The Dimension Hoppers Club!

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  1. The world is what you make of it! If it doesn't fit, change the channel!

    When your dad's a mad scientist and your basement is home to a massive lab, "craziness" is just another word for "everyday stuff". And so, it should really come as no surprise that he somehow found a way to travel across other dimensions. What's really surprising is that he's perfected it. So, naturally, there's some showing off to be done. Gather some friends, hop through the portal, and voila! The Dimension Hoppers Club is born!

    For setting, think of the suburban midwest. Lots of houses, very little to do, very, very boring. Of course, the characters live mostly on the same cul-de-sac, with a few others in the neighboring streets. It's almost Christmas break, which means the Dimension Hopping Club is gearing up for a few big trips through the portal. It also means there's snow on the ground, and the frigid temperatures to keep it there.

    Have fun!


    (Physical age, then actual age if necessary)
    Appearance: (All appearance data, height, build, etc.)
    Personality: (What are they like as a person?)
    Motivation: (What prompted them to join the Dimension Hoppers Club? What's their goal in life, if any?)
    Powers?: (Are they a Powered character from another dimension? If so, these powers are locked while within a mile of the portal.)
    Fears: (Things that give them pause, if any.)
    Strengths: (Things that make them a good person.)
    Failings: (Things that make them a bad person.)
    History: (A brief recount of their experiences before joining the Club.)
    Other: (Stuff about them that wouldn't go in any other section.)

    Okay. First things first, be nice to the other players. Past that, if you're going to be dropping from the RP, let me and the others know. Third, no leaving other players behind. Allow for at least three posts between your previous and your next. Fourth, all of the characters will know each other, but not everyone is going to be related. If you want to be related to someone else's character, take it up with the character's player. Fifth, if you want to bring a character from another RP, or want to crossover with that RP as part of the dimension hopping fun, take it up with the GM of that RP and let me know beforehand so I can look at the character and the RP. Sixth, any poweredcharacters will have their powers "locked" while in the Dimension Hoppers home dimension and must take on a new name so they don't stick out.
  2. Just watching. :D Can't wait to sign up!
  3. Right. I have the skeleton ready to put up, but due to no home internet, I can't get it up til my internet comes back. Til then, though, you guys can brainstorm, make plans, or just chat if you like.
  4. Character skeleton up!
  5. Awesome! Will post mine tonight.
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  6. Is anyone else planning on getting their skeletons up?
  7. Will work on mine tonight.
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  8. Oh? App skellies are here?

    I guess it is time to get-a-rolling.
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  9. All players that have yet to check in need to do so ASAP. Those who are sitting on unfinished skeletons need to finishe them.
  10. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, but I'll do my best.
  11. Please do.
  12. What you have so far looks interesting. Delete the stuff in parentheses, though, so it looks cleaner.
  13. I know. I'm just following my usual character creation. I'll clean it up at the end.
  14. I believe so. I am semidead.
  15. Well at least you're here.
  16. Hey, @Wolfsbane706 when are you going to put up your character?
  17. Maybe tonight after getting off work.
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