The Different Schools

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  1. Rez chuckled as he sat back in a chair. "This is going to be great." He chuckled. He thought of ow fun last year was, and sighed. He looked over behind him and widened his eyes as he found 4 metal poles with strange markings. He fumbled up out of the chair, only to fall flat on his face on the ground. "...Ow." The principal grumbled. He lifted himself up, and grabbed the metal bars and ran outside. One by one, he placed the bars in four corners around the school. Once the last one was placed, what seemed to be a blue box appeared around the school, and slowly faded away. "Good. The shield is up, and the school should be safe from all evil." He said to himself, then walking back inside to his office.

    1 hour, 3o minutes until school starts.
  2. Constantana was busy doing all the last minute editing and printing for the students' schedules. She walked into her office and noticed that Rez was in his office for once. He was always one to try and perfect things for all of his students. Deciding to help him out a bit, Connie poured Rez him a cup of coffee and gathered up all of his paperwork that he'd have to do. She also gathered up all of the student files and carried them all into his office.

    "Good morning, Mr. Mastë," Connie said smiling as she sat his coffee and paperwork on his desk. "It seems we have out hands full this year. There are seven new students, not to mention all the students have returned from last year. Are you ready for another year of hard work?" she asked as she opened up one of his filing cabinets and started putting in student files.
  3. "Oh, hi, hello." Rez greeted in his usual, cheerfulness. "Thank you. I can't wait, I tell ya." He took a sip of coffee, a pen, and began working on the papers. "Let's just hope the dark forces don't bother us as much this time, shall we?" He chuckled. His differently colored eyes scanned over the papers as wrote on them, every once in a while, sipping the brew. "Oh, and when you have time, could you get this book in the library for me? I know it's like a labyrinth- I mean, is a 3-floored maze, but I really need it. I'm sure the librarian knows something about it." He handed Connie a piece of paper that simply read: Prognosticus.
  4. Kelkov leaned back in his chair and took another small sip of his morning coffee. He still had plenty of time before he had to leave, but he was already all ready to go. The first day of the year was already an exciting one. Especially the first day of his final year of the school; the brunette was excited about the advanced classes he'd be taking and all the freshmen running around ripe for the picking. Especially the ones who were new to the school, he thought with a small chuckle to himself. They had a higher tendency to be nervous or overly excited, so they were occasionally more emotionally susceptible.

    Yep, he thought, brushing a stray piece of lint off of his dark red suit jacket, this was going to be an interesting day. He just knew it.
  5. Edmond grumbled as his alarm went off. He silently weighed the pros and cons of skipping the first day. He reached over and turned off the alarm before rolling over. He was nearly back asleep when his twin brother, Edric, yanked the covers off him. "Get up." The blonde commanded, "I'm not letting you skip all the time like you did last year. How are you supposed to keep a good GPA if you miss three days a week?"

    Edmond grumbled and got up, flipping him the bird. Edric just rolled his eyes and left.

    Edmond got out of bed and threw on his usual tanktop and cargo pants. That was pretty much all he owned in clothes. He ran a brush through his pitch-black hair and brushed his shark-like teeth before headed downstairs for cereal. It was already sitting on the table for him, like usual. He'd probably be dead by now if his brother wasn't around to take care of him. He ate quickly and left his dishes in the sink when he was finished.

    He grabbed his backpack and met his brother by the door. They walked out together and bid one another goodbye for heading their separate ways down the sidewalk.
  6. Chad stood formally beside the entrance of the school, a metal staff held loosely in one hand. It was burned with the markings of the Old, for protection and speed. He twirled it in his hand now, pressing a small hidden button and watching in satisfaction as a long blade slid out from the bottom. He pressed the button again and the staff returned to its normal form.
    He hadn't been able to help but notice the young-looking woman who worked as what he knew to be the vice-principle. She was a kitsune, he recalled, remembering her fox-like appearance that, oddly, made her more attractive.
    Chad pushed those thoughts out of his head, waiting for the students to arrive. He knew many would be coming early, and he was content to just stand there, thinking of nothing, his senses pushed outwards, eyes closed.
  7. After handing her the paper, he stood up and walked to the door, however, forgetting to turn the handle, he walked right into it. "Crap!" He blurted out quickly, and stumbled backwards. He turned his head to Connie and laughed. Yep. That's Rez for you. He turned back and went out, remembering the handle this time. He walked through the hallways, looking for the staff restroom.

    1 hour until school starts.
  8. Connie blushed and giggled as she watched Rez leave. Once he was gone, she teleported to the library and found the book after what felt like several long and grueling hours. She returned to Rez's office and promptly sat it upon his desk. After that, she began putting away files again.


    Acacia was sitting in the back of her parents' limo, watching the scenery go by. It was odd to be awake in the day, but Acacia enjoyed the fact that she had no need for her night vision. She fidgeted as they got closer and closer to the school for special students. It'd definitely be a new experience for her, and it would bring her closer to being what her parents called "normal".
  9. After that, the Principal walked outside with a hammer he got from the janitor to the metal bars with markings on them. With a powerful swing, he tried knocking them down with the hammer. After nothing happened but a strong shake- to Rez, not the bar- he walked back inside and returned the hammer.

    Rez returned to his office and found the Kitsune putting away files. "Okay, shields seem unusually strong now. Great, eh?" The demon chuckled. He sat down in of his desk and opened the large, dusty book. "Ah, perfect. This'll do me well." He read two paragraphs before closing it and putting it in a drawer. "Right. I'm going to check and make sure the teachers are ready. 3 hours, get to the gym for a assembly. Til' then!" He laughed. He went over to the door and thought for a minute. "Er.... Handle." He successfully directed himself.
  10. "I'll make an announcement thirty minutes prior, sir," Connie giggled as she watched him leave. If she could, she would teach the frazzled man teleportation, but such a device was more of an inherited talent than a taught one. Perhaps she could get Rez an automated sliding door, but he would no doubt run into that as well--possibly more so than with a regular door. She started humming as she put away files, letting her tail swish behind her freely.
  11. Edmond walked quickly up the short flight of stairs to the school. He didn't really want to be back here, but he supposed the sooner he got this over with the better. He walked past some creepy douche-bag he recognized from the last year, but didn't say anything to him. He entered the large double doors and immediately wanted to go home. There were way too many other freaks in here. The shadows curled and stretched toward his feet, a completely involuntary command on his part.

    He checked the piece of paper he'd gotten in the mail with his locker number and list of classes. He walked to his locker and was pleased to see it was on the top row this year. Lucky him. He popped it open and shoved in a few folders and notebooks before slamming it shut. He headed next toward the gym for their usual boring assembly that was held at the beginning of every school year. He'd like to say he'd at least try to care this time, but he honestly couldn't even put forth the effort to pretend.
  12. With his bookbag hefted on one shoulder, Kelkov strolled up to the school, his mouth upturning into a slight grin as he looked over the building. What sort of creatures would he see today, he wondered. It was a shame that his closest friend (and crush) had decided to drop out two years ago, or the two could really wreak some havoc upon the unsuspecting student body. But oh well, he always preferred a more subtle approach anyway.

    Paying no attention to the dark-haired boy as they passed each other, Kelkov headed inside and silently looked over the students he could see, testing his memory. That one had family issues, she had lost her younger sister, he was insecure about his looks, she was afraid of being alone...yes, he still had it. His mental catalogue of weaknesses was still going strong. There were still plenty he didn't know well enough, but it was a great start. No one would cross him and leave without doubt in their heart, anger in their mind, and perhaps even the start of tears in their eyes.

    As he looked over the folded schedule, he found his locker relatively quickly; it was on the top row this time around, but he didn't really mind one way or another. He grabbed the few books he figured he would need for now before shoving his bookbag inside and closing the door. Time for the assembly. It never held his interest particularly well, but at least it meant lunchtime would come quicker. With his hands in his pockets, Kelkov made his way to the gym.
  13. Edmond went quickly to the top of the gym bleachers and plopped down on a relatively empty row. He supposed maybe he was a little early, but he didn't really have anywhere else to be. He leaned back against the wall and pulled out his cell phone. He'd like to text his brother, but Mr. Straight-A's was probably actually doing something. He decided to text his buddy Sven instead, because he was probably screwing around just as much as Edmond often did.

    The shadows under the bleachers crept up and curled around him. He played with them with one hand while typing out a text with the other. Once he hit 'send' he looked up, or rather down, at the students walking in. He barely remembered any of them. He'd never paid enough attention to other people. Some were familiar and others he could put a name too (whether it was the correct name he couldn't be sure) and a couple he thought maybe he'd been sort of friends with at some point. He couldn't be sure though.

    Maybe he'd actually try to date someone this year? HA! Laaaaaamme. He wasn't doing that. Relationships required work and that sounded like way too much effort. He'd rather just hang out in detention like usual. Maybe a little less than last year though. He was getting sick of the long-winded lectures from teachers and his brother.
  14. Acacia walked through the school and went to find her locker. Once she put her things away, she went to the gym and sat in a corner timidly. She looked over her schedule and used it to practice her human language skills. It was sometimes difficult for Acacia when she was tired. She would mix elvish and English together when she spoke and wrote.
  15. "What do ya mean you don't have enough desks!?" Rez asked the middle school social studies teacher, a bit annoyed. "Fine, give me a momment." The magician turned towards an empty area in the classroom, and began conjuring sparkles. Slowly but surely, 3 desks faded into view. "There. 3 new desks. Now remember, 40 minutes, gym." He left the room to find many students walking the hallways. He said hi to a few that he knew, and introduced himself to some he didn't, while making his way to the gym.

    40 minutes until school starts.
  16. Connie sighed when she was done with the files and went to the announcement mic. She flipped it on and pulled it close to her. "Attention, would all the students and faculty please make your way to the gymnasium for the beginning of school assembly. Please make your way to the gymnasium. That is all," she said before turning off the mic and making sure she looked nice. When she was sure she looked sufficient, she teleported to the gym. She smiled and waved to all the returning students and made note of all the new ones. It was nice to see that she was liked even though she was a strict disciplinarian.
  17. Rez looked as he listened to the intercom. "Okay everyone, that way, to the left, everyone to the gymnasium." He called out, motioning everyone to move. He got everyone he could into the gym, then waited next to the door until it was time. It was noisy, especially with three schools packed together. And everyone wasn't even there yet.
    "This will be fun."

    20 minutes until school starts.
  18. Chad now moved to the gymnasium quickly, pressing another button on his staff so it retracted to fit into his pocket. He stood in the back, his arms folded across his chest as he surveyed the students idly, his wings rustling under his shirt as he stretched them inconspicuously and wondered what they were going to do to entertain the students that where already there. He didn't sense anyone approaching the school, so he stayed where he was, his eyes now downcast respectably, knowing he wasn't exactly liked by the students- he knew that they thought he was... creepy.

    Of course, he wasn't, but he wasn't about to talk to them about that- it would be simply ridiculous to bring up the matter with anyone, especially the boy who'd he felt glare at him briefly as he walked into the school, nor the boy who had completely ignored him, or the other students that had arrived early in the morning.

    Chad sighed, quietly.
  19. "Now where is that microphone...?" The Principle asked himself. He looked up at the wheeled table right next to him. "....Oh." He grabbed the cordless mic and walked to center of his room, and using his powers, he gave a loud snap that echoed around the room, ringing in everyone's ears, settling them down. He turned the mic to have a high-pitched sound to attack everyone's eardrums, and began talking. "Hello students welcome back and hello new kids, blah blah blah, great year, blah, funny stufff blah blah blee bol ba- Let's just get on with the fun stuff shall we?" He said through the microphone, to be replied by the students with a "YEAH!"

    Rez laughed a bit. "Good. Now we're going to do a few things today, and first of all, I have a suprise not just for all you students, but the STAFF as well." Rez could just see the look of fear in some of their eyes. "Heh heh heh.... We're going to have a girls-versus-boys staff basket ball game! Ahahahaha!" The students cheered. This was probably going to be the most pathetic and funniest thing they'll ever see. "And they have to do it or their fired." He chuckled.
  20. Connie groaned quietly as she ran a hand through her hair. This was not how they planned for the first day to go; leave it to Rez to try and spice things up. Here she was trying to look nice and professional, and then Rez drops a bomb on her parade. Oh, he would pay for this one; there was no doubt about it in Connie's mind. Straightening her suit jacket, she walked over and whispered to him that it was rather unorthodox to be doing this on the very first day.

    Acacia watched the principal and vice principal in shock. What had she just gotten herself into? This place was one person shy of a nuthouse. Sighing as she covered her sensitive ears, she looked around timidly at all the other students. There were several of them at all different ages. Quietly, Acacia pulled out ear plugs and carefully slid them into her sensitive ears.