The Deserts Secrets

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  1. What happens when an egyptian pharaoh is given a slave girl with a dark secret? only you can write they're story....

    So yeah pretty much what I am looking for is an ancient roleplay that is set in ancient egypt with a pharaoh who is cocky and arrogant. My character will be the slave girl who is stubborn and dark.

    **This RP will contain sex of course but I will need someone who can actually write and keep me interested, My replies feed off of what my partner gives me, so if you can write lets go!**
  2. Are you still looking for a partner? I'm interested, but I just wanted to make sure~ ^^;
  3. Yeah I still am =^.^= If you are interested I will make the actual thread for this RP
  4. Alright! That sounds good~ Just send me the link to the thread when it's up, then! ^^