The Doppelganger Effect

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  1. The universe is caving in on itself. Rips are appearing all over the universe where they shouldn't. Good and Evil versions of your favorite characters are appearing out of nowhere. Some simply don't care what happens and will be friendly, while others are bent on destroying the original version and replacing them. If that wasn't bad enough, the universe only has one year left to survive if they doppelgangers aren't destroyed or sent back to the original universe they came from. Looks like it is a game of cat and mouse. . . and nobody is playing fair.
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  2. Now that is looking a whole lot better then a evil human Scooby doo with dark magic.
  3. Yeah. It also can explain things in a logical sense to the universe. It also makes more sense than trying to make outlandish things stick without a real plot.
  4. Yea I've seen quite a few plots that were way to silly to even make it anywhere the new way you put it actually makes it seem interesting.
  5. Well, thanks. I try. ( I am also trying to get more to my baby forum . Ugh, I suck at advertising.)
  6. Your baby Forum?
  7. This is a much more interesting plot line. I will withdraw my rating and change it to something better. I quite like this.

    Also, what's a Baby Forum?
  8. It's my nickname for the first forum I ever made that had a actual plot and wasn't just randomness. I refer to it as my baby forum since it is one of my favorite projects to do/ I love it like a child due to the multiple things I learned on it. ( It also is my first forum on here, the baby).
  9. Ok the baby forum makes a little more sense to me now.
  10. @LoveandHate91 It usually does when I explain it. It's a city/superhero RP with a dose of insanity.
  11. oh that sounds like a interesting one even though im not to good with superhero's I seem better with villains and anti heros.
  12. I could always use a good villain or two for the RP ( it's the first one). Mine have the . . . " oh, I don't want to be evil anymore" complex 90% of the time.
  13. Would a anime picture work as appearance?
  14. Yeah, sure. I like real life pictures, but I can imagine how they look like or pretend they look that way in a 'normal' human form.
  15. I may make a character a little later then.
  16. Cool with me. I already made two. ( Though, I think I am going to add in the template now.)
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