The Desolate World: Sign-ups, OOC, and rules

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  1. IC link:

    The Desolate World:
    In this world, humanity has almost been completely wiped out. Humans were forced to live in cities surrounded by giant walls. Most of the planet has become desert like, and living conditions are slowly dwindling. Then, mysteriously, a several human and non-human species started appearing. And for a time there was peace, but it was for not as the humans began to fear their powerful allies. Everyone leads their own life, how will you live yours?

    1). No overpowered characters.
    2). Before killing another person's character make sure it is okay with the other person, through DMs or OOC
    3). Use ( and ) around OOC, please.
    4). No more than four characters per person although I would prefer just one.
    5). Please use proper grammar and spelling.
    Thank you, and enjoy.

    Roleplay Description:

    This is what I like to call a "three-step" roleplay. The first step being to read the small paragraph and the rules. Step number two is making a character sheet, and the third step is to "jump-in" once you're approved. Now here's a template character sheet, but feel free to make slight customizations to fit your character(s):

    Character sheet template:

    Name: (Pretty self-explanatory)
    Age: (Also self-explanatory)
    Birthday: (optional)
    Species: (here you would put human, or the kind of creature they are)
    Gender: (Again self-explanatory)
    Occupation: (How does your character make a living in this harsh world?)
    Notable Possessions: (Limit is three, be brief please)
    Short Backstory: (optional, keep it at about one paragraph in length)
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  2. image.jpg Name: Reid Lawson
    Age: 17
    Birthday: December first
    Species: Vampiric Angel
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Part-time Daycare worker
    Notable Possessions or Traits:
    -Vampire's Curse Half-blood's Gift: Due to Reid only being half vampire it isn't necessary that he feed on blood, but if he does it can boost his physical capabilities, reverse the affects of fatigue, and heal minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises.
    Short Backstory: Reid is just an average person, or so he believes. That is, until the daycare he volunteered for was attacked by what appeared to be a grown man, but was actually a demon in disguise. He fought this man and slowly started to lose, and he knew that if he did something horrible would happen to everyone else there, and this enraged him. He became so angry he shattered his own mental constraints and defeated the man with his new found prowess.
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  3. Name: Hibine 'Tiger' Winters
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 23rd April
    Species: Deva (avatar/son of the Tiger Zodiac)
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Bounty hunter, catches criminals for a living
    Notable Possessions / Traits:
    - Magical Dual Pistols: A custom made set of pistols that use bullets made from a special material that abs robs energy and explodes when exposed to extreme cold. Pistols are connected to Tiger magically, and automatically reloads when out of ammo. However, the more he shoots, the more tired he gets.
    - Duplication Magic: Restricted magic that allows him to duplicate one object as many times as he can, in this case he has mastered how to duplicate his bullets for maximum offence. He is magically strong enough to duplicate one bullet into ten, but it uses up a lot of energy.
    - Blessed: Being near death results in the inner 'tiger' to be brought out, prefers to fight melee. Wears out quickly but is an incredible force.
    Short Backstory: Son of the Tiger Zodiac, disowned by his human mother. He is a wanderer seeking to hone his skills and find out his purpose in life.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Blue eyes instead of green
    credits: Bloodlinev
  4. How exactly do the pistol work Sen?
  5. They are 'connected' to him, which means every bullet uses up his energy. His energy is solidified into a bullet, which is transferred into the gun. It works like a normal gun, when he's out of ammo, he doesn't need to manually reload it, using energy to do that instead (takes more time and uses even more energy)
  6. So he tires out quickly.
  7. That's right. The longer he is in combat, the more tired he is.
  8. Is it just me, or is the IC link broken?
  9. It should be fixed. Invite your friends.
  10. Name: Levend Hightranche

    Age: 20

    Birthday: *unknown*

    Species: Nocturnalist
    An unknowns species that came from the North. Nocturnalist's appearance is that of a human, with an exception of their pale skin, bright yellow eyes and purple tongue that is said to produce poison. Unlike humans, they'll sleep at day and do their activity at night. But that doesn't mean they can't be awake when it's day. It's the same as human. Eventhough they usually sleep when it's night, doesn't mean they can't stay awake at night, right? It is said that their senses will be sharper at night, and that's why they likes to do their activities on midnight.

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Monster Capturer, where he captures some exotic monsters and sell them with a high price.

    Notable Possessions:
    - A black mask that covers his mouth and his nose
    - Monster capturing equipments, including bombs, guns, ammos, etc, etc.
    - Trance Necklace, a golden necklace which is shaped like a key. What difference it from most keys is it's size that is almost 2 times larger than a regular key.

    Short Backstory:
    It is unknown to Levend about his past, because it seems like he got an amnesia because of some incident. What he remembers is only his name, his race, his sister's face (he has forgotten about her sister's name as well) and the Trance Necklace. He doesn't know what's this Trance Necklace do, but he felt like it was important for him so he always carry the Necklace with him.

  11. Approved. Invite your friends.
  12. [​IMG]
    (Humanoid Form)



    April 17th

    This being the type of Siren that is stuck within the ocean.


    Hair Colour:
    White/Light Blue

    Light Blue.

    Crafts Jewelry and Hair pins.

    Sirens Voice - A compelling, beautiful tone that Sirens use to manipulate people.
    *Shape shifting - She can take a human form or take on her aquatic form.

    Notable Possessions:
    -A Black Choker
    -A Silk Scarf

    Short Back Story:
    Valeriya was born upon a foreign land, an island inhabited by her kind where they would be able to sing freely and without care,inhabiting the oceans where they were condemned to. She always found interest in leaving her secluded home, and it was her joy of finding precious stones and fashioning them into artistic pieces that gave her the incentive. Of course she was warned to be careful, given a Choker by her mother to remind her to keep the infamous Sirens voice quiet and a scarf by her brother. He himself being a rare case. When she left and took residence within the country, she first began to sell a couple of her pieces till she brought a small house nearby a large lake, if only to seclude herself enough that she could continue to sing, as her nature desired. Since then, Valeriya has been quietly living within her small, humble house with little attention. Though she often vanishes, when she ends up spending to much time in the lakes. There is also times she travels to deliver the jewelry she makes. She is quite well known for making both normally jewelry or blessed/magical ones.

    Aquatic form.
  13. Most definitely approved.
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  14. ^_^ Yay~ Will this start when there is a certain amount of characters? If so I can make another x3
  15. For now, just invite your friends please, I don't want to have one person playing several characters to reduce the chance of this dying quickly. Now after we get more people to participate you can make more characters as you wish.
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  16. So, can we start the RP? Or should we wait for more people to come?
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  17. Wait a little longer, if no one shows up you can start.
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  18. Alrighty, then.
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  19. Well, I guess starting wouldn't hurt. So, I guess you can, although I won't be starting just yet.
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