The Doctor (A Doctor Who roleplay)

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  1. Lillian Katherine Becker was just a normal young woman. A normal boring job, a normal boring house, a normal, lonely, boring life. That is, until she met The Doctor. He was tall, dark, mysterious and funny all at the same time. He could get bossy, but Lillian tended to like that about a man. The only odd thing about him was that he would never give her his name. Just "The Doctor".

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    When he asked her to go on a journey with him, she thought he meant to Italy or something. But, to her shock, he meant a journey through space and time. His ship: The Tardis.

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    Now they go travelling through space and time together, watching out for one another and possibly even falling in love (whether they admit it or not!)

    This is their story, from the very beginning.

    Name: Lillian Katherine Becker
    Nickname: Kat
    Age: 19
    Birthday: November 30
    Appearances: 5'6", 134 lbs., Long wavy black hair, Light blue eyes, Pale-ish skin
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    Lillian had heard on the news that there was some kind of outbreak of something or another, but she had changed the channel. This, she admitted to herself as she hid behind her couch, was a terrible, dumb thing to do. She had been having a glass of iced tea with some friends when the faint screaming started. People began to get terrified, running down the streets screaming "get out!" or "we're all doomed!". Lillian had stood to see what was happening just as a huge metal man had burst through her front door. In his metallic voice he was screaming "DELETE, DELETE!" As he shot her friends, making them evaporate into nothing. She had dove behind the couch and apparently just in time because the metal man left without noticing her. As he moved to the next house, Lillian poked her head up to look out the window.

    Her whole block was chaos. Houses on fire, metal men evaporating people, neighbors she knew screaming for help. And through all this chaos came a man. A tall, thinly-built man with wild, large dark brown hair in a brown trench coat, a blue pinstripe suit, red tie and red converse shoes. He was waving something that looked metallic and had a blinking light on it. He was looking around, screaming for people to get out of town as quickly as they can, then his eyes locked on Lillian.
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    "You!" The mysterious man exclaimed. He seemed fairly normal with his dark blue suit, with the pattern of the sharp white lines covered by the trench coat, and the classic sneakers. "If you're not running for your life, miss, It'd really rather help if you could just go over to that box there on the street lamp; yes, the one that messes with the traffic signal, and press it. I should have…eh…'reversed the polarity' enough to be able to better detect them!"
  3. Lillian was absolutely stunned. Was that an English accent? What the hell was going on?! She nodded, climbing through the shattred window, ripping her black tank top a little and wandered over to the street lamp, pushing the only button she found. She felt absolutely silly. There were metal monsters and crazy englishmen running around her neighborhood! What was the world coming to? This definately was a dream. She looked around and sighed a bit, not noticing when a large metal man stomped up behind her, his gun aiming at her.

    And a trash can was promptly launched at the Cyberman, The Doctor sprinting like a madman, and taking the girl's hand, zipping through an alleyway, and turning multiple corners. The first Cyberman had the trash can fall onto his head, obstructing his vision, as he began to alert the others of his invasion squad.


    "Attention all cyber-units: #34343453AGJ reporting the arrival of a caucasian man in a pin-stripe suit and trench coat: the one described by previous units as 'The Doctor.' Delete him at all costs, and above all other organic life forms."


    The Doctor was zipping through, grumbling about what Lillian had gotten herself into, but not actually blaming her. All that mattered was that they were to get to the T.A.R.D.I.S. and use it to head a year or two backwards, upwards preferably to One of the nearby planets in order to discover the source of the cybermen this time around.

    "Miss!" He exclaimed. "You are now aboard the Time Travel Train: Please keep hands and feet inside at all times, listen to EVERYTHING I request, and most of all, let no tin man point the device on his wrist at you, it is NOT a very fun thing to have pointed at you, it spells D-E-A-T-H, and I'm not a fan of violence, no sir…"

    The Doctor turned another corner, nearly crashing into a couple cybermen.

    "Oh Ho Ho~!" The Doctor nervously laughed. "Boys, boys…you know any french? Well, Allons-y~!"

    And The Doctor turned away, still dragging Lillian behind him as the Cybermen began to demand he return, firing their weapons at the Time Lord. He turned around a couple alleyways again, and went up against the wall, huffing, and trying to gather some energy and breath.

    "Be a doll and watch out for a blue box, dearie…"
  5. Lillian was confused as hell, but she kind of enjoyed the excitement. She began trying not to trip over her feet as she was dragged around by the strange man, saved multiple times from robot men. She looked around on the ground for a blue box as he had said then gasped as she caught a glimpse of a giant blue shape in an alley.

    "Wait was that it back there?! It was a big blue box!"
  6. "Yes, We'll Call that the 'T.A.R.D.I.S.' It's disguised as a classic, british police box." He huffed, pushing away from the wall, and walking towards it with a key.

    "I hope you like surprises."
  7. Lillan was a bit scared. Was he kidnapping her? She felt like she needed a drink and a nap.

    "Uhm... Can I get your name first? I-I'm Lillian, but people call me Kat..."
  8. "I'm The Doctor. Emphasis on THE. The definite article, one might say." He replied quickly. "C'mon."

    He pulled Lillian into the TARDIS, pushing her in, and locking the door, so the Cybermen couldn't get in, even if they were caught.
  9. Lillian sighed, facing the door.

    "And how long are we going to be locked in this tiny space toge-"

    Her voice dropped as she turned around, looking wide-eyed at the spacious interior of the ship.
  10. "Brilliant, isn't it?" He asked simply, stopping to admire it himself once more, before moving to work hard on the controls.
  11. Lillian stuttered.

    "Wh-Wh-What the hell is it?!"

    She was beginning to realize this wasn't some crazy man tugging her around for no reason. He was something else.
  12. "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Or 'TARDIS' for short. You'll get a chance to gawk at it later. Right now, we go…Forward!"

    As he spoke his last words, he pushed a lever forward, and a familiar sound of confirmation played out, the outside of the TARDIS showing the machine disappearing...
  13. As the floor shook, Lillian squeaked and collapsed. She hugged her knees to her chest, rocking slightly. This had to be some crazy ass dream! She was going insane or something!
  14. "Oi Oi Oi!" Repeated The Doctor. "Please, take a seat!…hold onto something, this ought'tah be rather bumpy…"


    The TARDIS went zipping through the time stream, moving approximately 2 years and 3 months prior to the attack of the cybermen, just near Mars, drifting through the stars, and hidden, able to over-look a giant space ship of strange origin...
  15. Lillian was in the fetal position on the floor, biting her lip and trying to wake herself up.
  16. "Eh…you get used to it. Lemonade? just made a fresh pitcher myself."

    The Doctor was seated, casually drinking lemonade as he waited for the TARDIS to find a good place to land, preferably within the space ship in the best spot to hide.

    "Lily, please: sweetheart, climb to your feet. You ARE a grown young lady, no?"
  17. Lillian stood, sighing and leaned against a pillar.

    "Alright, explain this all to me, please..."
  18. "I'm an alien being called a 'time lord.' I travel time and space, visiting exotic locations, and doing battle with evil. That's about as simply as I can put it." He chuckled. "And you, just happened to come along for the ride. If you're lucky, you could travel with me after all this if you want…or if I deem you a good companion…"
  19. Lillian nodded, taking everything in. Alien, time lord, space, battle with evil. Hadn't she read a book like that once? She smiled, normality taking over.

    "Hey now, I am the perfect travel companion! And I kick ass. I love Tae kwon Do."
  20. "Eck. I'd rather you not go around kicking people then. Nasty habit, especially against spacemen. Oh~ Hot Pockets are done!"


    The Doctor peeked out the TARDIS door again to find the ship now had a blue box within.

    "Ding Ding Ding~! We have a winner!"