The Difference in Ten Years

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  1. How have YOU changed in the last decade?
    Feel free to post pictures, along with personal changes!
  2. Massively. I was somewhat homophobic in middle and high school, but mellowed out when I got to college. In fact, my way of thinking in general was more "my way or the highway" whereas now I'm more "live and let live." I have strong opinions on far fewer things now, because not everything is actually that important. I'm less of an elitist snob. My temper isn't really an issue anymore, whereas ten years ago I could still get violent at times. I'm much less lazy, although I still believe in working smarter not harder. I've gotten better at dealing with social situations, but I will always be a major introvert.
  3. I will sum this up in three words:

    Strength through adversity.

    I have discovered some things I can do, some things I should not do, and that my resolve is far more unwavering than I once thought.

    All in all, a lot of personal growth. Although, I would say I've done the vast majority of that within the past 24 months.
  4. Easy. I'm no longer a miniature Doctor Brennan/Sherlock/insert-literalist-here. When I was a kid, I pretty much had no personality. Logic, logic, logic. Memorization of facts, scientific inquiry, problem solving. I had a great imagination, but that shit was private. Interacting with human beings was like a math equation, to be carefully figured out and structured. No freestyling, no creativity, no expression.
    I was 14 or 15 before I came out of my shell, so to speak. Went from being that girl who had never had a haircut to boy short, a la Audrey Hepburn. Got my braces off. Skin cleared up. Got an awesome boyfriend and went from 120 pounds in seventh grade to 101 by the end of freshman year. It's a me I greatly enjoy compared to my old self.
  5. So much. O___O

    I moved out of my parents house and out of state.

    We got our first apartment.

    I had my first job

    We bought our first vehicle.

    We bought a house.

    I got married!

    In that time I destroyed one 8 year old community and then defected to help rise up a different one!

    I reunited with a long lost childhood best friend!

    People I cared about died. ;__; Some from natural causes and one from suicide.

    I had fights with best friends and then reconnected!

    I made new best friends. <3
  6. I'd say I am a very different person than I was in my youth. I can actually go down and remember just how I was; I've changed five times in my twenty two years of life. Change as in I am completely different, all because of what I've been through, learned, and done. And to properly explain this, I'll use songs that remind me of those years, because everyone loves songs. But since it is the last ten years, I will only be bringing up four.

    I wasn't exactly your nice kid when I was thirteen. I was always in a piss poor mood unless I was with my best friend, I was insulting, even borderline cruel to people. I fought with everyone, and put on this tough guy act; and perfected it by physical fights. Kind of an asshole to everyone. Took everything too damn seriously.

    Come sixteen, I kind of mellow out. I am a bit quieter, not very defensive anymore. A wet sack of potatoes were more interesting; I had relatively no friends and I was kind of crazy back then. I even roleplayed, with my dog, and myself. Yeah, I was a lonely person because I made people hate me because I was a jackass to them. I was that kid in classes that daydreamed about being in other worlds, kind of like the movie Superstar only I was much worse than that. I walked around with music blasting to Nightcore's Dam Dadi Do while imagining I was an elf on Elf Quest.

    Nineteen, I did another one eighty and began a hippie stage. I hung out and did rec drugs, and slept in back allies. I prided myself on being homeless, carefree, and 'free'. Moving in and out of bad situations, I was acting like a moron. Unlike my thirteen to fourteen years, I wasn't caring enough and almost got myself arrested on a false charge that was very serious. So, I left that group of people, and moved back in with an old friend.

    And now; instead of being reckless, I'm quite a bit more responsible. I laugh when needed, and have learned getting help isn't wrong. Yes, I still:

    -Roleplay (obviously)
    -Pull sarcastic remarks
    -Act like a complete nerd 24/7
    -Feel a bit free

    But I take situations that need me to be serious seriously, and ones not so serious, not so seriously. I laugh so much more now than I ever have in my past, and I am a happier person for learning that life is too serious to take for granted, and too serious to be taken seriously.

    Learn, love, laugh.
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  7. I am twelve years older than I used to be.
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  8. Ten years...I've always been just as Epic as I am Today.

    The people, places and things have drastically changed around me. cramming a whole decade of my Epicness into one post would take forever. Ups and Downs, Nomading around the east coast, graduating high school, Homelessness, Family ties, and only three friends I can count that have always been honest and true friends. The last ten years has been tough, a struggle, almost a damn test on my constitution.

    So One thing I can say for sure is, I love where I ended up ^_^​
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  9. Hmmm.....I think I'm not as anxious to be like everyone else as I was ten years ago. I no longer mind that my clothes and hair are so different, and sometimes I use that to my advantage. :)

    Things are very different with my family but we put the nuclear in nuclear family so that's not really new I
  10. Ten years ago,
    I thought a letter from Hogwarts would be the answer to all my problems.
    Now, it's a cup of milk tea,
    two hours of meditation,
    and an entry on my journal
    with Paramore or Gabrielle Aplin on the background.
    (I gave up on the wizarding community when I turned thirteen.)
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  11. Ten years ago:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Ohgod.
    Ten years? I was.. 10-years-old. ._.
    Let's see. These are def not in order. so. yeah.

    -Braved middle school against mean girls just for the couple I made friends with and awesome guy friends.
    -Became an even bigger Pokemon nerd.
    -Became a percussionist two years earlier than when I was 10, and kept up with it through highschool.
    -Super bowler/ basketball player/ soccer player/ runner/ yoga enthusiast/ couch potato connoisseur.
    -Loved for the first time.
    -Stubbornly put up with an abusive relationship just to figure out who I really was in the end.
    -Threw away the black-Hot Topic Staci and found the real Staci.
    -Got rid of my bangs and embraced my forehead. HELL YEA FOREHEAD.
    -Stopped straightening my hair every damn day.
    -Developed and fought against my ED.
    -6 trips to the ER.
    -Found out who my true friends were and kept them by my side upto this day. <3
    -Found Iwaku and developed a family here. <3
    -Made my bestest friend ever.
    -Went to every single dance in high school and prom 3 times.
    -Became a vegetarian (still am for five years now)
    -Crushes. Broken hearts. All over the place, for both.
    -Found my love for film/tv production.~
    -OH SHIT, I got my dog in fifth grade, when I was 10, so, that happened. <3 Love of my life is my dog.
    -Beat FFX, FFX-2, KH, KH2, GoW, GoW2, alll the Just Dance games, got my first DS and 3DS, Cooking Mama took over my life, so did Sudoku and Tetris and Pokemon.
    -Became Secretary of gaming club on campus. <3
    -Had a scare with this cyst thing on mah face.
    -Baked like an addict for people. <3
    -Produced way too many shows. Almost modeled, but fuckthatshit. Acted a few times (once as a insane parody of Laurie from the walking dead.)
    -Worked on film sets WOOO on IMDB.
    -Gifted all the 1st gen Pokemon Badges. thas wassup.
    -So many concerts, dnt evn
    -Rode my biggest rollercoaster, The Raging Bull.
    -Went on the Tower of Terror like 8 times in a row and didn't throw up at all.
    -Received my first scars on my face.
    -Started to love who I am outside and inside, still hard every day, but much better than before.
    -and found who I hope to be my soulmate/soul Lion.

    -nod- Of course there'd be more. But, that's life. Shiiiit, I ain't gonnna cover it all, gurl/boi.
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  13. I suppose I asked for answers and didn't give one.

    Over the course of ten years, I have:
    Gotten (more) comfortable with my body.
    Grown into myself as a person and realized that there are some things I'll simply never like and that's okay.
    Realized what it meant to make friends and what it takes to keep the people that matter around.
    Learned to value all knowledge and seek understanding.
    Realized that touching doesn't have to mean hurting, and opened up more as a person.
    Gotten over the "fantasy book romance" ideal, in favor of "relationships take hard work but are totally worth it".

    Approximately ten years ago (open)


    Noooow (open)

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  14. I actually managed to find a picture of (approximately) seven-year-old me!
    I'm the brunette with Asian eyes. The blonde is my cousin. Sorry for the terrible quality; this is from a photo in the paper when we were posing at the county fair. I don't have any digital copies of pictures from this era- my cousin posted this on FB a few years back and I forgot about it. XD

    And then this was taken back in June.
    I now have red hair, but otherwise haven't really changed. It's hard to tell from this picture, but my eyes are limey green, not the sea-green they used to be. It's much easier to see when the blue of my hair isn't throwing all sympathetic colors out of whack.
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  15. Ten years ago I was 18 and I was trapped, I was looking for work and had been let go from my holiday job a month before. I didn't have many plans except I wanted to get out.

    So I did. With help.

    I moved far away from my family. I moved in with the love of my life. I have went places and done things and met wonderful people. I have met people who have left scars on my heart but I've met a lot more who healed them. I realized that I was loved and I changed myself because I was safe.

    Now I am free.

    I have improved my art and my writing, I completed my first college level course. I have held my family together in times of crisis. I danced. I discovered. I made friends, lost friends, made better friends, found some of the best roleplaying partners ever. I touched people. I fell in love with Kehv again and again and again. Love happened. Life happened. It was good and bad and amazing.

    Here's to the next ten years.
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  16. Same here. Ugh. About seven years ago, I lost my first love and a great job in the same weekend. I basically stayed in bed for weeks and didn't work for maybe a year after that. Sleep apnea does not help with maintaining or losing weight, either.

    Ten years ago was... the year after I quit high school and got my GED. I was in a long-term long-distance relationship that would end poorly. Since 2004, I've had a string of terrible jobs that I couldn't stand to stay with. I was too depressed and had too much anxiety to simply handle it like everyone else. I've gone on a handful of dates with a total of two girls and they were both pretty great, but neither worked out for very long. And now just about everyone I know from high school is married and some have a handful of children -- something I wanted to have for myself, and still want, but it just hasn't happened for me yet.

    But. In recent years I've been to therapy, become somewhat sufficiently medicated... I've made a handful of close friends that I see and speak to very often. I've developed my ability as a writer despite my lack of real output, and I've grown into my hobbies and come to appreciate, to a point, what I have. It's only in very recent memory that I've really come to have any kind of positive self-image.

    So that's something.
  17. @Lady Sabine , you can certainly ROCK That shade of blue <3
  18. I've strapped a bunch of funny letters and abbreviations onto the end of my name.

    Oh, and miraculously I've murdered zero people. Go me.
  19. Man, I would not be friends with 13-year-old me. That kid had a stick up her ass something fierce, would not accept any criticism, and lived on a high horse wondering why she had no friends

    I wanna go back and slap 13-year-old me

    23-year-old me still has high standards and is a perfectionist, but actively tries to keep those standards held only to herself. She knows she is never done learning, and while it sometimes takes awhile to sink in, she's always willing to be taught.

    She's still insecure as fuck and secretly hates most of the world, but has gotten way better at hiding it :3
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