The Dome; Chapters Beyond

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  1. Acknowledgment (open)
    This story was blitz written, Editing is a work in progress

    The Dome: Chapters beyond

    "In world where no one knows what a living tree looks like, the reality of the blue sky, or the warm fuzzies of animals around him adventurers venture beyond doorways and into unbelievable worlds. Test their faith in each other, their strength of heart and he cleverness of their minds. "

    The storyline focuses around the characters that are chosen to retrieve , who volunteer or who accompany someone; the real story is about reaching what's on the other side of the doorway. The doorway is clearly a portal but what they don't know is that there are many, many portals within that door. Each portal leads to a dimension, every dimension is different (player or GM created) and holds a challenge that the group must overcome. Sometimes the purpose of the dimension is clear, other times it gives no direction at all. The direction is not railroaded and requires creativity and input by all characters. The group can vote, suggest or add dimensions they wish to go through but ultimately it's up to the game master to decide and put it in place; if there isn't one planned already.

    There is a crucial story line item called a Modifier which can pull the character out of a tough spot or provide something need for success. Modifiers are one inch thick, oval gelatin like objects that can change the physical attributes, mental abilities, or fill a need; Very similar to wishes.

    Alternatively, the story does not end when they reach the other side. This story has the ability to span multiple generations. Since I'm the only one that knows what's on the other side of the last door, this is also a mystery.

    The Dome world

    Literally a half circle of stone around the slum of a city built around and above a mucky, black lake. Brightly glowing stones, matching little pieces of sun, are planted in the stone simulating sunlight. Getting out of the dome is discouraging at best. As far as anyone can tell there isn't a way to break through the dome's stone to a different surface. Many have tried and in fact are still trying through various digging sites. As for the water below, many have reached the bottom and discovered it's as solid as the surface in which they dig every day. There is no viable way out.

    The light giving vitality to this underworld has left and taken with it the life blood of nature. Dead trees now serve as light boats, food bearing plants are small, colorless and wilted and the dry bottom of the cavern is as good as used up with houses, a small market and as big a garden as they can manage. The only form of life left is the mud fish, wilted plants and each living person within. Duties of the people are simple, make food, clean the water, make clothes, dig holes, love who you hate because you live with them; in these the people are trusting, caring and dependent on each other for life. Yet everyone can feel that life is not supposed to be dark, black and as quiet as this. They know there is a way out, a better life.

    Dome History

    Less than two generations ago, during a dig, an obsidian frame in the shape of a triangle was uncovered. No one had any idea why it was buried or what it was for. After clearing a sizable space around the object it became apparent that it was the only object like it and by the end of the year they still had no idea what it was. Still, it was agreed a twenty-four hour watch was to be put on the curious structure. The morning of the next year brought a new discovery. The Triangle now contained an other-worldly, water-like ripple in the human size space within. Nothing so curious as this had ever happened in there known time. Thousands of people strung in and out to see the curious thing. Initial impressions were, "keep it away from the kids!", "how does the liquid stay inside?" and "can I touch it?" the latter growing increasingly louder with each pass. And of course they did, touch it that is, but once it was done the person who had done it was pulled inside and stayed there until the very last moment of the day. A surprise to everyone, he reemerged with arms full of large, plump, colorful vegetables and fruits but when asked where he'd got them or what'd happened he could only state that "the memory of that time, has left me." and so had the portal in the doorway. The fruits went to a feast, the seeds went to replenish the dying garden and the city life went back as it was.

    The morning of the next year it happens once again. Fearing nothing of the door, but rather excited by it, they sent another through; The same person as before. He again did not return until the very last moment and again had brought plants and again had no idea what had happened inside. People had begun to say how stupid he must have been to forget something as beautiful as the place these fruits must have come from and that he should not be sent next time. But in fact they did send him again. This time he did not return. The people feared to send another the next year but had grown so dependent on the new seed that they began to hold a compulsory meeting on who should go; rarely did anyone volunteer. And so this continued year, after year, after year. Some would return some wouldn't and sometimes, not often, someone would volunteer to go with another.

    Dome culture


    Modifiers are a one time use, retain their oval shape and need to be absorbed or smashed to be accessed. (general game)

    The population is now 3,000 and climbing. The people are not human, but only humanoid.

    The people of the dome have never seen an animal but aren't at a loss of what they are. They just don't remember them.

    The lopsided houses -which are made of ground up rocks from the dome wall digs- stack up on top of each other, molding to the sides of other houses or connecting to the walls like wasp nests; Many houses extend onto the carved out plateaus above; Plenty of living space.

    Weaponry is medieval- Many of the original artifacts such as these are treasured but have been successfully copied.

    The history from the world before the dome has been blotted out from each mind but not the experience of each body.

    The "sun stones" do not give sunburn but does tan and produce heat

    Rules- currently subject to change

    Modifiers must be approved by the game master ahead of time.

    Romance is allowed but is not a focus. I don't care if you want to have your boyfriend come with you or whatever.

    Character must be approved before entry and multiple character may be made and used later.

    Character's must originate from the dome world but can have been trapped in a dimension for many years and thusly look completely different then the people of the dome.

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