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  1. Alexander concept
    He's not really a shadow, hes a creation of the Darkness in life. He's metaphorical Darkness so he is all darkness. The concept was he was a being created by the dark thoughts of living things and supernatural beings. In earlier posts its hinted that he grows with the more evil intentions and dark thoughts surrounding him. The only problem is he is and always will be a broken mind, sometimes literally freezing him in an endless thought until he fights through it. Like when the Demon girl character had the interaction with Raina, he couldn't actually act because he was busy fighting himself and many delusions. In the process he even hurt himself by clawing at his face. He will eventually be unable to stop and destroy himself. By no means is he a God mod either his weakness is himself and his own powers, the more he uses them the more destruction he causes to himself.
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  3. The Girl

    She's not really a complete demon, but she's not human either. She's an Ancient Consumer of All Things that is driven by hunger and eats even her own kind to satisify it. The 'principal' has been calling demons to his side and the noise of his summonings has brought forth one of the ancients. She doesn't like eating humans or even things close to human, but she won't be able to control her hunger forever. Her weaknesses are also apparent once you that a close look at her.
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