The Demon's Contract

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  1. Hello! :wave:

    So, I am looking to rekindle an old story with a new start and fresh perspective. Let me know if you are interested! :)

    Also, below I have my standard list of ideal partner expectations, and my own story preferences. Please take a look. Writing compatibility is important for everyone's overall enjoyment. :)

    Plot Hook -

    A powerful, intelligent (and lets face it, beautiful) business woman was on the edge of fortune and success. She had it all, and by cruel twist of fate found herself about to lose everything. In a moment of desperation (or trickery), she made a deal with a demon. Once an agreement was reached and signed, he was true to his word gave her everything she asked for and more. She assumed, of course, that he would just go away and return for her soul at some later date. Much later. She had time, right?

    Not so much. Perhaps she should have read the fine print, for this devil did not merely agree to take her soul. No, he took much, much more...

    By day the devil was at this woman's beck and call granting every wish and desire; but when the clock struck midnight, every night, she was his. She belonged to him and his whims until the break of dawn. So began a deadly, dangerous tango.

    Notes -
    • Basically, this plot is the story of a woman making a deal with a demon (either wittingly or unwittingly) and getting much more than she bargained for. The primary element I am looking for in this story is the trade-off where he essentially grants her wishes by day, but come nightfall the tables turn. How the plot and characters develop from this is fairly open. I have some ideas, but stories are generally much better when we build plot together.
    • I would like to take the role of the business woman. I am looking for someone willing (and hopefully excited) to take the role of the demon (or the devil if you are so inclined). I am always, of course, willing bring in multiple characters when and where appropriate to create a fun well-balanced story. (Note: I do not like to "double" just to force some mediocre balance/fairness to the story. Characters, like all story elements should occur naturally.)
    • I would love for this story to contain a healthy dose of kinky smut, but it should not diminish plot or characters. (Please note the content ratings listed for this Interest Check.)
    • I expect this RP will likely have an entertaining blend of horror, comedy, eroticism, and drama. (Not necessarily in that order. ;) )

    Partner Traits
    • Must be over 18
    • Writing Conventions - High school level minimum; College level preferred.
      • Only third-person, past tense writing styles accepted.
    • RP Conventions - IC responses should be long enough (or short enough) to provide forward momentum to the scene/story. Description and creativity is certainly encouraged, but I am not one to count paragraphs, words, or sentences.
      • No one-liners, please.
      • No fluff; as a rule description and narration should be there enhance the story.
    • Story Elements - Plot, setting, characters: please be willing to help build and be involved with all parts of the story. Please be comfortable helping to build and drive plot forward, including and especially before starting the RP.
    • Friendly Communication - Let's chat! We don't have to become best friends, but some general friendliness and making oneself approachable often makes for stronger RP. (This also helps if we need to chat about RP issues or concerns.)
    • Pacing - Be committed to the RP, or please let me know when you need a hiatus or if you wish to stop. Truly, I understand about life and priorities; there are times when my own responses will be slow. I will do my best to communicate my needs as well.
    My Traits
    • Integrity - I do not ask for what I cannot give.
    • World Building - I love it! For all the RPs I engage in, I like to do light research, learn new things and create the setting both before and during our RP. I can't get enough of it.
    • Quirky Enthusiasm - :veryhappy:
    • Pacing - Currently, I post about once every few days, but depending on my schedule, it may take up to two weeks before I get a chance to post. If you are one who needs frequent-to-daily posting, I may not be the writing partner for you. However, this is variable depending on how busy I am with life/work. Many times I am too exhausted on weeknights to post. Once I start an RP, however, you can trust that I will not give up on it, and can often pick up where we left off without missing a beat even after a long hiatus.
    Preferred RP Elements
    • Limits - I have very few limits in terms of content in stories. Please refer to my resume for further details, or you may ask.
    • Genres - Fantasy, Sci Fi (soft), paranormal, romance, post-apocalyptic (non-zombie), mixed-genre
    • Romance - Always welcome, never required.
    • Smut - I really enjoy a good "bedroom scene" but it should be there to enhance the plot and not overshadow it entirely.
    • What's your favorite song?
    • Gender - I am comfortable playing both males and females.

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  2. I would love to play the demon for you <3

    Been looking to do a rp like this for a while now if your still in need of a partner for this??
  3. I am still currently looking for a writing partner for this plot. If interested please either post here or send a PM. :)

  4. Umm I posted here and you pmed me once with no reply to my message.
  5. If your still looking for partners I would love to do this.
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