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  1. The Intersection is the place where many dimensions, each of their own stories, "cross over". Many characters from different books, fictional universes, video games, shows and even roleplay use this pathway to move from one story to the next. Originally, it was used by few. Outlaws used it as a hide out or people could stumble upon it and use its intended purpose to travel. Now, it is common knowledge. It even has its own police force to keep criminal activity at low. Sadly, there is a group who intends to destroy the Intersection, but that is technically impossible. Some characters have actually built stores, inns, and diners along the pathway. Many types of characters come on the Intersection, so it is common to see a cyborg, Dragon, demon, or just a normal human being. regular travelers tend to pass their eyes over such oddities, but newcomers tend to want to stand and stare like any tourist. But the Intersection gets a person to their intended story.

    "Down this road, make a left, and through the portal should be the entrance to Bulhit. I have a friend there currently. Though from what I've heard its pretty hectic there so watch your back." Lydia explained to a tourist. She was a tall woman who always wore a black turtleneck. Her blonde hair was more tamed than her sister Iris's but it was still pretty wacky. The tourist bowed silently and turned to follow Lyd's directions. She scratched the back of her neck, then walked to the door of a building entitled "The Crossover Cafe". She took a seat in the park bench in front of the building and sat in it, examining the crowd that went by. She yawned tiredly.
    "I don't feel like going in for a rest, though these people do know me well. But it's hard to sleep here. Maybe if I were a cat, it'd be easier to sleep..." She said absent-mindedly to herself. She stretched out, and in a poof, turned into a yellow tabby cat. She turned once, then rested on the bench. She was glad Iris wasn't making a call for her. Times like this where she could just sleep were awesome. Soon, she had fallen asleep on the park bench
  2. It wasn't certain how much time had passed, but, at some point or another, an strange man wandered down the path, not seeming to be heading anywhere in particular, his motives were uncertain, but, for the most part... He looked like an ordinary man from a not so distant time. However, one this that set him apart from most people like him was a peculiar looking sword strapped to his back, unlike his rather worn appearance, it was kept surprisingly clean, light that he passed often reflecting from it's metal handlebars every now and then, and the distinct, white, gem in it's hilt. It seemed like he had been wandering around this intersection for a while now, though, it was unclear as to why; though, the simple conclusion would probably be that he had lost his way... Which, was more or less it actually. What else could explain his behavior after all? Eventually, his aimless wandering brought him to a bench, and, he was juuust about to sit down when he noticed a tabby cat in his place.

    This little discovery seemed to catch him off-guard a little, but, soon enough, he just moved to one side, and sat down with a weary huff, his sword making a tiny clanging sound as the bottom of the hilt knocked against it's framework briefly. It didn't seem like he paid it much attention though; he looked tired, and appeared to be trying to recall something, a piece of information, a memory, anything that would remind him of where he needed to go, because, frankly, he hadn't had a clue. If he had remembered, or at the very least had an idea, he could have found help easily, but, since he didn't, finding someone that can lead him to the right portal to the right place is difficult as he himself didn't know which one actually did do just that. There was somewhere he needed to be, some place, that was all he knew, everything else seemed quite fuzzy to him, like distant memories he once had that were suddenly muddled by some event, for a reason he had yet to know. Thinking about this stuff too much gave him quite the headache, so, he stopped, and instead, let his eyes close... Perhaps he'd remember with a quick nap? Even if he didn't, he knew he could use one, and, before he knew it... He was dozed off, his eyes drifting shut slowly but surely.
  3. Lydia lifted her head, super aware as the man sat on the bench beside her. As long as he didn't mess with her, she was fine. But he looked like a newcomer and lost, so she felt the need to help him. But with some people, it was harder to tell what they needed. She decided to start with the basics.
    "Hey, if you need a place to sleep, go into this shop and ask for a room and say that Lydia sent you. I'm good friends with the owner and they will take care of you in the meantime." She said, with her head on her paws and one eye on the man. His sword looked cool to her.
  4. It took a moment for any sort of response to come as the man suddenly woke up with a start, tilting his head at the talking tabby-cat in front of him for a few moments before rubbing his eyes and speaking. "Shop? Well... I suppose I'll head there..." he murmured, blinking a few times before looking back at the strange, talking tabby-cat. "Never seen a talking cat before..." He said, scratching his head a little, this was most definitely one of the strangest things he'd seen as he was wandering around here... Despite wanting to head into that shop and ask for a room, he decided to linger around a bit longer; he wasn't surprised that the cat laying next to him would eventually do something, sure, but, he hadn't ever expected that cat to talk... This certainly was a strange place...
  5. Pani (open)

    "Damn it. Damn it. Damn it." The foul words flowed from the mouth of a strangely clad woman as her eyes wandered about the small map in her hand. In the other was a excessively large squeegee that rested on her shoulder, endangering several people every time she turned. The map appeared to have nothing but lunatic gibberish scribbled on it, perhaps the cause of her displeasure. Or maybe it was due to the limp she walked with, or the fact that when turned to her companion, she wasn't there. "Oh, fucking hell." The woman groaned, her hand meeting her head. "I'm the worst auntie ever."

    Eventually the woman found her way to a park bench and sat down, quickly noticing the commotion on the bench behind her. She chose to ignore it, setting her oversized squeegee to her side. But alas, she wasn't paying attention to the position she placed it and soon it was falling down on the head of the man with the sword.
  6. Lydia lifted herself to her paws and stretched out, turning to the man.
    "I should probably show you it, in case the owners don't believe you..." Her voice trailed off as the woman's squeegee slid down to hit the man's head. A light chuckle escaped her, but she couldn't let the thing fall down and knock him out. As the stick spiralled down, She bumped it with her tiny cat leg, spinning it so the broad side of the squeegee hit him rather than the corner, making sure it didn't knock him out.
  7. "Ow." The man said, groaning a ltitle as he rubbed his head, staring at the squeegee that fell ontop of his head, he looked down to see that the talking cat had actually knocked it out of the way a little "Well... I guess I owe you one..." he said, standing up this time before anything else could fall on his head. He stood up, turning to the new arrival for a moment, tilting his head as he realized pretty quickly it was her squeegee thing that fell down on his head, but, he noticed that it was just at an awkward angle. He quickly picked up the odd cleaning devide and placed it against the bench this time, properly, so it wouldn't fall again... Then, he turned to Lydia "I suppose showing me where that store is would be nice..." he said, rubbing his head a little, a tiny little lump had formed where he had been hit a few moments ago.
  8. The woman looked back at where her squeegee had landed and bolted upright when she found it had fallen on some guy's head. "Oh, sorry! Wasn't paying attention to where I put it." She smiled awkwardly and looked back at her map of gibberish. However something seemed to pop into her head and she looked back up at the two. "Hey, you wouldn't have happened to seen my niece would you? Green hair, quiet, carrying two razor sharp katanas? Name's Pani by the way." She extended her gloved hand to the man.
  9. "Nope, haven't seen her." Lydia said, stretching again. "I'd most likely remember seeing someone like that." She hopped off of the bench, and in another swift poof of purple smoke, she went back to her human form. She turned back to the people on the bench.
    "I'll keep an eye out. In the mean time, so you need a place to stay too? I've got a window room so you can watch for her."
  10. The man smiled a little, nodding a bit as he grasped Pani's hand, shaking it a little "Zayne... I think... That's what they call me." he said, rubbing his head again with his other hand. It seemed that the bump on the head helped him recall his name at least, or, what he thought was his name anyways... He still had no idea where he was supposed to be going yet though.
  11. Pani was unfazed by the mystical cat sorcery and shook Zayne's hand. She nodded at the no longer a cat question. "That would be good. It's real easy to lose her you know. So quiet..." She trailed off, clearly ashamed. How could she lose tract of her?! Condition or not she was her niece.
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  12. Lydia stood straight.
    "Alright, if you'll follow me." She said, walking around the bench to the door Of the cafe. She opened it and leaned in.
    "Hey! It's Lydia! I'm going to need two rooms please!" She hollered, then someone yelled back something that could not be heard on the other side of the wall. She held the door opened but pulled out of the doorway.
    "Just go ahead to the counter and pick up the keys. They are sitting by the complementary muffins. Feel free to have one. The stairs to the rooms are the door on the right of the counter, but whether you go up or not is up to you." She leaned on the door.
    "I'll have eyes searching for the one with the green hair, Pani." She said with a half-smile.
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  13. beau1.jpg Beau Steele had been to the Intersection before. It was his go-to place for meetings as well as an escape for when he needed to hide away for a bit. His work left him a wanted man in many areas so, between his travels, he arrived to the Intersection for a refuel and recovery before his next trip or job was to be completed. Beau kept himself in shrouded apparel to avoid anyone of his past recognizing him. A thick scarf and a heavy dark jacket with a lifted collar helped mask most of his facial features. All it took was a tuck of his chin to hide most of his face if he noticed a familiar face around him. He was quick, a skill he needed for the jobs he performed, so he has experienced in escaping quickly when around unpleasant company. Today had a been a pleasant morning. He allowed himself to sleep in after a long and tiring night of traveling, and was up for some much needed breakfast and hot coffee to wake up.

    Even as he reached for a muffin he saw the arrival of new people enter the lobby of the place he was staying. He watched them curiously, lifting one of the muffins to his mouth for a big bite. His eyes danced around for where the pot of hot coffee would be he was promised when he checked in. He wore dark sweat pants, a black t-shirt and soft padded shoes. Staying within the confines of the hotel allowed to be more relaxed. Even so, he kept his dagger on the ready, hidden beneath his pant leg and strapped to his lower calf.

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  14. Zayne followed behind Lydia closely, seeming to be glad he had a place to stay for now... Perhaps having a place to gather his thoguths would help him recover his memories? With that in mind, he stepped inside, listening to her instructions "Thank you..." he said a little quietly, heading over to the counter and taking one of the keys along with a muffin; it's been a while since he had something to snack on, so, something like that simply couldn't be turned down by him... He turned back for a moment, nodding a little at what Lydia said, even if it didn't exactly concern him, then, he headed upstairs to begin looking around for his room; he figured he should find the matching number with his key soon enough. Though, how long that would take depended on just what number was on his key, with that in mind, he looked down at it for a moment... Room 128, not bad, it should be a few more rows down the hall, right?
  15. Pani swung her oversized squeegee onto her shoulder and followed Lydia inside the cafe. "Thanks for that." She replied, giving the girl a two-fingered salute. She eyed the man in dark clothing at the counter. The traveler was planning on steal- Er... partaking in a few of the complimentary muffins but that seemed not to be possible. She grabbed her keys and one of the pastries, eating wile she read the number: 007, huh. Pani was about to make her way to her room but her eyes caught a strange commotion on the street.

    A circle of people had formed in the middle of the crowed street. Some were silent, others were yelling things like, "cut that stupid circus act and move!" It was unclear what they were gathered around, but Pani was quickly interested. She leaned on the counter, watching the crowd from the cafe window. After a moment or two she carefully set her cleaning tool down and choose to make small talk with the stranger to her left. "Good eve' sir." She started curtly, not moving her gaze from the group.
  16. Lydia nodded as the two entered the building. "No problem." She shrugged, then followed them in, letting the door fall shut behind her. She went to the desk which had only a cat door on the side, rather than a gate. Lydia ran up to the muffin bin and grabbed one, stuffing it in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed it quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, because she got the hiccups. She closed her eyes and sighed. She returned to her cat form, then crawled her way into the cat door. After a minute, a fancy-looking cup of coffee emerged from the cat door, then Lydia slid her way out. Her tail twitched in irritation as another hiccup racked her. She let out a tiny cat growl and started lapping the coffee up. She looked up halfway through the cup, hearing the commotion outside.
    "Oh no." She said. She pointed a claw at the coffee and a purple haze enveloped it and then lifted it from the floor. Lydia gingerly chose her way across the cafe to the big window, with her cup floating beside her. She hopped up and the coffee carefully placed itself on the windowsill, still beside her. She looked out the window at the circle, cautiously lapping up her coffee, not taking her eyes off of the scene.
  17. Beau found the fresh brewed coffee soon enough and poured himself one in to one of the community mug. It was rather large, which he was pleased for, and seemed to be hand made with intricate markings along the side. Whoever had made the mug had the comfort of a hand in mind as his grip on it was more than comfortable. He embraced the warmth that seeped from the mug through his skin and gingerly sipped at his drink. Black coffee with some sugar, simple and delicious.

    Beau watched the man of the group disappear then, with a bit of surprise, he saw one of the young woman turn herself in to a lithe cat, disappearing through a small cat door. He was used to the oddities of this place but they never got old. The cat returned, a floating cup of coffee in tow. A bemused smirk played across Beau's lips. His attention was pulled from the cat when a commotion outside was loud enough to be heard. He lifted his head in the direction and looked out of the window to see what was going on.

    A large cleaning tool rested by him and his attention was pulled from the squeegee to the odd young woman now by his side. She gave a curt greeting, her eyes searching for the same ruckus he was looking for out on the street. Beau turned to look at her, his gaze soft as he inspected her interesting look. He brought his eyes back up to hers, even though they were glued out through the window. "Hi there" he replied to her standoffish greeting. He glanced out to the street, still unable to quite see what was going on, then looked back to her. "Beau" he said simply, giving her a warm smile and extending his hand in greeting. If she was as curious as he was they might join together to inspect what was happening out on the street.
  18. The young woman on the other side was named Caddy, and she had razor sharp teeth that looked much too bright white for her age. She was always looking for some adventure, and seeing the cat and her partners did not phase her. If anything phased her, it was this young man extending his hand, for she was antisocial and wanted nothing more than to find the portal to her home. She was staying in this passing by inn for some time now, looking for a specific someone to give her directions to home. Someone much like herself. She took his hand and smiled politely, trying not to show her teeth much in case she scared him. "I'm Caddy. How do you do?" He was sadly not talking to her, but she was trying to get his attention.
    Her scarf on her head was much too tight, and she looked much too thin, not getting enough blood for days. The cat looked like it would help her though, not with the blood but with the information. She started towards it before turning to the young gentleman. "Excuse me, Do i know you?"
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  19. Lydia saw the three people at the table behind her, one with pretty white teeth, the girl with the squeegee, and a dark-looking dude that she did not trust.
    "I hope that you all find this place adequate to your needs. The cafe literally served every food known to all stories and dimensions." She said suddenly, turning back to face out of the window at the chaos happening below. She finished off her drink, then licked the drops off of her whiskers. She groomed herself slightly before anything else happened.
  20. (( hey diestarlyt if you're talking to my character you might want to rewrite your post as he was already talking to Cronos character. Perhaps she could step up on his other side to introduce herself? Just don't want things to get confusing as to who is talking to who))
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