The Devil Within { IC }

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    This world we used to live in used to be beautiful. Children ran around carefree, their giggles resonating around the city. People were happy. There were those that were homeless and starving but that's normal. Then the demons came. They slaughtered human after human, feeding on their flesh. There were vampires, and demons and fallens, and even more creatures that slaughtered the humans without a second thought. The angels came to Earth in order to stop them. They fought the demons for centuries.
    Now 500 years later, Earth is in complete ruins.The remaining humans are trying to survive while the demons and angels that remain on Earth are doing their own thing.
    Then the experimentation started. Human scientist started experimenting on human children and teenagers. Some did make it. They experimented on captured demons and angels. They wanted to make superhumans but a lot of the experiments didn't make it. The ones that did were disfigured forcing the scientist to kill them.
    After years of experimentation, they finally did it. They finally made a handful of superhumans. They either had demon(including vampire and werewolf) or angel blood but they were still very human.
    You are a superhuman and you must fight! You must save Earth from total annihilation. You must rebuild it to be the once great planet it used to be.

    Also in this world there is one important family, the Valentine family. They were in charge of all the experimentation and were the first ones to become super humans.



    Adrian walked out of his bedroom, throwing on his cloak and then slipped on his boots, struggling a bit. He left his lover in his bedroom while she took a shower. He walked through the hallway, looking for his little sister. Servants bowed at the sight of him but he just let out a light sigh. He ignored them. He cared very little for his servants. His footsteps echoed through the halls. Click. Click. Click. Click. He then stopped abruptly as he heard something. He glanced out the window and saw demons fighting in the courtyard. "Damn it." He opened the window and jumped out it, his wings appearing as they slowed down his fall. He landed causing a whirlwind around him. He pointed his sword at both men, saying "continue fighting like this and I will be forced to kill both of you." When they dropped their weapons, he sheathed his sword. "Leave..." He watched the men walk off, mumbling to themselves. He was used to men having disagreements and having sword fights but if outsiders saw it, they would think poorly of the family so he had to keep the internal fighting minimal. "Now to find Ivy..." He walked off as he continued to look for his little sister​
  2. [​IMG]
    Ivy Valentine

    The girl was on her bed. She closed the last page of the limited edition manga she'd gotten with the special extra-scene inside. She rolled over onto her back and sighed, she had finished Higurashi- finally. By finished Ivy finished it- entirely and completely. By finished she meant all 38 volumes, 2 seasons, 2 live-action film and 2 OVAS. She rolled her eyes to sort of exercise them after tirelessly finishing something so violent and gory. She then stood up, walking to her window, she saw two demons fighting outside and figured since it seemed nobody was around she should stop it. She walked out of her room slowly towards outside, she wasn't yet pissed. Though if they didn't stop after she asked nicely there'd be hell to pay. Just as she was in the corridor the front door was at she saw her brother coming in from the door and assumed he'd probably stopped the fight already. "Hey big brother." She greeted him, putting her hand up. She was glad he didn't have a lover around, they tended to piss her off simply because they occupied so much time to be entirely disposable and worthless it seemed. "Did you stop the fighting?" She asked, simply to check.​
  3. Jason McCloud stood within the ruins of an old house. He looked around slowly and walked over to one of the corners and started searching through the debris. He finally found what he was looking for and lifted an old picture frame out of the debris. It was old and falling apart and the picture was in tatters and hardly recognizable but it appeared to look like a family. A father a mother maybe some children and possibly a dog. Who could say? He gave a soft sigh and stood up and set the picture back down and looked around slowly his anger slowly rising. Damn those demons..if they had just stayed in their home none of this would have happened. Humanity wouldn't have been pushed to the brink of extinction and his family. He shook his head again. No. He couldn't think about them. Not now. He clenched his jaw tightly and then made his way out of the old house. He owed the Valentine family much for allowing him to partake in the experiments that made him what he is today and for giving him the power to destroy the creatures that threatened humanity. However he was no puppet and he would be damned if they thought they would control him for long or if they would use him to take control of the world. With that final thought he focused his mind on the shape and form of a raven and in an instant he had changed into a raven itself and took flight heading towards the Valentine mansion.
  4. "Yes. It was the same two guards that are always fighting and that kind of behavior isn't what I want to show outsiders." He looked at her and said "I haven't seen you in days. Have you been going to school like a good girl?" His eyes were cold and almost like daggers as they looked into her soul. Most people were terrified of him but it was clear that he loved his sister since he was more of a father than their own father. He crossed his arms. "Well?" He really pronounced his syllables to show his suspicion toward her. He didn't mind her obsession with all things nerdy but as long as she went to school and got straight As, he was happy. If they were going to rule this world they lived in, they needed to prove their worth.​
  5. Alexander Atreides
    Well, at least it wasn't raining, Alex decided. He was sitting in an alleyway, arms crossed as he listened for any sort of trouble that might have been coming his way. It hadn't happened in a good while, so the teen reckoned he was overdue for some unsavory attention. There was a makeshift lean-to next to him, which was probably as close as he had gotten to something called home in awhile, and it was indeed that for the few that knew the kid. Few people deemed him worth noting though, usually walking by, and while the few that did approach him (And weren't trying to cause him problems) found a surprisingly optimistic and pleasant conversation, there was little that could be done for him beyond spare cash and food, when possible. Between the handouts and scavenging, however, he was usually able to make ends meet. Sure, the nights weren't nearly as comfortable as those for some rather more well to do people, but he was alive, breathing, and free. He could take that trade off and run with it, certainly, but it didn't make it comfortable all the time. Take now, for instance, he was sitting in an alley that probably never saw any cleaning after it was laid out and built. He managed to keep clean, mostly, the rivers that were still safe provided that small comfort. It was dangerous, sure, but he was usually healthier that way than just wallowing in it without even trying to clean himself up.

    An odd thought cropped into his mind as he stood up, brushing himself off while humming an old little song. It had been some time since the Valentine's had even dignified him enough to notice his existence after the experiments. He hadn't been kidnapped or stolen off the streets, no, he had walked into that one with both eyes open. Maybe he hoped he would become some super badass that could force their way to good standing and glory, but while it had been a success, certainly, that had not meant that it changed who he was. And that just wasn't in his nature, well, not in his normal nature. Exceptions existed to every rule, after all, and as he kept humming he walked out of the alleyway, hands in his pockets as he began roaming around the slums he called home. Well, the ruins of them, at any rate. There wasn't much left here, and he had one too many close calls with angry and hostile beings to remain around here much longer. Perhaps he could slum it out on nicer property for awhile, until someone caught him? Not trusting flying, he would stand out rather obviously against the sky at this moment, bright white wings with a feint blue afterimage tended to garner attention, he began walking and searching any rubble or discarded piles of rubbish, occasionally finding something useful, otherwise keeping an eye out as he walked, humming all the way with a half pleasant, half apparently distracted smile on his face as he did. He would pay the experimentation folks a visit today, he supposed, see how long it took to be shooed off the property this time.
  6. Leon was in a cave, of all places, deep in the woods completely isolated from society and his forge was burning bright at the back of the cave with the ringing of metal on metal peeling out from the mouth of the cave. his two hand cannons were strapped to his back and his other weapons were hanging on a set of pegs set in the wall. he made sure to get out of the city and away from people and technology. he didn't belong to that world. he was a least he believed he was always a werewolf. he had been a normal human before he woke up in the lab and escaped before anyone could explain anything. he didn't know his past. those memories were all rewritten by the experiments. he was the only survivor of a demon attack on a remote village and he barely survived that. he was on the brink of death when the Valentines found him and saved his life. maybe it was that strong survival instinct that made him run before he could find anything out and get his brain straightened out. but he was content with his new life and often was found in that cave. he didn't know about the tracer that they put in his body so the valentines could find him when they wanted to find him. he was currently pounding out a new set of knives and other items to eat with. he was close to a clean stream that he could use to drink, cook and work the forge with. he had never used any hunting equipment. he had everything already. his claws, fangs and heightened senses did the job. Not to mention his supernatural speed, strength and stamina. His cave had a wooden bed he built from the surrounding forest and it was surprisingly comfortable, not to mention completely well built. As far as he was concerned, he was living in the lap of luxury.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Ivy Valentine

    When her brother asked her this she paused. She'd found Higurashi much more important than school and only went half of the days then left. She stared at him with a cold and blank stare. She could lie to him, a rather simple task actually. For a girl who convinced the secretary to put in records that she was leaving for medical reasons so it wouldn't get counted against her with something she printed out on Microsoft Office and a black ball point pen and on top of that convince her that she, in fact, was allowed to check herself out of school- it wouldn't be a hard task to give the correct answer rather than the honest one. Ivy knew this, so rather than lie she simply made it sound better.

    She smiled, tilting her head. "Yes, I did go to school." She said simply as it was the truth. Her lowest grade was a 90 and she had no boyfriends, that was all a brother could ask for right? Ivy had definitely had boyfriends, she simply didn't tell her brother about them. Any guy who wanted date or marry her had enough to deal with simply pissing her off. Pissing her brother off was a whole new level of scary. Ivy, who took no shit from no-one including her teachers, wouldn't piss off her brother. The same Ivy Valentine who'd nearly failed Humanities because of her rather questionable morals and views (If asked what to do when an old lady needed to cross the road Ivy's answer would of been help her cross the street so you can add her to your list of allies and later exploit her.) knew enough to know never to piss her brother off.

    "Now smile! It's a moderately nice day!" Ivy grinned with all of her teeth to show him how to smile. He probably forgot how to smile when he was younger and happier, Ivy figured. He used to smile when Ivy was really young. He'd stopped smiling years back however. She was also slightly trying to deter him from asking more questions.​
  8. Adrian narrowed his eyes at her, studying her face. He knew she was lying. He had a sixth sense when it came to these things but he decided to let it be and harass her teachers later. "There is too much to do, little sister." He poked her forehead, something he did a lot since he knew how much she hated it. He walked off but then stopped. "Ivy... stop hiding things from me. I don't mind your little "habit" but I'm the one who has to keep the public from finding out. I don't want to get shit from the media because you were caught playing some stupid video game." He walked off.

    Adrian always had the inside scoop on things because he knew a lot of people who were constantly watching his sister without his permission. Some people insisted that he had some kind of sister complex but he quickly denied all allegations. A girl came over to him and kissed him lightly. "That was a great night last night." She giggled but he pulled away. "Why are you still here? Ivy... escort miss umm..." He tried to think of her name but it only ended poorly. "Rebecca." She seemed really hurt considering, like a lot of girls, she thought she was important to him. "Ah right! Escort Rachel out." He walked off.

    He still remembers, to this day, the day he got the call that his girlfriend had hung herself because of him. It was all his fault. He didn't tell anyone. He didn't even go to the funeral. He just locked himself in his room and didn't speak for two months. He even dropped out of college. He got so much shit from his parents but he couldn't function knowing that he was the reason why someone killed themselves. He deserved to be in prison for what he did. He made her suffer and all she did was love him. He took his necklace in his hand, a momentum his ex girlfriend gave him before killing herself. He should have read the signs. He should have been there for her. But all he thought of was his self. He got to his room and quietly shut the door.

    OOC: Adrian is 23 not 17. That makes more sense.​
  9. [​IMG]
    Ivy Valentine

    The woman, Rachel, Rebecca, Rwanda or whatever her name was did what all of his brothers lovers did. She tried to make conversation with Ivy- thinking if she could get Ivy's affection she'd have her brothers affection. In theory it would work, it was completely plausible of an idea. Adrian wouldn't discard Ivy's feelings and most likely would entertain the girl for a few more nights until Ivy was tired of her. Though, the part that wasn't plausible was getting Ivy's affection. She hated any woman her brother dated. Call it whatever you like. Her brother was hers, not some worthless skank's property. Now, she wouldn't hate the girl if she was someone who could make her brother smile and go back to the way he was before- slightly less scary. That along with making him a faithful man.

    "Ivy, I love your hair!" Rachel looked down at her with a smile on her face. "You know, princesses brush their hair one-hundred times a day!" She said, assuming Ivy was at the age that she'd care or believe that. Ivy didn't like it one bit. "My brother won't keep you around for much longer so is there a point in this conversation?" Ivy obviously shocked the woman. "Your brother and I are dating- I understand that he's your brother and you don't like to share but he-" the woman found herself on nearly on her knees, Ivy's hand on her shoulder firmly.

    "I don't allow those who oppose me to look down at me." Ivy said, now face- to face with her. She then pushed her the rest of the way down onto her knees. "Leave. If you come back I'll kill you." Ivy said in her usual sweet voice, tilting her head and giving a smile she added, "They haven't found the bodies of the last three who defied me."

    The woman got the hint quickly and began running for her life. "Have a nice day miss!" Ivy waved as she left. ​
  10. Adrian laid back in his bed, sighing. He quickly fell asleep but his dreams were filled with darkness. He tossed and turned, screaming and shouting. Servants tried to wake him up but he quickly jumped onto all fours, his wings opening up in response. He grabbed the servant by his throat and snarled angrily. One servant yelled "get Ivy!!!" while he forced Adrian onto the bed, pinning him down. Adrian screamed "it's my fault!!" Over and over again. He had night terrors every night but none were this bad before. He was getting worst.

    When he finally calmed down, he curled up in his blankets. He refused to acknowledge anyone around him. He remembered his beautiful girlfriend's face and then sat up as he realized something. He had just remembered the doctor he spoke to after her death. She was pregnant... He could have been a father. He could have been a husband. He could have had a life but now, everyone was scared of him; even his own sister. He has nightmares practically every night because he was constantly blaming himself.

    He buried his head into his knees as he clenched onto his hair tightly. The guilt was eating away at him and it has been four years since that happened. It was destroying him from the inside out. He could barely have sex without seeing her face.
  11. Meanwhile, Leon was finishing up the last piece of his dishes and suddenly felt hungry. The venison he had salted and dried was running low. He was almost glad just the populated areas were hit. Almost. Everyone he knew had been killed. If that didn't happen, he wouldn't be hellbent on revenge and hunting demons solo. They robbed him of everything and everyone he cared about. Now he just wanted payback. He set aside the metal dishes he made, took off his shirt and guns, and began to transform. His bones broke and reformed themselves, his muscles shifted and expanded over his new bone structure, his skin was torn asunder only to be replaced by a pelt of fur as black as a patch of midnight on a stormy night before the lightning flashed. His face exploded outward into one that resembled a wolf's complete with fangs, his claws erupted from the tips of his fingers and toes while his tailbone expanded into an actual tail. Once his transformation was done, he let loose a primal howl that could be heard for miles and he began the hunt.
  12. Jason flew above the Valentine mansion and stopped and looked down at the woman that ran from the building screaming. He sighed and shook his head. Another one night stand for Adrian and another victim to Ivy's cruelty. He shook his head and glided down to the ground and shifted back to his human form and cracked his neck. Changing was still a process he was getting used to, it didn't hurt like it used to but he was still getting used to the feeling of being in a body that didn't belong to him. He cracked his neck again and let out a soft sigh and then shook his head as he went up to the doors and pushed them open and walked inside. He would begin his rebellion soon. He didn't know what the Valentine's especially Adrian was planning but he would find out. Ever since all of this began he had learned to trust his gut and his gut had never been wrong since and right now his gut was telling him that while on the surface it appeared Adrian was doing things to save human kind but under the service there was something else that was going on. Whether Ivy was involved or not he didn't know but he would soon find out.
  13. Alexander Atreides
    Alex had very little trouble with others trying to harass or extort him, surprisingly to the lad, as he walked the ruins and lost places in between his old lean-to, which he was probably not going to have the energy or desire to walk all the way back to, and the Valentine estate, which would probably not lightly take the boy in. He could always ask, make them say no, and he could always just find some unused corner and squat there. Then again, that also might go over even less swimmingly than if he just asked and got shot down. He could squat and, if found, ask to reside there afterwords. Seek forgiveness, asking permission, and all that aside. The howls hardly worried him anymore, as he strode humming some idle diddy he never remembered learning, there was usually something going on, whether he wanted it to, desired it to, or not. He arrived at the Valentine property, passing a human woman running by at a rather brisk pace, one that he had to sidestep to avoid getting knocked aside by the rather unhappy looking woman. Well, that was rude, he decided and chuckled, turning back and looking over the Valentine property again as he thought on whether he should just walk up and knock or be a bit more subtle then that.

    Alex decided to just walk in the front door, throwing any and all subtle approaches to the side. Someone was bound to recognize him, after all, being experimented on and such tended to keep someone memorable. Case in point, he saw Miss Valentine, although he could not quite remember her first name. Whether he was ever told or not was irrelevant, but he smiled warmly, which from most people would have been forced or faked. Not him though, as he walked in and offered a theatrical bow to the little lady. The smile still resting easily on his features he addressed her, and while he had not walked in like he owned the place, he was acting like it was not unusual for some homeless sixteen year old to come walking in. Which it probably was, but he would burn that bridge when he got to it. Besides, no one had time to close and lock the door after the woman got escorted out prior to him walking in, so it was hardly something he could blame them for.

    "Morning ma'am, or is it technically afternoon yet? I can't remember, wasn't paying attention! Hope the day finds you well or whatever that posh way of saying things happens to be."
  14. [​IMG]
    Ivy Valentine

    She heard her name being screamed and was about to run to her brother when she was startled by an overly friendly voice. Ivy blinked as the man talked. She looked around him, trying to figure out how the man got in there so easily. It wasn't as if he was on some sort of VIP list where it was known he could enter and leave at will. How did you get in here? Did you knock? How did you get permission?, the questions rang in her head. Though she wasn't annoyed in the slightest, the intrusion was welcome for her either way. "Good morning!" She smiled, "So what business brings you here? Would you like to sit down for tea and cake?"
  15. Alexander Atreides
    The offer for food and drink was, of course, completely welcome and Alex grinned at the thought of free food. That was the meal for the day, then, and from the sounds of it that would be a rather upscale meal than he was normally used to, so he would be happy with that one. Free food was free food, either way. She did ask about what brought him about the area, and he shrugged, hands jammed in his pockets again like the usual, his walking stick, which he had almost forgotten existed, hanging loosely off his back, barely moved from the motion. He hadn't caught the yelling or drama, as it had happened while walking or talking, so he was unaware of the situation going on upstairs. Alex was oblivious to the fact that some might take offense to him walking into someone's home uninvited, but she didn't seem mad, so it all worked out.

    "Business? Oh, right! I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop in and hang out! Oh, and I was curious about when this whole experiment business was going to turn out to something beyond me getting an, albeit really, really sweet, pair of wings and some parlor tricks? But mostly the friendly drop in visit! Aaaand I haven't eaten today, but that's neither here nor there."

    Alex grinned sheepishly at that last bit, scratching the back of his head as he heard his stomach growl. That wasn't necessary, he thought, but it was true. Food wasn't the easiest thing to come by, well, at least food that could be mentioned in polite company.​
  16. "please...don't do this" the man squirmed in fear. He shuffled away from the boy standing over him. The cold gaze of the boy fell on the man, blood had been splattered over his face and drenched his clothes. "sorry but it's nothing personal" the boy said getting closer to him.

    Fear filled the man's heart as he looked around, the bodies of his comrades spewed across the woods.
    "please, I'll pay you anything. Just spare me" he pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears. The boys hands wrapped around the man's head and twisted quickly. The cracking sound of the mans neck echoed around the woods.

    "looks like I'm done" Vlad said, looking around at his work. The group of rebels that aposed the Valentine family had been dealt with. "time to eat" he said removing his blood soaked shirt. He had many scars covering his body, but the thing that stood out the most was the grey monster like tattoo that creeped up his body. It seemed to move slightly, growing and buldging out his body. Until it was a large head armed with giant sharp teeth. It's sooty grey colour gave it a menacing tone as it peered over the carcass that had just been killed. The creature opened its mouth wide and devoured the thing whole. It did this with each body, and once it had finished its meal it retreated back into its tattoo form.

    Vlad let out a small sigh, he could feel the energy from the meal pulsing through his body. After he had finished he set off back to the house. Leaving nothing but puddles of blood behind him. Upon arriving at the house he entered, finding Ivy with an angel like man. He ignored him. Bowing to ivy, despite his blood soaked appearance. "Princess, do you know where your father is?" Vlad asked politely to the girl.
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  17. Leon was out hunting when a vary familiar scent hit his ever so keen nose. the smell of freshly spilled blood. he then decided to investigate the scent only to see a male with a strange tattoo that came alive and devoured the bodies. he then picked up the scent of the Valentines coming from the strange man. 'so, it's time to get back to civilization and start the hunt. my next meal will have to wait.' he thought bitterly as he followed the boy to the estate while keeping his distance. he would return to his human form before they got to the city. the place he had distanced himself from for years getting in touch with his primal side. his animal side. honing that razor sharp edge he had developed after the experiments. the only thing he couldn't hide was his eyes. the eye shine was a constant in and out of his wolf form and the light irritated his eyes when he was exposed to anything but the soft glow of a fire. if he was confronted, he might have to leave a body or two to get into the estate. then again, he probably was expected to show up sooner or later. he was very hard to forget seeing as to what the valentine family had done to him.
  18. RafaDark was in the best place on the world, an room full of food of any kind and size. The room was simply just a giant table and his chair in one end and a endless food view on the other end. The food was delicious, was totally different from the ones he ate, it was much much much more tasty and food. It was totally heaven for someone that didn't ate this afternoon and morning and yesterday, too bad it was just an reproduction of a dinner scenario of an TV show he saw on somewhere, it was too good to stop using his power to fill his belly, but he knew that when he stop eating those foods that sensation would be gone in minutes or seconds. After a while, RafaDark couldn't eat any other bite of anything so in a blink of an eye that scenario of food had been transformed in an dark alley, he sighed at remembering of the food. He could go to the Valentine Mansion or anything it is but he didn't want to be experimented again and remembering the stuff they did to him "I can still feel the needles piercing my skin... it still hurts..." he thought as he ran to the closest bar or bakery that he wound find, but they were all closed. That would not be a problem to him but if he got caught, he didn't knew what would happen, after a while his belly was full and he was sated and not even any sight of the owner of the bakery.
  19. After his er, meltdown, Adrian walked out of his bedroom and sniffed the air. He smelled a lot of unwelcome people in the palace and he knew his sister would never kick them out. He stormed through the hallways and through open the door. "Ivy!!!" He yelled out. He was feeling much better but he was even scarier like this. "Who is that man eating our food like some kind of raccoon. Raccoon, state your name!" He was true royalty. He had a dangerous, cold side to him that nobody wanted to see.
  20. When he heard someone almost yelling at him, he jumped in place "Ahhh..." he screamed seeing an guy looking at the food he ate "I'm no Raccoon!!!" Said with a angry look "I'm RafaDark!!! I was starving and... i saw the food and... you know..." continued talking and scratching his scruff, seeing that guy looking at him with strange eyes he said scarred "Dude don't kill me... i'm sorry i ate all that food..." seeing the guys face again, he asked "Hey...Didn't i know you?"