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  1. Doctor Who's Steven Moffat says Clara will 'never return'

    I know a lot of people hate Clara because they didn't like her having such a big role in his life among other things however...I love Clara. She's one of my favorite companions and I'm sorry to see her go. I have this feeling that they are going to kill her off in a way where she can never come back which kind of sucks lol.

    So let's talk about our favorite companions and what they mean to us. Go!
  2. I'm hard pressed to pick one because they are all so good! I'm reading Shada right now so Romana is on the mind at the moment.

    I cried over Donna leaving. I can't wait for the new adventures with her and 10 again! asdfgjkl

    I have been putting off watching the end of Peri's travels. Same with Adric.

    And of course Sarah Jane is always fun to watch. xD
  3. I like Martha. Post-crush Martha especially. I wish they'd done more with her medical degree in the story
  4. ADRIIIIIC I know that's a really unpopular opinion but honestly I find Adric adorable and he's probably my favorite.

    Though Sarah Jane's a complete badass.

    And Jamie's adorable, too.

    And I also really like Clara and don't understand all the hate she gets.

    Oh and Susaaaaan!!

    I might post more later but I have class now sooooo.
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  5. Can't wait for Clara to die.

    Impossible girl my ass.
  6. I'm okay with the permanent removal of Clara if only because it will mean there is zero chance of her becoming Rose 2.0 with all the coming back and still being the most important side character despite supposedly being gone forever. I like her, but she's been around for a while and I'm ready for a new companion.

    As for my favorite, I've only watched the modern run of Doctor Who, so I know basically nothing about older companions. That said, Amy Pond is my favorite companion so far. Her starting point of wavering between maybe foil, maybe love interest for the Doctor was far more interesting to me than the static stuff that came before: definite love interest Rose, definite unrequited love interest Martha, and definite foil Donna. I also liked Amy's personality and overall character development a lot more than any of the others, plus I'd say Karen Gillan was just no contest better at acting than any of the modern companions except maybe Jenna Coleman as Clara.

    I would love to see them pull in Ashildr (the Viking girl turned immortal played by Maisie Williams) to be a one season companion despite them setting her on an apparently different path when we last saw her. She had some fun interplay with the Doctor, so it could be neat. I doubt that'll happen, but I've been wrong before.
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  7. I just found clara annoying....she's just one of those people that no matter what she does it annoys me to no end. We all have at least one of those people lol

    I didn't really understand or enjoy her "slogan" either.

    I mean I liked Clara at first but after a while I just got tired of her, so I'm excited to see who the new companion is.

    Though in a way, killing her off in a way where she can never return seems to be the perfect choice for her simply because of how huge a role she played with the doctor. It just seems fitting.
  8. I agree with Any being a favorite and more interesting character/story line. Honestly, i feel she's had a greater impact on the Doctor's life due to River Song then most of his companions. I also feel that she was more likable but I also found Clara so likable.

    I am excited to see what they do with Ashildr. I mean, will she be a friend or a villain? Another Missy like character? Will she be the end of Clara? So many possibilities!

    ...I really felt Martha was such an obnoxious, waste of a companion. I don't know, I just never cared for her. << Was quite pleased her involvement was short.
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