The Detective The Thief and The Musician

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This plot idea is based around three/four main characters the female characters are a pair of young girls one who's a struggling musician and the other happens to be a thief what do these two have in common other then being female? They grew up together into two of the finest con women that New York has ever not seen...and i say not seen because they are still not able to track the money lose back to them until a Detective and his partner start to piece everything together will there pasts make a difference to the men who presue them? Will they even figure out that the girls are behind the thieft or will they be to late and will the girls troubled past catch up to them? There are many twists and turns to be found in this plot shall we find out where this goes together?

Oky! So done with that and there can be more options to this I just needed to get your attention send me a pm or post here if your interested ^.^
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