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  1. Jackson, A.K.A Jack just moved to a new town. He went from living in a shady (different way of saying ghetto) town to living in a fancy rich one. This is certainly a new change for him. Will his presence switch it up a bit?
    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Jackson William Andrews (Goes by Jack)
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'2"
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular (but he doesn't look like he is on steroids XD.)
    Personality: Mysterious, Tough, Stubborn, Funny, Smart ass, Protective over the ones he cares about, Sarcastic, A bit of a Bad Boy, and he has a bit of a short temper. He is nice to you if you are nice to him. He is actually a loving and caring guy. He respects women. And he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks of him.
    Looks: Pic below (I know it is in black and white. His hair will be black for the rp and his eyes will be a crystal blue color, his eye color really surprises a lot of people. His skin color is in between fair and tan, so it is just right.)
    Jack groaned, he couldn't believe it! His mother abandoning him to some snobby rich school. The only good thing was that they didn't have to wear uniforms. As his mom parked the car in front of a golden arched gate. He scowled at it.
    "This is for the best honey." His mother said in a fake cheerful voice. Jack frowned at her, "Yeah, for you maybe." he got out and slammed the door. He opened the trunk and took out his suit cases then closed it, his mom yelled, "Love you sweety!" and drove off. Jack growled then turned to face the gate. It opened automatically. Before he walked passed the gate he looked down at what he was wearing. Good, he thought, he isn't wearing nothing fancy like the snobs here wear, at least he assumed most of them were snobs. He wasn't wearing anything special, just a white tank top and his favorite leather jacket over it, unzipped, and his faded jeans that had some holes in them, and he was wearing some worn down white sneakers. 'Good, this will prove my point, I am nothing like them,' he thought, 'And I never will be.' and with that last thought in his head he walked passed the gate, bringing his suit cases with him

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  2. Name: Mackenzie (Kenzie) Cappaletti
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'9''
    Body Type: slim but still has curves
    Personality: sarcastic, tough, bluntly honest
    Bio: her father is a representative in congress so she's constantly pressured to be the perfect child, which she resents. She is the second richest in school, second only to Alice Sullivan, but she doesn't care about the money. The only thing she's ever splurged on is her car, which was close to 100k. She doesn't care about image, but every once and a while she'll play the rich kid card to mess with the faculty, which she does when it's convenient. Her mother died when she was nine in a plane crash, and so she is often alone when her dad is on the campaign trail, or traveling, which is most of the time. She's the captain of the girls volleyball and track teams, and a member of photography club.

    Kenzie sat in class, chewing mindlessly on the end of a pencil and looking outside. She supposed she should be paying attention to what the teacher was lecturing about, but she already knew the information and her mind was elsewhere. Specifically, on what was happening tomorrow night. Her favorite band was playing a local venue and she'd gotten the tickets online minutes before they'd sold out. She knew her father - being the congressman he was - would never let her go to such an event. To avoid a "scandal," he'd say. He was gaining power in D.C., and his reputation depended on having the "perfect" all-american family. The last thing he needed was a rebellious daughter with a fetish for rock n roll and thigh high stockings. Not that it had ever stopped her before. Considering how important security was to his job, it was surprisingly easy to sneak out of their mansion.

    She raised her hand and waved it around like the rich bitch she was supposed to be, until the teacher called on her.

    "Yes, Mackenzie?"

    "May I go to the restroom?"

    "Class is almost over, Ms. Cappaletti."

    "It's an emergency," she whined, and hid her grin when the teacher sighed and dismissed her. She grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, walking out of the classroom after blowing the teacher a kiss, which he ignored. She stayed out of sight until the bell rang, and then strolled down the hall to the courtyard, where she saw a guy she'd never seen before walking through the gates and towards campus. Must be a new student, she thought. Kenzie made eye contact and mock saluted him as a greeting, a lazy half smile on her face.
  3. As Jack went to enter the school he did notice a girl that did walk pass him and they did make eye contact. In fact she even made a mocking salute to him. Which was weird because that didnt seem like something a rich kid would do. They usually just stick their noses in the air. He smirked and her lazy smile and mocking salute. With his suprisingly bright blue eyes making contact with her hazel eyes he mockingly saluted back. When he looked back at what was in front of him he stopped in front of a middle aged blond haired lady. She looked as if she had been waiting for him. She gave him the phonist smile he had ever seen. Jack was surprised her hair didnt peel off her skull because of how tight the bun in her hair looked, "Ah," she says in a fake cheery voice that even matched the fake smile, "You must be Jackson."
    Jack set his suit case down and nodded, " I am, but everyone just calls me Jack.
    She continued to smile, "Well I will address you by your full name." This causes Jack to sigh. Great... he has always went by Jack, ever since he could remember. The blonde haired woman continued, "I am Mrs. Riley, allow me to show you where the boys dorm is in." She turned her back to him and started walking with her hand behind her back. He let out a quiet sigh, pick up his suit case and followed her with his head held high. Of course he got weird and snobby looks at he entered the building because hey, let face it. He did stand out. But it was clear he didnt give two fucks what they thought of him.
    "This way Mr. Andrew." She says. He mutters, "I'm coming..."
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  4. Purple.jpg
    Name: Rowan Lawrence

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'11

    Body type: Slim, long legs, subtle curves.

    Personality: Sarcastic, witty, can be funny. But kind. Does her own thing regardless of the rules and has been judged all throughout school for having her own look.


    "Lawrence, hat off." She heard a familiar voice say. Mrs. Riley... Too high and nasally for her liking. Her eyes glanced up at the uptight older womn and she slowly took the beanie off her head, her eyes rolling. Rowan was caught off guard when she saw the boy walking with the her. His leather jacket and jeans made her smile sightly to herself. He looked alright.

    Rowan didn't have many friends at school, her appearance scaring most of the others away. She now donned her bright purple hair and her piercings with as much confidence as she could. She had been like all the other stiffs once upon a time but it wasn't her and she was not happy when she acted like the spoiled brats. There were a few others like her, she knew that and got along withe most of them.

    She turned her attention to the young man. "You're new here?" She rose a brow and adjusted the strap of her bag over her shoulder.
  5. As they walked into the hall Mrs. Riley of course got onto a girl for wearing a beanie and made them stop for a moment while she did so. They girl certainly did look different that was for sure. But hey, the more different they look that just means that they are like him in a way... hates the snobby rich kid enviorment and doesnt plan on changing at all. She was alright in looks despite her many piercings. She looked down at her with his blue eyes as she started talking to him. He smiled lightly, "Yeah. I am Jack. Nice to meet you." Ever since he was little he has always been respectful and polite to women, which is usually a rare quality to see now a days.
  6. image.jpg Name : Cuoco Tamara

    Age: 16

    Body type: 5.4 with a small chest still had some curves for her age.
    Slim body overall, long deep red hair.

    Personality: quite type, but at times she will say what she thinks when you less expect. Hard working throughout school, she doesn't like being around people to much as she wants to focus on studying more.

    Also she can be aggressive sometimes or even considered a though - crybaby by others.

    However she likes cats a lot and orange juice; she doesn't care to much what other think of her, that's why she always tries to keep her distance. Tamara hides a secret that she hopes it will never be revealed.


    It was noisy as usual in her classroom just before the homeroom teacher leaves the room. The bell rang announcing the lunch break as the other classmates begun to discuss where to eat.
    Tamara didn't bother much, as her hand gather her notebook quickly and grab her bag. She pushed the chair making a noise just before leaving the classroom, with a serious expression on her face. Her red hair was dangling around as she walked down the corridor stomping now with a small frown on her forehead.

    " I can't believe I forgot my lunch today!.." saying that by checking her small wallet, only to find that it was basically empty. At it's sight her stomach grumbled loudly just as Tamara turned left on the corridor when she saw the girl with the piercings. Tamara did saw her a few times but never spoken to, not because she was scared but just of the fact that Tamara wasn't good with people.

    She glanced over to them, smiling faintly at Mrs. Riley's direction trying to pass unnoticed, keeping her head down covered by some strings of hair. Also, because she was so tiny as she tried to pass them without noticing the Tall boy to, Tamara actually bumps into him.

    She froze for a second, taking a step back her eyes looked angry at the boy.

    " Watch where you are standing.. Giraffe boy!" said Tamara before walking forward, totally ignoring the presence of other people there. She did it again.
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  7. As he talked to Rowan a rather short girl did bump into him, of course he didn't budge just simply looked down at her angry eyes ad listened to her attempt to insult him, he had to admit he didn't expect her to call him giraffe boy. Great, one of those girls... he thought. Not only was he tall he was also muscular (though he didn't look like he was on steroids). He arched an eyebrow at her, "If you are going to insult someone, at least do a better job girl." he gave her a smirk, "Just saying." And with that he turned his attention back to Rowan and smiled.
  8. Tamara heard the boy's remark, but decided for the best not to get involved to much with him. At least for now.
    However she stopped when she reached the music room, with a trembling hand, opened the door entering the room. Luckly no one was there. Tamara walked slowly towards a desk dropping her bag as her hand ruffled her hair.

    " Ah! Why do I get so frustrated because of that.?" By saying that she hit the chair hard with her foot, making a loud noise.

    After a few minutes she managed to calm down a bit. Her right hand touched where her heart was feeling her own rapid pulse. At that stage, couldn't understand what was wrong with her but for sure she couldn't afford to get distracted right now. Without to much hesitation , Tamara moved towards the white piano touching it softly with her fingertips. The sounds of the tunes echoed in the room and filled her mind with peace.

    "It's been a long time, my friend." Whispering to herself she begin to move faster her slender fingers across the piano making louder notes to rise in the air in a sweet melody.

    Her reddish hair swing alongside her small, slender body as in on motion she became One with the music.
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  9. Rowan watched the exchange with a slight smirk on her own lips. "Well I just hope that you enjoy your time here, be yourself... You seem pretty cool." She commented and smiled at his jacket, she was quite jealous of it. "But I should be on my way. I'll see you around Jack." She offered one last grin and a happy wave.

    She put her beanie back on and popped her headphones back in, walking down the hall.
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  10. He nodded slightly as the girl left, "Alright see ya."
    Mrs. Riley cleared her throat, "TODAY Jackson." He looked at her and grabbed his stuff.
    "I'm coming." He said following her. Finally they reached the boys dorm. Mrs. Riley grabs a key and unlock the door then hands the golden key to Jack, "Here you go." She said and left.
    "Thanks." He muttered then entered the room. No one else seemed to be in there. Good. Then he turned and saw two beds. One untouched, the other one unmade and messy. He sighed... Spoke to soon. He set his stuff of then untouched bed and began to unpack.
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Avanna Valorie Coleman
    Age: 17
    Body type: Thin but healthy
    Personality: Avanna is a calm and collected person, she is polite and acts like a royal. She is a master in the art of lies, she can control all of her emotions by putting on a cold mask. However, it's all an act. Behind her mask there's fury that one can not simply control, not even herself. She does not take criticism very well, if someone criticizes her, she'll spit a venomous reply, or, depending on her mood, she'll just ignore the person. When she gets angry, really angry, she'll become violent and sometimes act insane. She's unpredictable. She is extremely intelligent and smart as well, test proved that her IQ is indeed higher than the normal. Psychologists told her parents that she may be a psychopath, however, they're not so sure.
    Height: 162 cm (5'4" ft)
    Looks: Avanna likes to use elegant clothes, clothes that'll give her an illusion of status. Usually, she'll always wear something red, be it her scarf, shirt, bag, whatever. She doesn't apply that much make up, only enough to hide the black circles under her eyes.​

    - - - - - - - - -

    Avanna silently walked through the hall, feeling the students' stare at her. Her fame wasn't the best one, the reason of that being her behavior. People said she was a bomb waiting to explode, or something like that. Her nickname in the school was Frost Girl, because of her coldness toward others. They also said she was a freak, insane, psychopath, crazy and among other things. She didn't care, at least that was what her face showed to everybody. The whispers already started. Fools, the really thought that she wouldn't be able to hear them. Stupids.

    She already could see her destiny, the library. It was a relief when she entered it and silence welcomed her. She almost sighed in pleasure. Almost. She took the first book that she saw, not even bothering to read the title and sat on her usual spot. Finally, she let her mask slip. As her grey eyes scanned the page, her face was met with a expression of peace. The oh so beloved peace.
  12. A while has passed, hearing the noises from outside Tamara's fingers stopped touching the piano. She took a deep breath being content with herself, her own thoughts begun to blur her mind and she definitely didn't want that to happen.

    Then she grabbed her bag, moving to the door by opening it and went into the corridors. She decided to go outside for some fresh air. Tamara did indeed had a favourite spot from the all school. It was her secret. Her figure moved across the halls, wearing long black socks same colour as her skirt and with a red blouse embalmed with the school's name.

    Reaching outside, stepped downstairs and turned to the left behind the building as the library's window was facing that way. Tamara put her bag down and search something inside of it. It was a small bottle of milk.

    " Hey.. Kitty- kitty.. How are you today? I bring you some milk.. Pssss.." Saying that a small kitten came out from a cartoon box, hidden behind this tree. Tamara poured the milk in a small container as the kitten approached and trying to lick it.

    Her small fingers touched he cat's fur while she drank the milk happily. Tamara smiled to herself, slowly moving afterwards to take a notebook out and begun to scribble by sitting next to her cat friend. Only friend.
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  13. " Hey.. Kitty- kitty.. How are you today? I bring you some milk.. Pssss.."

    Avanna raised her eyes from the book, her ears listening to the voice of a girl, right out of the library. She tried to go back to the tale of the book, but her concentration was lost and she was annoyed. Sighing, she walked towards the window, her "mask" back in its place. She stared at the girl outside, her eyebrow rising.

    That was an... Interesting sight...

    Avanna couldn't take her eyes away from the sight, she didn't know why. Maybe it was the great relationship that the girl had with the cat. Quite...nostalgic. Avanna herself only had animals as friends, though, lately, even they seemed to avoid her. Curiously, watching the girl was more interesting than the book, so she just sighed and pushed a chair close to the window, book still in hand but eyes on scene that played before her. She didn't notice for how long she'd been staring.
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  14. It was spring season now, soon the exams will be unavoidable. For that reason, Tamara tried her best to study somewhere more quiet. This cherry blossom tree was like her hideout for moments of tranquility.

    Even if it was a school meant for rich students, her situation was slightly different. That's why she always studied so hard very time she got a chance, at least she had a place to sleep here in the dorm.

    Tamara finished soon writing in her notebook, took a deep breath of fresh air. Her eyes fallowed a fallen pink petal of the cherry blossom. The small cat came around purring in satisfaction. She pat the cat gently with a sad smile.

    " You know.. If Mrs. Riley finds out that I got you, I'll get in trouble. I have to keep you a secret.." As talking to the cat, Tamara didn't knew somebody was watching over.

    " Maybe I should bring you with me in my room.. So Mrs. Big Glasses doesn't find you here. You are my friend." She spoke again stroking the cat's fur before getting up; she patted the dust from her skirt and put the small kitten inside the box.

    Tamara looked upon her once more as she got her bag and turned to leave. Her eyes stopped at the library window. She just froze for a second.

    Shit. Her secret was out. Obviously Tamara didn't want to blackmail that girl nor get into trouble.
    She released a deep sigh glancing at the girl, before dashing quickly back into the school.

    Her objective was the library. Of course the last thing she wanted was her secret being found out. It became complicated.
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  15. Avanna still stared at the the scene, she could feel that same peace come back. Oh, so that cat's a secret. Very well, I can keep a secret. She thought as she listened to what the girl said.

    Maybe her mind wandered, got lost, because she was caught by surprise by the girl's eyes staring right back at hers. The last minute, that same girl was dashing quickly back to the school, and she didn't have to have special powers to know that the girl was coming to the library. Heck, so much for some peace. But it probably was her own fault, this is what happened when you creeped at other people without their consent. Keeping her collected behavior, she waited for the girl. Her stance straight, chin high, and hard eyes.
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  16. Tamara moved quickly in the corridors, running fast and just jumped over the main stairs before reaching the library.

    She opened the library's door loudly, breathing heavily from the running. Her face was red and eyes tired. Her tiny body moved as soon she saw the girl at the window.

    Tamara decided to speak to her. It was no other choice.
    She jumped over a table sliding down, breathing heavily when her bag was dropped to the ground.

    She looked at the girl squeezing her long sleeves with trembling fingers and biting her lower lip hard.

    " I.. Uhmm.. Please don't tell anyone about the cat!" Finally Tamara spoke to the girl, looking now directly at her.
    Then, she pointed a finger at the stranger in front of her with her long hair waving around.

    " If you tell anyone.. I.. Hnmm I will tell everyone you're a stalker! Stalker.."
    Her voice shaking trying to catch her breath, it was definitely a bad situation for her.
    A child acting all though, still no wonder why some people will call her ' Angry Tiger'. Be aware.
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  17. Avanna watched the girl open the door loudly, and frowned a little at that. They were in a library. But soon amusement took over her eyes, only to be mixed with the coldness.

    The girl sure was brave, or stupid. Maybe she didn't hear the rumors about Avanna, which was quite odd, but it's not like she cared at all. She waited for the girl to finish her...threat. And then, stayed quiet for at least 2 or 3 minutes, her dark grey eyes never leaving the... Reddish, brown eyes? She knew that people hated when she did this, but she never regretted.

    Finally, she got on her feet, putting the book on the chair. Slowly, she walked towards the redhead, her whole body screamed calmness. But danger.

    "Oh? So that was a secret indeed." Her voice was quiet, calm, but stern. And the lack of expression on her face didn't make things any better. "Please, I've been called worse. Frost Girl. Psychopath. Insane. You name it." And then, she was right in front of the girl, less than a meter separating then. "It's not just a name that's going to intimidate me. Got it?" Her voice was only a hiss by now, however, her eyes remained the same. Not an expression. Nothing. Not even anger. Frost girl indeed.
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  18. Tamara listened to the girl as she spoke, noticing that her facial expression didn't changed much. Sure she was a strange one, thinking to herself; yet couldn't stand people like that.

    However, sadness could be seen in Tamara's eyes gripping tighter her sleeves when the girl approach towards her. Her heart beats speeding up when she decided to speak finally.

    " I don't want to intimidate you.. You're better than this anyways.. Uhmm " she said to the expressionless girl glaring now at her with a serious face.

    " We can agree both .. That you saw something you shouldn't have. Just keep it to your self. Understood ?" Rising her left eyebrow, Tamara reached her bag taking out her last muffin and put it down the near table. She walked past by the girl, moving in the doors direction.

    " You better keep my secret safe.. I trust you." With that she smiled gently suddenly changing for a moment and opened the door ready to leave.
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  19. Avanna didn't say a word as the girl spoke. Only continued on staring at her. She was surprised, to say the least. Usually, people would back away and try to avoid her eyes. But not this girl. No. And honestly, that did make her feel a little better. Though she never showed it.

    As Avanna listened to the girl's last words, she almost snorted. People like her were so stupid, trusting like this. Or maybe people like Avanna were stupid. Who knew. However, she knew something. And that something is that she liked that girl.

    "I will." She said before the girl left the library. Her voice was little bit gentler. And so, she added. "After all, it's none of my concern. It's your life. It's not my business to put a finger on it." She turned and went back to the chair, sitting on it again, but not before taking the book. "Also, a secret is not a secret if only one person knows about it." Her eyes were back to scanning the book, before standing and making her way to the bookcase.

    "Oh, I never got your name." She wasn't looking at the girl this time, her eyes were busy looking for the spot that the book was.
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  20. Tamara turned her tiny body so she looked at the girl, already being busy with a book still muttering some words.

    I don't know what are her problems, but am sure acting cool about it is not the answer either..

    She smiled briefly, arranging her bag on the right shoulder and simple answered her.

    " You are right.. So you know I don't agree with most people." Trying herself to be more normal than usual, even if she did had bad habits.

    " Tiger.. Is all you need to know for now, Stalker.." Putting a brave front she opened the door and slammed it closed behind her. Blushing to herself badly, Tamara rushed from there returning to her classroom for the last lesson of the day.

    She was thinking what she could eat tonight, her fridge was empty and no money at all. And with that in mind, her smart yet evil mind came up with a plan for tonight.
    Grinning to herself, sat down at her desk and opened a notebook when the teacher came inside.

    This is going to be interesting. Oh, mostly for her.
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