The Divine Comedy: Tales from The Inferno (Sign-Ups/OOC)

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  1. [​IMG]

    "IN the midway of this our mortal life,
    I found me in a gloomy wood, astray
    Gone from the path direct: and e'en to tell
    It were no easy task, how savage wild
    That forest, how robust and rough its growth,
    Which to remember only, my dismay
    Renews, in bitterness not far from death.
    Yet to discourse of what there good befell,
    All else will I relate discover'd there.
    How first I enter'd it I scarce can say,
    Such sleepy dullness in that instant weigh'd
    My senses down, when the true path I left,
    But when a mountain's foot I reach'd, where clos'd
    The valley, that had pierc'd my heart with dread,
    I look'd aloft, and saw his shoulders broad
    Already vested with that planet's beam,
    Who leads all wanderers safe through every way."

    -Dante Alighieri

    Alas, what a sad truth it is that all life must one day end. Beyond our mortal scope[​IMG] of vision lies three realms of existence that transcend time and space. There is The Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise. The worst of mortal souls are tormented within the dark depths of The Inferno, Purgatory for the morally neutral, and Paradise has been set aside for the righteous and the brave. It was Dante who became the first mortal soul to escape the putrid pits of The Inferno and find his way to Paradise.

    As inconvenient it may sound, you are dead. Something is off when you notice the lack of the Pearly Gates, and instead find the demon Charon ready to ferry you into The Inferno.

    It can be said that Divine Judgement has cast your soul down to the dreaded, everlasting, fire. There are spirits and demons down there, as well as other sinners. It is your goal to escape The Inferno and enter Paradise. Or, if you don't mind an eternity of darkness, perhaps the Devil would be entertained by your company? After all, the Prince of Darkness himself would gladly enjoy more demonic souls to join his army. There are others who share your goal to escape, and you must make the fateful choice of helping them, or sending them down further into the fires. What will you decide?
    Races (open)

    Humans: These are the lost souls of mortal humans who have died. They are as diverse as the many forms of torture down in The Inferno, and just as cruel. Each human who has been sent there has committed one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ultimately, humans must seek redemption in order to find peace.

    Demons: The most basic unit of Satan's army. They are the ones who guard The Inferno and ensure that no one escapes. Demons find a pleasure in the punishment of mortals, and they are the only ones truly content with their realm of existence. Originally, Demons were once heavenly beings, though their betrayal of The Creator has caused their own downfall and their monstrous forms.

    Angels: Angels are the soldiers of Paradise and seekers of the lost. It is their initiative to rescue those who have been condemned to The Inferno, and they risk being trapped in it themselves to do so. Every mortal soul is precious to Angels. However, their goal is often ruined by the Demons who wish to drag all things down to their realm. Angels are the warriors of a Holy War that will never end.

    Forsaken: It seems as though these beings are a mystery to the Devil himself. Forsaken are a mix of Demon and Angel, born of unholy matrimony[​IMG]. They are the guardians of Purgatory, for they are forever torn between joining their demonic brethren in The Inferno, or their angelic overseers in Paradise. Despite their twisted fusion, Forsaken frequently travel between all the realms of The Afterlife. It is the Forsaken who bear witness to the pain of neutrality.

    Circles of The Inferno (open)

    1. Limbo: A place for those who are neither good nor evil and those who wasted their lives doing nothing. King Minos judges the new-coming souls and their punishment.
    Torture: Stung by wasps and forced to chase after a flag
    2. Lust: Whoever lived their lives with an undying hunger for pleasure will find themselves cast about the eternal storm.
    Torture: Thrown into a black hurricane
    3. Gluttony: The foul sinners who did nothing but bask in food and drink are the favorite meal for the equally foul Cerberus.
    Torture: Never-ending rain of hail and putrid slush
    4. Greed: Mortals who have gathered great wealth at the expense of others shall be punished for their desire of earthly material.
    Torture: Forced to push boulders up an eternal mountain and boiled in gold
    5. Anger: The humans who showed no compassion for their fellow mortals, and only anger, shall face their sentence in the murky waters of this circle.
    Torture: Dragged to the bottom of an ocean of conflict, where those on top fight to breathe
    6. Heresy: Quite obviously, it is the heretics who are tormented down here. The geography of this circle has been an enigma for centuries. This circle contains the hottest fires in all of The Inferno.
    Torture: Trapped in flaming tombs
    7. Violence: In this horrific circle, the Minotaur guards the souls of humans that have committed violence against others and themselves.
    Torture: Trees of sorrow are to grow from flesh until the sinner becomes one with the Forest of Pain. These trees are then are fed upon by Harpies.
    8. Fraud: Liars, hypocrites, and thieves are given their special brand of everlasting torment. For whatever their sin in life was, so shall be their punishment in The Inferno.
    Torture: Marched by demons while being whipped, having their heads snapped backwards, and thrown into a boiling lake
    9. Treachery: Within the circle of Treachery lies the Giants and Titans of myth and legend. Humans that have actively turned against their own community face the consequences of their actions here within this icy realm. Satan is the most infamous resident here, and he is the most tortured being in all of the Inferno.
    Torture: Frozen within icy lakes and devoured by Lucifer's true and monstrous form.

    A Guide to Purgatory (open)

    Purgatory, otherwise known as Mt. Purgatorio, is a massive obstacle for the souls reaching salvation. It consists of seven Terraces for whoever belongs there as well as an Ante-Purgatory. The realm itself is where the brave survivors of The Inferno traverse in order to reach Paradise. It acts as the only realm in which the stay is not forever-lasting.
    Ante-Purgatory: The Excommunicate- The terrace dedicated to mortals whom deprived themselves of spiritual enlightenment.
    The Late Repentant- Unsurprisingly, those who had reached divine truth far too late were subject to the struggle of climbing Mt. Purgatorio.
    The Proud: Ye who display pride to their meager accomplishments are first sent here.
    2. The Envious: The jealous are placed within this terrace, for they showed contempt towards others.
    3. The Wrathful: Even acts of wrath made in good judgement are not looked upon kindly.
    4. The Slothful: Laziness had prevented these people from achieving any true progress in life.
    5. The Covetous: Although these souls loved many things, their passion had become their undoing.
    6. The Gluttonous: Like in The Inferno, souls who found comfort in food and drink only are cast down.
    7. The Lustful: In ignorance, mortals sent here had acted only for their thirst for pleasure.

    On top of Mt. Purgatory lies The Garden of Eden. Whoever conquers the depths of The Inferno and Purgatory shall be given glory and peace within the Garden, and by finding peace, they shall ascend into the wondrous realm of Paradise.

    Special locations of The Underworld (open)

    Pandæmonium: In the 9th circle lies the largest city in all of The Inferno. This monolithic place is where Lucifer controls every demon in his army, and only the most loyal of demons are allowed to live there. It was built by fallen angels to glorify the devil and his dark deeds.
    Dis: The walls of this city spread across every circle from Heresy to Treachery. Even here souls are granted no rest, and here they "live" to serve their demonic masters. Only madness lurks within this city. It is oddly shaped like an inverted cone, to express the descent of misery down in The Inferno, and beneath it lies Lucifer in his true form. The City of Dis burns brightly with the sins of many.
    Castle of Pagans: It seems as though Limbo is the only place in which certain humans are exempt from punishment. This castle is a parody of heaven, built to house great mortals like Socrates or Plato. As those outside the castle run away from swarms of wasps, the philosophies of ancient times perform eternal discussion within.
    Acheron: Before any soul can be taken down into The Inferno, they must first cross the river of Acheron. The demon Charon guides all sinners across his ship once they enter the gates of the cold, the hot, and the everlasting darkness.
    Titan's Rapture: An entire valley within the wasteland of the 9th circle holds the ancient titans from a time long-forgotten, such as Goliath. The titans are chained down to the rocks and ice as a reminder of their pride in life and cruel dominance over humans.
    Cocytus: A frozen river in which souls swim into the 9th circle. It contains horrid creatures under the snow and ice, ready to consume any unfortunate human who they drag under.
    Phlegethon: A literal river of fire that leads into the 6th circle. The flames that scorch the crossing souls are nothing but a candle compared to what awaits them on the other side.
    Lethe: A river beside the 3rd circle, Lethe is a stream in which its waters force souls to lose their memories temporarily. It is a great burden to cross it, for many simply forget why they needed to get across in the first place.
    Styx: A mighty river of whose infamy was told by the ancient Greeks. It flows into the 5th circle. The river Styx can inject extreme and irrational hatred into those who make contact with the water.

    C.S.- Human
    Age upon Death:
    Cause of Death:
    Sins committed in life:

    C.S.-Other Races
    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno:
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  2. C.S.-Other Races
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Race: Demon
    Personality: Viciously cunning and ruthless, Lucifer seeks total domination over all souls. He is deceptive and rebellious, as well as wrathful. Even the slightest sign of disobedience can force him to go ballistic.
    Back-story: Made on the Second Day of Creation, Lucifer was created as the most beautiful angel in all of Heaven. Due to his charm and intelligence, Lucifer was beloved by many of God's angels. Of course, his ego grew to such a size that Lucifer considered himself superior to The Creator and all of creation. God was displeased with Lucifer's arrogance, and so He forced the devil to bow before the newly-made Adam and Eve.

    Lucifer was stunned that God would force him to bow before these creatures. After all, he was crafted from smoke, while humans were made from earthly clay. Surely he was superior! When Lucifer refused to submit to humanity, he was banished from Heaven. With his army of fallen angels at his side, Lucifer waged war against God and humanity. When he was defeated, Lucifer fell down to the Earth as a shooting star; thus his name meaning "Bringer of Light". The crater left behind by the impact of Lucifer's fall into The Inferno resulted in Mt. Purgatorio's formation.

    This would not be the end for Lucifer. While trapped within The Inferno, he took the form of a serpent to deceive Adam and Eve. When they bit the fruit of the Forbidden Tree, Lucifer was granted immense power over mortals. He turned The Inferno into a place of punishment for the very people he tricked and corrupted. Now, Lucifer desires to grow his demonic army and try once more to claim Heaven and take down his Creator once and for all.
    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno: Lucifer is the King of The Inferno. He has been there ever since he was cast from Heaven by the Archangel Michael and God themselves. His only purpose now is to ensure the full corruption of humanity and the everlasting torture of every soul.
  3. OOC- Are we not starting the RP? *confused* Anyway, here's my character sheets again. Also, I've added pictures.

    C.S.- Human
    : Frankie Harrold
    Appearance: Frankie is a tall red haired woman. She has beautiful, large, green eyes that ensnare men and women alike. She has a slender fit build and walks with grace and strength.
    Age upon Death: 22
    Cause of Death: Murder- At a prostitution deal she took from one of her employees she was shot in the chest. Though it was the cause of her death, and the reason she was sent to Limbo and then the edge of Purgatory, she does not regret the decision.
    Personality: Frankie is a smart woman with a quick personality. She's generally happy and willing to befriend most people.
    Sins committed in life: Frankie was a Pimp in her life's career. She ran a safe business out of a nice hotel, not forcing anyone to work and providing her employees with paycheck stubs and the like so they could live proper lives. However, as a prostitute and pimp, Frankie would not be allowed into the gates of Heaven. She also interacted with less-than-preferable people and broke the law on a daily basis.
    Backstory: Frankie grew up in a middle class home with her two mothers and lived a happy life. She started her hotel up from the ground as a cover for her real business (pimping) and was very successful on both fronts. She went to college for a business degree with a minor in communications. She was known for her protectiveness of her employees and was featured in Forbes Magazine for one of the top 20 places to work in the USA.

    C.S.-Other Races

    Name: Kid
    Appearance: While Kid was an accurate name while he was a child, Kid is a very adult person now. He has the darkest black hair one could ever see with about an inch and a half of length to it. With an attractive bed-head type appeal, Kid is not a clean shaven guy. He has two dark red eyes and a mildly pale appearance. He has pale, gray wings that disappear into shoulder tattoo's when he wishes. Overall, he looks like a rough 23-ish year old male.
    Personality: Kid is a sarcastic kind of guy with a 'devil (get it?) may care' attitude. He's a generally responsible man and prefers to spend his time wandering around, rather than moping at home. He has known his whole life that no-one gives a shit, and because of that his personality isn't selfish per say, but his actions are rooted in his own beliefs, not those of any god or demon. Finally, while many consider him depressed or pessimistic, he prefers to consider himself unaligned, though he wonders why people are always so shocked. "Oh a forsaken, a being called forsaken, is 'depressed and pessimistic', how shocking!"
    Back-story: Kid grew up in Purgatory, and assumed that neither of his parents hung around because neither wanted the shame of admitting what had happened between the two of them, whether it be an ill thought out romance or a rape. He doesn't exactly have a lot of friends, though he's more than willing to talk to people. No one has ever really wanted to mess with him, most Demons or Angels too disgusted, and Humans too terrified. However, there was always that one Angel too righteous or that one Demon too pissed off or that one Human ready to let loose all of the pain they feel every day in their hell. Every time something or one attacked though, Kid would win, or not die. He wasn't sure that anyone won in those battles, so he forfeited his right to tell the story of the battle as the winner. He's always traveled throughout all of the realms, never staying in one for too long. He's a strong Forsaken, with power that is un-aligned and therefore strong.
    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno: Kid doesn't really like any of the realms per se. Unlike other non-human beings, he doesn't have any connections to the human souls that flood the afterlife. He doesn't need them for anything and isn't involved in the war at all. As a Forsaken he is the guardian of Purgatory, and as such when he is in purgatory he generally does whatever he can to get Angels or Demons out of it, whether that be by bring a Human to 'Paradise', convincing a human to go back to hell, fighting Angels or Demons off, whatever.
  4. Once Neko Green comes back, I'll begin an IC thread.
  5. C.S.- Human
    Name: Moriko
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age upon Death: 14
    Cause of Death: Ritual suicide
    Personality: Outgoing, Social, Flirty
    Sins committed in life: Heresy
    Back-story: Moriko was born in Japan in a small village. She was born in to a small family, just her and her mother, unlike anyone else in the village she was born in. Her soul was very kind diffidently to cats. That's why her soul there were two cat ear placed on top of her head, added with a furry tail. Although a great deal of stigma came down on her family, Moriko's parents were very kind and compassionate. At some point in her life, Moriko fell into the temptation of a new cult called The Light of Leran. She became swept up in the rituals and secrets of the cult. Eventually, Moriko became a respected member for her frequent prayers. Outside of the cult, Moriko discovered her best friend in school, named Aina. Sadly, her life was set short when Moriko was convinced in to doing a mass sudice with her best friend and many others. She was ordered to take her own life to appease the false god Leran. Upon death, Moriko was cast down into the 6th circle of The Inferno for her sinfulness and ignorance.

    C.S.-Other Races
    Name: Aina (mortal name)/ Enjeru (angelic name)
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Race: Angel
    Personality: In life, Aina was a beautiful young girl who held a deep love of cats, and animals in general. She is a servant of God, though she comes into the occasional realm of regret for initially following the wrong deity in life. Despite this, Aina matured through her experience after death. She learned the ways of Heaven and the angels, and now she seeks to save the lost souls in The Infern Back-story: Born in Japan within a secluded village, Aina was raised to be a devout follower of the Light of Leran, a dark cult with cruel practices. She became a respected member of the cult throughout her early life. During that time, Aina befriended a girl named Moriko. Their friendship lasted until that fateful day. During one of the cult's many holidays, Aina and Moriko were selected to join the other cultists in a mass-suicide. When Aina climbed the stairs of Heaven afterwards, she was mortified to see that everything she was led to believe was only a lie. The voice of God came unto her, saying "Behold, a sinner has entered my kingdom! For most other souls, The Inferno would become your fate. Alas, I can see who you are. My child, I grant mercy upon you. Bring the souls of the accursed to me so they can be saved." And in that moment, Aina felt her pair of wings burst through her back in an eruption of pain. God had chosen her to become an angel.
    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno: Aina wishes to free those condemned to The Inferno, where many other souls are punished for the same sins she committed in life. It is the Circle of Heresy that Aina travels to, in order to fulfill the will of God.
  6. Perfect! Now I can make the IC thread!
  7. C.S.-Other Races

    Name: RafaDark


    Race: Half-Demon Half-Human.

    Personality: Cool, Devilish, Calm (When not on Rage Mode) and Friendly (even with demons)

    Back-story: RafaDark was having an normal life as a normal human until the day his "parents" talked to him about his other half. In the beginning, he didn't take it seriously but when he saw an demon coming to earth and killing his "parents", he believed. That time was the first of his Rage Mode, an black fire that came from inside of him and transformed him in almost a complete demon, he just lack the black skin, the "animal" part of a demon (example: Hooves like a Satyr, etc...) and the horns. When his Rage Mode ended, he found himself already in hell's gate, where he received "help" of an demon who guarded the hell's gate, that day, the demon said that he would just be granted "Freedom" from hell, bargaining or "killing" Lucifer to have his soul and becoming an human again.

    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno: Get his soul back.​
  8. Once again, wonderful application! You are now welcome to post in the IC thread whenever you wish!
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  9. Can I reserve a spot here please?
  10. O
    Of course! :)
  11. One question- can I have my character have an alter ego? Like he's pretending to be a human but he's actually a forsaken?
  12. If that is alright with you then...

    Chase Radde
    The Forsaken

    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno
    Lewis Dorotik
    Alter-ego of Chase Radde

    Special Notes
  13. For that amazing application, you are accepted!
  14. I'm glad you liked it.
  15. C.S.-Other Races
    Name: Letum
    Race: Forsaken
    Personality: Letum is kind, but silent. She is a stalker to many, but does it on accident feeling bad when she realizes that's she is doing so. She is also sensitive, especially about her true identity. She doesn't like to think of herself as a forsaken, but as a watcher as she spends most of her time in the town of Melancholy near Purgatory.
    Back-story: Letum grew up in the Inferno, with her demon father in the 2nd circle of lust. After many years of abuse and humiliation because of her sexuality, she ran away to Melancholy to get away from her father's devilish acts. In the town she expressed her lust by stalking women, and living a life of wondering thought. Though her only wish was to find the perfect woman, one that would care for her and for her to care for as well.
    Reasons for traveling to The Inferno: She is traveling back to the Inferno to throw her father in the the Inferno to be tortured for his sins, and his perverted actions and to also find The Rosary of Grace to take her to Paradise to meet her Mother, the Arch-Angel of Death.
  16. Yet another application from @Neko_Green! It's accepted, of course.
  17. One question: Can I make a NPC? I would love to make a minor character for the story.
  18. Oh and also are humans allowed to have weapons?
  19. Humans can be given weapons, yes. Can they start with them, no.
    Also, an NPC is fine by me. You don't need an application for it either.
  20. Awesome, I wanted to have a profile for Snibson.
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