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  1. April 15th ,
    A beautiful day by most people's standards. The weather was warm enough to not need a coat, and yet, not so uncomfortably warm to need to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts. People went about their daily business with ease and freedom from most cares, with exception of the caring about their jobs that most were in a bit of a hurry to get to. This hurry, despite the laziness of the day, was what let the event to pass through the midst of most people's minds. Far in the country-side, though still within view of the city, there was a falsh of light and a distinct whirring, sort of struggling noise of something mechanical. From affar, there would only be something of a blue blip crashing down from the sky. Any closer and one would find a rather rectangular shape to it. But within the vicinity of maybe thirty or so feet, one would see it to be a rather old style, English era, Police Call box, something that should have never been in the air in the first place. The event for most in the city only lasted but a second or two, but if seen in the open, The box looked out of control as it twisted and turned while falling, as if floundering for stability. Within only three feet from the ground, it was able to right itself and settle, but even so, the impact seemed quite a bit on the rough side, despite the box having nary a scratch upon it.

    As the dust settled, the door of the box opened, a thick black smoke emerging as well as a woman, skin shimmering in the faintest as she fell to the ground, coughing violently, thick redish brown hair covering over the sides of her face as she lay on her stomach, trying to breathe properly. Once calming, this taking a good five to ten minutes, the woman stood up, albiet shakily, and checked herself over.
    "Head... Two arms, Two legs.... A chest....?" she shuddered slightly in connection to hearing her own voice, raspy, but still identifyable as feminie. As the final check, she pulled a bit of her hair into view to examine its color.
    "For bloody Christ's sake! So close! Never ginger!" After that outburst, she was forced to stop speaking as coughs raked her body, causing her to fall back against the blue box she had emerged from. In all this time, she had been paying no mind to any of her surroundings, despite being a little twitchy and paranoid from anyone's first glance.
  2. Wednesday, April 15th.

    Another typical day and another typical walk across the farmer's field to work.

    It wasn't a bad walk. It just made your feet a little soggy from all the churned up soil and what not.

    You see, apart from being a little wet footed, the youthful lad stomping through the field was rather restless. ADHD had labelled him so. And to make his life a tad harder, his previous teachers had vowed to give him terrible references for all those years he messed up in their classes as a result of his restlessness.

    Still, everyone had a lame job nobody wanted to do. It was Reece's purpose to do those jobs. Think of all the tasks you have to do but hate. For example: cleaning out bins; washing dishes; scrubbing toilets while side stepping last night's vomit. All those things were what Reece faced every day at work. The pay was terrible, barely enough to live on but hey, that's what parents were for.

    If you walked about twenty seven minutes north of the city, you'd find a standard sized suburban estate filled with benefit frauds; retired cat burglars and other shady characters. Sounds legit, right?

    Despite all their differences, the people of this estate were all very tightly knit. Like one over grown family of ruffians. Reece's parents were fairly proud of the society they'd ended up in and now their son had to pay the price for his edgy background.

    Let's meet the parents- Actually let's not. They can wait. Reece wasn't exactly keen on getting outsiders involved with his large 'family' back home so it's only right to keep them under wraps until later.

    Returning back to the field, Reece had just about had enough of all the walking and took a seat on the fence connecting to the next field. His hands were battered from the labour based work and his clothes had seen better days. Ripped jeans were becoming more holey than denim and mud stained the hem around his ankles.

    I'll be honest with you, dear reader, our little Reece wasn't a dark horse when it came to appearances. He didn't have chiseled features nor dazzling eyes that opened up into his handsome soul. No. That wasn't Reece.

    Don't misunderstand me, he wasn't an ugly brute but there were far more attractive men around. The word I'd use to describe him is rustic. Tarnished but with the ability to be made into something worth having.

    With scruffy, mousey brown curls and an array of freckles splattered across his face, Reece remained at the bottom of anyone's snog list. Admittedly he had a pair of nice eyes. They were brown like his hair but had a little bit of a shimmer, just a little bit though. They were framed with almost girl like lashes and several hundred freckles seemed to retreat from his sockets - making it seem like he had washed off flecks of mud but only around his eyes.

    It was these eyes that noticed the hurtling blue box coming down from the sky, making him question his own thoughts and senses. Surely he hadn't seen that. It must have been a flare in his ADHD.

    But it had been right there... Free falling through the air like a bird that had been shot down. He had to be sure. It wasn't every day that something weird happened and with a curious mind like Reece's, how could he resist?

    He lept off the fence and raced through the mud towards a row of shrubs and trees which concealed the origin of the black smoke now leaking out into the air. What was it? Perhaps it was an enemy aircraft... Like in world war two!

    Excitement was now pumping through his veins as much as his blood did. The mere thought that an aircraft had crashed near him was incredible! If there was an enemy spy onboard, then he could capture him and become a hero! A hero!

    "This is it, Reecey! No more scrubbing dishes! Yes! This is it!"

    He hurdled the bushes and stumbled over into the next field, the adrenaline numbing out the pain from his fall. Never before had he thought he'd have this kind of luck.

    "I'll be rich... I'll leave this damn place and-"

    There was no enemy aircraft. No fighter jet to hijack and turn in for a hefty profit. Just a police box. What on earth was a phone box - an old one at that - doing in a field? Disappointment wasn't far from what Reece was feeling.

    All the energy seeped away as he stepped closer to the wooden cuboid, feeling rather let down by his imaginary luck. The box seemed to be spouting smoke from one side - the one facing away from him. Now why would smoke be coming out of a public call box?

    The box was blue. Of course... The box was blue! It was the same object that had fell from the sky! It had to be an aircraft!

    Reece's excitement began to build again. Come on. It had to be some sort of flying thing. And all flying things had a pilot!

    "I will get my money after all!"

    Finally he turned the last corner of the box and prepared to tackle down whatever brute was there. However he was completely taken back by a woman in a long coat.

    "What the actual f***?"
  3. Finally gaining enough strength from having rested against the police box for a while, the woman forced herself to give way to at least a semi-proper posture, checking her clothes to find herself in men's attire, though that was of no surprise to her, she seeming to shrug the fact off. On her was a long brown trenchcoat with sort of dressy shirt underneath. She wore slack like pants and tennis shoes, an ungodly combination that just somehow seemed to work out. As the woman looked around with eyes of crystal blue, she say a bit of a blurr whiz over a distant fence.

    With a bit of a sigh, she started to move herself away from the police box, shutting the door as she did so, though she only managed to take one step before a boy came around the corner, energy running wild in his eyes and features, an energy that slowly decayed upon the sight it would seem. A bit of a curious situation, but there were few things to do in one such as this. It only took a singular moment for the woman to remember and register where a sort of wallet was kept in her pockets, one which she opened to reveal a blank looking piece of paper, which, as it now showed, had a badge with credentials on it.
    "No need for worry. I'm a certified flight instructor, here on government issue to test a few new projects. There's no need for alarm." She spoke as clearly and confidently as she could manage, but her voice would crack and it was still a bit raspy from smoke inhalation.
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