The Door To Light(princessyuna & Etanaru Fureimu)

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  1. - Twilight Town -

    "They just keep coming!!" Riku noted as more and more heartless began to flood the area. He dashed backwards before jumping forward into a crowd of the ferocious dark beasts; making slight work of them with a wide single circular slash. However, the fight was far from over, with a group of lower leveled heartless rushing in on him. They came at Riku with a flurry of swift slashes but with their short 3ft bodies, it made it hard to get close enough to reach him without get slashed. As expected, the group were easily ripped apart without even reaching the distance necessary to harm him.

    Had it been a one-one bout against the silver haired Keyblade wielder, the heartless would be at a grave disadvantage. Unfortunately, their numbers were greater in comparision, which tipped the scale in their favor. Twice as many heartless quickly grouped together in wake of the previous group's demise. "I can see that you guys don't taking losing very well, but where are you all coming from?" Riku questioned as he aimed his spare hand at the newly formulated group of shadows.
  2. Sitting on a ledge sat a girl, around Riku's age, looking down at him as he fought the little creatures. A frown was at her lips as she watched as he slashed them down, one by one. Though the heartless kept coming towards him without a hint of stopping. A small black creature appeared next to her, sitting beside her on the ledge. It's yellow glowing eyes looked up at her, but then looked down. It was about to move, but she had placed her hand on it's head.

    "Should I stop him?" She asked the little heartless. It seemed to shy away from her, but nudged her hand before it leaped away from her, joining down with the rest of them. A sigh escaped her lips, getting up and securing her bag as she hoped down from the wall.

    She headed over to the boy, and then let out a whistle. The heartless seemed to stop, cocking their heads to the side as she came up. They looked at her, watching her movements as she patted their heads. "Confused little guys, aren't they?" she asked, looking at the silver haired boy. "I am sorry that they are attacking you."

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  3. Riku's spare hand began glowing with dark energy, seconds after aiming it. After it finished charging, he didn't fire it off just yet but instead allowed them to get closer. The closer they were to him, the more he would be able to take out in a single shot. Riku had enough power to fire more dark orbs of destructive energy but for him, it was best to conserve his strength until he could assess what he was truly up against.

    As the group of heartless was about to reach Riku's desired range, Riku attentively focused his eyes on them. "Dark" The Keyblade wielder was suddenly at a loss for words. He couldn't believe what was happening right before his eyes. The heartless unexpectedly stopped before turning their heads in the direction of a purpled haired girl, who casually walked past them; all the while patting their heads as she walked by.

    It was awhile since he lost dominion over the shadowy beings, so the sudden stop of their aggression felt a little foreign to him. However, if she was the cause of them halting, then apparently the girl was going to be trouble. Instead of speaking in a demonic tone, the girl spoke calmly as she apologized for the heartless' actions. Seeing her speak so calmly as well as the words that left her lips triggered another feel of astonishment that was reflected on the Keyblade wielder's face. "Well you shouldn't because they'll take your heart if you aren't careful." Riku warned before making his Keyblade vanish from view.
  4. There was something about this boy that intrigued her, and it made her tilt her head to the side. He also had a keyblade, which was unusual. The last boy she has seen was a brown haired kid who also was fighting the creatures. Perhaps they were friends? Most likely they were since they both had the weapons, and both slashed through the creatures that she took care of.

    "Well, they aren't going to take mine," she told him, crouching down to the ground and the heartless peered at her. She only smiled, petting them on the heads. "I am like them, kind of. My heart doesn't really exist, so I am one in the same. It's confusing really because it felt like I was born from the darkness, I don't remember much from my past."

    Then she looked up at him. "I am Leila, by the way. You are?" She was a strange girl that held an interesting personality. The way she spoke about not having a heart, with a smile on her face, was strange enough. There was something strange about her, like she didn't fit.
  5. As the girl spoke, Riku's eyebrows slightly raised up at the revelation. It wasn't the fact that she was mostly likely a Nobody that surprised him but how lacking a heart didn't seem to bother her. Then again, it would be hard to feel for something that a person never remembered having in the first place. Despite that though, all of the other Nobodies he encountered were fighting for the organization, so why is she different?

    The Keyblade wielder took a short pause before responding to the purple haired girl's question. "My name is Riku and it's a pleasure to meet you Leila." He was ready to bombard her with questions in order to find out if she could be trusted but right then and there, Riku thought of what Sora would say in his place. Seconds later, the silver haired teen spoke once more. "And about your memories, we'll find them together.." He said with a welcoming grin on his face.
  6. "My memories..." Leila responded in a whisper, unsure what to say of it. No one has offered to help her find the missing past. Though she never really thought about finding them since she was happy, or that is what she thought. She wondered why he wanted to help her, it was unusual. However, she didn't ask him, she just kept wondering.

    Her eyes wandered down to the ground, feeling something tug at her skirt. A smile came to her lips, bending down to pick up the small heartless and let it rest in her arms. "Do you know a brown haired boy? He has a keyblade as well." She was simply curious. "I think his name is Sora? I met him for a brief moment before he ran off because he saw something. He hasn't come back and he said that was going to."
  7. Riku watched as the girl pondered his words, while maintaining a calm stance. He knew that something like this wouldn't be easy for her to consider. However, with all the other people he and Sora was helping out, why not add another to the list? Besides, Sora would've probably said the same thing once he found her anyway, which was only a matter of time.

    Just as Riku thought, the purple haired girl met Sora based on her description of him. "Yes, I do know him. In fact, Sora's a dear friend of mine and we actually came here together in search of someone." The silver haired teen then caused his Keyblade to materialize into his hand. "Now that you mention him, do you know what direction he went in?" Riku asked as he began to lean his Keyblade on the back of his neck.
  8. As the keyblade appeared in his hand, the heartless in her arms jumped out and scurried away. Apparently it didn't like weapon, but that was a given because Riku and his friends were running around and slashing through them. At least Leila didn't take it offense, since they were attacking the keyblade wielders. Defense was needed in that situation.

    "Well, he went that way," she told him as she pointed down a path. "About ten minutes before you showed up. I am sure that he is going to come back, since you two are working together. Friends come back for friends, right?" The concept of friendship to her was strange, since her only ones were the creatures that went around stealing hearts. Unusual friends.

    "But do you want to try to find him?"
  9. When the heartless jumped from out of Leila hands after Riku summoned his Keyblade, he simply glanced at it before reasserting his attention towards her. He didn't feel apologetic about intimidating the poor fellow, because their hostility towards him would return within the second he was out of the girl's presence. Not to mention how ruthless they were in trying to take away people's hearts. So for him to let down his guard could very well end in his demise; since his chest held what they were after.

    Riku tilted his head in the direction that the girl was pointing. "About ten minutes huh? And well we are working together but he may require my help. That someone I told you that we came here for is dangerous, and if that person is the something that Sora saw then...trouble is sure to follow." He noted before taking his Keyblade from of his neck. Riku wasn't the type of person to leave things up to chance; especially when his friends' lives were involved. "Yeah but hopefully we can talk some more after I return."
  10. Leila gave a slow nod, understanding somewhat of what he was talking about. Though she was little saddened that he was going to leave her, but he did said that he was going to return. That is what a lot of people said to her, and so far no one has come back to talk to her. She didn't mind since she was always alone, but at the same time it was a little lonely. Then again, she wasn't the most popular one around town because she befriended the little creatures that liked to steal hearts. People didn't like that so much.

    "Go find him," she told him, giving a light smile. "I sure do hope you come back. We have to find my memories, remember?"

    That was something that she was going to remember in her head. If he were to leave her in this world without saying bye, then she would truly be sad. The thought of having her memories back was thrilling for her now. She would know where she came from and how she came to be. That was a mystery that she wanted to get solved.
  11. Riku could feel the sense of disappointment Leila felt as she nodded her head. He didn't want to leave her alone but Sora could be in trouble. Not to mention that if he was in trouble, then it would be more safer for her here rather than on a dangerous battle-ground. There was no point in getting her dragged into a unnecessary predicament when she could simply wait here until him and Sora return.

    Riku nodded upon hearing her words before taking a few steps in Sora's direction, only to stop and turn back to her. "Don't worry. I will come back and we'll find them just like I said we would, I promise." The silver haired teen assured Leila while wearing a confident smile before running off in search for his friend. He wasn't going to go back on his words and he sure wasn't going to let anyone stop him from keeping his promise. Riku didn't exactly know why he was becoming attached to the purple haired girl but he felt that he would find that out on the way.
  12. Leila watched as the silver haired boy left the area to search for his friend. Her smile disappeared, turning into a frown as she sat back on the wall she was on before. She hoped that he would come back, considering that he could become a friend to her. Looking over, she saw that a heartless appeared and crawled into her lap. Now she rested her hand on its head as she waited.

    Sora wasn't exactly far, since he had stopped going the direction he was going. When he saw that Riku wasn't with him, he had stopped and scratched the back of his head. "Well, he was following me," he said. He knew he should have retraced his steps, but the trail he was following was fresh. Then he also remembered something. That girl he ran into that had heartless as friends, and that was completely bizarre to him. He had to thank her though since she stopped them from attacking him for a moment.
  13. Riku continued down the direction the purple haired girl pointed in while keeping his Keyblade close. He knew the farther away he was from Leila, the more hostile the heartless would become. Eventually the hostility towards him would fully resurface and he'd have to began fighting them again. The problem that Riku had seen with that is that the shadowy creatures could possibly prevent him from catching up to Sora in time to save him; if he was caught in such a situation of course.

    After a short time of running, the silver haired Keyblade wielder soon caught sight of his friend's presence. "Sora!!!" Riku catching before catching up to him. He was a bit surprised that Sora wasn't farther along the path that he was following but even more surprised that he wasn't engaged in battle. However, he was relieved to see his friend alive and well. "You had me worried for a second there!!! I thought I was going to have to tell Kairi that you truly weren't up to par with me." Riku said, with a small smirk on his face.
  14. "Hey! Don't be rude!" Sora shouted, a pout at his lips. He knew that his friend was joking, since they both shared jokes that had Kairi centered around them. "I saw that you weren't behind me anymore, so I had to stop. What took you so long to catch up?" He held his keyblade in his hand, putting it over his shoulder and rested it there. It was odd that there weren't any heartless in this particular area, but he didn't mind that at all.

    "Did you happen to run into that purple haired girl?" He now questioned, curious if he did or not. "She was strange. She treats heartless like they are her friends, and they act really calm around her. No Nobody we met was even remotely close to them and just treated them like little pawns." He had been wondering about her ever since he left her back where she was.
  15. "Haha, you're just the same as ever!" Riku chuckled at the sight of seeing Sora's sensitive face. His eyes thwarted the other way in a little embarrassment, the second Sora spoke again. "I..was busy catching up on some extra training to the point that I lost track of you. But it shouldn't matter now that I've found you." He noted as his eyes faced his friend's once again. It was true that he was catching up on some training but that wasn't what caused the silver haired teen to lose sight of his friend. It was actually him recalling a lost from Roxas that was the cause of it.

    "Actually, I did. In fact, she's the only reason I managed to find you." Riku said right before Sora stole the next words he would say from out of his mouth. "So I'm not the only one who thinks that after all. But what if all of the other Nobody's were the same at first too? Just think about it, every other Nobody that we've met had already been in contact with the organization for some time so there's a possiblity that I could be right. However, the real question I'm curious about though is who's Nobody?"
  16. That question did cross Sora's mind before. He hasn't seen anyone that remotely looked close to her, and he wasn't sure where she would fit in. Scratching his temple, he tried to think hard about who she belonged to. "Maybe she doesn't have a connection with anyone?" He asked thoughtfully, but then shook his head. "No, that can't be possible. Every Nobody we come across has a past, so she has one. We can maybe help her?" There he was being his helpful self.

    As he thought, he didn't realize that the person they were talking about arrived in the same area they were in. "I was bored waiting, so I came here," she spoke, which almost startled Sora. He had quickly looked back, his keyblade in his hand and then he let out a sigh of relief to see it was just her. "Oh, did I scare you?"

    "Sort of," he said sheepishly, putting his keyblade over his shoulder. "Sorry I didn't come back sooner, I was caught up. I was going to go back once I realized that Riku wasn't following behind me."

    She gave a smile, and said, "It's okay. I would have waited longer if I didn't find you two."
  17. Riku smiled at his friend before placing a hand on his shoulder. "Try not to over think things Sora. We'll find out who's Nobody she is eventually. For now, I think she should come with us." He removed his hand. "With her being a Nobody puts her in danger of being influenced by the Organization. Plus, I promised her that I would help her find out her pas...!!!" Riku's body quickly turned in the direction of Leila before sighing.

    The silver haired teen usually was attentive to his surroundings but finding Sora must've let down his guard. Good thing it was her that he left his back to rather than one of the Heartless. Had it been them, then the situation wouldn't be so pretty. Then again, that would explain why none of the Heartless had bothered to attack them yet.

    "I never would've pictured you for the impatient type Leila." Riku noted before something suddenly clicked in his head. "I just remembered, Sora, what did you see that made you head in this direction?"
  18. Sora looked over at Riku after observing the girl for a moment. He was still a little skeptical about her, but he knew that she wasn't of any threat. She seemed too innocent to be the type who would turn their back on someone. Now he replied to Riku, "Well, I thought that I saw King Mickey run this way so I had to see if it was him or not. I kind of lost his trail after some heartless ganged up on me."

    "King Mickey?" Leila questioned, tilting her head to the side as she recalled the name. "I think I saw him before, but not in this town." Then she had a thoughtful look on her face, her hand reaching up to tap her finger against her chin as she mumbled. "Which is odd because I have always been in this town."

    "Your memories are starting to come back," Sora interjected, seeing how puzzled she looked. A big smile was on his face, glad to know that it was slowly coming together for her. "We will put together the pieces with you, don't worry!"
  19. "Ahhh, I see." Riku said in a bit of a disappointed tone. It's been awhile since he had seen him so it would've been great if they could catch up on old times. However, it was a little weird that Mickey had a tendency to find places of interest. It could've simply been the castle and Yen Sid supplying him with that info but it just felt weird for him to be one step ahead of two Keyblade wielders.

    Riku reasserted his attention back on Leila. "Do you have an idea of the place where you met him looks like? If so, we could use that as a starting point to gather some clues on your past there." He asked with a questioning look on his face. What's the connection between Mickey and her? The silver haired teen pondered as his questioning look was soon replaced with a small smile after seeing how joyful Sora was that Leila remembered something. He was always busy ensuring his friend's safety that he never had time to becall happy like his friend was being.

    - From up on a nearby rooftop -

    "I there they are. For a second there, I was expecting a little challenge but I can see that they'll no longer be an issue." A man covered by a black coat noted while watching the group from the edge of a nearby roof. He stood up and then slowly exhaled before jumping down onto the ground below.
  20. Leila looked over at Riku before she started to think, trying to remember exactly where she met King Mickey before. After a few seconds, a small sigh escaped from her lips as she couldn't remember. Her memories were blotchy and there was no way that she could put the pieces together. "I can't remember anything," she said softly, a little disappointed. "All I can remember is darkness, and then waking up here... A man in a black coat left me here."

    "An Organization member?" Sora now asked. It could have been possible since there weren't many others who dressed in black coats, plus it made sense. She was a Nobody, and they seemed to connect in some way. Though she did a little different than the rest of them.

    She only shrugged her shoulders in response. "You guess is as good as mine," she said. Glancing at the two boys, she soon asked, "What now?"
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