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  1. Hi, I'm back.
  2. Holy shit. It's been what? Two years? You got off when I first got on.

    Welcome back, Batman.
  3. I don't want Anna to be the youngest, but I also don't want to raise her age lol.
  4. nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BATMAN!!!
  5. "Huh. So this is the famous place." Nova mumbled, looking at the large courtyard. Behind her the car she had arrived in was being hurriedly unpacked by an army of men. She sighed, tossing her long hair over her shoulder. "I guess this is where I'll be spending my time." She mumbled.

    Nova had dressed up accordingly for the coming day. She was wearing a nice outfit of a loose designer shirt and a pair of shorts. The weather was fairly warm for spring. "Hmm, look's like I'm the first." She mumbled. Her long hair swished in it's ponytail placed firmly on the back of her head. She sighed, crossing her arms as she began to wander. The room smelled like a garden, the fountain sparkled in the flittering light. Sitting down on the edge of the fountain, she cracked open a book from her bag and waited for other things to happen.
  6. Welcome back
  7. Annaliece got beaten to the punch for first convo with the pretty lady of the fountain by the country bumpkin. His goal is to talk to everyone at the new place first.
  8. Nova was reading her book silently when the sound of footsteps roused her gaze upwards. Looking up at the man with the long ponytail she closed her book and stood up. She made sure to curtsy even though she had elected not to wear a dress. "Greetings. My name is Novanis Cross. It's a pleasure to meet you sir." She stated clearly, her English perfect as she then stood again, smoothing non existent dirt off her pants. "I just moved in here. My servants have yet to finish unpacking my things so the conversation isn't unwelcome." She stated, sitting back down on the fountain and tucking her hair over her right shoulder.
  9. Unless he has tits in his face
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Roxis pet play kink directly transfers into rolan's character. have fun with that information.

    And you can easily get access to mana khemia one. I can give you a link to the game if you want. and plan = ruined. Also, why do all these characters read books. So many book lovers.
  11. I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about Anna's kinks. For now.
  12. Welcome back if you have any newer questions just ask and we can help

    *walks off into the shadows*
  13. RAZ IS BACK!
  14. That I am.

    Since my leave of absence, I've gone through pediatrics and just finished surgery. I start internal medicine tomorrow morning with a patient already lined up for 5am and my first call night of the month the day after. We always hit the ground running--its how we roll.

    I learned that the stereotypes applied to the specialties really are true.

    Pediatricians are freaking awesome and easygoing.

    Neurosurgeons are workaholic egomaniacs. And every one of them has to say, "Its not like its BRAIN SURGERY! <hyuc hyuc>"

    Orthopedic surgeons are like an old boys' club: Tall pasty-ass white male ex-jocks who are phenomenal douchebags.

    General surgeons know jack about neurology.

    Emergency medicine docs come and go faster than a 16-year-old virgin on his first time.

    Family medicine docs either know everything or know absolutely nothing.

    Anesthesiologists don't do anything.

    Everything is a cock joke with urologists.

    ...and psychiatrists are all hippies.
  15. Ok.

    Welcome back.
  16. Sounds like you've been a busy man, Raz.

    Welcome back.

    ...and this is easily my most sane intro thread post in a while...
  17. lol sorry. Good luck. we're really not that far though. We're just all at the fountain waiting for everyone to gather.
  20. Whoa, Sakii is way excited...


    Anywho, Even though I'm not around myself...

    welcome back.