The Difficulties of Life

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  1. Rp with Fennecfox

    First Name: Rain
    Last Name: Kiryuu
    Age: 24
    Orientation: strait
    Race: vampire
    Personality: Dark, cruel, sadistic, mysterious, a little creepy, can be protective (of his little sister mostly) and rarely kind
    Hobbies: torture to others, messing around with the ladies, stalking (sort of), dark sketching, roaming through the streets at night
    Likes: heavy metal/screamo music, bitter tasting things, women, deathly screams of others, sex
    Dislikes: his sister crying, when somebody tells him no, sweets
    Relationship Status: Dating
    Children: Mimi

    First Name: Sakura
    LastName: Kiryuu
    Age: 16
    Orientation: bi~
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: honest, loyal, mysterious, dark, sadistic, humorous, playful, puzzling.
    Hobbies: Painting, leading people on (sometimes), playing with dolls
    Likes: Dolls, paints, the darkness, torture to others, getting her way
    Dislikes: not getting her way, when her older brother ruins her fun, bright lights
    Job: none yet~
    Relationship Status: single
    Parents?: Dead
    Children?: Isabella (died at birth)

    First Name: Jace
    Last Name: Parkinson
    Age: 24
    Orientation: strait
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: dark, mature, very serious, somewhat mysterious
    Hobbies: causing troubleLikes: the dark, loud music, rituals
    Dislikes: a lot of things
    Job(optional): He's a part of Rain's gang so I guess that's a job
    Relationship Status: single
    Children: none

    First Name: Seth
    Last Name: Haruka
    Age: 26
    Orientation: strait
    Race: human
    Personality: funny, smart, caring, loyal, not so easily embarrassed, can easily speak his opinion
    Hobbies: reading, tutoring, hanging out at his place
    Likes: books, learning new things, teaching, kids
    Dislikes: emotional pain, failing at his job, not being able to help
    Job(optional): Socials teacher at the High School
    Relationship Status: single
    Children: Isabella (she died when she was born)

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  2. First Name: Alice
    Last Name:Sakuraba
    Age: 21
    Orientation: strait
    Race: vampire
    Personality: shyer and more to her self then she ever was ,was once loud proud and in your face
    Hobbies: was once in a bad and still writes song once I n a while, also draws
    Likes: drawing seeing Mimi
    Dislikes: being away from her daughter for to long drinking blood
    Relationship Status: Dating
    Children: Mimi

    First Name: Mimi
    Last Name: Sakuraba
    Age: 5
    Race: vampire
    Personality: bubbly happy and someone secretly wise
    Hobbies: y'know...kid things...s:
    Likes: sweet playing seeing Alice and such
    Dislikes: smelly thing and ugly things food that's too spicy foods
    Relationship Status: a child
    Children: no...just no

    First Name: Hina
    Last Name: she doesn't know so its differnet every time she introduces herself
    Age: 23
    Orientation: straight
    Race: siren/human
    Personality: loud proud and stubborn She violent and gets angry easily
    Hobbies: playing around with people gun training cards causing trouble
    Likes: rare guns hanging with the gang and just having fun
    Dislikes: thing or people getting in her way or being proven wrong
    Relationship Status: single

    First Name: Mira
    Last Name: Sakuraba
    Age: 30
    Orientation: straight
    Personality: protective and motherly
    Hobbies: she puts everything she can into her family
    Likes: cooking and movies and such
    Dislikes: when her family is in troble
    Relationship Status: married
    Children: none

    First Name: Lance
    Last Name: Sakuraba
    Age: 32
    Orientation: straight
    Race: vampire
    Personality: protective stern but loving and will do anything for his family
    Hobbies: he doesn't have time to think of hobbies
    Likes: when he can see his family smile
    Dislikes: the fact that Alice wont go home
    Relationship Status: married
    Children: none
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  4. Rain tears through the forest, quickly rushing through the underbrush. He hisses in fury as he keeps chase. Where did that girl go? How dare she just say it's over then run off, after everything he had done for her. He stops a moment and slams his fist against a tree as he curses

    Jace enters the dark lit room, where the rest of the gang members were waiting. He smiles and looks at them all. He was a little agitated that Rain just took off the way he did. But now business was business. He gets everyon's attention
  5. Alice was just about to tackle a deep when rain slammed the tree scaring the deer off. She hadn't feel in almost a month and on top of that animal blood doesn't help much at all. Her head whipped around in the direction the slam came from. but shook her head and sighed frustrated and went deeper into the forest to search for literally anything to eat.

    Hina had been chatting with a bigger guy of the gang her hand on his leg and she was whispering in his ear when Jace walked in. She frowned and rolled her eyes a bit. she looked up at Jace with a less than impressed mostly bored expression.
  6. Rain heard the deer scamper off and hissed. Noisy critters. If she was close by she would have been scared off by it. He continues on into the forest and continues the search for her, quietly and slyly hissing her name, in case she could hear him. "C'mere Memory... oh sweet precious Memory... if you be the good girl you are and come here I promise I won't hurt you."

    Jace notices Hina's unimpressed look and shakes his head. She's always had something against him, whether he knew what or not. But that didn't matter. He puts his hands on his hips and looks at the crowd. "Okay guys, Rain ran off in a hurry over something and left me in charge of today's meeting."
  7. Alice was looking around and couldn't find her pray. She slipped up and stepped on a stick snapping it in two loudly. shit. there was no way she was going to be able to get any food tonight now.

    Hina sighed audible rolling her eyes. The man called out "what's this all about??" From the way Hina was basically in his lap Jace could tell this was the guy of the day. Just another bed for her to stay in for the night. Hina Never really had a place of her own. she just went form couch to couch and bed to bed. The guy was fairly new still , and Jace barely even knew the guys name.
  8. Rain hears the twig snap and smiles. "Ah hah!" He rushes in that direction. "You can't hide from me forever!" He emerges from the bushes and pounces at Alice, not realizing it wasn't who he was looking for

    Jace frowns. She stayed at every guy's house but his. He wondered what she had against him, but that didn't matter now. He needed to focus on the group. He looks over at the guy who commented before and sighs. "Rain had called this meeting about a leek amongst our group. Somebody is giving off information about our stuff to other groups and now their beginning to steal our status."
  9. Alice's eyes widened and she couldn't react fast enough to stop him landing on her back and stared up at her sudden attacker with a rage before her face faltered a the familiar eyes

    Hina's face faltered and she suddenly got serious. one of the things she hated to most was a traitor. "who the hell would do something like that?? I'll kill them!"
  10. Rain frowns, his breathing a little heavy as he notices that this wasn't his prey. He curses under his breath for his misjudgement. Where in the world had that girl gone to? He pauses a moment to look down at this other girl, sudden realization coming to him as he looks into her eyes and his already pale face becomes ghostly white as he breathlessly speaks. "A-Alice....?"

    Jace shrugs. "We don't know, that's what this meeting is supposed to be about. To find our traitor and turn him in to Rain."
  11. Alice just stared up at him for what seemed to be the longest moment in the world before she whispered something. He could see her lips move but couldn't grasp the words before she managed to shove him off and run.

    Hina Frowned deeply and she clenched her fist tight wanting to smash some heads
  12. Rain tried to catch her before she ran off, but was left alone in the middle of the forest with wide eyes and feeling confused. He wasn't sure what to think of it, was it all just a mirage or was that really her....?

    Jace notices Hina and rolls his eyes. "Hopefully Rain comes back soon... cause he knows way more detail about it than I do. He just told me we have a traitor amongst us and..." He looks around with a frown. "Where's Griffin? My brother? Did he show up? Because I don't see him...."
  13. Alice ran. And she ran ,and she ran and she ran. She didn't know why really, but she just knew she didn't want to face him. She had recognized him instantly, but she couldn't look him in the eyes, she couldn't speak.
    Hina frowned and shook her head "I saw him yesterday but not at all today..."
  14. Rain didn't have the strength to chase after her. He felt bewildered and wasn't so sure if it was even real. With a sigh he turns and heads back to the gang.

    Jace frowns. "He's supposed to be here..."
  15. Hina frowned and shook her head confused
  16. Rain soon emerges through the door, hissing and cursing
  17. Hina raised an eyebrow "rain? whats going on??"
  18. Rain looks at his group and walks forward, straightening himself up a little. "Nothing that is any of your concern." He hisses. He reaches the front and stands by Jace. "Now... any of you figure out what the hell is going on with this traitor business?"
  19. Hina frowned deeply and sighed slumping back
  20. Rain frowns over Hina's direction. "New girl... what's your thoughts?"
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