The Dragon Blades Chapter 1

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    In a land where no technology exists, there are a select few whom where gifted with the ability to change into a majestic and wise creature they called a dragon. Through the years as civilization became sparse across the land, these select few warriors developed a small city of there own. A safe haven for those with pure hearts, the warriors sworn to protect their people. But a darkness rose and shrouded the land in shadow. Turning any and all outsiders into an enemy. Many dying each day, all except for those in the town of the dragon haven. There were three children born unto the six dragon warriors, and as of now only two warriors remain, and there children have mastered their abilities. The malevolent presence is growing more powerful and unless the guardians of this city can rise up and defeat it, there is no hope for this land...

    To join this RP, I need to know some basic things.
    1: Name
    2: age
    3: Photo of your character and what there dragon form looks like. Preferably also in a photo.
    (( if you are a dragon shifter. if not then leave out the dragon form))
    4: Personality.


    My ref sheet:
    Name: Alice
    Age: 22
    Photos: Up top...
    Personality: Courageous, caring, adventurous, defensive of her loved ones.

    No god-modding.
    2 characters MAX
    No OOC posts inside of the RP unless on a Character Sheet.
    Character death may occur so don't get upset. If your character does die you can make another but if your previous character was a warrior of a warriors child it cannot be one, unless there is an open space for one and I approve it.

    Open places:
    Dragon shifters-
    Warrior 1/ taken
    Warrior 2/ open
    Young Shifter 1/ taken
    Young Shifter 2/ taken
    Young Shifter 3/ open
    The Dark One/ open
    Dark One's Warrior 1/ open
    Dark One's Warrior 2/ open
    Other characters(up to four)
    1/ taken
    2/ open
    3/ open
    4/ open
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  2. Name: Hin
    Age: 16
    Personality: Hin a creative character, she is mostly quite to the townsfolk and most people around her. Hin is terrifyingly loyal and will take any insult her people as a act of war. Though she would gladly slit any heathen's throat, Hin is very calm and collected. In battled she is disciplined and brave fallowing her leaders orders with no hesitation. One of Hin's flaws though is that she has has a difficult time with words, she stumbles to grasp the right sentence or phrase to portray what she trying to say. Due to this Hin is very alone and has no one to love.
  3. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The walls of Dragon Haven were painted a grayish hue. The sun was now setting on the darkening horizon where the shadows lay. Hin was on the wall of the town sitting between two tall battlements. She liked it here the dark calmed her, Hin found the view serene. Many of the townsfolk would think of this has the start of another night of terror. Hin knew this to be true, but somehow it was tranquil. “It’s so beautiful, shouldn’t every sun set be like this?” she thought to herself as she was almost to the point of being dazed at sight of the sun set. Hin’s blue and black hair swept up in the wind. Her red dress was flat on her crossed slender legs that were fast and diligent. Hin put her sheathed Katana behind her and put her hands around her small teenage body to warm herself from the dusk-cooled gust. Why was she so cold, her Dragon form as in fact a Ice Dragon? She would transform right now to help keep her warm, but that might frighten the townsfolk. They might think the town is being attacked and that she had transformed to use my powers to defend the town. Hin should of got up to patrolled the wall to see if there was any unwanted guests she had to slay, but she thought of her father oddly enough. Hin almost never though of her dead father, he was one of the original Dragon warriors. Hin’s father had made this city from the ground up with his comrades. She sat up and grabbed her Katana and started to walked over to the gate to stand guard to distract herself from that thought.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
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  4. Sensing a change in daylight, she went to check on the status of the wall she had spent so long building as a defense against the dark and dangerous things beyond. She entered a passage beneath the city and she ran at a flying speed through the narrow way and reached a set of stone block stairs leading up a tower and into the castle walls. She steadily walked up and out into a breeze, seeing the daughter to one of her closer friends. Walking over and sitting next to her, she wrapped an arm around her shoulders and transferred a warmth to even out her temperature, after all, those of them that remainedbwhere Dragon shifters and dragons are cold blooded, they're temperature depending on the temperatures around them.

    " You seem a little down, is everything going good up here? I trust that nothing has breached the wall?"
  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]Hin looked over to wall that was above the gate that she was guarding. Hin had been here before it was a place where many bloody battles were fought. Countless monsters of the dark tried almost every night to come in and destroy the town but the remaining Dragon Shifters, as they call them, would fight off them with brute force, especially Hin. She had not noticed that Alice one of her father’s old friends had come and put her arm over her shoulder and had spoken something. Hin was not sure what Alice had said but before she could ask what it was Hin saw a troop of shades comes towards the town’s walls. Her expression has grim, but she knew it was time.[/BCOLOR]
  6. " You know what to do Hin."

    Alice stood and walked out to a battle tower, picking up a bow and firing an arrow that had a ball of light on the edge so they could see who was approaching the wall. There had been incidents where survivors of the darkness came begging for safety and refuge within there walls but it was routine that they see who was approaching before assuming a defensive status. Upon firing, once the arrow made contact with the ground, light was spread but it was quickly consumed by the shadows. What she saw was no surprise, they were invaders. They had come to attack the safe haven.
  7. [BCOLOR=transparent]Hin did know what to do, right when Alice said those words Hin threw her sheathed Katana in off and over the wall and immediately jumped off it. In mid air her body shifted into a crystal white Dragon about the same size as herself. Hin flew behind the shades that were floating towards the gate. She then again shifted back into her human form, and fell. As Hin fell she did a flip and landed on the ground. Then quickly Hin caught the Katana and ripped off the sheath and charged towards the shades ducking down with her Katana that was straight out to her side. Hin sliced through two of the shades and they disappeared into the air with puffs of gray mist. She stop running and slid on the dirt then turned around to attack once more on the group of shades. Hin dropped her Katana and shifted into a dragon. Her body twisted and morphed like goo and then turned into the white crystalline form. Hin stood on all fours and roared out a breathe of icy flames. The shades evaporated into a black-gray smog. The surviving shades ran into the darkness fleeing from the valiant defense the shifter had held up.[/BCOLOR]
  8. Name: Kyle Tsuba
    age: 16


    Personality: He's kind and just a little shy. He protects his friends when he feels it's needed, and tries to avoid trouble for himself.
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  9. Kyle was patrolling the city, making sure nothing was wrong, when he heard a slight hissing noise. He froze, looking around, his eyes narrowing. "Who's there...?" He whispered a little. He took out his gun blade, and started turning around, trying to find the person... or... thing, hissing. "Sh- show yours- self..." Kyle nervously ordered. "How do you expect sssomeone to follow your ordersss if you can't even ssstay calm..." a low and quiet voice responded. He began to sweat. He could trasform, but it would just cause panic and wouldn't be good. He clenched his blade tightly, trying to find the shadow. "What do you w- want?" Kyle asked, starting to shake. He was weirded out by the fact it was talking. They never talked before, at least not to him. Who was this? "I want you and your people... dead." Kyle froze, starting to breathe raggidly. How did this thing get in? Wasn't there anyone watching the wall? Could there be an opening? Did someone let in on purpose? As these thoughts rushed through his mind, it only caused more to come into his mind like a spreading wildfire. He awaits for the thing to come out and attack, so that he can counter.
  10. She watched the battle form the wall, satisfied by the child's skill and tactic in battle. she later felt a disturbance from within the city itself. Knowing that every entryway should have been guarded or closed off to keep out the shadows. Her senses where picking up something very dark and unwelcome in her city. So she left to investigate, hoping one of the others wasn't causing trouble. She could trust Hin to protect the wall, therefore she leapt down, planting forcefully on the stone slabs below, walking through alleyways and down streets in search of what was causing the disruptions, a glowing red sword in each hand.
  11. The wind finally caught up with her, a great gust blew behind Hin blowing blowing her hair in front of her face. Hin jumped back up the wall to survey the scene. The ground was a gray stone color, the darkness had sucked the life out of the land. Then she quickly realized that Alice had gone somewhere, Hin turned around and saw nothing the town sat still no action, no movement could be sighted. Hin had come to the conclusion that she had gone somewhere to do business but she sensed a bad vibe coming from the town. Her eyes narrowed on an alley off main street. In the alley was Alice, in hand her red glowing blade. Alice must of sensed it to, some dark monster had come inside the walls. Her gut told her to come help her, but her training knew it was best to stay on the wall to guard the gate. What was she going to do?
  12. She would occasionally turn in a circle to make sure nothing was behind her, though she would also stop at times, almost like she was trying to pick up a trail. Though each time she failed and simply followed her instinct, attempting to find the cause of the darkness she had sensed creeping about in the shadows. Leaving the alleyway, she walked out into the street, returning the sword to its sheath so as not to casue a panic amongst the civilians. Theywere obivious to the changes in the atmosphere, those which she and her kin could sense. It was a very strong change, and she now knew something was wrong as she headed towards the center of town where the massive crystalline tower loomed above all the other buidlings, its shine illuminating the entire town all the way to the wall but no further. Something was trying to bring the city down form the inside, she had no intention of letting this happen. Not while she was still breathing.
  13. The thing lept out from the shadows, hissing and growling. It pushed Kyle to the ground and Kyle held it away from his body as it tried to slash at him with all it had. Kyle groaned in slight pain due to hitting the ground, and he noticed his blade was a few feet away. "Oh come on!" He sort of whisper shouted. He grunted as he tried to push it off, but he was too weak to do so. He grimmaced as the thing started to near his face with its attacks.
  14. She heard the ruckus plain as day, knowing now where it was and going straight to it. She saw the shadowy creature that was attacking so violently and took her sword, throwing it so that it sliced straight through, cutting it in half and causing it to burst into a cloud of dust and smoke. Her blade colliding with a wall as she went to retrieve it, the younger one's blade also in hand. After collecting her own and returning it to it's sheath, she went back to the Kyle, reaching down to help him up. She was honestly a bit disappointed in his response to being confronted by an enemy, a scowl on her face.

    " Kyle, what happened here? One would think someone of your stature could
    handle such a simple enemy like a shadow fiend. They aren't that hard to kill."
  15. "I-..." He couldn't muster up the courage to tell her so he simply stopped mid-sentence and sighed. He took her hand and stood up. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again..." he finally said, sort of quiet and ashamed.
  16. She handed him his sword, her disappointment turning into a more playful attitude. She patted him on his shoulder, a smile coming to her face.

    " Don't worry. All you need is some more practice. You will get better,
    just have to be patient is all. "

    She then gave him a small folded square of paper, slipping it into his hand before walking away though once she was far enough, she shifted and took to the skies, flying the perimeter as her large black wings lay out straight, gliding on a breeze. She wasn't the largest of the five that were left, but she was an excellent flyer, it being easy for her to perform complex maneuvers in the air like she did, often using the winds to her advantage.
  17. Kyle opened the paper, confused. He quirked an eyebrow and read it.
  18. On the slip of paper was written:

    meet me next to the old cafe in the center of town. Nobody will be there and I need help.
    ~ Anonymous

    Though the message had an unknown sender, whoever it was must've known
    Alice some way or another. But it sounded like is was sincere,and very urgent by the looks of it.
    The center of town wasn't too far away, maybe a ten minute walk, perhaps five if you ran.
  19. "Need... Help?" He whispered to himself. He eyed the note for a moment before reluctantly heading to the center of the town. He was swiftly walking with his blade in reach. When he made it he looked around, confused as to who the note was from.
  20. FB_20150119_20_17_30_Saved_Picture.jpg Dragon photos – Legend of Dragon-Cool dragon pictures.jpg

    Name: Angelique Yuko
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'3
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Crimson
    Personality: Quiet and reserved at first. She is actually very kind and caring and Is often in the forest, she loves animals.

    Angelique winced and panted slightly. The young teen frown as she calmed down. She wore a red cloak that matched those crimson eyes on hers. She was in the middle of the road. She was sitting sideways. Her leg caught in a wire and it hurt alot. Her leg was bleeding slightly. "fucking..." She curses slightly under her breath. "those damn hunters I swear" she mumbled grumpily. Trying to look for the knife In her cloak. She gave up and laid there for a moment staring up at the sky. A frown on her face and her crimson eyes were softly. She calmed her body. She slowly sat up once again and tried to gently remove the wire. But she wasn't fond with pain.