The dogs of war (A ginga legend rp)

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  1. This rp is based an couple anime series called "Ginga Densetsu Weed" and "Ginga Nagareboshi Gin" Both are about dogs.

    Main idea:
    The battle against Akakabuto (demon bear) and Hougen (a evil dog) have been long over, now there is a new threat within the Ohu mountains, a creature only legends speak of has been spotted and has taken over Gajou, the dog's paradise turned into a deadly wasteland, bodies of the dead dogs were littered on the forest's dirt floor. The Ohu army dogs are confused of what happened and what the creature that now resides in Gajou, Akakabuto's former fortress against Gin (name means "Silver" in Japanese) and the Ohu dogs long ago, the Ohu dogs split off into different groups. The creatures made their own fortresses on different countries such as the United States and the others. Your mission as a Ohu army dog is to gather more dogs and fight off these creatures.
  2. Such Interest! I love love love this anime!!!
  3. Hm, this looks interesting. But is it a major handicap that I never saw these anime?
  4. wow, I didn't think anyone would be interested! and the anime is AWESOME! but I would say not, I suggest watching them though.
  5. Don't get me wrong. I love Anime and I have watched Wolf's Rain for e.g. plus I was a part of other two "furry" or animal based RPs. Just wanted to know if it is really important because of the story line or smthng though I will do my homework or at least read the plot, since I do not have time to actually watch them now since a lot of University obligations. *growl and mumble* BUT! I really love animal-based RPs and I do hope this one turns out well ^^. Count me in. ;3
  6. Okay, glad to have you aboard.
  7. I would love to be a part of this rp :3
  8. then come on in man.
  9. So, shall we make Character sheet? Did you already start with the plot or?
  10. No need for a character sheet, this is a jump-on in rp. let's rp shall we?
  11. This sounds awesome! though it might be better off as a sign up rp than a jump in.
  12. I am interested ^^ I love the Ginga Series. Both With Gin and Weed.
  13. interesting, may i join?
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Not open for further replies.