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    Mwahahaha! You have fallen into my trap! Wait, no! Don't hit the back button! I have cookies! *ahem* Ello there my fellow rpers. I'm back again with an enormous list of cravings and plots.


    1.) Don't be an asshole.
    2.) I need at least one hearty paragraph per post.
    3.) I will attempt to match your posting length.
    4.) I need a post every other day, but I'll love you if you post daily.
    5.) Contribute to the plot and moving it along.


    My preferred role will always be first.
    The bold pairings are my cravings.
    Crossed out ones aren't my interests right now.


    Dragon X Prince
    Daemon X Creature of Your Choosing
    New Teen X Shy Teen
    Troublemaker X Class President
    Troublemaker X Class Athlete
    Troublemaker X Teacher

    Demon X Human
    Demon X Angel
    Bartender X College Student
    Ghost X Paranormal Investigator
    Villain X Superhero
    Trapped Supernatural Creature X Hunter

    Poor Teen X Rich Teen
    Celebrity X Someone Who Doesn't Know or Care

    Blacksmith X Barmaid
    Blacksmith X Royal Messanger
    Sorcerer X Apprentice
    Hotel Owner X Mysterious Guest

    Stunt Double X Starring Role
    Villain X Super Heroine
    Wizard X Spellbound Acquaintance
    Captured Soldier X Medic


    Warriors by Erin Hunter
    --> Plot enclosed below.
    --> OCs only.

    Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich
    --> Anyone up for a bountyhunter rp?
    --> OCs only.
    --> No, I will not play Ranger for you.

    Howl's Moving Castle
    --> Would love to do something like this.
    --> OCs only.

    --> Up for anything in here.
    --> OCs only.

    My preferred role will be in bold.


    A Dragon's Tale
    Your character is a pretty decent thief, and when he hears of a treasure trove taken by a dragon, he is willing to prove his skills. He sets off to find the dragon's den, where the black dragon Alution awaits. When he arrives, he finds the dragon in the middle of combat with a somewhat large group of dragon slayers. Taking the distraction as an opportunity to raid the den without getting eaten, your character sneaks inside the small cavern, following a somewhat narrow tunnel down to the treasure trove. As your character is busy stuffing his bag with loot, the battle rages on outside. Alution was heavily injured by the time he finished off his last opponent, and while he knew he needed to find a new location for his den, he didn't have the strength to at the moment. So instead he returned to the den in order to rest and hopefully recover. When he reached the innermost part of the den, he collapsed, blocking the only exit that your character could escape from. Eventually my character calls out your character, and enlists his help in treating his wounds in return for not frying him up and eating him for dinner.

    The life of an aerial firefighter is a very tough one. Especially during fire season. Leone Kyvak is the fire chief at Veil Ridge Aerial Attack Base, and hates taking days off. While the team was responding to a fire near a nearby airport, he was clipped by a civilian plane and crashed. He sustained four broken ribs and a fractured leg in the crash. The civilian pilot was unharmed. Character B is the new medic at Veil Ridge. He's tasked with ensuring that the stubborn boss heals correctly, as quickly as possible. With fire season approaching, the Air Attack Base needs every pilot they can get.

    Mecha Trouble
    Mecha suits were the next big thing after MMA. Throw a guy in an almost indestructible armor suit and have him brawl it out with another guy in an armor suit, and whoever's still in one piece wins between five and fifteen percent of the money bet against him. It might not seem like much, but once you get into the big leagues with the old legends like Vairn Weiss and Aaron Tarim, you're looking at million dollar fights. Your character is a complete newbie in the mecha fight ring. And he just found the score of a lifetime while he was looking for parts at the junkyard. The old, rusted up mecha suit didn't seem like much until he got it back to the garage and took off some of the irreparable pieces. Hidden beneath the outer armor was a mark from it's maker, the guy who pioneered mecha fights, Leone Kyvak. Knowing that he was working with something extremely valuable, more caution was taken. He finally had it cleaned up and ready to start when he discovered what appeared to be an AI built into the mecha armor. The speakers on the armor were destroyed, blown out, and some were missing. So the quick and easy solution was to plug a set of earbuds into the headphone jack. The AI's voice quickly came to life, though it's harsh, patronizing tone suggested a glitch in its programming. It introduced itself as the creator of the suit, Leone Kyvak. As your character begins to search for the glitches in the AI's files, they located a file labeled Memory Backup. It was loaded with videos of the real Leone Kyvak as he worked on the suit. He began to talk to the AI, giving it its mission. It was to be his backup conciousness when someone finally killed him. The AI interrupted your character's home movie marathon, explaining that Leone was killed due to the capabilities of this technology. Begrudgingly, the two agree that after some serious design changes, your character could use the mecha in fights. But only after some actual boxing training in order to prevent the mecha from being totally destroyed out there. Due to some actions in the fights by the AI, your character becomes a rising star in the mecha fighting world. And he gains some unwanted attention from the guys that killed the real Leone. Now the two of them have to work together to not only survive, but to uncover Leone's murder and convict those responsible for it.


    Wishes Smishes
    Anna Tilling is a self-proclaimed realist. Her friends say that she's more of a pessimist than anything. Character B is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He enjoys taking life at a slower pace and thinking about fate and this and that and the other thing. After a night of partying with her friends, Anna is walking home and bumps into Character B. Thinking nothing of it, she keeps going. The next day, she goes to work at the insurance company that she owns, and starts off her morning by interviewing prospective employees. Talk about drunk dejavu when Character B, the perfect prospect, shows up for his appointment.

    was a loner, and had come to find a safe home near a creek, far away from any other annoying cats. _______star is the new leader of ______clan, and she doesn't know what to do when twolegs begin to destroy the forest that they call home. Soon, the clan decides to move on in search of a new home. They finally reach a safe place far out of reach from the twolegs. Unfortunately, this wonderful spot has been claimed by a blind tom with an attitude problem and a cunning maw. Can _______star convince the loner to share his territory? Or will they have to force him out?



    The vacation was going as well as could be expected for the middle aged assassin. He was a bit of a nervous wreck, namely because he abhorred boats and being on a cruise ship was not his plan at all. No, instead one of his clients surprised him with a gift for his excellent work over the years and it would ruin their relationship if he declined. So now he was cringing at every subtle rock of the boat and silently cursing out his client. And that was before the storm. The ship capsized during that freak storm, and he couldn't swim to the lifeboat before he got sucked under by the sinking vessel. Your character had a somewhat similar problem, but managed to stay afloat on a large rubber raft from the pool on the boat. As your character was floating along, they notice him struggling to stay above water and help him get into the raft. They soon reach an island, with absolutely no signs of human life on it, and it's survival time.
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  2. I would be interested in the blacksmith x barmaid one!
  3. Hello Ashen! If you're okay with it I wouldn't mind trying the dragon x Prince pairing. I've been needing to get involved with more roleplays and this one has caught my eye. Also gives me an excuse to use my baby Grey is an rp because I've abandoned the poor boy ;_;
  4. I'm down for troublemaker X class president if you are :)

    Or celebrity X someone who doesn't care if you prefer
  5. New plots added.
  6. Still searching.
  7. Really craving my new Warriors plot!!
  8. I may be able to do the villain and super heroine.
  9. I'm really just looking for a partner for my warriors plot at the moment.
  10. Do the characters have to be cats?
  11. The entire series by Erin Hunter is about cats, the character I have planned is a cat, and if it were about bears or owls or wolves or dogs, it would be a different title, so, yes, the characters have to be cats.
  12. Well hope you have luck finding a partner.
  13. Anyone up for my Warriors plot?
  14. Still looking for partners!
  15. New plot added! Mecha Trouble!
  16. Added a couple more pairings and a fandom section.
  17. Still searching!
  18. Really wanting some of the pairings right now.
  19. Umm are you ok with a Villian x Superhero RP? (I PM'ed you this BTW because I do not check the forum as much as I check my messages. Also I can reply more than once a day.)
  20. Still searching!
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