The diner

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  1. Charles walked into the diner,shaking off the snow and the stomping out his boots.
    The city had a blizzard that day, not entirely strange, it was Christmas Eve anyway. It was strange that people like him were going out to eat. But they had people to eat with.
    Charles was paid generously by the library and also by shoveling snow. He saved it all and decided to go out for once. Although he had money, he just broken up with his boyfriend. It was not surprising, just odd.
    Whatever. They were getting into fights anyway.

    Charles ran his hands through his black curly hair as he sat down at a table. The waiter was a nice middle aged lady, they new each other. He got a steak and some coffee to warm himself up.

    Something spotted his eye though. You. You caught his attention.
  2. jessica was the new waitress at the diner. she was only 19, petite and had long snow white hair that went down to the middle of her back. she had just moved into this town when her parents died. she had no other family. she walked over to the guy who just walked with his steak in hand and his coffee in the other. "heres your order anything else i can get you."
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  4. (Sorry, I had the genre on fantasy,accident, so i changed it)

    "Thank you," he said as he took off his gloves.
    "Here..." Charles decided to give the tip early. It was about 30 dollars.
  5. jessica took the 30 dollars "Thank you" she put the money in her pocket and walked over to another customer to take his order.
  6. "Oh...Merry Christmas." He smiled as he drank his coffee. Now his ex boyfriend crossed his mind again. He room a bite of steaks to distract himself.
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