The Divorced Millionare(MxF, looking for F)

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    Garret Poliv became a Millionaire at the age of 20. Not because of a job, or a wealthy relative. Because he won the lottery. He won millions of dollars and once lived a lavish life style. He even got married to a girl that every man would want to be with. Little did he know that she married him for his money. He didn't think things through and get a preenup, now they are getting divorced and she is getting almost everything he has.

    He has moved back to his hometown were his childhood friend still lives. He is looking for a job and to re-establish old connections with people he lost touch with once he became rich.

    His childhood friend (Name her w/e) Has always had a crush on him and was devastated when he got married. Now that he is back in town, how will she feel about this. He is divorced, so will she try to take a shot with him once more or has she moved on?

    Errr....That is the basic plot. Haven't done a RP like this so bare with me on the details.

    So, who wants to be his childhood friend?
  2. *Raises hand*
  3. I would volunteer if I wasn't already in a roleplay with you XD
  4. Sure, or I can PM you.
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