The DisnePocalypse

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  1. Every Disney princess and prince and everyone in between has lost their happy endings. In this story, happy endings don't exist. You don't live happily ever after. The story continues after you close the book; after you finish the last sentence.

    You may think the prince and princess get married, have babies, and live happily ever after but eventually, people die. People rot. People decay. And the happiness dies away.

    Everything comes to an end.

    After their happy ending came to an abrupt end in horrific deaths, these princesses have come back to haunt the living.
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  2. Cool cool. Ill add more to it as well.
  3. I like this, count me in.
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  5. Very interesting plot, would love to rp this!
  6. I am also interested in this, I cant wait until sign ups start!
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  7. I am so excited you guys are excited. I'll add more details later after work
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  8. Going to reserve Cinderella as my zombie Princess.
  9. I've got sleeping beauty. I have the perfect story for her
  10. I think I'll reserve Ariel as mine
  11. Alrighty and tomorrow I'll really get shit done since its a snow day. Weekends are bad for me since I work weekends and I sleep all day. I work nights, usually closing so I don't get home till 1:30 or 2
  12. does it have to be strict disney?
  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Princess Aurora
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Film: Sleeping beauty

    After her happily ever after with Prince Philip, Aurora had finally reunited with her beloved father and mother who had once deserted her with three estranged fairies. Despite this reunion, Aurora didn't realize or understand how far gone her father was after giving her up. She kept trying and trying to get her father's attention but one day he just snapped and he stabbed her almost 20 times before disappearing into the night. She was buried in Disney Cemetery where she laid to rest only to come back to life as a zombie in order to hunt down her loved ones and murder them for every dare laying a finger on the dear princess.

    Might edit her background later. Not please with it
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