The Devil's Brigade: The Threat Returns is recruiting! 2 Slots open (Dark Fantasy / 18+)

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  1. Welcome, fellow RPers
    Do you wish to join a mature Dark Fantasy roleplay? Do you wish to discover a dark and gritty continent were not everything is at it seems? Do you want to be the “heroes” who slay those who have terrorized your kingdom? Are you steeled enough to go into subjects that are not for the weak of heart?

    Well this RP just might be for you. The Devil’s Brigade is a story-driven 18+ dark fantasy roleplay where you take on the role of “heroes” going to take on a threat imprisoned years ago. A group composed of 6 supernatural and evil beings have went on rampages across the Kingdoms of Ella-Hur. Most of its members were captured and sealed away, they presence remaining a mystery for the years to come… Until the day came that they were released by… Him. Now that they are free to roam the kingdoms as they will, Captain Diatrich, Captain of the Royal Guard of Ella-Hur, now seeks old friends and contacts to take down this threat… Who will join? Who will fall? What awaits you might not be what it seems.

    The RP is within the Libertine section of the forum BUT is not a sexually themed RP. There is going to be a strong presence of sexual content and I believe it also allows total freedom in terms of what you want to write.

    General Rules
    1. Have fun. Why I put as a first rule? Well, it is the most important factor of an RP is to have fun. So please, if there is something that is making you unhappy or taking away from the pleasure of RPing, advise me.​
    2. This should be clear, but many mature subjects will be included in this RP (Which means it is 18+). This includes rapes, suicides, sexual themes, swearing, gore and so on so forth. If you do not think you’ll be able to take such subjects, I would ask you to NOT sign up.​
    3. I am the GM. My word is law! This being said, it does not mean I can’t be wrong. If something seems off or there are things you are not pleased about, advise me. We are all human in the end.​
    4. Posting standards for Intermediate. I wish for those able to post larger posts to not hold themselves back. I am not going to be a Nazi about it, but please, don’t pull less than a good paragraph. I will try my best to give you something to write back about.​
    5. Post at least once a week. I will make big efforts to do the same and give you guys something potent. If you cannot​
    6. No OOC drama bullshit. Please. If you have something to say to someone (Including me), do it in PMs or somewhere else.​
    If you are interested, here is the OOC!