The Dragon and the Wolf

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    A cozy bar sat tucked away in a dark corner of the street, passed by many, but not for any negative reason. The laughter, chatter, and music drifting from the interior sounded so homey, it felt nearly intrusive to approach and break the spell. a light blanket of snow was beginning to cover the ground, and the streetlights reflected off it, tiny crystals of light bouncing around the ground. New York City, city of dreams, had never looked prettier. Everyone liked to talk about Central Park, or Times Square, but this was the real treasure. The diamond in the rough. Where people softened with the light, opened themselves up, and unloaded whatever burdens they might have. And it was Va'la's home. Well, this lifetime, she referred to herself as Val.​
    Val sat behind the bar, watching the scene play out like a movie, perched on her stool. Thigh high boot heels clacked against a stool leg as she absentmindedly swayed her boot back and forth. Swishing a bottle of Jack around in her tanned hand, she smiled faintly. It was roughly midnight, so she had a few hours left before she could go home, but the warmth of alcohol and pride she so strongly associated with this place kept her content. Another person came up for a drink, and she expertly redid her loose bun of shocking white hair before getting down to business. In a matter of seconds, filled with pouring and eyeballing measurements, and mixing and shaking, she had created another work of drinkable art, which she handed off to the young man along with a sarcastic exchange.

    Wiping her hands off on her minuscule black shorts, and straightening her tank top and mini vest, she eyed the crowd with momentarily harsh eyes. Frequent security checks in a place like this, especially being a girl, were necessary. Blowing out a pent up breath, she laughed. She could never put a finger on this feeling, a mix of relaxation and ultimate stress. How odd. Shaking it off, she took back her post on the stool.
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  2. The night seemed lovely. Yet, there was something amiss.
    In truth, for Sierra Arcanum, things were always amiss. She didn't know when this feeling, this numbing sensation, has begun to take over her. All that she knew is that it was there, buried at her heart, laughing at her sense of helplessness.
    It was chocking her from the inside, slowly, sweetly, but also painfully. And while she tried so hard and desperately to get rid of it, this was never a possibility. The only thing that she ever has managed to achieve until now, with her pitiful tries, was to get hurt.
    How amusing.

    She was curled up into a ball in her wide, old and flat couch, brooding over and over again. But she knew.
    She knew that she had the obligation to get out of there and live her life. But it was an 'easier said then done' task.
    And even though her life seemed to be like a bad fuck with a cheap whore, she had been through worse. Her life now was easier, peaceful and simple compared to the old times.
    "The good ol' times" She thought, bitterly.
    She got up, and got dressed. She decided that a walk could be useful and would help her clear her head from all these negative thoughts.

    The walk had turned out to be a good choice. Now, she is not just feeling a bit better, but also more cheerier.
    She walked street after street, thinking about all her good times. She even laughed while remembering her old friends and even her enemies, who were frigging hilarious for their own good. And she remembered him... Her beloved son.
    She smiled fondly. He was not really her son, rather being a stray kid. But she took him under her wing and cared about him. She raised him, made the best man out of him.
    But he was a human, and as such, he left her to live his own life. And of course, she had to respect that.
    Every once in a while, she stalks on his descendants, just to feel relieved to know that his legacy lives on.
    But what about her legacy? There's nothing to be proud about now. Nothing that has the "Sierra has passed here!" sign. The world had forgotten her.
    Feeling depressed again, Sierra strolled across the street with little care, and unaware of where she was going to, her face slammed hard against a lamp post. Ouch.
    "FUCK!!!" She howled out in pain, angrily and severely annoyed. Her nose was bleeding and she was cursing like a sailor.
    Holding her nose and still cursing, she walked inside the first random building she had just found after the little accident.
    Said building happened to be a bar.

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    The cheery atmosphere faltered, as someone stumbled in, cursing. "Shit," Va'la whispered. "What did Artie do now?" Artie was a fall down drunk, frequenting the ER due to drunken injury almost as often as he frequented the bar. But as she slithered through the throngs of people, she saw it was not Artie at all, but a woman. Holding her nose, and bleeding. Assuming the streetlight had taken another victim, she put on a worried face and stammered, "I'm so sorry, the battered women's shelter is down the street." Before the stranger could continue, she dropped the expression on her face, leaving a deadpan look in it's place. "Kidding," she laughed dryly. "Let me get you fixed up. I don't need this bar being referred to as a dangerous place. Again." Taking the woman's hand, she led her back through the bar, into the back room, her iridescent scales on her arms shimmering in the light of the overhead fixtures across her bare, tanned shoulders and face.

    Pushing loose white strands of hair away from her face, she rummaged through the cabinets for the first aid kit. Finding it after a moment, she brought it down and fixed her pitch black, almost frightening eyes, on the woman. Briefly examining her, the damage seemed minimal. "You're fine. A little bruised up, but no breaks. Here," she said, producing a lolly pop from the box. "Sorry, it's alcoholic, but most of the people I treat back here are drunk off their ass and won't touch anything without alcohol in it." Shaking her head, she replaced the kit in it's place, and turned back to her as she sat against the counter. "So, who are you?"

    Eyeing the girl, Va'la waited for an answer. An odd, familiar vibe came off her- This girl wasn't just anybody. Certainly not human. But asking her would reveal something different about Va'la herself. And risking that to bond with this stranger, frankly was not worth it. Pursing her lips, she realized she was staring, and diverted her gaze before crossing her arms under her breasts and leaning back against the wall.
  4. 'What the Fuck' was probably the first intelligent thing Sierra could produce on her mind. What the fuck has just happened?
    First, she was brooding. Then she felt relieved. Then started to brood again. And after that, she collided her precious nose with a stupid, motherfucking lamp post. Who the fuck places a streetlight in THAT specific corner of the street? It certainly must be seeking the death of an innocent passerby.

    "Thank you." She said, sincerely. Having not else to do, she started to lick on the lolly pop right away. However, a strange smell hit her nose immediately, yet faintly.

    "Is it only me or this place smells... Odd?" She asked, not so sure if she should've done that. Her nose never deceived her when it comes to distinct smells, but it might be malfunctioning due to the wonderful streetlight episode. She resisted the urge to sniff on the woman.
    Then, it hit her.

    "Wait... Is... This... A BAR!?" She asked, enthusiastically.
    Oh, the joys of being an alcohol addict.
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    Va'la swore her heart stopped when questioned about the odd smell. And then, a wash of relief broke over her. "Yes! Yes, it's my bar, actually." Her heart swelled with that enormous sense of pride again, and her chest puffed out, not unlike a bird. Hopping down from the counter, she gestured back toward the door. "Can I get you something? What's your favorite drink? I promise I'll make the best you've had." Sweeping out the door to a chorus of cheers, she grinned at them and pumped her fist in the air, rousing the crowd. "You guys BETTER say I make the best damn drinks in town or you can forget about Free First Drink Fridays," she shouted, answered by a cacophony of 'yes', 'you do's, and 'Free First Drink Fridays!'s. After the girl had settled into her seat and Va'la handed her a menu, Va'la began mixing more drinks, refilling beers, and checking the sound system. Also, making sure no one else had been injured in her absence. Now just past one in the morning, she rang the bell for last call. It was Sunday, after all, and someone had to make sure these people kept their jobs. Feeling a wave of exhaustion, she reached under the bar and took a long drink from dear old Jack. It livened her up slightly, but she knew she was on her last legs. Plus, this newbie probably should have an escort home, and a decently early night. Then, by the grace of God, she remembered her apartment was right above the bar. "Hey!" she shouted over the dull roar of noise, getting the girl's attention from the drink menu. "If you get too drunk, or are too tired, or hell, want a chance to try and kill me in my sleep, you're welcome to stay. I give all my customers that option!" That last part was sort of a half-truth, the only times people stayed with her after the bar was for her.... Former job. Not a pretty job at all, but that was nobody's business but hers, and her customer's. She was past that now anyway, and just wanted to watch out for the girl.

    Not that she wasn't a pretty girl or anything, she was, but Va'la had a moral compass, however poorly wired, that did not let her take advantage of drunkards. If she did, she would be making hundreds more than she did now, but it was just too... Unfair. Va'la loved win, and a win was spoiled if she knew the game was unfair. It felt.. Fake. Knitting her eyebrows together in thought, she returned her thoughts to the woman. "Time's up! You wanna stay with me? And, what the hell do you want to drink?" She threw in a wink at the end, just for good measure. Sometimes her brash attitude could be perceived as rude, and she was not taking that risk with a firs time customer.
  6. Sierra watched with great interest the other girl's business. She pretended to be checking the menu, but was actually paying attention on her surroundings. You know, wolfish instincts and all. It was a cozy, warm and friendly place. People seemed to know each other around here, like a big family. She smiled.
    Sierra is a master boozer, but sadly, she gets drunk quite fast. That being said, she waited a bit before ordering anything, however, she was feeling a bit dizzy and crazy.
    "Hey, did you place drugs or something in this stuff?" She joked, waving the lolly pop in the front of the bartender. But instantly muttered a "never mind", put the thing down and resumed her eye stalking. It was probably her nose detecting something, however she didn't not know what, so she paid it no mind.
    The bar owner was actually quite a stunning woman - those kind of beauties that would make even her old friend Mythica, Queen of all Things Beautiful, die of jealousy. Sierra wanted to laugh out loud at that trail of thought. However, with the woman's invite to stay, and being sick of loneliness, Sierra answered her many questions:
    "Actually, it's kinda late so I guess I should crash at your place." She smiled charmingly, like she used to do in the good old times, when she was younger an was a truly happy person. Now it was a habit to hide her broody nature.
    "And you can give me your best drink. I want to see how much of a great bartender you are." She replied, in a challenging tone.
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  7. Va'la knew the girl was looking at her, and worked overtime not to get caught noticing. When the offer was accepted, she breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed dumb to outsiders, but she felt she had a duty to all the patrons of her bar to assure they were safe. And whatever the girl had been drinking before, combined the with the lollipop, plus this drink... A little extra caution was probably good. She noticed the girl's nostril's flaring a bit, and clenched and relaxed her fingers a few times. Don't panic, she told herself. It's probably just a weirdly attentive sense of smell. And no one here knew what a freakin' dragon smelled like, so hopefully she was safe. Maybe the girl was just into her. Now, that was a funny thought. That hadn't happened in... Well, ever. She scrunched up her nose at the thought, fighting off some unkind thoughts about herself. Who needs love when you have your own business, and your own little weird family. At least, that's what she would repeat to herself until she believed it.

    Laughing at the girl's challenge, she shrugged and said, "If you say so!" Pulling down a bottle of rum, and a can of lime coke from the fridge, she poured the coke into a shallow pan before dipping the top of a glass into it. After some searching, she found a lighter. Holding it to the rim of the glass, the Coke caramelized into a sugary border around the glass. Continuing, she poured a can of lime Coke into the glass, and a good few shots of rum, dropped a few ice cubes in, and handed it over. Simple, sweet, and wouldn't take her over the edge to puking-in-her-lap drunk. "What do you think," she asked the girl after her first few sips. "And, when do you want to head out? Technically we're open for another hour-" she stopped, realizing everyone save for her and the woman were left. "But it looks like that really isn't a concern," she laughed.
  8. Sierra laughed as well, feeling bit at ease now that the place seemed more quiet, free of most overpowering smells.
    Except that strange one. But it wasn't a unpleasant smell. It couldn't even be described besides being powerful and even pleasant.
    "This thing is absolutely fantastic! And believe me when I say so - I'm a master boozer, my dear." She winked at her. "And I believe we're fine here. But that's up to you." she stated, honestly. She was such a depressed person these days that she usually gives no fuck if people cares for her safety/comfort or not.
    After a sip or two, Sierra finally said, casually:
    "I'm Sarah. Sarah Eastwood. It's a pleasure." She added the last line in a playful tone.
    Sierra uses fake identities every couple of decades, considering that she cannot age, which explains why she had lied to the other girl.
  9. [​IMG]

    "Told you I'm a helluva bar tender! Nice to meet you, Sarah- Name's Val. Short for Valerie." Val smiled genuinely at the compliment, despite lying to the girl. Taking her glass once she was finished, Va'la put it in the last load of dishes in the dishwasher. Wiping the counter down one last time, she turned her attention on the girl and locked the front door. "Back through to the other room!" Strutting back through the room they had been in earlier, she shoved aside a bookcase, revealing a door. "I know, it's silly to be so... Secret... But I don't need every random drunk in the town knowing where I live. Not all of them are nearly as attractive as you." Chuckling, she flirted nonchalantly, not even blinking. Throwing open said door, she gestured for the guest to go first. "Please, do the honors." Trudging up the stairs, she scooted past the girl at the top of the stairs to unlock her actual front door. They brushed together briefly, and Va'la's stomach dropped, color flushing her face.

    Opening the door with an obnoxious creak, which earned a grumble from her, Na'la walked into her home, with Sarah on her heels. Unbuttoning her vest and tossing it aside, she took a deep breath. She almost took off her hat and boots before remembering. But she needed to get out of these clothes, pronto.... Bingo! Pajamas! Na'la turned to her guest. "I am by no means hitting on you when I say this... Okay, a little bit. I need to go slip into something more comfortable." Smiling, she left the woman to wander the apartment, which actually just meant walking behind a partition. Bare brick walls, a wooden floor. One corner of the room separated by aforementioned partition. A minuscule kitchen, with only a breakfast bar for dining. It was... rustic. But it worked for Na'la and that's all she needed.

    Speaking of, Na'la was panicking. She slept naked. And was naked currently, in all her slim, well-endowed, dragon glory. Who the hell even wore pajamas anymore? Whipping clothes around every which way, she accidentally knocked over her mirror, she covered her mouth in horror. The noise would sure call the girl over. Maybe she would be too drunk to tell. Just as she found a pair of yoga pants and a shirt, the girl came around the corner. Hurriedly, she yanked her comforter over her naked body, but knew it was too late.
  10. A few minutes earlier...

    Sierra was fidgety. Usually she is a cool and confident person. However, Valerie seemed to make her act out of character quite easily.
    She followed the girl silently after their last word exchange, then the girl spoke something that made her laugh. Something about honestly not trying to hit on her but doing it a bit.
    However, Sierra is a straight woman. She got laid with a plenty of men, done a lot of kissing, but this doesn't means that she loves to sleep around. It just meant that she was never engaged in a serious relationship, and Ragnarok - the only man she had ever loved more than anything - had never cared for her. He just married some idiotic bimbo, a slut from the western part of of the europe. He was a royal Tiger Demon, and as such he had "no time to engage in disgusting activities with a bitch such as Sierra" as he had said. He was a bastard and she knew it.

    Left to her own devices, Sierra kept musing about Valerie. She was undeniably hot. And the strong smell wasn't helping either, even though she should just credit it to her damaged nose, and it had nothing to do with Val. Right?
    She kept wondering... Should she just give in? Should she walk away now before it's too late?
    Sierra was utterly confused. This feeling of frustration was the worst.
    It wasn't fair to Valerie as well. She was a human. And if Sierra got attached to someone that could age and die again, she would break completely. Her walls are already crumbling. And of course, she should not just give in and fuck Val, and then run away like nothing as ever happened after a night of passion. Sierra has a sense of honor, even if she is a bloody liar.

    And even though Valerie is a complete stranger that she met a few moments ago, there was a connection... It was something that happenned from the very start, just like this unsettling smell that plagues her nose.
    Finally she decided. She was leaving.
    Crashing at Val's meant trouble for both of them.
    But just as she was about to share her goodbyes and thanks, she heard a glass shattering noise and was instantly at Val's side. She froze.
    She saw something that she wasn't supposed to see.
    And that smell... Now it made sense. Everything made sense.
    Sierra's eyes glinted in deep yellow, but her shocking expression soon faded into a stoic, yet curious expression. Then she did something completely unexpected.
    She grinned.
    What was before her was definitely NOT human.

    "My My...What do we have here...?"
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    Va'la grasped for words to say. The calm, cool reaction of the woman surprised her. Shouldn't there be panic? Sheepishly, Val crossed her gold and iridescent scaled legs, and slowly took her hat off, revealing the horns spiraling out of her head. Looking at the floor, she kept her eyes there until her peripheral vision caught her reptilian feet in their view. Tearing her eyes from the sight, she sighed. Her scales glinted stunningly in the light of the moon shining through the window, but to her they were horrific. Different. Ugly. She made no move to cover her breasts, which were in full view, but her scales, definitely. She blushed at the idea of how ridiculous she was being, but couldn't stop it. Sinking down into the mattress, she tapped her foot on the floor, and put her head in her hands, breathing heavily for a moment. The stun effect of the moment had worn off, overtaken by panic and fear. She had worked centuries to keep this a secret- At the cost of her father's life- and now it was all to ruin. Biting her lip so hard it bled, she didn't know what to do.

    Gathering her thoughts as best she could, and piling up as many layers of false security in her mind that she could, Va'la looked up. Forcing a smile, she rubbed her arms nervously before speaking. "So.... Hi. My name is Va'la. Y'know, kind of like someone is saying 'voila' but really fast. I'm half dragon, half elf. I have a long tragic past we don't need to go through just yet. And um... You're the first person in 800 years to find out about me." Cocking her head to the side, she waddled sideways, into the spotlight of the moon for the full effect of all her unique beauty. "So... This is me. Whatcha think?"
  12. That was a lot to take in.
    For a human, of course, which wasn't the case of both Sierra and Va'la.

    "Do you really want an answer for that question? You could just kill me. Then your secret would be preserved." She said, in a dangerously calm demeanor.

    She then approached Va'la slowly, taking in her features. Her scales, her horns, and every other little details that made her what she was.
    She was beautiful.
    And Sierra was trying hard to restrain herself. She would love to caress these beautiful golden scales, or lick the valley between her beautiful, supple breasts.

    Fuck. It was a stupid train of thoughts. And it was wrong too, for both of them.

    "...Even though you weren't planning to show me this, I guess you deserve a honest answer."

    Sierra then started undressing, removing her shoes, her skinny jeans and her sweater, as well as her bra and panties.
    She then stood there, naked in front of Va'la, with a stupid smirk on her face.

    Soon she is grinning charmingly, and said grin turns out more wolfish by each passing second. Soon her body shape is changing: It can be heard the distinct sounds of bone-snapping, growling and flesh-ripping. Adaptation to true form.

    A Black wolf with yellowish eyes jumps into Va'las bed and sits cutely by her side. The creature was just a little bigger than a normal wolf, but wasn't extremely large. It was a beautiful being.
    The wolf nudges Va'la's backside, tentatively, to see if she has anything against it.
  13. [​IMG]

    'Oh, my god. No, I'm not going to kill you." Va'la laughed, accidentally, at the thought. She was mean, sure, but unless she was paid for it she didn't kill. The drunk stranger was definitely checking her out now, but Va'la chalked it up to the obvious reptilian reason. She almost asked what she was looking at, joking of course, before the woman started stripping. Then, she was struck speechless, but was paying very, very close attention. But it didn't stop there, and soon there was a wolf sitting on her bed. She blinked, surprised for a moment, before letting out a soft 'awww' at the canine. Giggling quietly, she petted the dog for a moment. "Okay, point made. My situation isn't that strange. I feel kind of silly- you took my thunder! But can you change back? So I can talk to you 'human' face to face?" She smiled, before backing up to give the woman space to transform. Once she had, Va'la began speaking again, albeit much more freely.

    "So... Firstly... Were you checking out my scales, or me? Secondly, when did you gain your... um... ability? Thirdly, I think you're hot. Not as a dog, cause, I dunno, that might be weird, but as a human, definitely. If you feel the same, awesome, if not, cool. Either way.... What now?" Running out of breath for her questions, Va'la fell silent. Pressing her lips together in a tight line, she waited. She hoped things would turn out alright, but figured they were on equal turf in regards to secrets.
  14. Sierra barked in response and then transformed back.
    But she didn't dress her clothes back. What was a human naked body compared to the fact that you can transform into a large canine beast?

    Sierra then answered calmly each of Va'la's questions.
    "Calm down, haha!" She said after Va'la ran out of breath. She was so cute when impatient, that Sierra couldn't hide her sweet smile at Va'la.
    She then sat on Va'la's bed and started telling her tale:
    "Who you met today is my fake countepart, Sarah Eastwood. She teaches music theory, but as a private teacher. I can't risk her being discovered working at public places."

    Sierra got up, then reached for her scattered clothes and started to fold them, but also searched for something in the back pocket of her jeans. There she had found her black leather choker with the blackpearl pendant. She sat back beside Va'la.
    "These things always makes me feel like a dog. I never use earrings or other kinds of jewelry. I only bear chokers. Silly, right?"
    She commented, totally out of topic. But then she fixed her eyes on the blackpearl, a memento of her past. Her sorrows emerged.
    "I have no idea how long it has been. I had woken up one day, naked just as I am now. Confused and alone. All I knew is that I've possessed some dead woman's heart. I must've consumed her body while I was a Warg. I don't know if you actually knows what a Warg is, but they're these big and scary smoke beasts, in the shape of a wolf." she laughed hard at her silly description of her parent race. But she calmed down after, and almost sniffled when her memories came back:
    "I had no name. I had no history. 'till a serial womanizer known as Simon Arcanum found me on the mountains. Of course, he did hit on me, but I tried to kill him. I was an aggressive and scared creature. But he had helped me anyways, gave me a purpose to live - taught me everything I should've know at the time and gave me my name. I am Sierra, Sierra Arcanum." She finished the tale kissing Simon's blackpearl.

    "But enough of this..." She said finally, regaining her earlier playful demeanor.
    "And yeah, I guess I was sorta checking you out. I mean, I was really curious tho', your scales look so... beautiful. Your feet are cute too. And the rest of your human shape isn't so bad..." she said sincerely, a charming smile gracing her features.

    "And about the other question..."
    Sierra paused here, mistery leaking in her voice. Her auburn hair shined brightly in the light of the full moon, her smile wad so easy and so tantalizing... As for her body looks, she wasn't a supermodel, but she was more like a petite goddess: Small but with everything in the right places, with a nice pair of good-sized and deliciously-shaped boobs.

    "Well, perhaps. But I'm a drunkard, right? Drunk people usually aren't aware of their surroundings, let alone of their own actions... Like this action, for instance." She said and then tackled Va'la softly under her, pressing her lips against her.
    Was she really that drunk or it was an excuse to do something so bold?
  15. Va'la felt a pang of empathy. Sierra's story resonated so intensely with her. The mentor, the sense of purpose. It was so strange, feeling connected to someone. Knowing that someone genuinely related to her. But she barely had time to process this before being pushed back by an impressively gentle tackle. Being... Kissed. For real. She would die before she ever told the woman that this was her first actual kiss, one that wasn't a transaction. As they continued their kisses and touches, exploring each other's bodies, and Va'la laced her fingers in the girl's beautiful hair, a thought struck her. Putting the breaks on for a moment, she released the gentle nibble she was treading on the girl's lip and asked quietly, her face flush with embarrassment and passion, "Are you sure you want to be doing this? I just... Don't want you to wake up tomorrow regretting anything that happens. And not for some wishy washy feelings-y reason, I just don't want you feeling gross tomorrow." Laughing nervously, she tried to slow her breathing a bit. It was so exhilarating, this... Intimacy. So new, so exciting.

    Something told Va'la this girl would be special. She might be a heart breaker, they might be soul mates. Who could tell. But Va'la for sure wanted to find out if it meant she could keep doing this. While the girl answered her, she glanced up at the giant moon behind them. The scene was so deliciously cheesy she could have laughed, if it weren't so much fun. As soon as she got the words of confirmation she was hoping for, Va'la cut her off with another kiss, pulling her back down to her body and running her fingers up and down the woman's back as they kissed, nails scratching faint, soothing trails on her skin. No further yet, she was letting the other woman lead this dance.
  16. Sierra huffed at Val's hesitant question.

    "My, you break my heart with such a question sweetheart, I won't regret us. We're both adults, aren't we?" She whispered softly, in mock hurt.
    "...Or are you a pup?" she kissed her lips softly, teasing her, daring her to prove her statement wrong.
    "I don't think pups would be doing something like this..." she smiled against Val's lips. But before she could throw another taunt, the other girl invaded Sierra's mouth with her tongue, exploring her sweet cave slowly and passionately.

    Sierra was known to be one a hell of a lover - of course, her old lovers were all dead and rolling on their graves now, considering that she was being gentle and caring towards this girl in particular.

    She took her time in exploring and carresing Val, making sure to please her first. Sierra was courtly by nature, and loved to give pleasure more than receiving it.

    She knew Va'la was nervous, so she didn't push her too far. Sierra was sure that this was her first time having real pleasure, judging by the girl's surprised yet soft gasps. Like this was new territory. Sierra loved that expression and loved the fact that she was the one causing it.

    Such a territorial bitch.

    In the dark of the night, they made love, sweetly, tenderly and yet, playfully. It wasn't the kind of thing you do with someone you barely knew, but it did not matter.

    Sierra finally felt what she was looking for, after so long.
    She felt that she was needed by someone once again.
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    Va'la woke up the next morning rather harshly, sun invading her room, slipping between her eyelids. Squeezing her eyes shut, praying to return to sleep to no avail, she finally took stock of her surroundings. Rumpled sheets, clothes strewn about. How odd. And then, in the process of stretching her limbs out of their own slumber, she found another limb. Yanking her foot back in surprise, she whipped her head around to the other side of the pillow. Another head lay on the accompany pillow, and it all came rushing back to her. Oh, hell. Here's hoping the woman still felt the same... Discretion... She had mentioned before. Pulling the covers up a little tighter, she nuzzled into her pillow. All she could do was hope. But then a streak of giddiness shocked through her, and she laughed, despite herself. Not only had the woman accepted her, but had been enamored by her in spite of (because of?) it.

    Finding her manners, and her romantic side, Va'la snuggled up to the woman, wrapping her arms around her. "Good morning," she murmured, amongst kisses along her neck and face. Truthfully, the pit of doubt anchored in her tummy, but she pushed it aside. Perhaps this would turn out better than expected. Her inner turmoil and kisses were interrupted by a doorbell ring, the speaker connected to the door of the bar. What crazy alcoholic needed a fix this early? Grumbling to herself, she rolled out of bed quietly, pulled on the clothes she was supposed to wear for pajamas, and of course slippers, and padded downstairs.

    Opening the door, she was presented with two very gruff, angry looking men. With the arm that was hidden behind the door, she reached for her sword just in case. "Can I help you, gentlemen?" she crooned sweetly. They blushed faintly, and she smiled warmly as they pulled out a paper, with a photo and information on it. It was the woman in her bed, along with a laundry list of offenses. "We're looking for this woman, have you seen her?" Va'la's eyes got huge and scared, and she sputtered. "N-no! Should I be scared? What do I do if I see her?" The men looked slightly annoyed, and the apparently more eloquent one of the two said, "No, contact us if you do." Brandishing a business card, they smiled, offered final goodbyes, and left.

    Slamming the door, Va'la smirked. "Idiots," she muttered under her breath. Paper and business card in hand, she wandered back up to her apartment, and curled up at the foot of the bed waiting for her to wake up.
  18. Sierra was having a blissful sleep. She was in heaven.
    She felt Va'la snuggling on her and kissing her good morning. She doesn't want to wake up yet.

    However, she heard whispers after Val went to check on the door, with her accurate hearing. It was faintly, but her ears detected two voices that she despised before everything.
    "Shit." She muttered, nervous.
    Those jerks must be searching for her everywhere in the city. She'll need to do a LOT of explaining to her girlfriend now. Wait, girlfriend? Woah, hold your horses, Sierra!

    She heard when Va'la came back into the room. She seemed fidgety.
    Sierra opened her eyes and stared at her gorgeous figure. She looked beautiful, yet uncertain.
    "Mornin' sweetheart." She replied simply, with a lazy smile. She waited for the bombarding of questions.
  19. [​IMG]

    Va'la jumped at the greeting, her face reddening. She had been reading the paper again. All these charges... It couldn't be possible. And those men reeked of sketchiness. And if it was true, every story had two sides. Flopping over backward, her head landing softly on the girl's stomach, she grinned. "Sweetheart, hm? Well I'm doing good, babe." Giggling in spite of the situation, she sobered up after a moment and handed her the papers. "Some guys tried to find you... They look awful though. They aren't your secret husbands or something, are they?" Va'la wrinkled her nose. She wanted to know the real story, but wasn't going to go headlong into an interrogation.
  20. She sighed. How the hell do you explain someone that you were involved with criminals? Or rather, that THEY made a criminal out of you?
    She looked at the paper. It had a picture of her, as well the typical "WANTED: Dead or Alive" title, and the list of charges, in which was included thievery, murder, torture, kidnapping, fake identity, followed by other minor crimes: Things like fleeing without paying a restaurant or robbing junk food at a gas stations' convenience stores, but it were such silly things compared to the first crimes mentioned. And she was drunk these times, she wasn't at blame!
    "...These men are bounty hunters. But they aren't just regular ones: They search for 'mutant beasts'. That's how they call 'us', different beings."

    She threw the paper somewhere else and started to pet Val's silky white hair and her horns. She continued:

    "If one of them find you, your past is investigated. It's a huge organization, in which the world's governments and polices have a finger on it as well. They kick dirt on your name, accuse you of crimes that you did, and even of crimes you haven't really done." She sighed heavily.

    "I have killed and I have robbed, but these were things I did 500 years ago. And I've never hurt innocent people back then: I just did what was necessary to survive and protect those who I loved." She sat up, her back on against the mattress, and kissed Val's head gently.

    "But your reasons doesn't matter for them. They make you a public criminal, so that they can get to you without normal people discovering about your true nature. You know, that shit of 'avoiding unnecessary panic of the population'." She gritted her teeth, as she remembered something despicable.

    The death of her beloved friends.

    "If you are captured dead, you're a lucky bastard. But if you're captured alive, then hell's loose. They torture you instead of killing you, not to mention the lab tests and experiments. They abuse sexually of the children and the women, and they make you die of starvation if possible." She was crying silently now. The face of her deceased friends never leaving her memory. "I have been captured once, ten years ago, and I was living in Europe, back then. A friend of mine, another loup garou, helped me escape, but he didn't make it. His name was Reinhardt and he died in my arms." She let more tears escape her eyes.

    "Girl, you're lucky that they don't have your name in their list. I should probably leave your life now that they've found me." She said, flatly. She wanted to stay. But she couldn't risk Val's safety for her selfish reasons. She HAD to leave.
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