The Desolate World: Roleplay/IC

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  1. The Desolate World:
    In this world, humanity has almost been completely wiped out. Humans were forced to live in cities surrounded by giant walls. Most of the planet has become desert like, and living conditions are slowly dwindling. Then, mysteriously, several human and non-human species started appearing. And for a time there was peace, but it was for not as the humans began to fear their powerful allies. Everyone leads their own life, how will you live yours?

    1). No overpowered characters.
    2). Before killing another person's character make sure it is okay with the other person, through DMs or OOC
    3). Use ( and ) around OOC, please.
    4). No more than four characters per person although I would prefer just one.
    5). Please use proper grammar and spelling.
    Thank you, and enjoy.

    Roleplay Description:
    This is what I like to call a "three-step" roleplay. The first step being to read the small paragraph and the rules. Step number two is making a character sheet, and the third step is to "jump-in" once you're approved.

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  2. Reid exits his small apartment, his kendo practice sword over his shoulder, satchel hanging from the same shoulder. His white hair covering his eyes and until a light breeze blows it to the side and back, revealing his crimson eyes. A friendly smile upon his face, he walks down the street and toward the school. He enters, and chills as the air conditioning was apparently on maximum output. The machines buz droned in the background as the other students and teachers talked and walked. He rolled his shoulders, stretching and loosening up as he walked into his first class: Kendo.
  3. Like every other day, Saigo awoke before the sun had fully risen to head downstairs where her shop was located, and watered her plants. After she finished with her regular routine, she scanned around the dim lit room and smiled from behind her mask as the room was filled with a floral aroma. Until she was content with the current set up of her shop 'HanaShi', she turned the lights on and winced as her eyes slowly adjusted to the blinding, artificial light. She then went to the entrance to unlock the door and flip her 'Closed' sign, to 'Open'. While looking out her window to see the sun slowly rising up, she watched the usual people pass by before she turned around to straighten her mask and walk away from the door. With nothing else left for her to do, she then went to sit down at her desk to arrange some flowers that she had readily set out on her table, and waited for her regular, and new customers to visit.
  4. Liam woke up to bright morning sun in his eyes. "Ugh.. We're already moving?" He stood and stretched, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Why was merc work so tiring? "Bryce! We're moving out, hurry along. The city is in sight." The merchant who hired him called. Simeon and his group already started out ahead of him. He stared at the great walls before him as he ran to catch up. Almost there.. He thought as they approached the gate.
  5. Steel meet with steel. Hammer's voice thundering when he smash it to the anvil. the intense heat never waver him even for a second. Aagron 'Stone Breaker' his name. His beard waving when he swinging his hammer, a couple of sweat dropped to the glowing steel make a burning noise. He took those steel and began to temper it again. "hmm" for a second he stopped his swing. he looked at those burning steel and noticing a customer get inside his blacksmith.

    "welcome to Cairdin Blacksmith. may i help ya?" he took of his gloves and moved his feet toward the counter. "Last week i ordered a custom sword. is it ready?" those customer took of the notification from his shirt and placed it on the desk. Aagron took a sword hanging on the wall. those are a curved sword which tempered from reinforced steel Aagron made himself. he placed it on the desk and took the notification. "here. curved sword made from reinforced steel. i hope you like it" those man examined the sword. he touched the sword slowly like touching his own girl. "yep.. this is good" he said while placed a pouch of coin on top of the desk. "thanks for your patronage" then he leaving the shop. "that's a good coin eh? ha ha ha" he laugh while gulped down the ale he took from the cabinet.
  6. Ryuu awoke in his usual place, in an alleyway near some houses. He came out from beneath the newspaper he slept under to keep him warm, and let out a small yawn. He stretched and went to the corner and peaked out to see if anyone was passing by. "Hmm... Not very busy today is it?" He thought. He decided it would do him some good if he went for a little walk, so he walked alongside the side walk, near more alleyways, and keeping himself alert just in case.
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