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  1. The Disappearance OOC!

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  2. Hope it's okay that I'm joining! Oh! Right! Guess what?
    Tartiest Tart.

    Name: Evelyn Jezebel Reese
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance (Picture & Description): [​IMG]
    Eve's skin is tanned as her mother makes her spend most of her time outdoors. Her hair was a dirty blonde before she died it chestnut brown, the same colour as her eyes. Her eyelashes are naturally long, but she never flutters them - She finds it silly. On her forearm is a small tattoo of a Pokeball, because she is such a big Pokemon fan. She stands at 5'7.
    Personality: Eve is the perfect description for tomboy and nerd - She loves to play sports, prefers computers over make up, used to go to boxing lessons, often stays up all night playing horror games and can name every single Pokemon.
    *Disorders/Mental Illnesses/Differences If Any: Paranoia due to excessive horror game playing.
    *Likes: Pokemon, comic books, sports, the colour blue, sweatpants, computers, ramen.
    *Dislikes: Pink, frilly things, make up, dresses, snobs, being alone, the dark.
    *Habits: Biting her nails when nervous, singing silly songs (OMG ALLITERATION) when happy, being overprotective.
    *Past: When Eve was only 3 her mother died, so she can't remember much of her. Her father raised her like the son he never had, making sure she never had Barbie dolls, but instead Nerf guns and Hot Wheels and such. She was bullied until she was 8, which was when her father took her to her first boxing lesson - She learned to fight back. She stopped when she was 14. Her father ordered she change her hair from "that silly girly colour" to something more boyish, and thus, brown hair. She often stayed the night at friends' houses to escape her strict father.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Panda "Pan" Reece
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance Description: Pan's natural hair color was dark brown, but he died it to a brighter shade of brown and then added some blonde to the mix. He has a fair skin tone and a pair of grey eyes. His body shape could be put under "lanky", as he's skinny and 6'1''. He has scars on his back.
    Personality: He's nice and friendly towards others most of the time, but if you throw even one insult towards somebody he's close to, he holds a grudge- and he doesn't get rid of grudges easily or quickly. However, he quickly warms up to people if they're kind and is known to be very trusting, even towards strangers. He's very energetic but at the same time likes sitting and playing video games, so if he's not outside doing something he's definitely inside playing something. He's always up for socializing with somebody, no matter where they wanna go. However, at times he tends to be very irritable due to lack of sleep, sometimes making it hard to be around him.
    *Disorders/Mental Illnesses/Differences If Any: Chronic insomnia, Panic Disorder (caused by depression he has, for the most part, gotten over. However, having random panic attacks still stuck, though they are not as common anymore.)
    *Likes: Animals, talking, people, excercise, gaming, horror movies, breakdancing, sneaking out to places at night, staying up late, and American football
    *Dislikes: Anybody who constantly acts rudely, baseball, pop music, and glasses.
    *Habits: Just that he always skips breakfast.
    *Past: Up until he was 11, he had a normal life. Pan lived with his mom and dad and two siblings, a older brother and sister. However, at that age, a chain of terrible things began to happen within his family. First, his grandfather died of a heart attack- he didn't think much of this, though he was deeply upset. About 5 months later, his dad was hospitalized due to cancer, and he died only 2 months after that. Then, finally, there was a chain of carcrashes, all including their family members. One included him, at the age of 13, and his two siblings. His sister died in the crash, and his brother and him were in critical condition for a while. It all ended at that age, and his mother remarried a nice man and everything was fine, but after his experience he fell into a deep pit of depression. He found himself unable to sleep and would often have terrible thoughts, causing him to have severe panic attacks. By the time he was 16, he didn't have as many panic attacks, but the amount of sleep he got was still poor. He sort of got himself back together during that time, building a stronger relationship with his remaining family, including his brother who had already gone to college by that point.

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  4. Both accepted, but @Aobabe make sure to go through the rules real quick. I just don't want any confusion. @OhKaydhen @Aobabe
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  5. Aah, forgot to put it on the form;
    but "Tartiest Tart"!

    I'll go put it up on there, sorry about that ^^
  6. Don't sweat it! :)
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name: Illinois (Ell-a-noy) Timington
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance (Picture & Description): Black long hair that cascades down her skinny shoulders,
    and is rather choppy. Narrow nose and defined cheek bones from her skinniness, pink lips against her
    pearly white skin--almost ghostly-and is rather small. Skinny arms and legs, around the height of 5'3 and weighs roughly
    90 pounds. Nimble and thin fingers, small hands, and her eyes are a dull and pale grey. Often hazed over due
    to the time she spends in her head, losing herself. Often covers her face with her hair. Many call her creepy.

    Personality: Illinois is very quiet, and is not one to open up and/or expose her past. Many find her creepy and often keep their distance. She speaks in whispers and/or a soft tone, and slow and steady. She's awfully observant of other's emotions due to the fact
    that they interest her. She's quite fond of when people furrow their eyebrows. She's strange and eccentric, and
    instead of talking she'll merely examine you or stare, that is, if she's not lost in her mind. Illinois has very different and twisted
    thoughts, but who's to blame? She's timid and keeps her past on a tight leash, and invites no one to her house. Jumpy and skittish.

    *Disorders/Mental Illnesses/Differences If Any: Severe Anxiety (This includes social), High Depression, Derailment, Neologism, and Insomnia.
    *Likes: People's facial expressions, examining people, wandering around aimlessly, getting lost, closing her eyes,

    observing the world with a rather different point of view, writing
    *Dislikes: Loud noises, eye contact, physical contact, people trying to "Figure her out.", prying into her business.
    *Habits: Covering her face with her long bangs, biting her fingers, biting her lip (often chapped and/or cracked and bleeding),
    rubbing her hands together, snapping nervously, muttering under her breath quickly and is usually jibberish, gripping her hair, holding her head, rocking, crying.
    *Past: (Basically the opening to The Disappearance)
  8. So we're good to go to IC? :)
  9. Cyn Weiss

    Cyn, pronounced "Sin", is a darker complexioned, thin, 5'7 lady. She has brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a B34, a XS top and size 4 pants.
    Personality: Cyn is a transient dreamer. She tends to float from one place to another, never really settling down. She hates doing the same thing for too long. Though this doesn't hold with relationships be it friend or otherwise. Cyn is very loyal to her partner and her friends. But she is very distrustful of strangers.
    Cyn is a natural dreamer. She's always drawing, but she draws as she feels not as she sees. She's very expressive, anything she feels will be on her face- it's up to you to be able interpret the mystery beyond.
    Cyn is known to be a bit mysterious. She speaks bluntly but uses lots of metaphors and cryptic sayings with a deeper meaning. It isn't as if it's purposeful, it's simply how she works.
    Disorders/Mental Illnesses/Differences If Any: Cyn has OCD, she must compulsively do everything in threes or she will break down.
    Likes: Nature, Art, Human Beings, Late Nights, Coffee, Horror/Gore/Scary Movies, Love, Hartred, Expressions, Soccer, Young Children, Sweets, Music, Politics, Astrophysics, Animals
    Dislikes: The Idea Of Nothingness, Boredom, Normality, Sameness, The Idea Of Evil, Republicans, Conservatives
    Habits: Singing/Humming At Any Time, Napping In Inappropriate Situations, Wandering
    Past: Her past is convuluded. Honestly she barely remembers it. The last thing she remembers is at twelve her Dad gambled away everything on a number. He chose 4. The correct number was 3. Tartiest Tart.
  10. Wait for me!

    Can I have two characters?? Cus in group rps I usually have two characters and in this case I can't decide on either charcter, so I'd like to make two.

    And if its okay, can one of my charcters be like the villan of the rp? (I just like to make drama...)
  11. Accepted @Brøken_Serenity
    And @Ashley The Girl Perv I always prefer to have one character per person, but I think I might bend it this time. And yes, a villain would be a nice touch. Is it practically a bully or a bad boy/girl?
  12. I guess she would just be a bully. And since the main character is a girl, I was thinking that the bully would be a girl too...
    But thanks anyways and here's my CS

    Jake Christopher "Jc " Smith

    Jc has Piercing blue eyes, and messy brown hair that's almost eye level. 5'6 would probably be a bit short for his age, and he had to deal with that.

    Personality: Jc, is kind, and caring, but usually quiet. He almost never trys to make new friends, but when he does, he makes sure that their deserving to be his friend and won't betray him in any way.
    *Disorders/Mental Illnesses/Differences If Any: He was diagnosed with Claustrophobia when he was 12, when he was screaming his head off when he got locked in a closet, while playing hide and seek with his sister. When they found him, he fainted and they had to send him to the hospital.
    *Likes: Helping others, even if it means him getting hurt. Food, Rainy days
    *Dislikes: Obnoxious people, his sister, Rude people, And Teachers.
    *Habits: He tends yo flip his hair... A lot. Walking with his chin down
    *Past: He had a great life, with his family until the age of 10,when he met his step sister. She basically ruined his life, especially his family. His dad cheated on his mom, and til this day, he thinks that she wrecked the family. His parents had a divorce and from then on, He barely sees his mother anymore, and his dad doesn't come home very often, so he had to live with his step-mom and his step- sister.

    His sister was also the cause of most of his pain and bullying. They went to school together, most of middle school and highschool, yet he was older. Wherever he went she was the most popular.

    Then came 8th grade, when he was certain that he was bisexual. And for that he was bullied for liking guys, sometimes even threatened. He never fought back, afraid of getting hit harder. In the summer, he found out that he got his girlfriend pregnant, and when he confronted her about it, he only found out that the baby was aborted.

    He'd gone through depression, for the last 2 years, and was treated before his sophmore years.

    Kiera Smith

    Cloudy gray eyes, and tanned skin. She has a curvy body and wears a B36. She usually wear a heels to hide her shortness, but she's 5'0 tall.

    Personality: Being popular, she has a bitchy side of her, and there's a caring, and friendly side of her. Well, she's forced to be bitchy... But she knows deep within her that she isn't that person that everyone likes, but if it wasn't for their popular kiera, no one would talk to her. She is usually sarcastic and mean, to whoever gets 'in her way'
    Likes: Everyone surrounding her, popularity, flirting, talking
    *Dislikes: Being ignored, being embaressed
    *Past: growing up was tough for her knowing that
    "She was a big mistake"
    Her Mother, basically disowned her, she never cared for her until she began to live with her step brother. She never got attention from her father, while Jc always was her dads favorite. Maybe it was because their guy,or maybe it was because she and her mother were just the secondary family.

    She used to get pushed around a lot, until she stood up for herself, knowing to have that attitude of hers. Since then everyone just loved her.

    Tartiest Tart
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  16. Alright, well, I'll start off with a little intro and we'll go from there.
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