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  1. Master Post - Fairy Godmother
    Location: Office -> Orientation Welcoming (Court Yard)
    Mentioned: Danielle Mysitic
    Interactions: Student body
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    The sounds of a dragon's roar was all Fairy Godmother needed to know that it was almost time to welcome her students back to Mystics High. Another year was starting up and many of the student body would be signing the book this year. However, some did not know that their destinies would need to be taken up sooner than thought. For their stories were fading away and the book was calling their name.

    Standing from her throne like desk, Fairy Godmother peered out the window at the front gate. Cars, Limos, Carriages, Flying Carpets, etc. was bringing each descendant into the schools magical grounds. Among the students were Danielle Mystic, Fairy Godmother's child. Danielle was to be greeting each and every student that entered the school, and yet she looked slightly more busy with the schedule table. Fairy Godmother knew all too well her daughter was organizing the schedules and dorm assignments by alphabetically and numerical order.

    Danielle would make a great headmistress someday. If only the young girl would stop neglecting her part in her Fairytale.

    The clicks of Fairy Godmother's heels rang out in the large room as she crossed the stone floor. It was nearly time now. Students were waiting and the staff wanted to get the year under way, at least she did. Walking through corridor after corridor, Fairy Godmother finally reached the court yard and pushed open the large entrance doors to the school. On the left side of her was professor Grimm, teacher of Exploring the World Among Us, and to the right was Lady Luna, the student adviser to all the students signing this year.

    As the three walked out to the front of the steps, Fairy Godmother smiled as she looked at all the bright young faces. "Welcome." It was a simple word, but it commanded the respect and attention of every student before her. Fairy Godmother was much more than a simple fairy there to grant wishes to princesses, she could be frightening when in trouble. "I speak for not only myself, but the entire staff when I say I am joyful to see all of your lovely faces here at Mystics High."

    Descending the steps, Fairy Godmother was now on the second to last step and stayed there to deliver the rest of her welcoming speech that changed year to year depending on who was attending. "This year many of you, and your peers, will be signing the book of Fairytales and taking it upon yourself to follow in your birth right." Fairy Godmother scanned the audience until her eyes stopped on Danielle. She then looked back to the entire student body before her. "Some of you will have to choose which sibling will take it upon themselves to sign." This time she looked at the Jones twins. "I have heard that some of you are debating on whether or not to sign the book, but I must warn you that by not signing the book it can cause drastic and world altering events to take forth before your very eyes, because your story will never take place again." Fairy Godmother looked out on to many faces that she knew were debating. Her hands were crossed in front of her and her eye brow was raised. "So please think wisely about your decision before the end of the year."

    It was true that many students were thinking about not signing the book, which would be the first generation to not choose their destinies. In truth no one knew what would happen if they didn't sign the book at graduation. Even Fairy Godmother knew not of what would truly happen, but of the myth that sent fear into everyone. At least most of everyone.

    "Some of you will be signing early, for your Fairytales need you to due to complications taking place now. Those who will graduate early and sign you will need to meet with Lady Luna to discuss the requirements you will need to meet." Fairy Godmother gestured to the raven black haired woman next to her. "And for those who are signing, your most important class will be Exploring the World Among Us, with Mr. Grimm." Fairy Godmother took a pause before continuing on with her explanation of a speech. Though she thought it be best to let the students begin their welcoming day. "Please, you can find your room assignments and classes at the welcoming table. Have a magical day and welcome to a new school year." With the end of her speech, Fairy Godmother popped out of sight and was gone from everyone's eyes.

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  2. Danielle Mysitic
    Location: Dorm room -> Court Yard Orientation, Welcoming Table
    Mentioned: Marceline Fitz, Lia Gold Locks
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    White. That was the original color of Danielle's part of the bedroom wall was. Plain, ugly, dirty, white. Though with a little charm here and a flick of her finger, the wall turned to a beautiful sky blue color. Perfect to match her decor. Another flick and the bedroom was put together. Each year was a little easier for Danielle to unpack seeing as she was mastering her magic more and more each day. Her freshmen year was just horrible. Her room looked like a disaster and took her weeks to fix, but then again the start of her powers had just came in.

    Opening the wardrobe that was meant for her part of the room, Danielle looked at the size of it. "Oh this just won't do!" She grumbled as she examined each side of the wardrobe. There wasn't enough room for all her clothing, accessories, and shoes. With a simple spell, the wardrobe enlarged itself on the inside and in went her belongings. She needed space and she got it. Looking around to her empty roommates side of the room, she wondered if she should do the same with theirs. One could never have enough clothing choices...or space.

    Deciding to wait until her roommates had arrived, she put her other belongings down on her desk and nightstand before exiting the newly, one-third, decorated room. Danielle, or Dani as most of her friends called her, needed to get to the welcoming table. Something in her knew that the teacher in charge of the table was making a mess of things. And she was right, because when she got to the unorganized sadness that was the welcoming table, she frowned. Nothing was alphabetical, or separated by grade and dorm number. "I'll take over, Mrs. Wicks. You just go get yourself some tea." Danielle offered before watching as Mrs. Wicks scurried off out of sight.

    Glancing at the table, Danielle immediately began organizing the papers and folders. It just needed to be done. Some would say she had OCD, but Danielle just preferred things to be organized in order to find things quickly. Organizing didn't take more than seven minutes and by then most of the crowd had gathered, some had obtained their classes and dorms.

    Danielle was at peace, at least that was until her mother came forth to deliver the warning that Danielle really could have lived without. Sign or else. Danielle thought the whole myth of the Fairytale world falling apart was just a whole bunch of B.S. No one could really know what was going to happen unless someone didn't sign. And Danielle was going to be that someone, along with many of her peers. Just because her mother, grandmother, and so on chose to follow their heritage doesn't mean Danielle needed to, but the idea of being a full fledged fairy was enough to make her weigh her odds a lot.

    Being caught up in her own thoughts allowed for Danielle to miss most of her mother's speech. She was startled when students began coming up to the table to receive their dorms and what not. "Oh, sorry." Danielle smiled as she looked at the familiar face. "Raven Ory, right? Here's your folder. Welcome back." Danielle said handing over the packet, before the girl walked off and into the building. Just over five hundred more packets to hand out.
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  3. Raven Ory
    Location: Court Yard Orientation
    Mentioned: Danielle Mystics
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    First days always sucked! Well at least that is what Raven Ory, a young dark haired girl with a torn up past, thought. What was the point of coming here to sign a book that would seal your fate when you didn't even know which fate you were going to choose. How could one play two parts in a story? It just didn't work. And Raven had no one to help her figure it out.

    Anyways, backed to the fact that first days always suck. They do, really! Nothing is good about them. Seeing friends that said they would see you over summer, but never called. Forcing a smile at that teacher you wished would just fall off the face of the planet. Seeing your crush talking to another girl, not like that was Raven's problem though. She didn't have a crush. At least the two years she was here she didn't really open her mind up to that thought. She was too busy hiding her secret that she didn't stop to think about dating someone. Life was shit those past two years, but they were simple.

    Though what made today's first day suck the most was the fact that her suitcase broke. If it is your goal to be embarrassed and show everyone your underwear on the first day, well Raven was your role model! A faint blush appeared on the young girl's cheeks as she hurried to pick her clothing up and into the suitcase, slammed the suitcase shut as soon as everything was in. Lucky for her though, only two people saw and both looked the other way. Still it was embarrassing.

    However, being embarrassed was the least of her problems now. Raven needed to find a way to keep her suitcase together until she reached her bedroom, and holding it like a pizza was out of the question. Looking around she hadn't the slightest clue on how to fix this until she noticed the hair ties wrapped around her wrist. Perfect. Pulling all four off her wrist, she bit them to where they were broken and tied the handles together. The crisis was now averted...for now. Hopefully by the end of the school year she could buy another suitcase.

    Picking up the piece of crap luggage, Raven continued on to orientation. At least each year the speech was slightly different. Last year it was about keeping the bathrooms free of graffiti. This year however it was about signing. Raven couldn't help, but look away from headmistress Fairy Godmother. It wasn't that Raven didn't want to sign, it was that she didn't know who's and if she could sign. Her story was a bit more complicated.

    Counting down the seconds till Fairy Godmother made her exit, Raven hurried to the welcoming table. She waited behind one of the taller students, probably Big Foots' son because the boy's feet in front of her was for sure larger than a size fourteen. Tapping her foot and few times, Raven finally was at the front of the line. "Yeah, it's Raven. Thanks, Dani." Taking her packet and walking towards the doors of the school, Raven stopped just inside to check her room assignment. Room 303 was to be her shared dorm this year. At least she was no longer rooming with the one girl that stunk up to high heaven last year. She was grateful for that.

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  4. [​IMG]
    Location: Courtyard --> Entrance
    Parent: Yzma
    Mentioned: Fairy God Mother ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), Alexandria ( @Stargazer ), Yzma
    Interactions: Danielle ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), Raven ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), NPC's
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    To say the trip to Mystics High was unpleasant would have been a major understatement. The two day long journey left Ethan Stone, son of Yzma, with a cramp in his left leg and a stiff back. Which was why he was out and stretching the very second his transportation tent was set down on the ground. Why my mother insists on traveling this way, I will never understand, he thought grumpily. A carriage has a lot more leg room.

    Turning, Ethan saw two of the four large, muscular men who carried him the the school were pulling out his three suitcases. The first two that were pulled out were filled with clothes, and the last had much more precious cargo. "Hey," Ethan said as he stepped forward, pointing to the man who handled his last suitcase with little care. "Be more careful with that," He commanded as he snatched it away, turning it slowly so that the handle was upright. "These could turn you into a flea, for fucks sake."

    Shaking his head, Ethan extended the handle of the suitcase holding all of his potions, and then placed one of his other suitcases on top of it. The last suitcase had to be carried with his other hand. The stacked suitcases rolled behind the teenage boy as he walked away without muttering a thanks. He might have, if the men hadn't managed to put him in such a sour mood so quickly.

    Just as he joined his peers at the courtyard, the Fairy God Mother began her speech. Ethan hardly listened, because he already knew what he was going to do at the end of the year. The way he saw it, not signing the book was the most reckless thing any of them could ever do. If the rumors of what would happen if someone didn't sign the book were true, Ethan didn't want to be the one responsible for all the destruction.

    Instead of listening, Ethan scanned the crowd around him. Initially, he was looking for one of his "friends," Alexandria Pan. He had heard something over the summer, and had been waiting nearly two months to share it with her. However, when he didn't see her vibrant red hair in the crowd he settled on finding anyone he knew. Alas, no faces stood out, and before he knew it the time had come to pick up his paperwork.

    Because Ethan was such an impatient person, he did not plan to wait in line for very long. He joined the large group of people at the table, and every few seconds he inched himself closer to Danielle Mystic, the girl responsible for handing out everyone's papers. He reached the table in minutes, and upon making eye contact with Danielle he flashed a smile.

    "Hey Danielle," he greeted her in his usual charming way. "You look great today, is that a new outfit?" He only half listened to her reply as he received his papers, and quickly thumbed through them to make sure everything he needed was there. Ethan then looked back up a her, said his thanks, and then moved out of the way so the next person could get their papers. He wouldn't want to disrupt the flow... and he also didn't feel like making idle small talk.

    As he made his way to the entrance of he building he recognized a girl with black hair a few paces in front of him, and for a moment he considered calling out to her. Deciding against it, Ethan simply walked faster in an effort to catch up to Raven Ory. For whatever reason, Ethan was always put in a good mood whenever he was around her. There was something about her that made it impossible for the blonde male not to smile.

    Ethan ended up catching up to her just inside the doors, nearly running into her. "Oh, hey Raven," He said, acting as though he hadn't been trying to catch up to her. Side stepping so that he wasn't blocking the entrance, Ethan smiled at the shorter female. "How was your summer?"​
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  5. [​IMG]

    Location: Courtyard// Parent: Goldilocks//Mood:Annoyed~Excited
    Mention-Fairy Godmother/Danielle
    Outfit of the Day


    Ugh, she so hated the first day of school. I mean who likes the first day of school. It was just as simple as that. As normal she was late. But not late enough to miss the speech that was going on. The Fairy Godmother, was once again, as she always did giving her yearly speech, with a few new things added to it this year. Aw, yes, the book. Lianise wasn't sure what she was going to do yet on that, but she had sometime to think about it. Blowing a stray long strand from her face, she lets out a huff, as she struggles with her backpack and purse, her stuff should already be in her room. She was glad she wasn't going to have to deal with attempting to get all that up the stairs, if she was on a upper level that is. But as the meeting came to the end she smiles to the crowd that is around, and notices a few of them. Her bright eyes twinkling a bit as she made her way over to the table, "Hey Danielle, it's good to see you again. I so love that outfit! It's so you!" she gave her friend a grin, before moving around the table and giving her a hug. Taking off her bag, she sat it down on the ground next to them. "So please, please tell me, that I have someone different from last year, I so, can't deal with the whining I had last year." she said hoping to peek over her shoulder and see who she was rooming with this year.
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  6. Mercury Jones
    Location: The Jolly Rogers - Mystics High
    Mentioned: Echo Jones @Misguided†Ghost, Danielle Mystics
    Interactions: N/A
    Outfit: HERE

    Wouldn't have been easier to have died? Yes. At least that was the opinion of Mercury Jones, the eldest and only son of Captain Hook. It really would have been easier to die than go to school, this year was signing for him. Mercury either signed his life away or his sister did and by the looks of her selfish expressions it was going to have to be him. Someone had to do it, right? That's how it worked for ages. The child of the role in question would sign and carry on the tradition and role. It had been ages since the actual people in the "Fairytales" were alive. Yet, the universe had a funny way of tweaking the tale just a little, but with the same outcome.

    Mercury starred at his left hand with a sorrow look on his face. Why did he have to loose his left hand? Maybe the universe would let him keep, sadly it would go. Hopefully it wasn't by a crock. Personally, Mercury would rather loose it by someone cutting it off. All those stories of his dad fighting off the crock and loosing everything to it was just...NO! It was going to happen. Mercury shoved his hand into his pocket and got up from his cot. It was time to leave and not worry about the piece of him he was going to loose at the end of this year.

    Exiting the deck to the upper deck, Mercury looked around for a moment and then left. Getting off the ship he passed his sister and went straight to the car. A car holding his father's now girl friend. As soon as he opened the door, the blonde idiot tried to open her mouth. "No words. Just drive, Tracy." Mercury growled before pulling out his head phones and putting on Bacon by Nick Jonas. The song was a favorite of Mercury's and it would do the trick to drown out the sound of his sister and Tracy. He didn't want to talk. He didn't need to talk. He wasn't going to talk.

    It was hours before the car pulled into the school. Mercury was silent starring out at the school. As soon as the car rolled to a stop, he hopped out and waited for Echo. As he did so, he took his head phones off and put them around his neck. Looking over his shoulder at his sister, he gave her that 'hurry up or I am ditching you' kind of look. He wanted done with today. Having minor, and secret, panic attacks about possibly loosing his hand wasn't his ideal of okay. He wasn't scared of signing, just loosing his hand cause his story said so was b.s. Besides the oldest should sign and he was four minutes younger than Echo.

    As soon as his sister joined him, Mercury walked to orientation just in time to hear Fairy Godmother's speech of ridiculousness and then see her disappear. He than made his way to the stand to receive his dorm and classes. Looking to Echo, he smiled. "I'd rather not be here, but it beats living with dad and Tracy."
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  7. [​IMG]
    Location: Kitchen --> Entrance
    Parent: Peter Pan
    Mentioned: Fairy God Mother ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), Ethan (@Brea )
    Interactions: Danielle ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), Raven ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), Ethan ( @Brea )
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    Alexandria Pan
    Well it was that time of year again, something almost every child hated. Back to school time! A long sigh left Alexandria's lips as she sat at the table and swirled her cereal around in her bowl. Well this sucked, she really didn't want to go. It meant no more going on adventures any time she wanted or just sitting in her room and reading or a book or even going to her favorite spot. Not to say she didn't have favorite spots at the school but it was harder to sneak away when she wanted. How sucky.

    "Why so glum chum? A familiar voice floated to her ears and she looked over to see her father with his usual cheeky smile. "I can't believe you just asked me that question. I have to go back to school, I mean that's not fun at all!" She complained as she threw her arms up and let out a long exaggerated huff. She listened as a small chuckle left her father's lips and Alexandria moved to cross her arms. It's not like he would understand, he got to live his whole life in Neverland, well that is until he met her mother. "Alexandria, are you ready? Her mother's voice cut through her thoughts and the young female blinked before she let out a long sigh. "Than I'll ever be!" She called back as she carried her bowl over to the sink and cleaned it out quickly. Pursing her lips she silently slipped out the backdoor and held her finger up to her lips, the smile on her father's lips silently telling her he wouldn't say a word.

    Once outside in her backyard Alexandria took a deep breath and closed her eyes, letting the wind grace her skin and the cool air bite into her flesh. It seemed like eons and eons ago that she would travel to Neverland with her father and though the power of flight left him, it hadn't left her, not yet at least. Bending her knees and jumping up, Alexandria felt as her body rose high into the sky and the wind got stronger. A light laugh left her lips as she flew around their house, her arms outspread like a bird and her hair whipping around her face.

    "Alexandria? Alexandria?! Get down here, we have to get going and you're going to be late!" Her mother shouted in a panic which caused her to roll her eyes. Yeah...this also happened every school year. Flying around the house once more Alexandria came back and let her feet touch the ground, giving her mother a bright smile. "I swear, you are your father's daughter." Her mother gave a shake of her head but it was easy to see the smile on her face.

    The ride there was long as usual and Alexandria constantly wanted to just climb out of the car and refuse to get back in. Sadly that would cause many complications so for the sake of her mother's sanity...she refrained.

    When they finally arrived Alexandria got out of the car and stretched her legs, glancing around and seeing that the Fairy God Mother was already speaking. Whoops...they were late. That wasn't really too unusual though, this happened like every single time. "I swear one day we will be on time." Her mother let out a long sigh through her nose and Alex couldn't help but laugh. "Yes one day, but not today." She leaned up to give her mother a kiss on the cheek and then scampered off to hear the last of whatever the speech was. She had to find Ethan Stone, her "friend" and tell him about the news she heard. It had been two whole months and she was practically dying. Standing on the tips of her toes she tried to look through the crowd of people but no such luck.

    A frown crossed her features as she continued to make her way through the crowd and a sigh left her body. This was too much work. Alex almost passed by the table and she would have if it weren't for the fact another student had told her to grab what she needed. 'Oh hi Danielle! She said brightly, asking the girl how everything was going and only half listening as she received what she needed and continued to search."Have you seen Ethan by any chance?" She asked and thanked the female when she pointed her towards the entrance.

    Weaving her way through the crowd, Alex kept her eyes peeled for her friend and a bright smile stretched across her features when she found him. Bouncing on her toes she quickly ran over to him, calling his name. "Ethan!" She shouted as she bumped into some and dodged others. "Ethan!" She called again and finally caught up to him. "Oh my gosh, you'll never guess what I heard over the summer!" She exclaimed and then realized that he was with someone. Raven Ory. "Oh hey Raven how are you doing? Alex questioned. She certainly was a whirlwind of energy.

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