The Destruction of Neverland farms is at hand.

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  1. I have constructed my ultimate weapon by sliding a green lantern ring onto a sonic screwdriver.

    We shall start by destroying Neverland Farms.

  2. I'll take two, with the rings from each corps
  3. I AM NOT A DOG. >:C

    but I will join your army.

    If I can have a giant marshmallow bear plushie to hug and nibble.
  4. @Karsikan: You may have a combination of the Red and Yellow Rings, one color for each hand, and they can only work when used in conjunction. I will also give you the blue and orange rings that shall work similarly.

    @Staci: If you can provide it for yourself, It shall be done. All I have are these fucking rings, so I cannot provide marshmallows.