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    A New Way
    In 2001, an operation known as "Dark Winter" was launched, which was a real-world exercise that tested the emergency response to a bio-terrorist attack or an outbreak in the United States? The operation was done on a large populated town in Oklahoma and it spiraled out of control within a few days and the operation predicted that a "breakdown in essential institutions," civil disorder, and massive civilian casualties would happen. It revealed how vulnerable the United States became and how the people have became depended on their lifestyle, security, safety, and a delicate and unstable economy. In 2007, a new Presidential directive was secretly signed that was put into law by President Bush. This executive order, known as Directive 51, was created to respond to a national crisis such as "Dark Winter." Rumors of sleeper cells, shadow agencies, and covert operations relating to the directive were spread within the President's Cabinet. Seven years later, on November 23rd, the day known as "Black Friday", a virus spread through banknotes and then spread through human skin, food, and toys; it caused millions of people in America to become infected. Within five days, the virus causes the United States to break down and fall apart: After the fifth day, President Obama activated Directive 51 and the classified units of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents known as “The Division” were sent all over America to prevent society from falling and restore hope.

    How the United States fell in five days

    November 23th (Day Zero): Black Friday happened all over America and people rushed to the stores.

    November 24th (Day One): Hospitals all over America reached full capacity and the panic had begun.

    November 25th (Day Two): Quarantine zones were established all over America, resources became rationed as people began to take, transports had gone into complete lock down, and protests began all over America.

    November 26th (Day Three): The President stopped International trade, the oil dried up as people used it to get out of the cities or the countries and gas stations became wastelands, stock market collapsed due to the stop of international trade, the borders of Mexico and Canada closed its gates, and the protests turned into riots.

    November 27th (Day Four): The power shut down in America, shelves at stores became empty, water pipes ran dry, and riots became more violate.

    November 28th (Day Five): Hunger and despair took hold of the people and they are willing to do anything for those things and everyone became a potential threat.

    The Rules
    Your posts must be readable and have acceptable grammar.
    You must be able to post least one-two paragraphs (if you can post more, then post more).
    No one-liners at all in this or all of my roleplays.
    Don't post OOC on the IC, if you make a mistake, just edit your post.
    No Godmodding, meta-gaming, or power-gaming
    Follow the rules at all times.
    I want only people aged, 16 and beyond to join this roleplay.
    You're only allow to have one character.
    I want only three users, that are willing to roleplay with me.
    If this roleplay is full, then post your character and you'll be placed on the waiting list (if your character is accepted).
    Tell me when you're going to be gone please or if you don't post within a week, your character will become a NPC.
    The setting is going to be in New York City, so please be realism about the locations. If you haven't been to New York City, then use a map to help you).

    Character Sheet

    (Post your picture here please. Realism picture, no anime picture.)

    (Easy thing to do)

    (Twenty through Forty years old)

    (Male or Female, easy thing as well)

    Call Sign
    (Call Signs are used in the military to identify a member of their team, make the call sign that fits your character)

    Personnel Description
    (Create a unique individual with difference behavior patterns, cognition and emotion among your team mate)

    Backstory Description
    (Tell the backstory of your character. Your character needs to have a military background in order to be accepted)

    (Your character must be medic, heavy, and scout. Only one role is allowed for your character)

    (Your character must have a complete list of the things. You must put in Contact Lens, Go-Bag, Respirator, Smart Watch, Signal Flare, and Computer. The limit is ten items, the important things don't count.)

    (Your character must only have a Primary, Secondary, and melee weapon)

    (Abilities and skills that are useful to the group).

    Accepted Characters
    1. Javier Cranford - "New Castle" - Leader of Division Group "Savior (#1265)"

    (If you're in need of help or don't know The Division, go to The Division Wiki. It will help you out).
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