The Doll of Life

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  1. March 13th, 2023
    I have finally made the doll that I am going to put the
    dragulj života into. She is beautiful, and she will be a fine guardian for my only child. I shall name the doll Luna, and I shall give this doll to Marie on her 6th birthday, which is coming up in a few short hours. She will be so happy, I don't know whether or not to tell Marie about Luna's powers just yet, or whether or not to let her find them out for herself, so many decisions I must make in a few short hours. Dawn approaches, I must put the dragulj života into Luna or it will not work. Let's hope my experiment works.


    The professor stopped writing in his journal and closed the leather bound book and put away his ink pen and turned to the long experiment table that held the doll he was going to plant the dragulj života or "Gem of Life" into her chest, and create a living breathing doll. He was shaking from excitement and he grabbed the dragulj života, it was slightly pulsating in his cold hand, and he swallowed hard and began to step towards the doll. He was nervous, what if this didn't work? He shook his head and cleared his thoughts, and placed the hand that contained the gem down upon the dolls bare chest. He bit his lips and slightly applied pressure to the spot where a heart would be, and than the gem started pulsating faster, it's dim soft pink light growing brighter and brighter, and than the gem was developed by the "flesh" of the doll and it disappeared into the doll's chest. Henry bit his lip and took a step back, watching for any signs of movement within his creation. Nothing.

    He sighed and cradled his head in his hands, he needed this to work! He wanted his daughter to be safe. After those demon of people killed and tortured her mother, they would soon want to come after Marie. Henry was sure of it. Just as Henry was about to turn away, a slight movement caught his eye. He swiveled around and watched as his beautiful creation raised up in her adult form and blinked once or twice before rubbing her eyes. He grinned and stepped toward the doll.
    "Hello, Luna. Can you speak? What is it you feel? Tell me everything." He bit his lips hoping his excitement wasn't for nothing.
  2. The doll sat up awkwardly, struggling like a young child just learning how to control its own body. Using hands that felt human and cloth-like all at the same time, she rubbed her eyes, trying to solidify the fuzzy images they were portraying to her. Something in a white outfit stepped towards her and spoke, the words not quite making sense. Instinctively, she tried to reach out for her weapon, but the weapon didn't respond. Her abilities must not be active yet. "L-...Luna...?"
  3. Henry smiled softly at the doll-girl. He nodded his head, and his wavy blonde hair moved around his forehead awkwardly. He laughed and stepped forward to the doll-girl.
    "Hello, Luna. I have created you. My name is Henry. I can already see that you will be a great guardian for my daughter, are you willing to accept the challenge of being the protector of my child, Marie?" He asked softly and crouched down for underneath the table and grabbed a small toy-like scythe, he put it in Luna's hands and it automatically snapped into the long scythe that she would use as a weapon when she was in adult form. He smiled, and spoke again.
    "Do you have any questions?" He asked smiling.
  4. The doll ran her hand along the shaft of the scythe, affectionately running her fingers along the face of the blade. "Marie... Where is... Marie?" Luna's eyes where white -- they showed no color nor pupil -- but somehow Henry would know that they were sweeping the room looking for the child, her charge, despite never having seen her before.
  5. Henry thought for a moment, recalling that his daughter was down for a nap in her "princess bed". He grinned and spoke to Luna affectionately.
    "Well, she's down in her bed, taking a nap. I believe we shouldn't scare her with that scythe of yours, so please return it to it's "Toy" form, if you would kindly do so. Luna, do you believe you want to reveal your powers to her, or do you want me to come with you to show her that you can be transformed into a small doll, as well as an adult?" He bit his lip, this was the question he had trouble on deciding with. He stepped back a few inches, admiring his creation. He smiled at Luna.
    "You are beautiful." He grinned and waited for her reply.
  6. Luna looked at the scythe for a moment before it simply vanished. Her white eyes moved to rest on his face. "I... Must not scare Marie. "