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    This world we used to live in used to be beautiful. Children ran around carefree, their giggles resonating around the city. People were happy. There were those that were homeless and starving but that's normal. Then the demons came. They slaughtered human after human, feeding on their flesh. There were vampires, and demons and fallens, and even more creatures that slaughtered the humans without a second thought. The angels came to Earth in order to stop them. They fought the demons for centuries.
    Now 500 years later, Earth is in complete ruins.The remaining humans are trying to survive while the demons and angels that remain on Earth are doing their own thing.
    Then the experimentation started. Human scientist started experimenting on human children and teenagers. Some did make it. They experimented on captured demons and angels. They wanted to make superhumans but a lot of the experiments didn't make it. The ones that did were disfigured forcing the scientist to kill them.
    After years of experimentation, they finally did it. They finally made a handful of superhumans. They either had demon(including vampire and werewolf) or angel blood but they were still very human.
    You are a superhuman and you must fight! You must save Earth from total annihilation. You must rebuild it to be the once great planet it used to be.

    Also in this world there is one important family, the Valentine family. They were in charge of all the experimentation and were the first ones to become super humans.


    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. You can have up to 5 characters
    3. No God Modding
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your post as long as you want; no limit
    6. No one liners
    7. You can have romantic relations with characters but if anything sexual happens, take it somewhere else
    8. Keep level of supernatural creatures even.
    9. Be creative as you want with your characters!


    Age: Ages 3 to 19
    Race/Species: Can be any race except human
    Class: What's your social class before the experimentation



    Relationships: Anyone they hate, like, have a crush on, have dated, friends with, family, etc.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Adrian Valentine

    Adrian tends to keep to himself. He doesn't even allow his sister to get close. He can be kind when he wants to be but can also be cruel and scary. When it comes to his job outside of journalism, he takes it very seriously and is veyr strict. Being a prince is a lot of work. He is a workaholic. Despite this, he cares deeply for his sister and would do anything for her. He can be kind and caring but he's also a womanizer so people look past those small facts and call him a misogynistic ass but he has his reasons...
    Adrian was born into royalty. His mother and father were the king and queen and being the oldest, he was the crowned prince so his parents gave him all the attention, trying to get him to learn as much as he could about being prince. His sister got to live her life normally. She tend to lock hersef in her room playing video games. He lived a quiet life despite being the prince. His parents allowed him to go to school since he wasn't a public figure yet. They also allowed him to go to college and major in journalism/writing. When he was 18, he had a girlfriend who he dumped after dating her for two whole years which is the longest he's dated any girl. The girl thought he was really serious and wanted to get married and have children with him but he didn't feel anything like that toward her. He did care about her but then, he cheated on her and afterwards, he broke up with his girlfriend. About a month later, he found out she killed herself. Since that day, he had blamed himself for everything. He hates how he cheated on her and because of this, he didn't take any relationship seriously. He would date a girl for a couple of days before dumping them, giving them a lame reason on why.

    -Sword play



    He doesn't hate anyone right now(except maybe himself) nor does he like anyone right now but he does have a constant stream of girlfriends. He always seems to have a new girlfriend that he's sleeping around with. He has two loving parents and a young, nerdy sister named Ivy.

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  3. i am interested can i post a charrie tomorrow? She is going to be awesome
  4. really like the idea I'll get a cs up as soon as I can :)
  5. Gotcha :)
  6. question are shape shifters an available race?​
  7. and I mean like..full out shape shifters like they can turn into anything (within reason) so not just a werewolf but I mean like a guy that can turn into a wolf, a dragon, a mouse etc etc.
  8. Yah since there Siperhumans
  9. alright sweet thanks!
  10. All the superhumans have a special abilitiy that i will add to the character sheet.
  11. I added abilities and weapons
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Jason McCloud
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race/Species: shape shifter
    Class: Middle

    Personality: Jason is on the outside a cold and quiet guy. He doesn't open up much and doesn't give his trust out easily however respect is another matter entirely if you can earn it. He has a strong sense of justice and an iron will that is hard to break. On the inside however he is a kind and caring person it just takes a long time to break through his outer shell to get to the nice guy he is.
    History: He had been living a normal life before the demons came. He had a normal family a mom, a dad, and a little sister. He had been on his way to college when the demons broke into the human world. As soon as he realized what was happening he turned around and ran home to save his family. He arrived home but unfortunately for him his parents were already dead. He managed to find his sister and get her out of there, but his small victory was short lived. It wasn't long afterwards that a demon found and killed his sister in front of him. when the experiments began to find a way to combat the demons he was one of the few volunteers who wanted nothing more then to get revenge for his family.
    Strengths: Fast, strong, quick thinker, close range fighter.
    Weaknesses: long range fighting, trust issues.
    Fears: getting close to someone and then losing them.
    Habits: Training
    Abilities: can change shape into any animal (real or fictional) or person he sees. (includes pictures)
    weapons: swords and daggers.

    Relationships: family is dead. He is single.
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  13. Accepted
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  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Leon Covinus
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Race/Species: werewolf
    Class: the next pack alpha.

    Personality: some would call him cold, calculating, standoffish, blunt, arrogant, and a hard worker. but what they don't see is a guy who lost everything and is adjusting to a new life and is not wanting to let anyone close to him just in case that person died later that day or anytime at all. he is also dedicated to whatever he does and fights like he wouldn't see tomorrow.
    History: Leon was at one point a normal guy living in a remote town and then one day that peaceful life went up in flames. the demons killed everyone he knew and the scientists found him on the brink of death. a demon had ran him though and he was bleeding out. the scientists stopped the bleeding and quickly transported him to their lab where he was given pyromancy and the abilities of a werewolf. all of them. even their deadly alergy to silver. after he woke up, he thought he had been a werewolf his entire life and everyone he knew had been a werewolf too. to this day he hunts down demons and kills them for revenge.

    Strengths: "weapons smithing, marksmanship, unarmed combat, swordsmanship, transforming at will, partial transformations, hunting and tracking."
    Weaknesses: "obviously silver."
    Fears: "my job not to be afraid." he puts up a front, but he doesn't want to fail anyone else. that and the only thing that can make his healing factor non-existant, silver. even a small piece can negate his rapid healing if it pierces his skin And it will burn him when it makes contact with his skin. sterling silver is no exception.
    Habits: training when he is upset, working a traditional forge and gunsmithing station, and hunting when he wants to be alone.
    Abilities: "You know, the usual perks of being a werewolf. heightened senses, seeing in the dark but not complete darkness, a strong healing factor that will work as long as it isn't a headshot or a wound that is caused by silver, getting stronger with the coming of the full moon, near perfect immortality. yes, i can claim to be immortal. time holds no sway over me but i can still be killed, physically stronger and faster, partial transformations...only if the werewolf is actually strong enough to pull it off along with transforming at will. what? some just haven't gotten there yet. now back to the topic. we are also faster than a champion olympian runner and expert hunters and trackers. comes with the territory. gotta eat something and wolves love their meat. oh, and thanks to these experiments i have pyromancy."
    Weapons: "You mean besides my claws and fangs? a pair of hand cannons, two bowie knives, a large sword, and whatever else i make that the others don't want."

    Relationships: "none. The pack was killed when I was taken for these experiments."
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  15. Let me know when you finish it
  16. The picture will be a little difficult to upload. computer is out of commission atm and my phone keeps reloading the page when i try to upload a picture i have saved. the bio on the other hand is coming soon. Would a description work instead?
  17. Gotcha. Have you tried just uploading a file?
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