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  1. Jackson, A.K.A Jack just moved to a new town. He went from living in a shady (different way of saying ghetto) town to living in a fancy rich one. This is certainly a new change for him. Will his presence switch it up a bit?
    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Jackson William Andrews (Goes by Jack)
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'2"
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular (but he doesn't look like he is on steroids XD.)
    Personality: Mysterious, Tough, Stubborn, Funny, Smart ass, Protective over the ones he cares about, Sarcastic, A bit of a Bad Boy, and he has a bit of a short temper. He is nice to you if you are nice to him. He is actually a loving and caring guy. He respects women. And he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks of him.
    Looks: Pic below (I know it is in black and white. His hair will be black for the rp and his eyes will be a crystal blue color, his eye color really surprises a lot of people. His skin color is in between fair and tan, so it is just right.)
    Jack groaned, he couldn't believe it! His mother abandoning him to some snobby rich school. The only good thing was that they didn't have to wear uniforms. As his mom parked the car in front of a golden arched gate. He scowled at it.
    "This is for the best honey." His mother said in a fake cheerful voice. Jack frowned at her, "Yeah, for you maybe." he got out and slammed the door. He opened the trunk and took out his suit cases then closed it, his mom yelled, "Love you sweety!" and drove off. Jack growled then turned to face the gate. It opened automatically. Before he walked passed the gate he looked down at what he was wearing. Good, he thought, he isn't wearing nothing fancy like the snobs here wear, at least he assumed most of them were snobs. He wasn't wearing anything special, just a white tank top and his favorite leather jacket over it, unzipped, and his faded jeans that had some holes in them, and he was wearing some worn down white sneakers. 'Good, this will prove my point, I am nothing like them,' he thought, 'And I never will be.' and with that last thought in his head he walked passed the gate, bringing his suit cases with him.

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  2. Name: Amelia Rose Jenkins
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'3"
    Body Type: Athletic/Curvey
    Personality: Stubborn, short temper, a rebel.
    Looks: Pic below


    Amalia had snuck out of class and slipped outside. It was past due for a cigarette break. She went to a huge willow tree that would hide her out of sight from peering eyes. It was where she always went. Her and the other trouble makers in school.

    The prep school for the filthy rich was a nightmare. It was full of snobby rich kids who look down their nose at anyone they considered less. Yes, her parents was rich and expect only the best from her. Blah, it piss her off. And she would always do things they didn't approve of.
  3. As Jack entered the building there was a middle aged woman giving a fake bright and shining smile. Her had blonde hair with some grey streaks in it and it was put up in a tight bun. She also wore glasses and wore very expensive rich snob looking clothing. "Ah,," she said looking him up and down, "You must be Mr. Andrew. I am Ms. Wilson. Plese follow me and I will leave you to the boys dorm." Jack sighed in response and followed her. As he walked he looked around at the other students.
  4. Name: Mackenzie (Kenzie) Cappaletti
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'9''
    Body Type: slim but still has curves
    Personality: sarcastic, tough, bluntly honest
    Bio: her father is a representative in congress so she's constantly pressured to be the perfect child, which she resents. She is the second richest in school, second only to Alice Sullivan, but she doesn't care about the money. The only thing she's ever splurged on is her car, which was close to 100k. She doesn't care about image, but every once and a while she'll play the rich kid card to mess with the faculty, which she does when it's convenient. Her mother died when she was nine in a plane crash, and so she is often alone when her dad is on the campaign trail, or traveling, which is most of the time. She's the captain of the girls volleyball and track teams, and a member of photography club.


    Kenzie sat in class, chewing mindlessly on the end of a pencil and looking outside. She supposed she should be paying attention to what the teacher was lecturing about, but she already knew the information and her mind was elsewhere. Specifically, on what was happening tomorrow night. Her favorite band was playing a local venue and she'd gotten the tickets online minutes before they'd sold out. She knew her father - being the congressman he was - would never let her go to such an event. To avoid a "scandal," he'd say. He was gaining power in D.C., and his reputation depended on having the "perfect" all-american family. The last thing he needed was a rebellious daughter with a fetish for rock n roll and thigh high stockings. Not that it had ever stopped her before. Considering how important security was to his job, it was surprisingly easy to sneak out of their mansion.

    She raised her hand and waved it around like the rich bitch she was supposed to be, until the teacher called on her.

    "Yes, Mackenzie?"

    "May I go to the restroom?"

    "Class is almost over, Ms. Cappaletti."

    "It's an emergency," she whined, and hid her grin when the teacher sighed and dismissed her. She grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, walking out of the classroom after blowing the teacher a kiss, which he ignored. She stayed out of sight until the bell rang, and then strolled down the hall to the courtyard, where she saw Ms. Wilson giving someone a tour. Must be a new student, she thought.
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  5. Jack was a bit behind Ms. Wilson. He wasnt exactl excited to be here in case you havent noticed. As he walked he noticed a girl looking at him. He looked over at her with his bright blue eyes and smirked slightly at her then continued on.
  6. Kenzie smiled back, with the lopsided grin she was known for. As he walked away, she looked at him more thoroughly. By what he was wearing, he clearly wasn't a rich kid. That or he was one of those that tried really hard to look like he wasn't. She guessed it was not the latter. He had an air about him, one that you didn't find in the normal bored rich guy. Her grin widened. This school could use a breath of fresh air, and a reality check while they were at it.
  7. Alice (open)


    "The Bookworm"
    Name : Alice Sullivan
    Age : 17
    Persona : Sweet, Quiet, Quirky, Friendly, Intelligent, Resourceful, Down to Earth
    Body Type : 5"5 Petite
    Bio: Alice is the vice president of the Student Council as well as the Editor of the school newspaper. Her younger sister Marissa is the head anchor of the School's News Cast. For two consecutive years Alice has had a hand in the school's senior prom, this makes her one of the more popular girls in school. Though popularity doesn't really matter to her mostly because she would rather be in the library alone with her music and a book. She is highly intelligent and resourceful, but her downfall is her kindness. Most of the student council walks all over her especially the president. But she is very forgiving, so even then she still puts others before herself. There are not a lot of people who dislike Alice, unless its the really hardcore group of students who don't like anything popular. Alice's father is the CEO of the major company that owns most of the town that Black Ridge Academy sits in, and her mother is a Head Doctor at the hospital in the next town over. Alice plans to go into a medical school, and wants to write as a hobby. Even though she is rich, some wouldn't be able to tell from the way she acts. Alice tends to ignore the fact that she is the richest girl in the school, and lets the Student Council President have the lime light.

    Alice crunched into her apple as she walked out of the student council room, her nose of course stuck inside of a book. A lot of people told her that if she were a Disney princess she would be Belle. Alice of course, thought that was ridiculous. Especially when her friends would mention her terrible taste in guys. So what? She like to read books, and she could be a bit of a hopeless romantic. Was that such a crime?

    "Ms. Sullivan."

    Looking up from her book, she saw the secretary to the Head Mistress giving a tour to a new male student. Ms. Wilson was a trustworthy lady, one of the only ones at this school according to Angelica. Smiling, Alice closed her book and walked over to greet the secretary and her tag along. "Hey Ms. W! What can I do you for?" Ms. Wilson grinned, her lovely blue eyes shining. "Ms. Sullivan this is Jackson Andrews, he is new and will be attending Black Ridge Prepatory." Alice smiled politely and waved at the new kid who looked like he would rather die than attend this "snobby" school. This sometimes bothered Alice, some would rather stick their nose in the air rather than give "her kind" a chance. Especially her, this is why she would rather not flaunt the fact that all her jewelry was real and her purse was either Louis Vuitton or Chanel. It was all her mother would allow her to have. "Hi there, Jack." She decided to just shorten up his name, hopefully to make him more comfortable and not annoy the heck out of him. "My name is Alice, I am the Student Council's Vice President, Executive Editor of the Newspaper and the Head of the Book Club here at Black Ridge." Without skipping a beat she added, "Go Panthers."

    Realizing she sounded a bit like a cheerleader she cleared her throat and offered her hand for him to shake. Maybe he wasn't judging her too harshly.
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  8. Jack stopped and looked at Alice with his suprising bright blue, but handsome eyes and smiled kindly at her. He got a good vibe from her. And he always went by his gut, it was usually always right, "Hi. Its nice to meet you Alice." he said kindly and he shook her hand. His hand felt firm.
  9. Jack's handshake was firm, her father would have respected him for just that reason. "A man's handshake is his best and only impression." He would say. Shaking his hand for a moment she pulled back and smiled at Ms. Wilson. "Would you like me to finish up the tour for you, It wouldn't be a bother at all." Ms. Wilson smiled and patted her shoulder before nodding and walking off. Turning back to Jack she tilted her head in the direction they would be taking before opening her mouth.

    "So tell me, are you interested in any clubs or sports? I could definitely pull some strings, especially since its about mid season for Basketball conditioning." The boy was tall, and very athletically built. "I am sure Brad wouldn't mind adding you onto the team." Alice grinned, folding her hands at her waist holding both the book and the apple. Upon closer inspection Jack seemed a bit rough around the edges, there was just something different about the way he carried himself, the way he spoke.
  10. He smiled slightly, "Well I play baseball mainly," he chuckles, "But I play a little football occasionally and basketball, I did track also in my old school." then he went to add something else then all of suddenly and chunky, redheaded boy with round rimmed glasses running (slowly I might add). It looked like he was running from something. As if on cue brainless looking jock ran after him, catching up quickly. Quickly, Jack stuck his foot out causing the big block head to tumble down, landing face first into the ground. He smirked, "Oops."
    The guy held his face, "OWWWW!" he said.
    The idiots name was Derek, he was the quarterback for the schools football team.
  11. Name: Derek Montague
    Age: 16
    Body type: 5'11/Athletic
    Show Spoiler

    Persona: Jock type, tough, often rude but quite intelligent
    Bio: Derek's father is head coach of the football team, so naturally, he had to join. He started off young in pop warner and continued from there. He is an only child and his fathers dream is for him to play professionally. His mother is well known fashion designer and is rarely home from all of her events. The Montague's seemed like the perfect family. But Derek didn't want any part of it. He didn't want to be the perfect son. In fact, Derek was bisexual(leans more towards boys) and he wanted to be an actor. He was quite intelligent, and he was actually a nice guy. He had to keep up his appearance though... and he hated it.
    Derek was chasing a ginger down the hall for a stupid remark he made when suddenly, he was face first on the hall floor. He hit the floor hard and held onto his face as he groaned in pain. When he came to, he looked up and saw a handsome boy looking down at him with a cocky little smirk on his face. Derek's face turned red, and he got up quickly, pinning the boy against the wall. It would be such a shame to hurt his pretty little face, so he just pressed roughly into him. He could feel his muscular body beneath him and he had to control his thoughts.

    "Who fuck do you think you are?" Derek's face was still red, but it looked as though he was red from anger. He looked the boy up and down, "I don't think you understand who you're dealing with here. You're going to pay for this--."
    Name: Alison Turner
    Age: 16
    Body Type: 5'8/athletic
    Show Spoiler

    Persona: Sociable, friendly, intelligent, artistic
    Bio: Captain of the Cheerleading team and member of the Prom Committee, Alison is quite the popular girl. She enjoys spending time with her friends and her boyfriend Derek. When she is not practicing or meeting with the committee, she is studying at home to keep up her grades. Alison is not your typical stereotype for a cheer captain- she is not a mean girl and is outgoing with a sweet personality. She is always encouraging and supportive, and is often the one her friends come to for advice. Her mother is a sexologist and her father is a physical therapist at a local rehabilitation center. Unlike most of her friends, Alison's parents are very supportive and allow her freedom to choose what she wants to do with her life. She is not sure what she wants for the future other than that she wants to help others, but she is very content being the cheer captain because this allows her to a role model.

    A hand squeezed Derek's shoulder, and then came a soft voice, "Derek, honey leave the kid alone.." It took Derek a moment to let him go. He let Jackson go roughly and Alison came between the two so nothing further would happen. She gave Jackson an apologetic look and steered Derek down the hall by his elbow.
  12. Kenzie watched the whole thing with mild amusement, leaning on a tree in the courtyard with a small smile on her face. She knew it was just a matter of time before the new kid caused some kind of scene, but she hadn't expected it to be with Derek Montague, of all people. That was bold. She pushed off the tree and headed over to the new kid, figuring it was time they met, officially. She stopped in front of him and held out a hand. "Mackenzie Cappaletti," she said, as he brushed himself off. "But you can call me Kenzie."
  13. (Holy crap did not expect you to play as Derek XD.)
    Jack growled, that's it. You mess with him you are gonna get hurt. Suddenly a pretty girl name Kenzie offered to help him. He shook his head and got up, "Nice to meet you Kenzie. My name is Jackson but everyone calls me Jack... Can you uh... Wait right here for just a sec. I promise it will just be a sec." He ran after Derek, he certainly was a fast runner. He tackled him and started punching him repeatedly in the face, "You don't mess with me or anyone else! Got that?!" Derek's face got bloody and he was nearly unconscious. The security guards and to pull him back.
    Once Jack was finally calm he jerked his arms away and he glared down at Derek, "And if you EVER try to bully anyone else I WILL send you to the hospital." he turned around and jogged back to Kenzie and Alice, they were just around the corner. Jack smiled, "I am back." he said looking at Kenzie with his brilliant bright blue eyes.
  14. (Hahahahaha! XD There are too may girls, we needed some more guys lol)

    Alison was trying to calm Derek down. He was shaking with anger. But Alison knew the real reason: Derek did not really like what he was doing but he knew if his father found out about his weaknesses, he would receive far more punishment than Derek gives to other's. He hated the way his father was molding him to become a monster.

    Alison squeezed him and rubbed his arm gently. She hated to see her best friend in such agony. She wanted to save him. She couldn't though, and that's what killed her.

    Everything was returning to normal- but just like that, the moment was shattered. Derek was torn from Alison's grip and was on the floor with the new kid pounding into him. She screamed and ran to them, trying her damnedest to get the boy off Derek. She fell backwards and continued to scream. The security showed up instantly and tore the boy off of Derek. She stumbled to her feet and collapsed onto her knees next to Derek. She was now sobbing and holding Derek in her arms, trying to wipe the blood off of him with her blouse.
  15. Kenzie eyed Jack approvingly, with the barely visible ghost of a smile on her face. But where her face was composed her eyes were bright and laughing. "Been here a day and you're already picking fights, with Derek Montague nonetheless. Impressive, if I do say so myself. Although I did see it coming from a mile away; you don't seem the type to let people like Derek get away with harassing others. But that also means you're either stupid, over confident, have a death wish, or all of the above. I like it." This time she did grin, a sly smile that lifted the corner of the right corner of her mouth playfully.

    "I'm seeing one of my favorite bands play in town tomorrow, but the person I was going with bailed. Going to Aspen to ski with her cousins." Kenzie rolled her eyes dramatically, for emphasis. "So... I have an extra ticket. Would you be interested?" She lifted her eyebrow, daring him to say no. "And you're in luck. It's not a snooty charity gala where we sit for four hours listening to music written by a long dead composer we don't care about. It's a rock concert, so it'll be fun. Scouts honor." She raised her hand, as if pledging to him that the concert would be amazing.

    It was probably hard for him to picture her at a rock concert, considering the fact that she was currently wearing a white eyelet lace minidress, with navy blue heeled ankle boots. But hey, she wore what she had to to keep her father out of her way. At night though, the real Kenzie came out and it was hard to picture her anywhere else. More than one time she'd had to wear cardigans or trousers to conceal bruises. She wasn't exactly sure how to explain to her father that she'd gotten all banged up while at a concert she wasn't supposed to be at, the only girl brave enough to jump into the middle of the mosh pit in front of the stage.
  16. Jack smirked, "I would have to say none of the above. I know I can take ass holes like him, they are all talk.." he stopped when she told him about a rock concert. He clearly looked surprised. Rock? Her? Then his signiture smirk was suddenly on his face, "Hm, well then you dont seem to be like the others and I DO love rock. So sure." his bright blue eyes now shining do to the excitement.
  17. Kenzie sighed theatrically. "I know, hard to picture the likes of me," she gestured to herself, "at a rock concert." She flipped her long hair off her shoulder and shrugged. "That's what everyone thinks, not that I care. And I don't blame them. I do such a good job making everyone think I'm a stuck up bitch, I sometimes convince myself." She smiled. "I should get an Oscar. Anyways... it's tomorrow at 11, at the Adderhead Lounge. Should I pick you up, or do you want to meet me there?"
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  18. Jack smiled at her, he definatly had a feeling she wasnt acting like all the other girls of this school. And she was pretty, and that is a plus.
    "I will just meetcha there alright?"
    Suddenly Jack just realized something... WAs that Derek guy rubbing up against him instead of punching him in the face?! That thought mgave Jack a funny look then he realized, 'Oh man,' he thought, 'I just beat up a homosexual... Or a bisexual.' he instantly felt bad. He wasnt gay or bi but he had nothing against them.
    Jack sighed, "I will be right back... I am going to check on Derek." he turned the corner and helped Drake up, wrapping one on his arms around his shpulder so that he can help him up, "Come on," Jack said, "I will get you to the nurse."
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  19. Alison continued her attempt at cleaning Derek up, but the blood just wouldn't stop. She continued to sob when one of the security guards suggested they take him to the nurse. Alison nodded in agreement and laid Derek's head gently on the ground. Just then, Jack came back.

    "Get away from him!" She bellowed and lunged herself at him, but she was stopped by a security guard. Jack was helping the boy up. Alison was confused and all she wanted to do was hurt him, but something had changed. She was surprised that he was allowed near him, but he helped him up and together they walked to the nurse.

    They set him down on one of the bed and the nurse came rushing towards him to help clean up. Derek was too out of it to care who was near him.

    "Why did you do it? You should have stayed away. Why did you come back to help him?" Alison was still crying softly. She wiped away her tears and tried to calm her breathing.
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  20. After Jack gently set Derek he looked at the nurse, "Can you get a first aid kit ma'am?" he asked her in a kind and poliet voice.
    She smiled and nodded, "Of course sweety." she said and left momentarily. Once she was gone Jack looked Alisonhis expression serious, "Because... at first I figured he was just a bully, but then I noticed something. It disturbed the hell out of me but I have no problem against it. He is bisexual isnt he? Or gay. Either way I am guessing he hass a daddy that expectshim to be a certain way. So he just covers it up and pretends to be a bully. Guess you can say I feel bad." The nurse came back and handed him the first aid kit. He looked at her and smile polietly, "Thank you."
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