn't take long for her to hear the screams of Sarah and her guards as they tried to get her to run. However, it was too late when she felt claws around her waist. Ela screamed but no matter much she scratched, hit, or kicked at the beast he would not let her go. Eventually she had to stop when she realized that she was too high to be let go. If the dragon did let her go she would die. But her hands were also scratched from hitting against the dragon's scales. They were so sharp. So instead of fighting the dragon she resigned herself to her fate. Of being a dragon's meal.
  3. The Dragon of course wouldn't drop her, he had a good grip upon her- but not hard enough that it would crush her. He noticed that many people had tried to chase after them, but he was too high up for them. He didn't like the fact that she was hitting him and thrashing about and also screaming. He wished that she could hear him, for he would explain while flying that he wasn't going to harm her. And also wanted to tell her not to believe such beastly tales told about dragons, not all were true at all. When she finally stopped screaming and hitting his toes, he lets out what seemed like a sigh of relief. By now they had flown miles away from her kingdom, but they were still, miles and miles and miles away from his lair. He saw a water fall and a small body of water from above and decided to land, he figured he would give her and himself a break, plus it would be getting dark soon eventually. When he finally landed and let go of her, she had ran and hid behind a large rock. He frowns. Dragons could speak both English and the draconian language. He figured she didn't know the Draconian language so he decided to speak to her in english. "Please don't be afraid, I'm not going to eat you, I give you my word. And Us dragons, never go back on our word." He says to her in perfect english. "The reason I took you is, I'm very lonely, my mate was killed thousands of years ago, and living along has gotten terribly dreadful. I only want a companion. So please, come out." He says.

    While the Dragon had been flying far off into the east with the princess, Vayick was making his way towards the kingdom and the castle. He was deep in the forest, when a wingless forest drake comes out of the brush. It bows to him. "Oh, you're offering me a ride?" He asks and the dragon nods. Vayick then climbs aboard, figuring that this would be a lot faster than walking, and it would give the people in the kingdom a heart attack, like it would if he was riding on a dragon that could fly. The drake was fast, but not fast enough. Soon it would be getting dark and he would have to stop for the night, it would probably take another day for him to get there. And the reason he didn't use his other form, is because he didn't want to give them a heart attack that away. The sun soon set and Vayick stops and makes a fire. Staring into it, he was lost in his own thoughts, I hope the princess will be ok. He thinks.

    The drake-
  4. While Ela was hanging from the dragon's grasp she began to relax. It wasn't everyday when she could fly or be held against her will in the hands of a dragon. Besides all that she did enjoy the view and the thrill of being high in the sky. Even as a kid she always wondered what it would be like to fly like the birds. Then her thoughts changed to the dragon's intentions. Why did he abduct her? Did he intend to eat her? She had plenty of time to think of a way to escape while in the air. She knew that dragons were intelligent and that they can eat their prey in the sky. But that didn't stop her from being nervous about what the dragon wanted her for. When she heard the dragon sigh she almost felt sorry for him. He sounded quite sad, but she wouldn't let that excuse him for kidnapping her. When they finally landed, Ela tried to run but figured that hiding behind a rock would probably be better then exposing herself in the open. The dragon could be hungry and want a small princess sized snacked. Ela wasn't expecting the dragon to speak when he spoke to her. Her instincts were to not be afraid of the dragon, but she couldn't help to be cautious. "You can't expect me to not be afraid can you?" she said hesitantly. "Why did you choose me? There are many other women out there that would be better suited as a mate then me. Like maybe another dragon?"

    Matilda sat next to Sarah in the servant's kitchen. "It wasn't your fault, Sarah." Sarah nodded sadly. Her eyes were swimming in unshed tears as she leaned forward. "But I shouldn't have let her to the field. She was so persistent!" Tears began to fall freely down her wrinkled face. All Matilda could do was put her arm around the old woman and give her a comforting hug.
  5. The Dragon understood why she would be afraid, if he was in her shoes and it was he that was human and she that was the dragon, he too would be afraid. The Dragon shook his large head, "I never said mate, I said companion- those are two highly different words and meanings. Plus I am an old dragon." He says. He then gets up and starts moving about, before doing anything, he stretches his wings out, like a bird would. He then goes into the forest and comes back with a mouth-full of wood, he places them on the ground and sets fire to them. Since it was dark now. He hoped that the light of the fire, might comfort her some or maybe even a little. He knew unlike him and other dragons, humans had to eat every day. So he turns toward the water and goes fishing, he then returns with at least one or two fish. "I hope these would be appropriate for you. If not I can find something else." He says to her as he lays them in front of her on a bed of leaves. He was trying to show her, that she shouldn't be afraid of him. "Oh and by the way my name is Dracos, or at least that is how you would pronounce it in your tongue." He says to her as he lays down once again.
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    "What's the difference between companion and mate? Either way I'm your prisoner." Ela had an idea what the difference was, but all she could see was that she was a prisoner to a lonely dragon. When the dragon left she thought that maybe she could use that as a chance to make her escape. But after walking around she realized that she didn't know where she was at. "I'm probably being stupid, but if I run away I'll probably die from exposure sooner then being eaten by a dragon." she said out loud. So she walked back to the site where the dragon dropped her off and sat with her back to a tree. When Draco brought back the wood and lit it for her she moved closer to the fire and warmed her cold hands. When he can back with fish and left next her she just looked at them "Thank you, dragon, for the fire and the fish." Cautiously she got up and searched for a sharp stick. Once she found one that she was satisfied with, she pierced a few of the fish and positioned them over the fire. She sat down when she was satisfied that she had the fish where they wouldn't get cooked too quickly. "My name is Elanora, but everyone who isn't afraid of me call me Ela." She didn't want to seem nervous around the dragon, but she always tried to keep an eye on him. "So what happened to your mate?" she asked.
  7. Dracos looks at her, it was a sad look. "A long time ago, a greedy dragon slayer, killed her. Just for money, we were a peaceful couple of dragons, you see my kind of dragon, actually only eats vegitation." He says. "So kind of think of me as a big cow with scales and wings." He says to her and it seemed that he was smiling too. "So if you are thinking I'm going to eat you, well then you're all wrong. You wouldn't taste very good offense." He says as he corrects himself, now he seemed quiet embarrassed by his actions. "Please forgive me," He says bowing his head in apology. Dragons were just like humans, well almost, they too make mistakes. He hoped his comment about not tasting good, didn't offend her at all. That was the least of the things he wanted to do. The next morning arrives and when Ela woke up, there was a great big pile of apples waiting next to her. It seemed that Dracos was no where in sight, as if he had flown off early that morning with out her. But if she listened closely, she could hear a deep voice singing, it was Dracos, who was soaking in the body of water near by. That very same morning, Vayick was just getting up. He stretched and got something to eat. He also offered the drake some food as well. Once they were both feed and had water supply, did he decide to set off towards the kingdom and the castle, where the king was. He just hoped no one would hassle him, or give him any trouble.

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  8. Ela could see the sadness in the dragon's eyes. "I'm sorry to hear that." She checked on her fish and found them ready to eat. When he apologized for saying that she wouldn't be tasty Ela laughed, "If you had been a girl eating dragon I would have told you that I wasn't tasty. So I guess we agree on that. And you are too big and too--talkative to be a cow." Her fear began to ease away gradually. Looking around she grabbed some leaves to make a bed. It didn't take too long for her to fall asleep for she was extremely tired. That night she dreamed of being attacked by a huge dragon. It chased her and was trying to eat her. Just as the dragon had caught her and about eat her, Ela woke up with a start. She was breathing heavily when she sat up. She looked around her and found a pile of apples next to her. Hungrily she munched on a few apples before getting up to explore her surroundings again. When she didn't see the dragon she thought that maybe it had left her or since he was an old dragon and had forgotten about her. But when she explored a bit more she could hear the dragon singing. She followed his singing to the lake where he was swimming. Ela didn't want to disturb him so she sat next to a tree and listened to him singing. She thought it was beautiful.
  9. He was of course singing in the Draconian language. Dragons were usually happy creatures that loved to sing, those who knew how to use magic and turn into a human also loved to dance. He did notice that she was sitting by the tree, but decided not to disturb her, for he was too busy enjoying the nice soak he was having in the water. After a while, he decided that he had enough of a soaking and got out. Before walking over to her, he shook off, just like any other animal would do. Dracos then walks up to where she was sitting, “I do hope, the apples were an ok...what was that word you humans called it, ah yes...breakfast.” He says to her. She could probably tell that he was a very intelligent dragon, being as old as he was. “Ya know, the word human reminded me of something, did you know, so dragons have the ablity to use thier magic, to make themselves a human ruse?”He asks. “They look absolutely human, that there is no way of telling if they're a dragon or not.” He adds. “but of course, that takes quiet a big mastery of a skill.” He says. To his surprise, he was actual fond of her company. While he was traveling toward the kingdom, Vayick wondered why a dragon would do such a thing- kidnap a human being. He certainly hoped that it wasn't to eat her, for he feared that he maybe too late to save he then. No, that can't be it, I am in the wrong part of the continent for that, those dragons are in the west, I in the east. He thinks as he continues along.
  10. She couldn't understand what he was singing, but all she needed to know was that she liked it. She could have listened to him for a long time without getting bored. Music was one of the few things that calmed her down when she was nervous. That's why she was singing in the field. Her mother's songs always comforted her when she was young and even though her mother couldn't sing them to her know she still found comfort in them when she sung them herself. When the dragon got out of the water she wasn't expecting the shower of water when she shook himself dry. Startled she screamed slightly and turned away. When he was done shaking she looked at her wet clothes. She only gave the dragon an annoyed look. Luckily she still had her coat back at the camp and it was still warm from the dying the fire. "The apples were delicious. Thank you, Draco." she said slightly shart. She was still a little upset at getting an unwanted shower. "So what would you look like as a human? The anger had left her voice as he began to tell her about the dragon's abilities. As she talked she began to braid her wet hair. "Do you have mastery over the shape-shifting skill? I mean you are old so wouldn't you have that ability?" She didn't mean to sound rude, but being a princess she tend to speak her mind even when she should keep her mouth closed.
  11. Dracos looks at her, “Yes I have that ability, but it takes a lot of energy, why do you think a lot of dragons spend their time sleeping away?” He asks. “Plus we do that when we get bored with life, since we practically live for ever.” He says. Then he seemed to shrug, “Someone who doesn't mind that I'm a dragon and is friendly.” He says. Then he looked embarrassed, “I do apologize for the unwanted shower.” He says to her. Then he looks over at her, and seemed to be studying her slightly. “Are you a princess of some sort?” He asks. “And if that is the case, no I didn't chose you because of that. For one from above you looked absolutely lovely and nice laying in that field of flowers, plus I heard you singing, and it was beautiful.” He says. But deep down, he knew some one would come for her. “You know, there was a rumor going around once, in the dragon world, that I boy was born with draconian powers, that he had a curse put upon him of some sort.” He says. Then he stops, “Do forgive me if I am rambling, silly me, you see that is what happens when you don't have anyone to talk to for many years, once you do, you get all excited and just want to say everything that comes to mind.” He says. Vayick was surprised at how fast he was getting to the kingdom, he could see it off in the far distance. Well not too long and then I may have the entire details of what exactly happened and I can see if they know why the dragon took her or not. He thinks.
  12. This poor dragon talks an awful lot. she thought to herself. But knowing that he was lonely softened her heart towards him. She was willing to sit there and listen to him all day if that would help him even a little bit. "So you can live forever? Meaning you'll never die?" She had to admit she was slightly impressed. "Are all dragons immortal?" When he mentioned the water she shrugged her shoulders, "I probably needed it anyway. I probably stink." Ela drew her knees up to her chin before answering his question, "Yes, I am a princess and I'm sure that my father and possibly my fiance will come looking for me. So you have two kingdoms to worry about." Thinking about returning to her fiance didn't really make her feel happy to be rescued. "I wouldn't mind staying with you as long as I didn't have to marry that arrogant jerk for a prince. He's only marrying me because he will inherit my father's kingdom." She ruefully laughed, "Now it's my turn to ramble on." She rested her chin on her knees. "My father said that my mother sang like an angel. He also said that I sound like her. Not that I think I sound like an angel!" She laughed when Draco rambled on himself and she didn't stop him either. It felt good to hear talk about other things then wars and horrifying engagements. When he talked about the cursed boy she was intriged. "I think I've heard of that story too. Could you tell me more?" She asked legitimately interested.
  13. He looks at her, "We're practically immortal, but we can die, but only by being pierced through the heart." He says. "In fact I am just a little over 2,000 years old." He adds. He frowns when he hears about the prince that she has to marry. "He sounds horrible." He says. And then Dracos nods, "Why certainly I can." He says to he with what seemed to be a smile. "I don't recall how long ago it was though, a great warrior had what seemed like a never ending battle with a very powerful dragon, in the end, the dragon died. Grieving and wanting revenge, it's mate put a curse upon the warrior's unborn child. When the child was born, it looked like a humaniodal dragon- having both dragon and human features. The child's father, the warrior, died an honorable death in battle. The mother was shocked and disgusted by the way her own child looked, so she abandoned him in the forest, hoping that he would die. She died of a broken heart. The child was found by a grieving mother dragon who had lost her brood to a dragon slayer and took him in, and I believe as the story went, she named him Vayick." He says to her. Then he gets an idea, "Er...umm...instead of carrying you, you can ride on my back if you wish." He says. Vayick soon enters the court yard of the castle. A solider runs to the king. "The boy you requested is here." He says. The king nods and beconds for Sarah, "We have a guest, please make sure he's comfortable." He says.
  14. Ela listen intently to his tale. "This Vayick sounds like an interesting person. I wonder what he's like? She picked a wild flower next to her. "Do you think he's still alive? Like did this all happen a couple of years ago or did it happen many years ago?" After having picked every petal off the flower she tossed it aside and picked another flower and played with it as well. "I'm sorry you probably don't know much about this person do you? I mean he's just legend and all, right?" When Draco asked her if she would rather ride on his back then being held in claws she smiled kindly. "I'd much rather ride on your back. But will your scales hurt me? I'm used to riding horses bareback, but I'm afraid I've never ridden a dragon before. Though the idea does sound exhilarating!" As she asked the question she ran to get her coat and a placed a few apples in the pockets for later.

    The king had ordered her to help the young man to feel welcome. Normally she was the best hostess the king had. But today was not her best day. Since her ward the princess was not under her care and probably being tormented but a brute of dragon she was not the most welcoming servant the king had. She barely glanced at the young man when she met him and when she spoke her words were unfeeling though respectful. As she walked into the room she curtsied the king and then to the boy. "This way please." she said dryly. With her head bowed she lead him to his room. It wasn't as elaborate as some rooms tended to be, but it was still larger then most people had in their homes. It was decorated with gold lions and blue and red trimmings. The bed could fit at least 3 people comfortably. "Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?" she asked.
  15. He shakes his head, "No sorry that is all I know, and as I said I wasn't really sure when. You see when dragons tell stories, sometimes dates and times get mixed up."He says. Then Dracos looks at her, "No they shouldn't harm you. They're not a spikey as the ones on my toes." He says to her. "I think you will like riding a dragon better than riding a horse, it's much better and faster- no to mention smoother. Plus you get to fly, and I know humans are always fascinated by that." He says. He then kneels down for her to climb up on to his back. "If you need help, just ask." He adds. Vayick looks around the castle as he was being led to his dwelling quarters for the night. He wanted to note the areas that he could possibly escape if needed. When she opened the door for him to go into his room. He just stood in the middle of the room, looking in awe, he wasn't used to such things. He was only used to sleeping in a cave with several other dragons. Her voice brings him back to reality. He blinks. "Huh? Oh no I'm fine for now." He says to her.
  16. Ela nodded and laughed nervously, "Of course you couldn't possibly know everying. He's probably just a legend anyway." After he mentioned that riding a dragon was easier then riding a horse Ela knew she would agree. She had always wanted to fly. "My father always thought that flying was not meant for us humans. But-" she paused "But I've always wanted to fly. I never imagined that I would be able to fly; even if it's ride on the back of the dragon." she smiled at Draco. She watched as he knelt down for her to get up on his back. Before she climbed up she looked at her dress. It was dirty but the problem was that she couldn't climb with the dress. "This is going to be slightly difficult, but--" She had a petticoat underneath so she decided to take off her dress. Normally it would be highly inappropriate, but she didn't think the dragon would mind. "This is going to sound so odd but--" she began to blush "I have a petticoat underneath this cumbersome dress and I was wondering if you would be mind if I take my dress off? Because I don't think I can ride on your back with my dress." her blush got even darker as she asked the question.
  17. Dracos craned his neck to look at her. He stopped and thought about it for a moment. He was a dragon and of course they didn't wear clothes, not unless they were in human form. She could literally see the gears working in his head. After thinking over a bit about it, he nods. "What ever will make you the most comfortable." He says. "And plus you can sit on your dress, to add more cushion, since you aren't used to riding on a dragon, the first time is rather harsh on the bum or so am I told." He says to her. "And no if you are wondering, I won't go fast, I'll go slow, any ways, I like flying slow, you get to see everything that away, you won't miss a single moment." He says. Once she took off her dress and hopped on his back, does he take off. Of course as he promised, slow. They were in the sky now, he figured he could try and talk to her, since they weren't that high and the wind wouldn't get in the way. "Look a head Ela, look at the beautiful sun set. See that is one of the perks of flying, you get to see a different veiw of the sun set." He says as he points at the sun set before them.
  18. Her cheeks were a bright red as she watched the dragon think. After his answer she quickly stripped out of her dress and laid on the Draco's back. She also grabbed her coat and put it on over her full body petticoat. Then she climbed on the back of the dragon's back. "I can't believe I'm about to do this!" she said with both excitement and fear. Slowly and carefully she climbed onto his back, "Are you sure I wont fall off? I mean there isn't anything to tie me or hold me to you." When he said he would fly slowly she felt better. She figured if she were to fall off he would catch her any so she let him fly into the sky without anymore complaints. Once in the sky she felt so free! She loved being in the sky with the wind blowing her hair back. She was so glad that she decided to put her hair up in a braid the night before. When he told her to look at the sunset she didn't know what to say. "It's so beautiful!" She might not have said much, but she didn't think anything else needs to be said. After a while of watching the sunset from the sky she had one thought, "How much further till we get to your place? Or cave? Or whatever you live in?"
  19. "I live in a cave," He says. "We have miles and miles and miles to go until we get there," He says to her. "I live high in the mountains, above the ruins of an old village, that was desolated by war." He says. "It was a rather nice village, everyone lived in peace with one another and me and my mate never bothered them. Then a kingdom from the west came and destroyed the village out of malice and conquest." He says sounding sad. After getting settled in, Vayick decides to get more information about what happened. He approaches the king and bows. "Your majesty, if you have any information about why the dragon took your daughter or how it happened, please tell me, so I can piece things together" He says. The king nods, "My daughter was on her way to meet her fiance, for they were getting engaged. She asked our servant, Sarah, if she could stop the carriage and be able to go through a field of flowers that was special to her, one last time. Of course Sarah agreed, the next thing they new, the dragon came out of the sky, like a cannon ball, and took off with her. And no we have no idea why the dragon took her. We suspect that he may want to eat her." The king says. Vayick stands there and thinks about all the things that had went on. "Well, sire, you won't have to worry about the dragon eating her, this one is a vegetarian, dragons who devour people, live in the west, this is the east." He says. The King seemed to let out a sigh of relief when heard this news. "So she is still alive then?" The king asks. "Yes, not unless the dragon abandoned her, then she may die of exposure, but I doubt that will happen." Vayick says. Then he looks at the king, "Was your daughter doing any thing in the field besides laying in the flowers?" He asks. The King nods, "Yes, singing." He says. "One of the many songs that her dear mother would sing." He says. Vayick nods, "Thank you," He says and bows. He was now trying to figure out why the dragon took her. He noticed that a young man was in the room with them, glaring evilly at him. That must be her fiance. He thinks.
  20. Ela thought about the village that the dragon was talking about. It was natural for her to not hear about it, but could it be the evil kingdom that he was talking about be her fiance's kingdom? She wasn't sure where she was exactly so she could be wrong, but she was thinking that they might be flying over Prince Mael's kingdom right now. But then again she didn't have any sense of direction while flying over the land. "We humans aren't always nice. Believe me I should know." Eventually, Ela began to get tired, so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. "Draco, if I fall asleep will I fall off?" The gentle sway of his flying and the heat that he gave off began to lure her to sleep. Before she even heard his reply she began to dose off.

    Prince Mael was in an extremely bad mood. Although he tried to hide it from the king he almost blew up at his manservant. Last night was supposed to be his engagement part with Princess Elanora. He didn't really care about the girl, but he did care about her father's wealth and most importantly his crown. He had been studying it since he asked the king for his daughter's hand in marriage. It was just the right size and just the right color. Gold. Gold was his favorite color with silver as a close second. Since he was the fifth son born he knew he would not inherit his father's crown. Oh, that crown was beautiful as well! He had wanted that crown ever since he could remember. He could plot to kill his four older brothers and then his father, but he knew that he wasn't smart enough for that. But he was smart enough to know that he wasn't smart enough. So in his mind he was still very smart. But his whole day was ruined at the prospect of losing Ela and most importantly losing the crown. He was in the room when the dragon boy, he called him that because he knew so much about the filthy dragons, met the king. And he heard the whole conversation between the two. "The dragon might not be a killer, but we should still kill him when we get the chance, you highness." He gave Vayick an evil glance. "He kidnapped Princess Elanora. And so he must have a nefarious plan to use to her get to you."
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