The devil's lullaby

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  1. This is where the plot goes after Gummy posts her character stuff in here.
  2. Aye aye, cap'n.

    Name: Ferris

    Age: Unknown (looks to be in her late teens)

    Bio: Abused regularly as a child, Ferris never really saw the good in the world. She always kept up a cheerful exterior, but slowly the darkness she was surrounded by built up inside her-- forming another personality. One night, when Ferris' life was in danger, she blacked out. When she woke up, her dress was soaked in blood and she was alone in a town she'd never seen before, lying in front of a Ferris wheel. A police officer spotted her and asked who she was, but she soon realized she didn't remember a thing, not even her real name. By the time they took her to the police station, she had decided on a new name- Ferris.

    Her "other half" doesn't take over anymore the way it did that night, but whenever she's alone it whispers to her, demanding blood. She rarely sleeps, because she can see it then-- it's her own body, but terribly warped. And sometimes she has flashbacks of that night...the night she became Ferris.

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    [​IMG] Name: Jake Roads

    Age: 20

    Occupation: Disposing of unwanted "goods"

    Information: Jake is the kinda guy who will do just about anything for money. He is a substantial gambler and loves to put himself out there in order to feel the rush of life. His current position in working under a strange man named Dr. Heart who runs a mental institution outside of Cassidy, Virgina. His job is to take those who have become a "hazard" to hospital and have "overstayed their welcome" down south and "dispose" of them. Now Jake doesn't view himself as a "bad" guy. He is just forced to do things out of
    his habits that he cannot control. He has never actually directly killed anyone but he has been the indirect cause of many patients deaths due to the doctors orders.

    Jake never wishes to face the guilt of what he does and continuously drowns any sort of remorse in his vice- greed. Jake is also a chain smoker which helps of the anxieties

    of the work he does. How he originally got involved with the institution was that he was admitted once in Vallor
    institute in order to help deal with his gambling addiction.

    My apologies for the brief description- there is more to him I just figured the more brief we both kept it the more things we would discover.
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  7. The length of the halls shown an immaculate shade of white as the whining from the dimmed florescent lights crackled and fizzed. Bars on the windows left way for the darkness of the night to see in- covering crack, corners, introducing itself to everywhere the light didn't touch. The corridors twisted resembling an unending maze through the bowels of the hospital, spitting up patients here and there as doctors made their ways through it's contorted structure. They were the ones who knew the confusing turns and sways of the building as if branded into their mind- it stayed. It was in this heat of the night that footsteps could be heard echoing throughout ward 22B. 22B being the ward in which patients with an especially nasty side were kept, locked up and out of the way from the rest of the world; such as the way things should be.

    Clack, clack, clack.

    That was the sound that resinated, bouncing off of every locked door as they passed by; in these halls they only meant one thing and it was never positive in outcome. Nails painted red in color trailed across the name plates before stopping on one imparticular. A figure stood outside the door, tapping away at the clipboard as if mauling over a positive decision before decisive action. Then silence. Complete and utter silence before scratching and scribbling followed by the creaking of the iron door unlocking, than falling open. In the doorway stood a taller woman, gard in a traditional uniform- the same bland color of white that the staff at Vallor institute were required to wear. She had about a clipboard and around her neck pearls hung heavy clinging to her body. Her blond ringleted hair stood perfect, everything about her in structure was oddly perfect. From her head down to her feet she was strangely, eerily; perfect. Stitched neatly just as all the others was a name tag on her uniform which read, "Darla." Her ruby painted lips glittered against the small traces of light that seeped into the room from the outer halls as she looked into the shadowy cell that lay before her. Slowly they parted, a soft warm smile spread across her gentle features as the wrapping of her painted nails against the board echoed out like an unsung song.
    Her voice was calming and sweet, much like honey that drizzled off of her words and into the air that surrounded her. Movements frail and agile as she crept closer to the darkness, however hesitant about fully entering.
    "Ferris, darling, it Is time to wake up. I have a special surprise for you."
    Her emerald eyes shown brightly as she taped the clipboard repetitively drumming away at some unheard sound.

    ((I apologize for not writing more, didn't really know how best to set up the scene than her sleeping. And oh- good morning, I wish I was still sleeping. Oh- you birthday coming up soon? How old will you be? Also happy early birthday. That would be terrific if I could oneday see. I have a tablet so it makes things easier.))
  8. (It's fine! It'll be me who has to worry about writing more, it seems~)

    The girl's violet eyes opened slowly, painfully, as the harsh lights from the hallway shone into her room. She never turned on the lights on her own, but people always insisted on bringing her light. When it was dark, sometimes her other self would fall silent. Perhaps it liked the dark, or perhaps it was afraid of the dark. It made no difference to her, really. But as soon as the lights came on, it would awaken again, and start that incessant whispering. Blood. You want blood, don't you? It had a one-track mind, if any at all.

    She let her thoughts slip away from that, and raised her head to see Darla. It wasn't their first meeting, but nothing good ever came of her presence. Darla brought everything that caused Ferris pain-- the light, the shock therapy, those medicines she didn't need-- and for that reason, the woman was an enemy. Ferris simply wanted her to show her this "surprise", whatever it was, and be done with it. But her other self began to cry out for blood with a twisted sort of passion each time she was around. That woman.....that WOMAN! Let's kill her! Let's tear this woman apart and watch her bleed! Ferris shuddered at the sound so like her own voice, yet so laced with hatred and murderous intent. Won't you please quiet down? Just for a moment? She pleaded with it silently. Every now and then, it would listen. But not this time. KILL HER. LET'S DO IT NOW. This girl sighed inaudibly at her curse. It used to frighten her, but now it was only a nuisance. A very dangerous one.

    Wondering as she sometimes did if this would ever end, she finally rose altogether and turned to that unnaturally perfect woman. Unable to hear herself speak, she softly asked, "A surprise? What is it?"
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    The air was dense with the smell of change as a cool breeze sent a chill into the dark room, bending and weaving about as the iron door hung openly on it's henge, the woman in front.
    The dimples on her cheeks were just as prominent as the smile on her face. Her limber yet curved frame arched a bit making way in the doorframe for the smaller statured gir to step out into the unforgiving light that was the hallway behind her.

    "The Doctor is releasing you today. Isn't that exciting?"

    The sweetness of her voice was thick and to most was sickening, a sort of voice that when heard one's first reaction is to instantaneously vomit. A hand fashioned with long red nails gestured towards the girl, extended and uneasily welcoming as always. Held within the palm of her hand were two red pills- both looking of normal size and color as her regular dosage to the naked eye. Glazed emeralds gazed over the younger a look of delight and satisfaction veiled ever so calmly on her features.

    "Now, take your last dosage and I'll escort you to say goodbye to sweet old Dr. Heart...Alright? I know how much you want to leave so please make this easy for us."

    The woman's hand once prattling on the clipboard, now clutched it tightly to her clothed bosom as one does a small infant or object of severe importance. Teeth protruded a look crossed her face that was unfamiliar to most- an expression resembling that to someone trying to mimic what it would feel like to have lost something dear. Sadness in a way; but to say sadness completely would be a lie. For such did her white uniform cup her flawless figure and pearls clasp her graceful neck, everything remained /perfect/.

    "We are going to miss you, you know."

    Her buttery words like always were coated the conversation as they poured into the air around them.

    "You were always one of my favorites Ferris.....I am sure you'll grow up into a fine young lady."

    There was something about they way she talked and spoke that was even more offsetting to the trained eye. All aside she stood there, model esc. stature and smile, hand outward stretched for the girl in the uniform to take the medicine contained in her grasp.

  10. Ferris couldn't find it in herself to smile. She knew she should be happy or even grateful that this woman was finally sending her....wait.....where was she going exactly? Wouldn't they have told her if they'd found her parents, or even foster parents? All the woman had said was that she was being "released." Released to where? To who? According to the doctors, she was an adolescent. Surely this establishment wouldn't send her off to live alone somewhere without anything resembling a guardian? What exactly was she being released to?

    The large violet eyes studied the pills in the woman's hand. They were the very same pills she'd been made to swallow everyday of her life in this place. But if they were letting her go, why did she need to take anymore of it? There were only two pills in her hand....just two. She didn't appear to have any more of them with her. It was like this last dose would somehow be all she needed for the rest of her life... Somehow, that thought wasn't soothing in the least. The more Ferris thought about this seemingly joyous event, the less it made sense.

    Something about this isn't right.

    As that thought bounced around in her head, she began to panic. She was almost certain now that this wouldn't end well for her. But then she remembered her other self....the vicious, bloodthirsty creature that lived inside her.

    If something happens....I'll release it. I'll let it have its blood. Hearing this, the dark shadow within her howled with glee. She didn't mind this time-- one way or another, she decided she would survive whatever was coming. She would face it no matter what it was. After all, what monster was more terrible than hers? Hoping she wouldn't find an answer to that question, her pale pink lips curled up into a false smile. She reached out her small, slender hand and accepted the pills, placing them in her mouth and swallowing them without water.

    "Alright, ma'am. I promise not to cause any trouble."

    (Alright then, that makes sense~)

  11. Darla's grin grew as the pills left her hands and into the girls mouth. Just as the monotonous routine went she checked her delicate mouth for lies and false promises of obedience. Clean. What a good little girl she was. No fight, no struggle. Peaceful- perfect. As the red nails trailed down her cheek the emerald eyes of the nurse stared down at her like a hawk admiring it's kill. This was procedure. How silly would it be to send a patient to their new home all tense and nervous; she just need a dose of something rather strong. A sedative usually did the trick- she was small.
    Things worked better this way, better for the children, his children.
    His imperfect children.

    "Alright dear, it's time to go. Now you may get a little sleepy but that's perfectly normal."

    The woman's grip tightened and held her before pulling her out into the light. Unforgiving with it brightness that unless one was used to such things it was dysphoric in a sense. The girl would feel the hand tightly grasped, clinging, pull her down the hall- walking at a stead fast pace away from the cell that was once considered home, as much as a cell could be. What used to seem a familier place would continuously grow almost more bright and foreign as she would lead her onward. The buzzing of the bulbs followed by the clacking of heels on the floor was the only sound heard throughout the desolate winding ways as they skittered and scurried like rats in a maze. White, white, white- a lack of color anywhere except for the iron doors and bars that covered and caked every window, door and stairwell of this place. The halls swirled together in a vicious vortex of spirals and corridors as they twisted hurrying through it. The nurse was silent except for the occasional smile and cheery chuckle as they passed by another soul in the hallway. Anyone they passed in the hallway seemed translucent- a doctor, another nurse. Faceless beings that only seemed wrapped and warped in their owns workings and inter workings they paid no heed to the girl as she was tugged further onward. Oddly enough though, even through all the places they traversed and traveled not another patient was seen. Most likely locked away in their own cell soundly asleep but the stillness of it all just seemed like a rarity in a place as chaotic as this. Time was not of the essence and yet for Darla it seemed as though they were hurried, pushed as if late for something unexpected or in this case expected. So many pieces to a puzzle and yet one did not have the means to piece them together.
    It would seem as though decades passed when in reality it was nearly minutes when they arrived at two wooden doors. The doors themselves were intricate, small inter carvings and designs of nyph like creatures embroidered with various flowers and decor. The handles were gold and embellished on them were the heads of lions- mouths open teeth barred. It was as if someone was dreaming and these were the doors to another world, and if this was the case was it the way out or in?
    It was a few moments before the blond haired beauty removed from the cleavage of her uniform a brass key in which she inserted into the door and unlocked it. For a moment, a split second, the woman paused looking down at the girl. Smile wide on her features, never changing she bent down and smoothed her rugged locks out of her face such as a mother would her child.

    "Ferris.....You said you would be good, and I know you shall.....A nice man is here with the Doctor to take you to your new home alright? Be on your best behavior."

    As the end of the sentence dropped from her sultry red lips her finger pushed the sickly girl's pale button nose before standing and opening the door. Warm air washed over them, the smell of dew and pine hit the senses like a bat out of hell. It was dark, the scene that lay before them was that of an over grown garden, the tall reminisce of what used to be a wall lay off to the side. In the middle of the garden was a car- lights off and parked. Beside it stood a strange looking man of whom wasn't recognizable, however the man passing him a package was the head psychiatrist, Dr. Heart. The two exchanged glances before the doctor stepped foreword.
    On their brief visits with one another- not much could be said about the man. He had amber hued hair, thick glasses that sat reluctantly on the bridge of his crooked nose. He was thin and lanky, some of the other patients had compared him to "Mr. Bones" a skeleton sung about when times were merrier. The moon shone on his face, extenuating his pale features no doubt from a lack of sunlight due to his hours spent in Vallor institute. With long strides he approached his demonor as cold and callused as always.

    "Ferris." He said, his voice rolling off his tongue like water. "How are you feeling?" By his expression he was expectant, as if he knew the answer already and was merely awaiting confirmation.


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  12. Ferris stared up at the man, wondering what might happen to her if she chose not to answer his question at all. Perhaps he would get upset with her and decide she shouldn't be let go after all. Of course, depending on what might be waiting for her outside of these cold, white walls, her trip there might be quickened. But she had already decided she wouldn't let thoughts like those scare her. She, too, was a force to be reckoned with. At least, she hoped so.

    She took a moment to look the man over, taking in every inch of his thin frame. She wasn't sure what to call him in terms of appearance-- attractive wasn't exactly the word to her, but neither was the alternative. His vibrant hair brought back memories of the lights from that enormous steel wheel she'd made her namesake, on the most distant night she could pull from her rattled subconcious. At this thought, her eyes lit up a little, sparkling like amythests. That night held those precious hours when she'd felt that perhaps whatever she'd forgotten didn't matter, that she could restart her life from that point without any resistance from anyone. The hours when she'd truly believed in her heart of hearts that she could name herself after an amusement park attraction, head for the nearest church, and everything would fall neatly into place after that like the world was a child's storybook, the kind with no wolves waiting in the woods. She'd quickly learned how wrong she was about these notions, but she treasured those memories even now. They were the last time Ferris recalled feeling hope.

    Shaking her head gently to clear it of those sudden emotions, she blinked at him, allowing a slight frown to cross her porcelain features. Nothing too offensive, just her way of conveying that she didn't know what to make of this man, this man with his Grim Reaper-esque build and his hair like carnival lights. "I'm fine. Just fine." As she spoke these words, her other self began muttering unitelligibly in that scratchy, wicked voice. It soothed her a little more than it should have.

    (Please, don't hesitate to tell me if I should extend this or re-do it altogether. I just couldn't think of much for her to do...)