The Disturbances of Time and Space (Dyn01)

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    "A new place... New adventures, right?"

    Tessalynn looked down at the egg she held in her arms, a small smile gracing her lips as she felt the egg twitch ever so slightly. Hopefully it would hatch soon, but from previous experiences the girl knew not to expect too much just from a small movement from an egg. Sometimes they could be unpredictable, especially ones that she had not much knowledge of, such as the egg she carried around with her, just like the personality of the little creature that hatched from the eggs.

    Her parents had sent her out to the Sinnoh region in hopes of finding more eggs for them to uncover, as well as some of the many mysteries that came with them. While the prospect of being able to learn more about new Pokemon was exciting, being so far away from home scared the girl greatly. Not to say that she was totally dependent on being home, but she knew, especially now, that being away from some of the Pokemon she had hatched, and even some that she had been around for a while now, would be a lot for her to bare.

    Just thinking about it brought a frown to her lips, but quickly she shook her head and looked up at the sky, her back leaning against a building she decided to rest against a few moments ago. They would all be fine. Her parents knew what they were doing. Besides, at least she had two Pokemon she hatched with her, excluding the egg.

    But this place just so was different; the terrain, the sounds, the sights... But it was all so weird, in a way, but Tessalynn had more reasons to believe that the only reason why her mind found things in Twinleaf town to be a bit odd was because she had never been to another region before. Yeah, that was it, right? And with every different regions came different feels, she was convinced of.

    Still she tried to keep a positive out look on things, but still this increasing feeling of... Something continued to swell in the pit of her stomach, bringing her an uneasy feeling. "Just have to push it down. It's just nerves. Yeah, that's it!"

    Tessalynn rubbed the back of her neck and pushed herself from the building while wrapping her arms around the egg again, making sure it stayed within her grasp, as well as somewhat warm. There was nothing for her to worry about. She was just thinking about things too much.
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    Today was an important day at the Pokemon Lab in Sandgem Town. A pair of trainers were to get their first pokemon today- a momentous occasion if there was any. During the time that he had worked there, Aidan had seen a handful of trainers get their pokemon and head out on their pokemon journey with a pokedex. All of them were kids that he had played with when he was young, and some of them returned with astounding stories to tell, and others came back almost somewhat broken. It was weird to watch, he had to admit. All of his friends had now left the small town that they had grown up, and only he really remained. It was almost lonely.

    'I wonder how they are doing now...?'

    Some of them were now out of Sinnoh. He knew of one that wanted to go to Hoenn to pursue a coordinator career. Another moved on to Johto, and one other had even done rather well in the Kanto pokemon league and was about to return home for a short time before heading back out again. But he was still here... After all that, he was still in Twinleaf and Sandgem.

    He sighed. Anyways, with the Professor busy trying to get everything ready for the trainers that was to arrive, Aidan was to deliver the good news to their families and invite them to come to the lab. He had done so much work around the town that even the parents now could recognize him, so he was almost known as Professor Rowan's assistant to everyone in Twinleaf Town.

    It only really took about ten minutes or so, however for him to do his job. The two kids were home and were already moving to go to Sandgem to see Professor Rowan. "Mission accomplished," Aidan whispered to himself with a small smile. He turned on his heel and began running back towards the entrance... Only to run into someone from the side and topple over. He landed on his butt and rubbed his head as he looked to the person he ran into. "Sorry about that. I was in a little bit of a rush," he tried to say in a slight daze. "Are you okay?"
  3. Still Tessalynn found herself not paying too much attention to her surroundings, something that happened often with her given how easily distracted she could be if something caught her eye, and she even still found her thoughts back at home. Not so much, but the lingering thoughts of how things would be fairing at home swam around in her thoughts, giving her a slight hint of worry, though she tried desperately to push the thoughts away. Home, the Kanto region, was a long way from here, and she was not about to hop back on a boat to head home and admit defeat to her parents and tell them that she had learned nothing in this region about the eggs and what not.

    Another sigh escaped from the girls lips as she tilted her head back down to look at the egg, her eyes blinking steadily down at it. Was it even a good idea to bring this along with her? Sure she had traveled with eggs before, but not to another region, and she knew that if something ended up happening to it there would be little to nothing that she could do if it turned out to be an emergency. But again, maybe she was worrying to much, like always. She blamed her parents for making her such a paranoid mess...

    She grumbled something under her breath as she continued to walk, pushing her shoulders back and holding her head high now. She had to put on a confident air. Yeah, that was it! And then she would be fine and wouldn't have to worry about anything, and she could stop all these thoughts from spiraling through her mind. The thought made her grin a bit, but the look quickly left her features as something rammed into her shoulder, effectively making her loose hold of the egg.

    A surprised gasp escaped from her lips, her eyes widening as she outstretched her arms to latch back onto the egg that wobbled around in the air before it was, once again, securely in her arms, though in a lopsided way. The position she held the object in was awkward, but nevertheless at least the egg was still there. "What do you think you're doing?!" She shouted as she looked down at the one who had run into her, her brows creased into a frown. "You could have hurt the egg." She re-positioned the egg, and after giving it a quick examination she turned her eyes back to the guy with a frown. "You should be more careful next time."
  4. His head was still dazed, as if he had just run headfirst against a Rhyhorn. But as soon as the girl spoke out, he found his eyes averting her gaze as if the ground was more interesting. ‘Again? I already get enough from Professor Rowan…’ he inwardly scoffed. The small headache that he had was clearly affecting his own behavior. His face flushed red as he kept his head down, embarrassed and heavily reflecting on his actions. “I said ‘sorry’, didn’t I?” he grumbled. “It’s not like I knew that you had an egg or something…” He immediately went on the defensive, like as if he was putting up a wall to protect himself from anything else she would say.

    He took a deep breath and rose to his feet. The lightheadedness that he was feeling just a minute earlier had now gone away. “Anyways, sorry.” Aidan bowed to the girl, still averting her gaze out of embarrassment. “I didn’t mean anything bad out of it. I was just in a hurry…” Now that he thought of it, he did not have time for him to simply stand around handing out apologies. He had to finish his second job for the Professor! He gave a quick glance to the girl, his natural manners overcoming his embarrassment for just a moment. “Anyways, if you really have a problem with it, then go to Sandgem and complain to my boss there. He’s Professor Rowan, really hard to miss right?”

    With that, Aidan ran past her on his way out of Twinleaf Town. It was only once he had gotten to the outskirts of the town and on his way towards Route 201 that he had started to wonder about the girl that he had bumped into. She was clearly his age, but he had never seen her before. Aidan was confident that if she had grown up in the town, then he would have at least recognized her. “… She will know how to get to Sandgem anyways, right?” he wondered aloud, his mouth curving into an awkward smile. Well, he certainly did not need to see Professor Rowan’s face when he was truly pissed off once again. He had seen that enough. Besides, she certainly was not so upset that she would truly go to the Pokemon Lab to complain…

    Aidan pushed the thought out of his mind, more because he did not want to deal with it at that time. With a casual stroll, he arrived at Route 201 and after reaching into his backpack, had a pencil and small notebook in his hands. “Should get started with my observations,” he spoke out to no one in particular.
  5. Her frown continued to deepen as she listened to the boy grumble something, her brows furrowing as she clutched the egg harder towards her chest. The object jolted a bit, but the slight movement wasn't anything she was concerned about. Besides, when she checked it before the egg showed no signs of any scratches or cracks on it so there was nothing to worry about right? She would just have to give a more extensive look over it once she was alone.

    "You should still be more careful..." Of course, she could say the same for herself, considering the fact that she wasn't paying much attention to her surroundings either, which probably played a factor in her getting hit as well. She gave a heavy sigh and looked down at the egg, making small circles on it with her thumbs. At least he apologized though, so she couldn't be too angry about the situation. He seemed to genuinely mean it too, and with her always having been taught to forgive someone if they actually mean what they say, she figured that she should. But before she could say anything else, the boy had started speaking again, making her pick her head up and look at his bowed figure. "Sandgem?"

    A neighboring city or town perhaps? The thought excited her, bringing back her smile and somewhat giddy mood. Now she wanted to know more about this place, or at least know where it was at, but before she was able to ask the boy had bolted past her. "Um, Okay." She blinked before looking around, wondering where she could go and where she could find that place, or a new place in general. "Well..." She could always kind of follow him, right? Maybe that's where he was heading.

    "That wouldn't be weird, right? Just trailing behind him to see if that's where he's going?" The question was directed to the egg, a habit that she always seemed to have with any of the eggs. Just talking to them as if they could respond back. So after a moment of debating what to do she started heading in the direction that the boy had run off into.
  6. A smile had begun to come across Aidan’s face as he began observing the area that was Route 201. From the Professor’s notes, as well as Aidan’s own previous excursions into this area, there was supposed to be a few Pokémon here: Starly, Bidoof, and Kricketot. At least, the common ones that he was to find. What he did end up finding after searching through the grass for a short time? A small pack of Growlithe. He was told by the Professor, that some Pokémon came out under specific circumstances. But the opportunity for him to see a Growlithe? Something that he was truly not expecting. Even in his notes, the Professor had never mentioned seeing a Growlithe before.

    Crouching down, Aidan began scratching into his notebook in interest. A quick sketch of the scene in front of him, and a few notes pointing out some of the things he observed around them. “This is going to be something nice to show off for sure,” he whispered to himself, as the Growlithe began to run off. “Well, might as well continue on-“ Something flew out towards him from the nearby grass, and Aidan toppled over in surprised and covered his head. What flew over him was a large bird- a Staravia. Wait…

    “Maybe I’ve caught a group of Starly migrating or something…?” Aidan wondered aloud. Staravia tended to stay near the closest source of water, aka Lake Verity. Even more interesting was the fact that he had not seen many Starly nearby. That was weird in of itself… But if there was not Starly to protect, then why would Staravia feel compelled to stay there? Aidan shrugged his shoulders, began scribbling down his thoughts in his notebook, and decided not to think too much further about it. He knew a little bit about where he was, but he could just simply ask the actual expert instead.
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