The Demon's playmate.

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  1. Hitch


    The short male curled up on the bed, his blond hair covering his white face, eyes closed. Hitch sighed, not in sadness but in exasperation. The human male called Stephan had been his pet since he was about 18, but had accidentally killed itself at 20. What a shame, Hitch liked this one. It was still in it's shorts and white t-shirt, collared to the wall it had strangled itself by. Well, Hitch scooped up the cold body and carried it out to its final resting place, a hole in the ground next to his last pets.


    It was a cold autumn evening and Hitch was walking briskly down the road. It had been two weeks since he had lost his playmate and it was making him restless. He had played all the tricks he could on the normal population but was missing the fun he was having at home. He needed another toy.

    He wasn't actively looking for one as he moved down the pavement, his grey coat sweeping in the wind. It was always on his mind, but he just never found the right moment. It was getting pretty dark and the last trains were rolling in at the station. He hated the trains, but it served him right for going out of his way to visit the big cities.

    Hitch sat down at his station, noticing a couple of people around. Two teenage lovers cuddling in the station light, an elderly man trying to read the paper, and one small male on his own. Hitch looked around before walking to stand next to the latter one. He always looked a bit intimidating to young men and women. At his height and muscle mass, plus his apparent age always spooked some people, girls more than guys. But he managed to be just about charming enough to convince them into conversation.

    "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know the time, my friend?" Hitch stood perpendicular to the young boy, admiring his youthful looks. Maybe, this could be his replacement. Maybe.
  2. Cody had just finished a stressful day at work, when he hopped on the train that would bring him closest to his home. He politely ignored the other riders, and chose instead to play a game on his phone to keep himself entertained. He pulled his hoodie closer to his body, feeling the cold again when the door opened to let another person onto the train. Cody curled his legs up to his chest, trying to get comfortable in the seat he had chosen. No one was sitting next to him, so he figured it was fine.

    The young 18 year old looked up when he noticed a huge man walking towards him. He felt nervous, as the man stood right next to him. Cody felt a little bad for judging someone just by how they looked, but the man was terrifying. Standing only at 5'5 and 132 pounds, Cody wasn't sure if he'd be able to fight off the man if he decided to mug the poor black haired kid. He quickly turned his head back to his screen, determined to ignore the man, but subconsciously pulling his legs closer to his body.

    He jumped slightly when the man asked for the time. "I uh..." Cody looked down at his phone, then quickly back up at the intimidating man. "It's 10:58." He said, trying to offer up a small smile to seem more friendly. He thought that'd he'd actually feel bad if he offended the man or hurt him feelings by seeming so put off by how tall and muscled this man was.

    He turned back to his phone, trying to keep his head down. He yawned softly, and closed his eyes. He put his phone in his pocket and laid his head down onto the back of the seat. His stop was the last one of the night, at least an house away. He figured that a little nap wouldn't be that bad of an idea after the kind of day he had.
  3. [​IMG]

    When the boy replied, the demon could sense the fear he was installing in the young boy. It wasn't a shock, Hitch had learnt how to deal with it. "Thanks man." He said casually, offering a warm smile before he sat down on the seat opposite him, but on the isle. He looked out of the window as the train began up again.

    As he looked back, he watched the small boy close his eyes, drifting into a sleep. He looked around, noticing nobody was paying attention to anything besides their lover or newspaper, Hitch decided to use his magic. As he watched the sleeping boy, his eyes went a pitch black, channeling his own image into the next dream the boy had. It surely would be soon. And it wouldn't be a clean dream.

    Once it was set in his dream, Hitch relaxed, making sure he went back to human form as the ticket man walked his way.

    "Tickets please." The tired man asked, offering his hand out, "Oh here's mine, come back for this kid's one, he's completely crashed out." He smiled. The old man obviously was too tired to argue and walked off, mumbling something to himself. Hitch smiled, his good deed made with malicious reason. He relaxed into his seat as he pulled out a book from his pocket, waiting for his dream to take control.
  4. He was just sitting in a library, reading something. He turned a page then noticed that the lights were flickering, and he could hear the sounds of someone walking somewhere behind him. Shoes clicking against the tile floor. "Hello?" He called out, putting the book on the table. He looked around him, but he couldn't see anyone. Against his better judgment, he stood up, and walked towards where the sound was coming from. "Is there anyone there?" He asked a little louder.

    He looked through the rows of books but still couldn't find anyone. He sighed and decided to go back to his table, but when he sat down once more, the footsteps started again. He swallowed a lump in his throat, feeling anxiety building up inside of him. He picked up his book, and made his way to the desk where the receptionist was. But no one was there. He shrugged, feeling a bit of the fear ebbing away. The librarian was an old woman, maybe she just didn't hear him calling out.

    He put the book on the desk, deciding that it was time for him to leave, despite his reasoning. He turned....but couldn't find the door. He was confused, it had been there a few seconds ago. "Maybe it's behind the shelves?" He said, walking to where he would have sworn he had seen the door.

    But they weren't. 'On the other side then.' He thought, quickly turning around and making his way there as fast as he could. But it wasn't there either.
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