The Division: Dark Winter

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Michael began moving away from the general, adjusting the beret like a little squared off Lieutenant. He didn't feel comfortable being promoted then demoted, it was annoying. Constant brawls with others annoyed him. As he made his way to his small little sleeping spave with his equipment, he began grabbing the pieces of his equipment, pulling the Night Vision Goggle over his right eye, making sure it was working, making sure everything was good. He began to walk toward the group assembly area.

He wasn't CO of this squadron, but he damn well might aswell get the recors straight. "Alright boys, remember masks, all times. If you can't find one, use a cloth-" He lifted the Shemagh and placed it over his mouth and nose. "-And try to keep clean filtration." He spoke through a muffled voice before pulling down the OD Green shemagh. "Spread out when in an area, always in viewing range. Don't stray off. See a target? Halt, control them, and if they resist, pull them down. ROE: Only fire unless fired upon, or if in imminent danger. Top off when you can." He patted the helmet, then put on the Joint Service gas mask, afterwards putting the FAST helmet. "Lets go. Burning light." He said, grabbing the rifle before walking out to the helicopter pad.​
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