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  1. Would anybody be interested in RPing in this game's universe?

    If you are unfamiliar with the concept, I'll include iit below.

    In 2007 the United States Government runs a simulation called DARK WINTER. In it, terrorists release a biological weapon in the United States on Black Friday. The results are alarming: After five days, the government breaks down, people are denied access to food and water... The United States ceases being United. In response to this, President Bush signs Directive 51, (note: This is all true and indeed happened in our real world, just search DARK WINTER and you will be able to go over the declassified portions of it) creating the Special Homeland Division: America's last resort to keep order. The agents of the Division are self supported, independent, and lay as sleepers in everyday society. Going about their lives until they are needed.

    On Black Friday, 2018, a disease tears through the United States. Within the week, the United States Government fails, anarchy reigns, the President is dead, services fail... DARK WINTER has become a reality. Directive 51 comes into effect, and the Division is activated. Our story follows six agents, set in the city of New York. Their mission: Help the survivors, restore order, investigate the virus and determine its origin. Against them lies much more: Escaped inmates from Rikers Island prision, Burners: A firey militia intent on eradicating the virus, looters and individuals taking advantage of the chaos, the virus itself, and those who released it. Can our citizen/agents overcome all these hurdles and restore order and civility to New York?

    I'm looking for five interested players to play the other agents, as well as other characters as needed. There will be violence, blood and gore, some nasty stuff, seeing how this is anarchy, after all. Foul language, and maybe a torture scene here or there.

    If you have questions, or if I have piqued your interest, please let me know below. I do hope this will be a collaberative effort, so please give input if you have some.
  2. Oooh nice idea, I'll be happy to join once you make the OOC
  3. Thank you for your interest. Could I ask a favor of you @Silverdawn?
  4. Hey, sounds facinating. Can i reserve a spot?
  5. By simply expressing an interest you reserve a spot. Do try to bring in other people who might be interested, I really want to run this.

    Beginning planning.
  6. Just a quick question, is this libertine?
  7. This is more than likely going to be posted in Modern. But those elements will be allowed, just a fade to black.
  8. thats not, my thing, just confirming
  9. So, libertine RPs aren't your thing, or non-libertine RPs aren't your thing? Just clarifying, Im a little confused.
  10. libertine rps are not my thing lol, sorry for the confusion.
  11. interested!
  12. Its fine, we all get confused sometimes.

    Thank you for your interest.
  13. For those of you interested: The OOC
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