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    Edit: Actually fuck the no more slots. Only people with invites can join. You can now create your own character instead of using one, but the character has to be human. Duh.
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    the character sheet is submitted and passed I will PM you the details and give you the link for the thread. Currently I'm playing Laila, my friend is playing Skilear, so the rest are free to be played. The rest: Ysonte, Yalori, and Auguste, or one of the creatures dwelling underground.

    Random fact about it:

    This is a roleplay based on a book I'm working on.

    Side note: You need a roleplay skill level of about paragraph to multi paragraph to join this roleplay. Please have at least decent grammar and spelling.

    Plot summary:

    Euphoria was perfect in every sense. No pollution, no disorder, no humans. Except for the four who carefully nurtured it from the barren wasteland it was in the past. Yalori, Skilear, Ysonte, and Laila. Cooperating in perfect harmony, they succeeded in making this so called dream world. Even now they seek to maintain this peaceful coexistence.

    All of them worked during a certain season. Laila during Spring, Yalori during Summer, Ysonte during Fall, Skilear during Winter. All of them represented different parts of one person. They are Four, yet they are also One.

    None knows where they come from. The trees would sometimes gossip amongst themselves and call them Gods. The other, more sinister deep dwelling creatures say otherwise. But they, the weak, are unable to do anything against them, for Their will is absolute. Disobeying would result in their cease of existence, a fate worse than death.

    Ah, but death did not exist there. The body can be rebuilt many, many times. It can also be cast aside. That is where Laila comes in. She creates new bodies and disposes of old ones.

    She couldn't create another one of themselves, though. Many failures have led her to almost give up. Until the day Yalori found a being with a similar anatomy to theirs, and showed it to her. This being, she named Auguste. Auguste was a strange human. She could actually disobey their Will. They could not fully destroy her either, worrying them greatly.

    Thus, they could do nothing but erase her memories of her past, replacing them so as to make her think she was a native inhabitant of Euphoria, and only existed to be the "Clown", entertaining them no matter what.

    The story begins a few months after this event when Auguste slowly starts regaining fragments of her memory.

    Geographical Quirks: The creatures residing there are mostly non hostile, and work for the Four, supplying them with clothing and food. Euphoria mostly has rocky terrain and abundant rainforests.

    Character sheet structure:

    Name: ( No need to think of one, just choose the name of the character want to play as unless you want to play one of the creatures dwelling underground)


    Personality Quirks:

    Overall Appearance:

    Abilities: ( Please do not have abilities that are for killing and such. The gods are relatively peaceful, and have no need for them. Rather, think of abilities that influence nature and such. If trying for one of the under dwellers, though, yes, abilities for killing or maybe the ability to be able to go against the will of the Four. If wanting to try Auguste, there can be no supernatural ability she has. If its your own character make it wahtever you want. )


    Motives: ( Motives, as in why they do what they do etc etc)

    Everyone has to post at least once a week, for I can only post on the weekends. There will be a posting order, and will take effect immediately upon establishment.

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  2. Name: Laila


    Personality Quirks: Laila, like Spring itself, was the warm, caring kind of person. She tries her utmost to make the ones she cares about happy and content. Carefree and happy-go-lucky some of the time, Laila is everychanging. Even so, she manages to fill the air with warmth and comfort, like a soft spring breeze. She is practically the essence of kindness. Often, when the others fought, it would be she who stopped them.

    Overall Appearance: Laila has short, wavy hair that barely falls past her chin. The color is a glossy light green. With a slim, fragile frame, and soft grey eyes, she rivals most in terms of beauty. Her attire consists of a flowing white dress made of soft materials that can be also surprisingly sturdy.

    Abilities: Laila is able to create new bodies for everything on Euphoria. The only exceptions are herself and those who are not native to it. This is an ability only she has, making her invaluable during the nurturing of Euphoria. She can also manipulate wind somewhat, allowing her the freedom of flight. This ability drains her stamina the whole time it's activated, so she uses it sparingly.

    Weaknesses: She has a weak physical body, and thus has less stamina, strength and speed than the others.

    Laila's only goal in Euphoria is to make sure the peace lasts. Especially among Skilear, Yalori and Ysonte, for they often get into petty fights. In her eyes, the best kind of world would be one like Euphoria as it is right now, and will do anything to maintain it.
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