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    In the land of fire, Three great villages stood. Shimamaki, Makkari and Rusutsu, All strong villages until one day... The ruler of the fire land was mysteriously killed and his brother took the throne. The land became weak and famine spread through the land, killing villagers one by one. Soon enough, taxes were raised and guards of the land became more greedy and selfish, They demanded free booze and food and if refused death would be your future. Soon, village folk were pulled from their homes to work in the kingdom and women were to do what they were told.
    Human trafficking became popular through the land of fire and there was no hope, except for the outlaws. The ones who were against the kingdom of fire. the ones who were on wanted posters. They were called the disclaimed ones, the unwanted, the heroes of the land of fire. The band of Heroes Consisted of 8 people from the three Villages they once lived in. The band of heroes unit to save the land of fire from total distinction.

    ~~~Character sheet~~~
    Character Name:
    Theme song: (optional but would be great.)


  2. Apperance:
    Name: Mino
    Age: 19
    Personality: Mino is quite sweet and kind, she can be stubborn and a hard ass depending on the situation. She refuses to give up and Gives encouragement when needed. She's loyal and has a temper. She's Cracks jokes at appropriate times and she's a closed book. She's a fighter and a lover. she's very blunt about things and say's whatever is on the top of her head. She's a worry wart about the ones she care about and she hates to watch people suffer.When she's sad, she's the type to look for a way to calm down her restlessness, sometimes in sake or a one night stand. She's a big flirt.
    likes: Fighting, Flirting, Reading
    Dislikes: Attitude, Mean people and watching others suffer.
    Bio: (Later explained in plot.)
    Family: Never knew her family, she was raised an orphan.
    relationships: None, currently single at the moment.
    Weapons: A giant long sword.
    Theme song:
    Sexuality: Straight
    Village: Makkari village
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