The Dimension Hoppers Club

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  1. The world is what you make of it! If it doesn't fit, change the channel!

    When your dad's a mad scientist and your basement is home to a massive lab, "craziness" is just another word for "everyday stuff". And so, it should really come as no surprise that he somehow found a way to travel across other dimensions. What's really surprising is that he's perfected it. So, naturally, there's some showing off to be done. Gather some friends, hop through the portal, and voila! The Dimension Hoppers Club is born!

    This is going to be a slice of life RP, sort of. It's not gonna be your typical slice of life, but the basic elements will be there. All the characters will know each other. Any takers?
  2. This could be fun. I'd be happy to join in on the transdimensional fun.
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  3. 1. Are crossovers allowed?

    2. Niiiice
  4. Crossovers from other RPs? Sure. Crossovers from actual works, no.
  5. Sounds good to me.
  6. Ohhh deym. Where do I sign up?
  7. He probably has not set the RP up. So I guess we need to wait.
  8. Gonna wait for at least one more person to express interest.
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  10. OOC coming up soon.
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  11. I do have two pairs of other RP characters. The first pair is from my own RP, and they are sisters. Hydra and Chimera from 'Legacy of Typhon'.

    The second pair will be from an RP that hasn't started yet. I will share details later.
  12. Which one or which pair do you plan on bringing over?
  13. Right, a couple restrictions. I hadn't been expecting anyone to bring over powered characters, so I'll be adding this to the rules, but any powered characters will have their powers "locked" while in the Dimension Hoppers home dimension and must take on a new name so they don't stick out.

    Also, "1.65 centimeters"? I think you forgot to remove the "centi". For these two specifically, I'll let you know when you can pull out their full powers. Also, their fantastical nature might clash with the sci-fi genre, so are you sure these are the two you want to bring in?
  14. Yeah, I did forget to remove the centi.

    Would you have preferred more sci-fi-themed characters? Maybe Superheroes or Space Bounty Hunters or something? Or are Fantasy-themed characters really OK?
  15. I'm not objecting to their presence. I think it'd be interesting to see the Dimension Hoppers visit a world where magic has developed.
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  16. Would you down for a space fairing adventurer alien joining? Got a character I'm trying to find rps to join with, same as my avatar.
  17. Well, hop on over to the OOC thread. As long as you follow the rules, I'll let you use whatever character you like.
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