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  1. So this roleplay will be EXTREMELY gritty. With major plots revolving around gore/violence/sex.

    Our plot takes place on a campus of one of the more "relaxed" uni's in CA. A group of girls, decide to get together one night, and start playing truth or dare. Finally it comes to the dare that they must each perform a Satanic ritual to summon the Devil. They go ahead with it, each cutting themselves and saying the prayer. What they don't expect is for Lucifer to actually show up.

    He tells them that he will help them, help them turn into more than just a group of giggly gals. But into respectable people that everyone will adore. The catch? They must sell their souls to him, and in doing so must do everything and anything he asks of them.

    So 3/5 of the girls agree, the two that do not get a smirk from Lucifer, and an acknowledgement that he will make their lives living hell until they conform to his oath.

    So now these girls are bound to the Devil, and everything he does and says. Likewise, he is bound to them and must do everything in his power to make them some of the most powerful women the world has ever known.

    Now what?


    No applications required, just a picture/description, with a brief on persona/history, and whether they have sold their souls to Lucifer or not.

    Or if you want to do an app, by all means go ahead.

    I will be playing Lucifer.

  2. This is an awesome idea. I'll be back with a character momentarily.
  3. Hey would want to try that and play one of the girls that went for it.


    Lilliana is a open person that is always up for something new and to have fun, she is a party person and always went to it whenever she could, therefore she decided to accept it, she would love to be loved by everyone and respected at the same time.
  4. Hopefully this is okay.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Tamsin Willoughby
    Bio: Born in England, she relocated to America in her early teens, after her father was offered a new job. The better pay enabled her mother to quit work altogether to care for their eldest child, a profoundly disabled boy that is now a man that barely knows who he is half the time. Her love for her brother is what made her want to be a doctor, or something in that line. Usually shy, Tamsin attempted to make some friends by getting in on this little party, probably drinking a little too much and getting into this game. Surprise, surprise, she didn't go for the deal.
  5. Great, thanks for joining up you two! I'll wait until all the slots are filled before we begin the actual roleplay though!
  6. Will this only start after you got 5 girls for it?
  7. I'd like for that to happen. But if it doesn't get filled by Thursday, we'll start then.
  8. Excellent. I can't see us lacking people, though.
  9. i'll join in if that's ok ^_^


    April is a shy girl always the one in the back of the group hearing them talk and laugh and never really had any friend's she join the group because she was lonely and wanted to make friends, she didn't want to join in what ever they were doing so she she didn't accept it because she didn't want to devil to follow her around.
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  10. I'll join, profile coming up in a few minutes :)
  11. April, you're accepted!
    And yay Nica!
  12. Rosemary Andrea Jacobs
    - Prefers Rose -

    Twenty-Three | Scottish | Studying: Criminal Law, Psychology & Foreign Languages ​

    * Scotland is her beloved homeland, but Rosemary decided to further her education in America. She left behind two loving parents, a younger brother and childhood friends in doing so. The move was extremely challenging, but Rosemary continued her decision. Back in Scotland, Rosemary was known for being a very studious young woman with her dedication to learning and has never allowed herself to become distracted from her dreams. This description carried over to America.

    * The educational system was something that caused her trouble in the beginning. The reason being that her Scottish accent is extremely strong and prominent in her voice. Even when Rosemary tries to disguise it, she can't succeed. While she used to be very popular and social in Scotland, she became a recluse when beginning school in America.

    * She happened to find friendship with a few other girls. These women accepted her, including the accent. Rosemary considers them to be her sisters. She's very loyal, to a fault. To her, friends are no different than the family she has back in Scotland. She'd do anything for them.

    * When they accidentally summoned the Devil from his realm, Rosemary was terrified. She's highly superstitious and feared for her soul. However, the safety of her friends mattered more. She's selfless. Rosemary thought, wishful thinking, that if she offered her soul to the Devil that he'd leave her friends alone. He tricked her. Rosemary was the first of them to willingly give her soul.

    * Her name literally translates into Herb of Remembrance.

  13. Whoop! All we need is one more soul-seller! Haha!
  14. Anyone interested in starting it now/early?
  15. i don't mind if you do it early
  16. Belated reply. More than happy to get started.
  17. Same here, I'm up for it :)
  18. Uhm...are we still doing this then?
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