The Drachensturm

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  1. Prologue
    Avalon, Kingdom of Albion; Year 5053AR

    Each of you arrived individually at the capital city of the Kingdom of Albion, Avalon. To many of you who were foreign here, it was a strange place; the Kingdom itself consisted of a number of minor and major islands, an Archipelago, and the only relatively flat lands were towards the south, meaning farming capability was limited; because of these facts, Albion was a kingdom that employed vast fleets of ships for both military and economic maritime use, little here was not something to do with ships and the sea, even the Inn you were tasked with finding, was no exception. The Sailor's Wench. That was it.


    A thunderstorm clapped overhead as you explore the city; coastal weather, as expected here, what clothes you're wearing drip water, you can't help but think of all the good that you could do with if this Inn had roaring fires at this point, delving deeper into the city, you do of course, eventually find the Inn in the sprawling metropolis. You enter, after all, this is what you were here for; you'd signed up for the Drachensturm, a newly-forming and relatively small group of individuals, who offered various services to a variety of clients, from bodyguard work to salvaging of pre-rapture makhina, or 'technology', as some liked to call it. You'd been contacted by Lilia Kjaernestejd, the de facto leader of the group, and decided to take her up on her offer of having you join, after all, fame and gold often came as a result of working with such groups, or maybe you'd been drawn in by the work itself, following your lifelong ambitions.


    Once inside, you are greeted by a welcome site, furs drape wooden seats beside candlelit stone tables; you weave your way through various other groups; the sounds of merry drinking and conversation ringing in your ears as you go. You're on the lookout for Lilia, as you won't recognise anybody else just yet. As you make your way past the bar, a dark-haired man in green cloth and leather is talking quietly with a fellow who appeared to be from the Northern Celtic Fylkirate. You didn't manage to catch their conversation, but if the Fylkirate was involved, you could bet it meant good money or glory, perhaps both.

    You spot Lilia at the head of a table that could seat sixteen. You make your way over, and she gestures for you to take a seat, others are already here, but you are waiting on others still; only time would tell how much of a success you would all be...

    (You may now post your character intros and start interacting with one another and with Lilia, I shall post the mid-round update either late tonight or sometime tomorrow, dependent on how much is going on. If you haven't already found partners, just interact with whoever has already arrived.)

    (Happy RPing everyone!)

    (If anyone has any issues or would like clarification on certain things, please PM me and I will help you in any way I can. At roughly 4am GMT, I will be handing off GM duties to Xibilation, and she will continue until she sees fit, so you have plenty of time to get the ball rolling!)

    Character Roster:
    @Reaper Jack as Lilia Kjaernestejd and Jorik Holmgeirr (NPCs)
    @Laurioshock as Cora Bainard
    @Zloglasniot Fasada as Pyrelithia 'Lithia' Veronica
    @Xibilation as Catalina Oliveros
    @Allina Auburn as Arrabelle Serapha
    @MrDubWubs as Ullr Smite
    @Undivided Belakor as Andrew 'Andy' McKale
    @PinkArrow as Kateline d'Audrieu
    @WarriorHeart as Richter Dillan Adalwolf
    @Verite as Jan Bray
    @WitchChild as Killian Lawless
    @Dallas as Heinrich Schmidt
    @MattieLee as Juliet de Capulet
    @The Gil as Andre "Beardriven" Soares
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  2. As soon as Lilia gestured for he to take a seat, Kateline moved swiftly towards the left side of the table, pulling the chair in the middle out from its position and seating herself gracefully as she pushed the chair back in. Her hands laid down in perfect symmetry on the center of her lap, her back straight. Kateline's beautiful blue eyes swept across the inn, noticing how very much different everyone else was in accordance to her upbringing. She patted the side of her blond chignon, as if to perfect it within the circumstanced times. Kateline was frustrated with weather, but she had managed to get here alive, if not decent-looking. This meeting was something she was looking forward to, and despite her incessant complaining of the rain, she was ready to give this job her all.
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  3. Making his way inside the inn, Jan meticulously scanned his environment as quickly as he could. With narrowed eyes, he briefly examined the people inside while also looking around for Lilia. Maintaining a solid poker face, he kept his guard up for any surprises, though even he had to admit that in a place like this, maybe he was just being too paranoid. Navigating his way through the area in his search for Lilia, he naturally overheard a conversation about the Fylkirate. Though he had little reason and motivation to listen to the rest of the conversation, the mention of them intrigued him admittedly.

    Oh? So they're involved in this as well? If that's so, then this ought to be more interesting than I previously thought...

    Eventually managing to locate Lilia, Jan gingerly obliged and sat down at the large table silently. It seemed that there were still some people out there who had yet to arrive. But no matter, he can afford to be patient...
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  4. Catalina scanned the crown, her light green eyes searching. A few men wolf whistled as she walked past, but since she dealt with it practically everywhere, she was used to ignoring it. Her long, brown and blonde locks curled down past her chest, framing her high cheekbones. She was quite the sight.
    Catalina (Victoria's Secret model Adriena Lima) (open)

    A green cloak was slung over Catalina's shoulders, and underneath hid a simple, brown dress. There was a lump in the cloak where her medicine pouch hung. She sat down at the table, and a small smile crossed her lips. The tavern, she thought, was absolutely lovely. The lamps made the tavern glow, and the deep bellied laughing seemed homely. She looked around the table, seeing people fill the seats. She decided to speak up, or at least set a lighter mood.

    "We will," she paused as she tried to find the right word in English, her Spanish accent very heavy, "viajes together, si?" She hoped to spark up some light conversation with someone near her.
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  5. Ullr sighed as he walked into the inn. He pats he axes and fixes his chain mail arm guards. He looks around and yawns. He rubs a hand through his hair and sits at a lonely table not sure if he can trust the people that are here. Though he is ready to interact if one comes to him.
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  6. What a dreadful day. That was all Cora Bainard could think as she arrived in the capital city of the Kingdom of Albion, Avalon. If setting foot in this new place alone wasn't bad enough the first day it had to be stormy.
    Chin up Cora, its all a new adventure. She had to keep telling herself of such things. This was a new chance in her life to do something different. To move on from her past and make something more of her life. However little it seemed.

    Cora owned very little and brought nothing with her but the clothes on her back and her short bow and quiver containing a limited number of arrows. She had little money for much more extravigance. But what she had had served her well so far.

    As thunder clapped above her Cora made haste and quickened her pace through the streets of Avalon. Searching for the Inn she had been told to arrive at.
    Holding the bottom of her simple cotton dress up she began at a jog as the rain pattered against her, soaking the cloth she wore.

    With her haste it took her little time to find the Inn. Pushing open the door she saw a very inviting and warm interior.
    Smoothing her hair raven cropped hair back she weaved through a mass of people, her eyes searching the crowd for Lilia. It was the only face she was going to know.

    Cora got somewhat worried when she could not place Lilia's face to anyone.
    Until there she was. Lilia. At the head of a large table. A few others had already arrived. Some had not. At least she was not to late. She didn't wish to keep anyone awaiting her presence.

    With a wave of hello she greeted Lilia as she made her way over to the large table, where she took herself a seat at Lilias request.
    Releaving the stress of her feet from walking for so long. Never the less, she had made it. Safe and sound. Though slightly damp and soggy from the unfortunate coastal weather, but it was to be expected of such an area.

    She was ready for this, for a new chapter in her life to begin.
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  7. Avalon - what a detestable shite-hole. That was the first thought to enter Andrew's head as he rode his horse, Falkrir, down the road from the port that serviced the city. The big celtic warhorse hadn't enjoyed the various barges and ferries they'd had to take on their way down from the north, but the beast still nickered good naturedly as his neck was patted. "Don't you worry yourself, little 'un. I'll get you a nice stable to bed down in tonight. No more stale water or sleeping on your feet." The knight had taken off his helmet for the ride in, and slung his kite shield over his back - the notched haft of his waraxe poking above his shoulder, ready to be drawn at a moments notice. The sky had opened above them as soon as they left the last barge; thundercracks splitting the air and the flashes of lighting that accompanied them lighting up the overcast and shady country around the city.

    The soaked dirt of the road was turning to mud but it soon brought the knight and his steed to a small, lightly guarded gate. A man wearing the livery of the Albion guard - though you can't trust them to guard anything Andy thought - held up a hand while the other planted the butt of his halberd in the soaked ground. The water dripping from his wide brimmed helmet and his nose gave him a miserable look - not the mention the pronounced cringe as he saw the face of the knight he was talking to, and no wonder; guard duty in the rain was a constant pain and Andrew's mug was as ugly as sin doubled over and given to Satan as a wedding present. "What business y'got here Northman? Any reason you're coming into the city so heavily armed?"
    "Just here for work, been invited by a Lilia Karned-something. Gotta meet her at The Sailor's Wench inn - in fact, you mind giving me some direction to where that is?" He'd been practising his accent for just such an occasion - these southerners sometimes found him difficult to understand if he spoke as he would at home.
    "Work? Body guard or mercenary?" Andrew nodded "Alright. If you take the street right past the gate and follow it down till you reach the big church then turn left, the Wench should be on your right. Watch yourself in the alleys - big guy in armour usually has money. Enjoy the city...though, the weather doesn't favour either of us"
    The knight reached down, offering his hand "Aye, you're right there. Thanks for the advice - keep yourself safe lad" A quick shake, and he was off into the city.

    The streets were mostly clear - some beggars huddled beneath the lintels of shop doorways but the majority of the Avalonians had hidden themselves from the rain. Andy would need to scrub and oil his chainmail thoroughly later to make sure it didn't rust. A gutter burbled with a mix of excrement, rainwater and piss. The smell or rain and the ozone stink of lightning thankfully hid the rotten stink that most big cities carried. He could still smell the sickly sweetness of dead things and decay beneath it all.

    The Sailor's Wench had a small stable, and he palmed a silver coin to the stablehand - the boy would make sure to get Falkrir some good eating and to give him a brush-down. The heavy warhorse wasn't pampered, but he wasn't neglected either. Andy shook his head and stamped his boots at the porch of the inn, then pushed himself into the smoke smelling alehouse. The scent of beer and food filled his nostrils and he felt his stomach grumble loudly. Ignore it. Business first, he reminded himself. Still dripping with rainwater, he started making his way towards who he thought to be Lilia. He nearly marched up to the table, bowing to his hostess and prospective employer, then pulled out a seat; making sure to remove his shield and axe from his back and to lay them at his feet. "Andrew McKale, as requested. At your service, Lady".

    He sat back and turned his eyes to the others at the table. A blonde woman, who spoke with a spanish accent - he didn't understand one of the words she used. Another man at the table. He looked paranoid. Another woman - this one black haired. Another blonde, this one noble looking and finally a brunette. I wonder how many of them can fight...bandits are a problem here. "Good evening to you all" Andy rumbled, nodding his greeting around the table.
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  8. Kateline glanced up as she heard a resounding voice light up the sickly atmosphere around the table. Her eyes landed on a man, tall, broad-shouldered and handsome. She smiled a little, standing up and inclining her head slightly towards his general direction. "Good evening, sir," she spoke warmly. "My name is Kateline D' Audrieu. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." She dipped her head a little more than before, then making direct eye contact with brown eyes, she put forth a statement of good nature. "There are seats over here," Kateline told him, gesturing to the empty ones within close proximity of her area. "You may sit down, if you so wish."
  9. "G--good evening sir, and to you all."

    Cora took it upon herself to try and at least interact with the others. Since now they were for all intents and purposes a team. A band of men and women paid for thier array of services.
    The new comer to the table was a large brute of a man, somewhat intimiating to be sat across from. Though she did not know him and since he had made a greeting she thought it polite to answer. To also speak and announce her presence at the table.

    Cora had always been quite a petite woman in frame, she had been told she got such stature from her mother. A woman whom Cora had never known, yet had heard many a story about.
    Though Cora wasn't the tallest or even the most muscular of women she was still strong and had managed to get through life this far on her own. From sheer determination and belief that something better was to come she had made it to this point in her life. Maybe, just maybe this was the new beginning she had been waiting for.

    The small group that had gathered were all very different, each clearly from differing backgrounds and upbringing. Hopefully such a contrast would not cause much trouble.

    Cora had signed up to this group only to have a change of scenery, an adventure so to speak. She had travelled a long and far to get here, she barely knew what would be expected of her but to take on many different jobs along with others. She just hoped that it would be worth the while of moving all this way.

    She was quite certain it would be. Who knows she might even like it here. It was after all her first day, nerves were to be expected. Epecially when arriving in a new place and sat at a table with a great number of strangers.

    Strangers she soon hoped to get aquianted with.

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  10. "Does it pays off?", the man asked to Andre. The swords of both of them hit against each other another time, setting burning metal sparkles in the air. "Indeed it does. I wouldn't be doing if it didn't". They stepped away from each other, getting in position to strike again. "So why you heading down to Albion? I heard that place sucks. And I mean it badly", the man said, before swinging his sword diagonally against Andre, who simply dodged his attack and placed his sword at the man's throat. "Because I'm tired of this. Besides, it looks like the job will pay up just fine too. You know, a nice way to handle things there. They could use someone like me, and boy, could I use someone like them". Andre removed the blade of his sword of the man's throat and looked up to the sky. Seeing the position of the sun, he thought it was time. "Okay, this was our last session. I hope you learned something". The man placed his sword in his sheath. "Didn't learned nothing from you. Hell, I don't even know why I paid you to do this". The two chuckled and shook hands. "It was nice to teach you, good sir", Andre said, with a smirk.

    Down at Albion, at last. Andre tried to analyze the place the best as he could. It looked like a simple place based on maritime activities, nothing too special about it. He wondered why somebody would choose that place to make anything of value. Maybe they're trying to make something from scratch, I guess. He didn't bothered to make further thinking about it, it wasn't his job to do it. There was the goal, and he had to follow it, a rather simple task. Once in Albion, a heavy rain started to pour down from the sky, as a bad omen. Andre never believed in any of this stuff, but rain always came to him as a bad sign. He didn't much trouble finding the inn after that, although it got rather uncomfortable with his armor holding a lot of the water from the rain. Apparently, there was some people already inside, near Lilia, his contractor. There wasn't much of a choice to make, so he just took a seat among the others. He didn't talked much, he would always rather listen to what the others had to say first. Hearing the spanglish pronounced by that woman sounded a bit painful for him. "You mean to ask us if we'll be travelling together, yes?". Another man took the world, greeting everyone at the table. "Good evening to you too".

    Andre looked around, trying to get a good luck of everyone. "Well, I guess we should all define on everyone's function on the travel that will follow, right?"

    @Xibilation @Undivided Belakor @Everyone
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  11. Pyrelithia Veronica, red

    Lithia sighed in relief to be out of the rain as she walked towards the large table that looked almost half full already with a variety of strangers. 'I hope this is worth it...' hesitantly she approaches the table. Seeing most everyone had taken a seat and was talking amongst themselves she slides into a chair beside a silent man. She really had no idea what to say to the small group, her shyness was getting the better of her and it didnt help that she wasnt use to talking to such crowds. Flipping back the hood to her green black she lets her slightly damp dirty blonde hair out so it fell in loose curls to the small of her back. Her grey/blue eyes slowly look up at the man beside her (Jan) giving him a small shy smile. "Bonjour, umm, how are you this evening sir?" She asks softly, her voice had a thick French accent, her tone was smooth and deep tho very much feminine. Lithia fidgets with her cloak beneath the table in a nervous habit as she waits for the mans response
  12. *Ullr stayed at the lonely table not trying to get attention. He sighs and leans back into the chair that he is sitting in. He hums a tune his dad played back in Texas. He awaits till some one approaches him*
  13. Cora gazed around the large wooden table, taking a look at each person that had sat themselves around it. Putting all thier faces to memory. Each person differing from each other would make it easier for her to remember them. After all they were now a team, it would serve her well to know them.
    Between who had already arrived she wasn't sure what to say to them apart from her greeting. Arriving in a new place and being sat at a table of complete strangers made her somewhat nervous. Which was sure to die away, but first meeting nerves swirled in her stomach.

    This was the first time she had left 'home' so to speak. She had chosen to leave it all behind for something new, a job that would offer her a variety of work and the oppertunity to meet new faces. This was only the beginning and now she was here she felt less aprihensive about it all.
    While she had taken the time to travel to Avalon she had wondered if she was making the right decision. For she was only the average person. Excelling in cooking and cleaning and few other menial tasks. Worried she would not be able to do enough for what was asked of her.
    Though her skills could expand, she would learn as she worked no doubt.

    "Good evening Sir, your journey here was good I hope?" Cora took the plunge and addressed the new comer to the table. Another male with some heavy looking armor. She could not help but think it would be awkward to walk in during the rain. It was hard enough walking in her dress that had clung to her like another skin.

    "Yes, I believe you are correct sir. That may be a useful topic."

    @The Gil
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  14. Andy heard the words 'Celtic Fylkirate'. His mouth curled in disgust and anger. It had been a fight with some of their associates that had cost him half of a perfectly good, scar free face. The raid had been fast and brutal, the knight defending a small village with a few men - not enough. The Falkirate had come in on heavy horse and with men at arms. A single knight and mere militia couldn't hold for long. It was all that could be done to hold them until the people had fled.

    He snapped back to the conversation at the table. Now was not the time to think of the past. Definitely not the time to remember old wounds.

    Nodding his head to the noble seeming lady who'd identified herself as Kateline, Andrew spoke, his accent gruff "I think it best that we wait here for a while, Lady - till our gracious hostess has explained her invitations" He smiled, but internally winced - he knew how it stretched the scars across his cheek and jaw, made them seem livid and bright. That she'd asked him to go and sit with her at all had surprised him. The black haired woman stuttered her greeting - that was a good name for her he supposed 'Stutter'. She'd not offered her real name. When a new group was forming there were always the young who knew not what they were getting themselves into. It was then that another fighter introduced himself - he could tell by the way the man held himself. "I apologise, but I don't seem to know your name, sir"

    Someone was singing at the back of the tavern, Andrew could just make out the words.

    "Fair world split by steel and flame
    Albion broken, grief proclaimed

    Lost the old, lost the name
    Lost are the annuls of a land so famed
    The wild seas once more untamed

    Banners fly high and men sail the ocean
    Swords and spears glint again
    In their huts witches brew potions
    The age of fire and steel is gone
    Oh, the world has slowed its motion

    Darkness surrounds all that we love
    We must hold up the light - "

    The song was lilting and sad, and he found himself displeased with it fading. Enough of that he thought, turning his attention back to the others at the table. He had more important things to do at the moment than to listen to some fool sing about love and the old world.
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  15. They were quiet mostly. Perhaps unsure of how to react to one another, she'd certainly brought together a rather...unusual mix of individuals here.


    She hoped negotiations were going well; Jorik was at the bar with the man from the Flykirate, discussing their first job offer. If it was the Fylkirate, it would probably have something to do with old artefacts or maybe a mission against the Catholic Church. They were on good terms with the Protestant Church, so despite them seeing other as heathens, neither bothered the other as part of an agreement to unify their forces against the Catholics, whom they saw as a greater threat.

    For now though, until Jorik was done, it seemed that she would have to entertain her crew. She leant forward and placed her elbows on the table, resting her chin on her hands as she spoke.

    "Welcome to you all; we still appear to be waiting on some people, but we can start now. As you know, I've canvassed all of you into this little Company we're forming. We accept any and all jobs we feel that we can complete; the idea being, as I'm sure you know, that we're safer to do this as a group rather than individually, our name will also become reputable, meaning others will seek out our services."

    She paused for a moment before continuing.

    "As you know; I am Lilia Kjaernestejd, another member of the Company; Jorik Holmgeirr, is currently discussing work with a man from The Northern Celtic Fylkirate, you may have seen them on our way in. While we're here please order as much food and drink as you wish, I have a substantial tab to cover it." A poor business decision and she knew it, but it was a good social decision, and she knew that to be far more important.

    @Zloglasniot Fasada
    @Allina Auburn
    @Undivided Belakor
    @The Gil
  16. I would like a bottle of beer then please. I don't care which kind. They all taste the same to me. As well as a PB and J if I can. *He shouts this from his chair due to it being a distance away form the girl. He smiles, finally thinking that this crew just might be trust worthy and worthy to fight besides. He he pops his neck and hands awaiting his drink and sandwich *
  17. Lilia gets the attention of a serving maid and recites your order to her. Before long, she returns with it.

    The maid nods her head towards you as she passes down your order.

    "Here you go sir; enjoy."
  18. *Ullr smiles at the women* Thank you madam! *he begins to eat his sandwich and drink his beer with glee.*
  19. After the man denied sitting down within the area, Kateline moved on. She listened as Lilia began to speak, introducing herself and speaking of Jorik. Kateline did not feel much need to dine within the atmosphere. She wasn't exactly used to it, but she nodded in appreciation towards Lilia's offer. "Thank you for your kindness," she stated warmly. "But I have no interest in dining here."
  20. Lilia nods in your direction, acknowledging your words.

    (I'll post the mid-round update before too long, then we can really get the ball rolling)