The Disappearance

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  1. The Disappearance
    Regret. That's all I feel, all in just one little word. It holds so much emotion in just a few letters, the vowels sliding off my tongue like a poisonous venom waiting to take over me like a dark curse. You may ask why this one word causes so much reaction to me, and you may be wondering as to why I give it such odd and descriptive metaphors. Well, I can tell you this. My name is Illinois Timington and I have a scary past behind me, and most likely a dark future as well. My past consists of foster homes and trauma that no one can seem to understand. No one seems to understand these little thoughts that go through this brain of mine, and might I say I am happy they don't. It's my own little world that they can't touch, and if they try I just block them out like a cop may put a restraining order on someone who isn't allowed in a certain place.
    I think of things much differently then a normal teenage girl is supposed to, thoughts of my dark and very twisted past that I refuse to tell anyone about. My mother and father were very cruel to me. My father never hugged me or showed any signs of love. That is, he didn't show a form of daughter and father love. Oh, no, this so called love he showed me was so different and sick than what he should have showed. Father used to come into my room late at night and lay in bed with me until I awoke from my slumber, then proceeded to block my gaping mouth and peel off my night dress. I was only of the age of seven when father took away the one thing that kept me innocent; I will never forgive father.
    Mother was very mean to me, and often called me such malicious and acrimonious names, often calling me a whore since she knew what father did to me. Sometimes mother would help him with his evil little deeds, often laughing with glee as she watched me in such pain and desolation as my happiness dwindled away, off into a dark and never ending void of everlasting woe. I sometimes like to get lost in this little void I have created in the back of my mind, leisurely letting it take away the stabbing feeling of betrayal inside of me and replacing it with a numb feeling instead.
    Many people like to call me names now, and sometimes I believe them myself and call myself the little nicknames and cruel names they call and give me. My favorite one they give me is simply the word insane. And maybe I am. Maybe I have lost my sanity along the winding path I've walked, tripping and stumbling my way through it. I probably bumped my head along it as well, causing me to click into a rather different state of being. And maybe that's a fortunate thing to have happened, because maybe this insanity is the only thing keeping me alive right now. Oh, so many maybes that float around in this dark abyss I call my mind, the mind I have slowly disappeared into. If only there were someone to pull me out of this great disappearance.


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    Say "Tartiest Tart" if you read through the rules! (I will be checking!)

    Character Sheet:

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    Ones marked with a * are optional, though I'd much prefer you did them!

    Story-line In General:

    Basically it's about a girl who's gotten lost in her mind (I'll be playing this girl.) And needs
    someone to bring her back and realize the reality of things. It's a group roleplay because it can be
    a group of friends (You guys) and whatnot. I just thought this would be an interesting roleplay to try out. :)

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  2. Introduction

    Tuesday, 2:37 AM She awoke with a start as beads of sweat trickled down her pale forehead, her hands clutching onto the near by shirt of her father's. He was standing beside her bed side, staring down at her with black eyes full of lust. Disgusting. Mother wasn't here this time to help him in his evil little deeds he seemed to be doing nearly every night, and Illinois could merely do nothing to stop it. Father gripped her by her neck and held her down as her dark blue bed sheets wrinkled under the body weight of the two. Cries sputtled out of the pale, ghostly girl's mouth as father continued to do his evil little deed.

    Tuesday, 3:25 AM Father left a few minutes ago after finishing up, leaving Illinois sprawled on the bed in a sobbing mess. Many would think that perhaps she'd have gotten used to what he did due to the fact he did it so frequently, but each time she'd sob for an hour or two and collapse into a dull slumber. And that was exactly what she did, images of strange and twisted things flashing around her mind as she closed her eyes and drifted off into a restless sleep.

    Tuesday, 6:20 AM Her alarm clock was blaring noisily beside her on her little nightstand, in which she quickly popped up and chunked it across the room. It hit the grey wall with a clunk and rolled slightly to her closet door, the sound droning off as the damned thing broke with a few mechanical cracking noises. She climbed out of bed and glanced into the mirror on her desk, her black hair messily falling around her shoulders as her grey dull eyes took in every detail she seemed to despise in such a manner one would think she was insane. She let her nimble index finger trail across the oh so visible collar bone on her skinny frame, trailing up to her neck and around her jaw bone. Skinniness. Sickly. Ghostly. Gross. She named off every word she used to describe herself, eventually turning away from the mirror with a abrupt jerk.

    Tuesday, 6:35 AM The water was off again, since mother had been skipping out on her job to go drinking every night with her "Friends", so that meant no showering. Great. Illinois had taken one the night before since she figured the water would turn off at any given moment, so her hair would look fine. She gave a slight huff and shuffled to the bathroom to attempt at brushing her teeth. She ended up grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and pouring it onto the toothbrush, then so on. For the most part Illinois was a bit awake, having not entering her safe haven she called her mind. She got dressed in black skinny jeans and a grey sweater, pulling on black combat boots as she brushed her raven like hair, swooping the bangs to cover her face as she always did. She was soon ready to go, and simply walked out of the house without a single goodbye from either parent nor child.

    Tuesday, 6:50 AM Her boots scuffed against the grey concrete as she walked to the place others called school, that she merely called Hell. There were other students riding bikes or skateboards down the street's hill, waving to their friends or listening to music on their earphones. But Illinois was simply looking up directly at the morning sky, the birds letting out chirps as she smiled weakly at them. She was too busy in her mind to realize a male was riding down the hill on his bike rather quickly, and resulted in him running straight through a murky puddle to her right. It splashed across her thin torso and left her dark grey sweater with a streak of brown urky water. "Aww, is little Illinois gonna cry about it, just like every other day?" The boy teased, the ravenette girl peaking at him from the strands of her black hair, tears welling up in her grey eyes. She gave a choked back sob as she broke out in a sprint, running down the hill as her black hair trailed behind her pale face as the wind hit it. Today was not a good day, for as far as it has been.
  3. Cyn

    Tuesday, 6:00

    Cyn awoke, no alarm clock necessary. After meditation, focus and will power she'd gotten herself to wake up at exactly that time. She ran her hand through her hair once, twice, then again. She was satisfied with herself and sat up, stretching out, once, twice then again.

    She stood, drifting slowly and quietly to the bathroom. The entire house was silent though there were six of them in a four bed and two bath home. Thankfully they'd bought the house in the mother's name so they didn't loose it with their dad's gamble. The bedrooms were situated like the parents in one bedroom, Resin in the other, Cyn in the other and Sempiternal and Rayne shared. Their mother and father hadn't divorced because they didn't believe in that.

    Cyn opened the bathroom door but her 18 year old senior brother Resin was in there. When he went to college Sempiternal would get his room. She ignored this and decided to begin brushing her teeth and washing her face ahead of time. They traded positions in five or so minutes.
    Tuesday, 6:30

    Cyn was now showered and dressed . It was fall, but Cyn would be in the school so she felt free to dress as she pleased until it got too cold to do so rationally. She grabbed a Jean jacket, putting it on and leaving it open.

    Her hair was something she didn't need to mess with, it didn't really change. She just moved strands of it so it wouldn't look messy.
    Tuesday, 6:40

    In her backpack she had everything necessary and nothing more. She put earbuds in her ears, humming along with relaxing piano music as she waited outside for the bus. When it came she rode on it right to the bottom of the hill where they were expected to walk the rest of the way. The students stopped abruptly when they saw Illinois run by, most made snide comments. Cyn turned back to them, "Your thoughtless words only serve as a mirror." She reprimanded them.

    Cyn was well known for maybe not so good reasons like Illinois. Cyn was labeled a wiccan or a whore but usually was never teased since she didn't react to it. She received unwanted attention from guys because of her labels at first, but as time went on they'd pretty much realized she wasn't either of those things. People usually reacted to her with curiosity and slight fear.

    "Wise words from the wicked wiccan. Oh shit bro! That was a alliteration or some shit!" guy said, slapping hands with another. Cyn ignored it easily.

    She began walking quickly after Illinois, thinking she'd try to calm her down and clean her up.​
  4. Evelyn
    Tuesday, 4:32am.

    Eve sat up in bed trembling. She had just awoken from a nightmare about Slenderman and a murderous Pikachu. Shakily, she got out of bed, immediately grabbing her torch and switching it on. She padded over to the door, looking outside. Good, her father was asleep. or not. "Eve?" a voice asked. Oh for crying out loud, she thought. "Um, hey, daddy. Just going to run some laps!" she lied, running down the stairs and out the door. Oh mommy, why aren't you here?!

    Tuesday, 5:59am

    She had finished her laps some time ago, and was now dressed ( and ready to go to school. She swallowed her orange juice, grimacing at the taste as it mingled with the toothpaste she had recently put on. Retching, she made her way out the door, slinging her backpack over her shoulder. and jogging to catch the bus.

    Tuesday, 6:51am

    As the "idiot on wheels" splashed Illinois, Evelyn stopped. "Hey, imbecile!" she called. When he looked at her, she flipped him the bird and stormed towards him. "Are you going to go apologise?" she asked in a quiet, venomous voice. He blinked twice. She sighed, face palmed then dashed after Illinois. She noticed Cyn walking after her and caught up with her. "Hey, Cyn. Do you think she's okay?" she asked in a soft tone, jogging to keep up with her. Her eyes looked concerned.
  5. Illinois
    Tuesday, 6:55 AM Her breath came out in short little pants as her lungs wheezed, her legs pumping her faster and faster to the little forest along side the dull little highschool. Illinois was always very fond of this forest, and she often visited there when troubled or needing a place to hide. She could hear hurried footsteps behind her and her heart gave a low drop to the pit of her stomach, thinking, that the boy was after her to pick on her some more. There was soon another pair of footsteps and she began to panic, thinking perhaps they were going to jump her again like they did a mere week ago, Illinois still having a purple black eye on her left eye. Her heart pounded against her chest as her lungs burned with the effort, but she kept running.

    Tuesday, 6:58 AM She broke through the branches and brush of the little forest, the thorns tearing away at her sweater and bare skin. A crimson line of liquid appeared on her cheek as she hurried through the brambles of the forest, salty tears stinging the scratch on her pale skin, the blood so visible against her ghostly appearance. She was breathing heavily as she stumbled over a root sticking out of the earth's dirt, landing with a yelp and a soft thud. Sobs came in heavy breaths, tears blinding here eyes as a branch fooled her for being someone reaching out to grab her. "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" She screeched out, recoiling into a little ball on the dark dirt as her grey sweater hung loosely on her skinny frame. Her hair covered her face as soft sobs wracked through her thin body, the raven like strands tangled and holding a few leaves and twigs from her journey of breaking through the brambles.

    Outfit (open)
    Shoes (open)
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  6. Cyn
    Tuesday, 6:51

    Cyn didn't turn at the approach of Evelyn. "How could an angel be okay after falling so far into the wickedness of hum-" Cyn stopped mid-metaphor. There wasn't time to explain herself if Evelyn didn't get it. Even though she probably would after being around Cyn enough. "No, let's go after her." She said plainly, picking up the pace a bit to chase after Illinois. Running in to the miniature forest thorns and branches scratched her, tho ugh not drawing blood. Branches stuck in her hair and slowed her down.
    Tuesday, 6:58

    "Illinois!" Cyn reached out for her right after she curled into a ball. "This forest is as still as a mountain! Nobodies grabbing you!" Cyn bent down next to her but careful not to touch her. She pulled branches out of her hair from all that running. She breathed in air heavily, catching her breath.

  7. Evelyn

    Tuesday, 6:59am

    After she had run after Illinois with Cyn, she had received a few grazes, but nothing too serious. "Illinois, it's okay, it's okay," she said in a soft tone. She rested on her knees, hands palm down on the floor, "Nobody is going to hurt you, we promise." She looked ay Cyn questioningly. What had happened to this poor girl?

    Flashback. Age: 3 years old. Day: Saturday Time: 4:16pm. Subconscious. No reaction visibly.

    A young woman smiled down at her weakly from her hospital bed. She reached out with a small fist, tears blurring her vision. "M-mama, I love you, please, come home!" she cried quietly, not quite understanding at her young age why her mother wasn't home. "I c-*cough*-can't, baby girl. Cancer is me-*cough*-mean. I-I love you both, Daddy and my baby. You'll have to go now, I-" Beeeeeeep. A loud beeping cut off her sentence and her body shook violently. Her father began shouting in his panic and she burst into even louder tears. They were steered from the room.
  8. Illinois
    Tuesday, 7:00 AM Illinois let out a choked sob as her body shook, blocking the sound of the other's voices out. Yet they still circled around in her head, like little phantoms, echoing and bouncing around in her mind.

    "Illinois, it's okay, it's okay,"


    "Don't yell at me! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't touch me, don't touch me!" Illinois clenched her eyes closed as she shook, thus having a panic attack, right then and there. How embarrassing. Her fists were clenched tightly and she breathed in little pants, trying to block the others out. Why don't they just hit her already, like everyone else!? Why won't they scream at her?! She kept breathing in sharply to calm herself down, only resulting in another sob. She was hysterical. She couldn't handle it anymore. She was breaking down, right then and there, in front of two strangers she'd merely seen in the hallways.
  9. Cyn
    Tuesday, 7:02

    "Nobodies sticks or stones are at arms. You are in peace." She said gently, looking at Evelyn for help. "It's just the three of us, Cyn, Evelyn and Illinois. None of us wish for further suffering upon someone without blame." She said, her voice soft enough to just be heard above Illinois' sobs.

    Cyn really didn't know Illinois well. Cyn tended to hang out with whomever she pleased from popular to unpopular. She drifted between groups or cliques often. She wasn't particularly outgoing but being labeled a wiccan and her general demeanor was interesting to people. Once before she'd tried to approach Illinois- just wondering about the math homework. But Illinois had simply scurried past.

    Her and Evelyn however knew each other. They had quite a few classes together so inevitably ended up speaking to each other. They weren't extremely close or anything but atleast close enough to have each others numbers. They were definitely friends, just not anything like best friends.
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  10. Evelyn
    Tuesday, 7:03am

    Eve shifted position slowly, from her knees to sitting cross-legged. "We're not shouting at you, Illinois. We don't want to see you hurt." She thought of the times she'd seen Illinois in the hallways, and how idiots would tease her. She had often wanted to go speak to her, but Illinois never seemed to speak to anyone. She knew Cyn from several classes, on the other hand, and often exchanged words (Sorry for the OOC but I always thought this sounds SUPER fancy) with her. They weren't extremely close, but they were friends, and that was nice. "She's having a panic attack," she murmured quickly, wide eyed, to Cyn, as Illinois broke down, "I recognise the symptoms. But I'm not sure how to calm her down. Any ideas?"
  11. (( Ok, I was trying to wait for you but I guess you're right. ))

    Tuesday, 7:06

    She looked at Evelyn a bit nervously. She had no idea what to do. She'd never dealt with anything like this before. If she knew Illinois better she might of known what to do but she didn't. She had to make the assumption she didn't have a boyfriend. So Cyn was out of guesses.

    She then started singing a lullaby in a soft and soothing tone. "Hush little baby don't you cry," she begun. It was the only guess she had. People liked songs, music calmed Cyn down on rare occasions where she was actually angered or depressed.​
  12. Illinois
    Tuesday, 7:06 She was shaking and crying on the forest's ground, leaves and branches tangled into her raven like hair as it covered her face. Her breathing was hitched and she was curled up into a ball, her arms wrapped around her legs as she panted. It was like the whole world was crashing in around her, attacking her from every angle at any chance it got, screaming and shouting, scratching and pulling, breaking her into even more pieces then what her already broken exterior could offer..

    And then it all stopped.

    It was all just cut short in a matter of seconds, the pain the shakiness, all of it, cut right through the middle. There was a voice. A rather soothing voice. It was...singing. Yes, it was singing. A lullaby. The tears stopped falling out of her clenched eyes, and the tension in her shoulders slowly released, her breathing coming in deeply and exhaling with long pauses. Her hands clenched and unclenched, twitching slightly as she gave a soft whimper. She felt pitiful lying there in front of the two girls, her hair covered in dirt and leaves, her clothes a bit torn from running through the brambles. She felt pitiful.
  13. Evelyn
    Tuesday, 7:07am

    "Well done," she muttered to Cyn, smiling slightly. She glanced at Illinois. "Illinois?" she asked in a soft tone, "Are you.. Okay?" Eve inhaled and exhaled slowly as she took a split second to look up, eyes darting around the forest as a pang of paranoia stabbed at her gut. She dismissed it, after deciding that, no, the Walrider wasn't going to come for them. She tucked a loose strand of chestnut hair behind her ear.

    (Ok, sorry if it's short. Just to say, the 'Walrider', for those who don't know, is an evil.. "spirit of folklore", and is a character featured in the Whistleblower DLC of Outlast. :)
  14. Cyn
    Tuesday, 7:10

    She hadn't expected it to work ad well as it did. She gave a little smile. "I suppose humanity never really ages, just accumulates." Cyn said to say that you didn't drop things you felt as a small child like comfort in soothing songs. Or in Cyn's case, falling asleep after riding in a car too long.

    But now that that problem was fixed there was another problem at hand. They needed to get to school. "Do you think you're ready to go to school?" She asked Illinois, extending a hand to her without touching her as she straightened up.​
  15. Illinois
    Tuesday, 7:10 AM Illinois didn't answer Evelyn, just slowly sat up and brought her knees to her chest, hugging them softly. She grabbed some of the leaves in her hair and pulled them out, and moved the hair completely out of her face. Most people at the school hadn't even seen her mouth before, so this was a change. Her cheeks were red from the crying, and her dull grey eyes were still a bit watery. Her pale face was ghostly and strangely illuminating in the dark forest, the cut on her cheek from the branch highly visible against the porcelain skin, and she glanced down to not make eye contact. Illinois was actually quite beautiful, but in a strange and much different way then others would think. At Cyn's question, Illinois glanced up again and after a few more seconds of silence, nodded.
  16. Evelyn
    Tuesday, 7:12am

    Eve sighed softly, a smile etched upon her face. She got up slowly. "Let's go then, shall we?" There was a sharp intake of breath as she pulled a splinter from her thumb. She brushed off her white leggings and Pokemon jumper, her eyes twinkling. She noticed the way Illinois' cherry cheeks contrasted with her snowy skin. She looted around in her backpack for that first aid kit - She was used to getting scrapes, bumps and bruises whenever she played hockey or any sport at school. She pulled out a bandage, and held it out to Illinois. "For the cut on your cheek. You might wanna get it checked out by the school nurse," she explained.
  17. Panda
    7:02 - 7:15 AM, Tuesday.

    His alarm had not awoken him. Normally, Pan would be up and out of bed by 6 in the morning, but today he had slept right through his alarm. It wasn't until past 7 in the morning that he found himself sitting upright in bed, only to glance over at the clock by his bed and realize it was late. It wasn't like this was an unusual occurence, Pan normally went to bed in the wee hours of morning and just as often he woke up late. Still, he was in a rush to get ready. He didn't live extremely close to the school, and he'd have to walk today due to his bike gettings a flat tire.

    The teenage boy pulled himself out of bed, knowing his mother and stepfather had already gone to work, so atleast he wouldn't get hollered at for waking up late. He took a very brisk shower, then hopped out and changed into his clothes, brushed his teeth, and got his things together. He would have to skip breakfast, which no doubt would make him more tired during the day.

    On his way out, Panda slung his backpack over his shoulder. His dog was barking in the backyard, but he wouldn't have time to say goodbye to him. Instead, he headed straight towards the door - grabbing keys off of the keyholder on the way -, opening and shutting the front door, locking it, and then beginning to jog down the sidewalk and towards school.


    {Sorry if I can't quite make him interact with the other characters yet, I'm unsure of how to jump in there. OnO;;}
  18. Cyn
    Tuesday, 7:16

    "Lets go then." Cyn began walking out the forest, shielding herself with her arms from the thick forest. "It's a jungle out here." She commented. Also the perfect hiding place for serial killers but Cyn didn't voice that one. But it was true a scary movie could of been filmed there. Because of the tall leafy trees the forest was rather dark. It left a bit of a ominous feeling on Cyn.

    Cyn looked behind her to make sure she was being followed. She'd hate to leave the two behind. The number one rule in horror movies was don't split up. Cyn really needed to stop watching so many movies. But in Cyn's experience it never hurt to be on guard.​
  19. Evelyn
    Tuesday, 7:17am

    Evelyn followed Cyn, all the while keeping her pace slow so that Illinois could keep up. That paranoia crept back as her eyes adjusted to the seemingly different light. She laughed at Cyn's comment, though it sounded a tad nervous. The goosebumps under her jumper were ticklish as they came. Eve pulled some loose leaves out of her hair as they fell lightly upon her head, trying not to think about Freddy and his evil gang.. Why had she played the second Five Night at Freddy's again?! She gulped, remembering Mangle's jumpscare, and shivered a bit. "This place is.. darker than I originally thought.."
  20. Illinois
    Tuesday, 7:18 AM Illinois followed them cautiously, her hair now back and covering her right eye, her nose and mouth. She looked a bit scary as one would say, and some people had began to call her nicknames such as The Ring. She listened to the other two girls exchange something, her eyes following their expressions. "This place is.. darker than I originally thought.." Illinois bit her bottom lip softly. "That's because you're not used to it like I am." She said softly, her lips only slightly moving to get the soft sound out. "It takes time." Illinois stared at her moving feet, biting her bottom lip as they continued to make their way out of the dim little forest she had come to love.
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