The Dominion of Arcenova| Chapter One: Within the Coliseum

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  1. The OoC thread:

    Empress Calipaea Kiirs Moonblood had always been one for grand entrances. The naive and the jaded alike beheld her with awe; the foolish and the wise all had their mouths open. It wasn't everyday one saw a dragon, after all.
    In truth, Azhidal was the commander of the crimson guard, a Draconion shape-changer rather than a true dragon, but it was close enough to inspire awe, and that was all she asked. What her people wanted was a strong and dangerous leader, and nothing said strong and dangerous quite like riding in on the back of a scaled, fire-breathing beast. That he was also a friend and confidant was only an added bonus.
    As she stepped onto the ground of the coliseum, the crowd went wild, and she held her hands into the air, reaching for them with the passion of a lover. She knew when to inspire awe, and when to cash in on their affections.
    The cheering probably would not have been quite so deafening if she hadn't also provided a generous number of kegs and casks. Liquid affection definitely counted as affection and, depending on the situation, it was often her favorite kind.
    Once she made it up to her seat, the noise had died down a bit, and she cast a simple spell to amplify her voice. "Welcome," The Empress announced, smiling benevolently. "It fills my heart with warmth to see you all. Of course, you're not here to listen to me ramble on, are you? Well, I won't ramble on for too long. I'd just like to take a moment to thank this year's gladiatorial sponsors and, of course, the gladiators themselves. Their courage and bravery is without limits, and I would have them all win if only I could. Our nation is in need of the strongest and the greatest, in this time of war and uncertainty, we would place our faith on the strongest of shoulders. I may be only a woman, and no warrior, but between my brain and their brawn, I'd say we have a winning combination that the likes of Sternholde will never touch. Now without further ado, let's see these gladiators, hmm? Let the melee begin!"
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  2. While Empress Calipaea was addressing the citizens below, I changed to my more human form. A warmth not unlike a flame began to envelope me, and I felt my body slowly begin to shrink down, rising from four legs to two. Soon I stood behind My Empress, giving a critical gaze to every one of the combatants hoping to reach the rank of guard. Ultimately I had little choice but to accept some of them because I was ordered to, but, as Lord commander of the guard, I will have final say in who joins.

    I turn my head to Empress Calipaea and speak in a voice only the two of us could hear, "My Lady I implore you to reconsider allowing these gladiators the chance to become guards, the risk is to great." This was not the first time I had said this since learning of her recruitment plan, though it may well be the last.
  3. "She is lead?" Can a soft whisper to Peter's right causing the boy to start a little as he turned slightly to answer Arra's question.
    "Yup, that is the Empress Calipaea. So please try and show a little respect." Peter answered hurridly trying to direct Arra's attention back to the talking Empress. Most of the contestants stood more or less at attention showing varrying degrees of respect as they directed there attention towards the Empress, whether this was from awe, reverance, or simply out of respect for the fact that she had entered on the back of a dragon was up to personal preference. Arra seemed to be the odd man out, at the moment she was shooting the Empress a very measured gaze, trying to size up her friend's potencial employer, before she had hardly cast the Empress a glance instead choosing to size up the competition wondering who she would face and who Peter would face. Her body language was also a bit odd, compared to Peter's rigid spine and correct posture she looked pretty relaxed, her weight resting on one leg, arms crossed, and spine tilted at a slouched angle.
    "How does she keep pack in order? Her second looks to be better leader than her." Arra keep pushing, her brow creased in confusion.
    "Strength is not the greatest factor for humans, our Empress has other virtues." Peter said a bit nervously cautiously gesturing with one hand for Arra to be quite. His nerves fraying even more when she choose to push the subject.
    "Ah so she has the stamina."
    "Not exactly..."
    "Your ways are strange." Arra finished finally ending the train of thought. her brow still had a few wrinkles to show that she was still mulling the subject over in her mind but she seemed content, for the moment, to let Peter laspe into silence. While usually very talkative himself Peter had gotten steadily quieter, his mind given up to feriously reviewing of spells. Almost self conciously Peter straightened his simple home woven healers tunic. It was the nicest outfit that he owned with its soft blues and golds. It seemed quite a few had turned out in their best attire, wanting to make a good impression, casting a quick glance at Arra he felt a small smile play across his lips at his friends dress. While the outfit was one of Arra's nicer get ups it was not something that most people would be very proud of. Made of the tanned hide of a deer, and dyed an earthy terracota the outfit had been entirely sown by Arra. Having to deal with oddly shaped pieces of hide, and having had to patch the pants and shirt a couple times the outfit was rather lope sided. And while most of it was clean, the top even revealing a slight swirling design around the collar, traces of their travels were still evident in the mud caked on the bottom of the pants and the sleeves of the shirt. Not to metion that Arra wasn't wearing any shoes, both her hands and feet bound with strips of cloth that she had gotten from Peter's mother. But, she was here to support Peter and that was the most that he could ask of her. He just hoped that she would remember his words and not try and intervine when it was his turn to fight.
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