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  1. Hello and thank you for showing an interest in the RP! Some of you may recognise me from chat or from Akibahara's recent Horror RP; Murder Tale I, Limited Starkweather Edition.

    The setting for the RP is 5000 years from the modern period. However the apocalypse occurred and the remnants of humanity eventually reverted back to a Bronze Age civilisation in both population and technology. At the time the RP is set; humanity has regained it's position up to the Medieval period. Complete with monarchies, the Papacy and whatever else. Paganism is also a much bigger force than what it actually was during the Middle Ages due to the fact that when the apocalypse occurred Atheism was such a huge force; and the Church classifies Atheists as Pagans. The world map is going to be Europe for this; however during the apocalypse because nuclear warheads of such magnitude were used, various sections of land are missing or otherwise misshapen. So the map looks a little different. Italy for example, is cut off from the rest of Europe, the area containing Venice, Milan and Genoa having been destroyed. Artifacts from our time period will appear every now and then as well.

    All of you are part of a small band of men/women for hire for various reasons. (The Drachensturm.) This doesn't mean you have to be a soldier. You're all hired for different reasons and indeed, every company of people needs cooks/horse trainers/soldiers/learned individuals/merchants/etc.; so you're not limited to just combat roles. In addition; all jobs are accepted as a group, so you all help with whatever job it is through whatever means. Two of the characters in this band (Lilia and Jorik) will be played by me, and I will mostly GM through them except when Round Updating or responding to people during combat or conversation with NPCs. To make things easier; whenever I have a character speak, my text is colour coded. Red for GMing/NPCs who aren't Jorik or Lilia. Orange when controlling Jorik. And green when controlling Lilia.

    So, Round Updating. Every so often (usually once per day in real time) I will firstly do a 'mid-round update' detailing events that have occurred and introducing new story elements. Secondly I'll post new rounds entirely once the objectives of a round have been reached, or once every two real days, whichever comes first; this is where I'll introduce new mercenary jobs and requests from NPCs; you vote on these as a group to decide which you want to take on; be warned! Choose carefully, as they all have risks and rewards... The main point of this RP is to interact with one another and immerse yourselves; I am using it as a testbed for a Novel after all. Sometime early through the story however (i.e. once the prologue is done), I will introduce new elements that will come as a direct result of your choices, and this is where it gets dangerous. There is no defining kill factor, but characters will die if I feel that they're in the correct situation for it.

    You may vote for your starting location. When signing-up, please cast a vote as to where you would like to start from the following options:

    Grand Union of Franko-Gallia (Current votes: 0)
    Jarldom of Sverige (Current votes: 0)
    Duchy of Burgundia Current votes: 0)
    Holy Deutsches Reich (Current votes: 0)
    Commonwealth of Eastern Slavs (Current votes: 0)
    Empire of Veroskiya (Current votes: 0)
    Kingdom of Albion (Current votes: 9)
    Principality of Espanola (Current votes: 1)

    -Voting is now closed-


    1) Human Medieval-themed OCs only. You may also play yourself but make up a backstory that fits you into the world. Characters are absolutely not OP; if deemed OP I will ask you to change them. Non-OP means they are at the level of a normal human. Dependent on background; I will allow individuals up to the skill level of Miyamoto Musashi etc.
    2) A very small amount of magic is allowed as this is the result of genetic fiddling from during the apocalypse. The church does however burn all magic-capable people they find as heretics.
    3) I shall post a template character sheet below this. You may or may not choose to use it; but more detailed characters are more likely to be accepted!
    4) Try and make sure you can post reasonably often. There's nothing worse than inactive players except...
    Please don't sign-up and then never post; the spot on the roster is better used for someone that actually will participate.

    Note#1: A fair warning for all: You will be VERY BORED if you don't find someone to interact with, and the key to success is character interaction. Therefore, you will need to find a partner, if you don't have one, I'll find one for you.

    Note#2: So no one is ignored, I highly suggest you skim over other people's post. You don't necessarily have to read it all, but look for your character's name! Someone may want to talk to you.

    Note#3: We have an OOC thread here: please use this for all your OOC needs. (You will have to join the group before you can post.)

    Note#4: There will be a maximum of 23 people besides myself for this RP.

    Note#5: No godmodding.


    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Both a forename and surname please.)
    Appearance: (Describe how your character looks! If possible provide a picture.)

    Apparel and Equipment: (How is your character equipped? What do they wear?)
    Zodiac/Star Sign:
    Birth Date:

    (Should be in feet or cm)
    Weight: (Should be in kg or lbs)
    Birth Place: (Should be a city/town/village name followed by an existing country with 'ex-' before it. e.g. Simferopol, ex-Russia. You may choose any city name you desire.)
    IQ: (Should never exceed 150 unless your character is technically or academically minded. Values of up to 170 are then allowed if you can prove your character should have this. Values above this simply beggar belief.)
    Known Languages: (Choose from any and all known languages.)
    Religion: (Choose from any and all known religions except things like Jedi/Haruhiism etc.)

    Skills: (Give a quick overview of what your character is good at! Be it fighting, cooking or teaching!)

    (Don't give away your character's personality in the character sheet! If no one knows for later it makes interaction all the more interesting!)

    (You may only use one character. I'm only using two for story purposes but generally speaking only controlling one is better for interaction and the longevity of the RP.)

    Character Roster:
    @Reaper Jack as Lilia Kjaernestejd and Jorik Holmgeirr (NPCs)
    @Laura as Cora Bainard
    @Zloglasniot Fasada as Pyrelithia 'Lithia' Veronica
    @Xibilation as Catalina Oliveros
    @Allina Auburn as Arrabelle Serapha
    @MrDubWubs as Ullr Smite
    @Undivided Belakor as Andrew 'Andy' McKale
    @PinkArrow as Kateline d'Audrieu
    @WarriorHeart as Richter Dillan Adalwolf
    @Verite as Jan Bray
    @WitchChild as Killian Lawless
    @Dallas as Heinrich Schmidt
    @MattieLee as Juliet de Capulet

    @The Gil as Andre "Beardriven" Soares
    @Chris Miller as William "Will" Omakoor
    @Conrad Norwood as Simon Marchand
    @AddictedToSkooma as Ludovic Alan Afolayan
    @mahigan as Marcella Petri

    IC Thread:
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  2. Character One.

    Name: Lilia Kjaernestejd
    Appearance: Medium build; slender and athletic but not thin. Long hair, slightly waved, that reaches down to the small of her back; ginger in colouration. Emerald-green eyes. Generally perceived as attractive.


    Apparel and equipment: Berg-steel Bastard Sword (Freyja) with leather belt and scabbard, the hilt of the sword bears her symbol; wolf-skin cloak (green in colouration of cloth; fur is grey); light chain armour covering torso and upper body (is itself covered by leather and fur); leather and fur boots and gloves, small broach shaped like a dragon. All leather is dark brown in colour, fur is dark white/light grey in colour.
    Lilia's Bastard Sword (open)

    Coat of Arms: An orange dragon on a black and green field.
    Pronunciation: Li-lee-a Kay-urn-i-stead
    Zodiac: Aquarius.
    Birth Date: 11th February

    Age: 22
    Ethnicity: Northern (Scandinavian) white.
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 64kg
    Birth Place: Vattenfall, ex-Germany
    Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous when using swords; otherwise right-handed.
    IQ: 131
    Known Languages: English; German, Nordic.
    Religion: None.

    Skills: Swordsmanship; leadership, general intelligence, haggling and an ability to pick up new skills quickly.
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  3. Character Two:

    Name: Jorik Holmgeirr
    Appearance: Light colouration of hair, typical of a Northerner. Is almost always bearded. Of relatively average muscle build; however his travels have hardened him to the elements.


    Apparel and Equipment: Steel Short Sword in a plain leather scabbard. Otherwise wears a leather belt and all furs over a plain green-brown tunic and trousers. Furs are all coloured brown to auburn.
    Zodiac/Star Sign: Scorpio
    Birth Date:
    19th November
    Ethnicity: Northern (Scandinavian) White.
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 79kg
    Birth Place: Alfheimr, ex-Sweden
    IQ: 137
    Known Languages: English; German, Russian, Nordic, French.
    Religion: None.

    Skills: Languages, merchanting, diplomacy, haggling, economics and finance.
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  4. Name: Cora Bainard

    Appearance: Cora has raven black hair, straight and cropped to shoulder length with a fringe that frames her light blue eyes. Of average looks. Her body slender and some what fragile, though not to thin.

    Apparel and Equipment: She is very plain in her apparel, dressed in a simple cotton gown, no real protection just a plain dress, cinched in with a leather belt at her hips. Simple, sturdy leather shoes.
    She carries a simple small bow and a quiver with a short supply of arrows. Mostly for hunting, never used against a person.
    Zodiac/Star Sign: Cancer
    Birth Date: Seventh, July
    Age: 20
    Ethnicity: white british
    Height: 5ft 4inchs
    Weight: 55kgs
    Birth Place: Town of Bodmin, ex-UK
    IQ: 108 (average intellegence)
    Known Languages: English
    Religion: None
    Skills: Cooking, Archery, tends to be a fast learner, mildly good at hunting/trapping.

    Edit: I vote for kingdom of Albion

    //You'll have to tell me if i've done anything wrong or need to change anything its been a long day//
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  5. You're all good.
    *Hands VIP pass to Laura all shush-shush like*
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  6. VIP? Well dont I feel special. :D Feelings a little uneasy as this is my first proper medieval roleplay. Excited though!
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  7. Make sure to join the Group for OOC chat!
    The link is in the sign-up post.
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  8. One little thing I forgot! Vote for a starting location!
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  9. Edited to include my vote. Thanks for the reminder!
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  10. This looks very interesting, I'm having a hard time picking which place to start at. Duchy of Burgundia I assume is in France right? Or is that a surprise, if so thats okay =)
  11. Surely if it's 5000 years after a nuclear apocalypse, then the Church of Christianity is going to hold no sway whatsoever. You think people would still worship a deity who was last seen on earth 7000 years ago and who by then will have already filled all the criteria he was supposed to if going by the bible? The apocalypse would be interpreted as the last chapter - god's judgement, and anyone left on the planet afterwards is clearly forsaken. Plus, if enough people survived to repopulate the entirity of europe to middle ages standard, then there will be enough that understood basic science, meaning there would be peculiar alchemical existences and a hell of a lot more "witches". TBH I don't think a post apocalyptic medieval setting works very well if you want to have it identical to the dark ages. For that it would need a dominating religious force, which logically cannot exist in such a setting. Most people would be atheistic, with the majority of the rest sticking to cult groups who worship fragments of old religions, or make up new ones entirely. Think about it, its only 1000 years since the main religion in the north was the mythology of thor etc, and only 2000 since the rest of europe was dominated by roman and greek beliefs. What's going to evolve out of 5000 years?
  12. Name: Pyrelithia "Lithia" Veronica
    Appearance: Long dirty blonde hair with natural highlights. Bright blue eyes that turn green or grey depending on the color she wears/the lighting. Slender build with an hourglass figure. Beautiful-high-school-senior-pictures-of-Skyline-Girl-with-gorgeous-blue-eyes.jpg
    Apparel and Equipment: A dark blue tunic, hunter green trousers, and dark brown boots. Sometimes wears brown leather gloves and these...
    Equipment (open)
    DrkGrn-l-Grn Gallery.jpg Egyptian_Dagger.jpg 3178784-0618519550-1000p.png Alfie's_Sword.jpg

    Zodiac/Star Sign: Scorpio
    Birth Date: November 3rd
    Ethnicity: French/Italian White
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 137
    Birth Place: Foyer D'accueil (Welcome hearth in French)-France
    IQ: 122
    Known Languages:
    French and English.
    Religion: Not religious but open to most religions.
    Skills: Very good with animals, often called a whisperer
    Horseback riding
    Horse care/training
    Calm presence, good at diffusing tense situations

    (Vote for Kingdom of Albion)​
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  13. @Zloglasniot Fasada

    Burgundia (i.e Burgundy) is in the South of modern France yes. It is a separate country in the RP. Franko-Gallia is closer to actual France.
    Also; you are accepted! Don't forget to join the RP Group (link in Note#3) as that's where all OOC takes place, it's messy to have OOC mixed in with IC posts as I'm sure you know.


    I have thought the religious aspect through. Trust me on this there's a very valid plot reason for the Church still existing and being a powerful force. However Atheism/Paganism is an equal force now. Remember me saying that Italy is isolated because the North of Italy doesn't exist anymore? That was a defensive action by the Church in order to protect Christendom.
    In any case it's just an RP; it's fiction.
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  14. Name:
    Catalina Oliveros
    Catalina has a tall, slender frame. She has bright green eyes and brown, wavy hair. She has an olive skin tone to top it all off. She is considered very attractive.
    Apparel and Equipment:
    Catalina owns a
    dagger (open)
    for self defense. Her apparel consists of a green cloak and a simple brown dress.
    Cloak (open)

    Zodiac/Star Sign:
    Birth Date:
    September 9th
    5 feet 8 inches
    136 pounds
    Birth Place:
    El Aqua Seca Pueblo (Spain)
    124 (a bit above average)
    Known Languages:
    Spanish, French, and English
    A newly developed religion that believes in a god, but not in souls, heaven, or hell.
    Catalina is skilled in medicine and healing. She can ride horseback well and prepare food. While she can efficiently use tools, weapons are not her strong suit. She also has found that using her looks can get her pretty far, so she's persuasive- especially towards men.

    Vote for Principality of Espanola
    ...It's probably not going to win.
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  15. Hmmm. Kudos for the concept, Reaper Jack! I have some decisions to make regarding the plots I am currently involved with but because of your unique structure I plan on joining. Mayhaps i can work something out with one of the attractive ladies for a partnership.
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  16. Accepted!

    How typical of you to play a man-eater Xib

    Also everyone; don't forget to vote for a starting location!

    And don't forget to join the OOC Group. (Link in Note #3)
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  17. Name: Arrabelle Serapha
    Appearance: Arrabelee has light brown wavy hair and blue eyes her frame is slender and tall her features exquisite .[​IMG]
    Apparel and Equipment:
    Zodiac/Star Sign: Libra
    Birth Date:fourth of October
    Ethnicity:French and English
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 48 kilograms
    Birth Place: may town - Aloison Ex-England
    Known Languages: French, English, Chinese and Italian/Spanish
    Religion: Athiest
    Arrabelle loves to fight she has her own horse camier and she fights with her bow and arrow but she is discriminated against because she is a girl. She words as a servant to men and boys of the court but she has never been chosen as a lady's maid. She loves to sing and is always asked to at funerals and weddings. She is quite shy towards strangers but her hot temper can sometimes cause her to lash out in battle
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  18. Accepted!
    By the way; that's one heck of an IQ!
  19. Name: Ullr Smite
    Slightly tan skin. Bright Green eyes. Black hair and beard. The beard is about two fingers long. Short hair that stands up straight unless wet.
    Apparel and Equipment: he wears a medium leather chest plate with chain link arms and legs. He wears steel boots over his feet and they go up to his shin. He also wears leat her gloves.
    He has two medium size throwing axes that he uses in any way useful. Spikes rest on his knuckles that he mainly uses to help him climb if needed but can be damaging if he looses his axes.
    He has a crossbow with five arrows that he likes to use to stab people after throwing his axes and can't retrieve them.
    Zodiac/Star Sign: leo
    Birth Date: August 20
    Ethnicity: American/Caucasian
    6' 5"
    Weight: 210
    Birth Place: San-Marcos, Texas ex-America
    IQ: 115
    Known Languages: English
    Religion: Atheist
    Skills: Real good brute strength. When angered he becomes stronger but slower. Good reaction timing but jumps at nearly any sudden movement. He is good at smelling things due to his extra nose cells, so he can smell if something is funky. He can think in combat quickly and usually let's himself get hit to find out how strong his enemy is. He also loves to fight so have fun with him if you meet him. (I just want to say that since he is from Texas the accent and slang is shown every now and then)
    (Vote for Kingdom of Albion)
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  20. A male at last!
    You're accepted DubWubs :)
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